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Google Shutdown Play Movies App for Daydream


Last Updated on 15/06/2019 by TDH Publishing (A)

Google didn’t talk about its Daydream VR platform much lately. But it seems like the giant-tech has quietly decided to shut down its Daydream VR’s version of Play Movies & TV app. Users can still watch their purchased shows on YouTube VR app, said a Google’s spokesperson to The Variety. The giant-tech also confirmed on the reports stating that currently there are no plans to shut down other Google apps from the Daydream platform.

The sudden shift from Play Movies & TV to YouTube VR would definitely create annoyance, as one can’t buy directly through the latter app. Also, there’s no dedicated section of your purchases. But still, there is support for the likes of Netflix and Hulu other than YouTube. YouTube and Google have long shared access to the same library of commercial VOD titles, allowing users to watch their purchases on one of the apps in the other one as well. However, YouTube does not have any dedicated VOD section.

The sudden shut down reflects a few trends of Google’s strategy. The first trend is the winding down of entertainment options from Google Play. The next being a decrease in the number of subscribers of Google Play Music, who have moved towards the new YouTube Music. Google is also shifting its focus from virtual reality to augmented reality which is evident from the shutdown of Spotlight Stories VR studio. It also announced the end of the Jump VR platform in recent months.

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