Basketball, a game that has a different emotion attached. Basketball is a game played all over the globe; the best basketball shoes are required as they are quite famous and trendy. These shoes are adorable and quite different from running shoes.

These are designed especially considering the intensity of the game. The game requires constant jumping, stopping, starting due to which the shoes act as shock absorbers and also provide ankle stability. These shoes are highly flexible and help the players to move laterally. Few of the best brands include Nike and Reebok. 

Well, the shoes are much more expensive than regular running shoes. Let’s have a look into top 13 basketball shoes, the shoes can also be used for gyming, walking or just showing off.

Top 13 Best basketball shoes


Adidas is a very famous brand, especially for designing best basketball shoes. These shoes are available in red and black. Adidas D ROSE is made up of synthetic leather and has a hell pull textile lining. The shoes are stunning and fall first on the list because of cushion cloud-form mid-sole. This helps the players grasp the energy and play flawlessly. The shoe has three black stripes and may cost you around $129 on Amazon.

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Nike Training Shoes are one of the best shoes available in the collection. The shoe is available in various colours but purple looks stunning. The shoes are expensive and may cost almost $324. These are made up of synthetic and are durable. Moreover, the shoes help players to roam freely and also manage to provide them with comfort quality. The shoes have a rubber sole and measures around 4 inches from the arch. The Flywire cables Extend to wrap around your heel for lockdown from midfoot. The shoes are amazing and highly responsive.

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These are another amazing pair of shoes from Nike. These shoes may cost you around one $125-$630 on Amazon. The shoes are available in various colours but white, metallic gold and black combination look adorable. It has Nike Zoom cushioning that makes the shoe springing and highly responsive due to which players are easily able to play flawlessly and freely. Moreover, the shoes are durable along with a printed mesh upper. The shoes have a padded collar to keep your feet locked in. Apart from this the golden black logo is fascinating and appealing to eyes. These are one of the best-rated shoes to date.

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These are 100% synthetic shoes made up of a rubber sole. Nike LeBron is very powerful for players because of its good build. The shoes are durable and give you good ankle support. It has a padded collar along with exterior heel counter that makes the shoe stable. It has a very soft and smooth cushioning to reinforce energy among the players. The shoes are available in white and black combination. Moreover Nike LeBron witness shoes are light, responsive and strong. It has resilient form mid-sole cushioning. So this was another amazing pair to purchase.

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Under Armour is also a very popular brand in Canada. It has dominated the market and produces durable and high-quality products. The shoes are made up of synthetic and have a rubber sole. They may cost you around a $110 –$315. These are available in various colours. These shoes have engineered mesh Upper that provides breathe-ability and good support. It has a mesh tongue to improve breathability and comfort. Apart from this, the microG form mid-sole provides explosive energy, the rubber outsole provides better grip and control.  

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These are another impressive pair of shoes that are magnificent to eyes and have an adorable design. The shoes have printed patterns especially black and white. The shoe has a synthetic sole. These shoes are made up of cloud-form that provides the players with a unique type of cushioning. It also makes the shoe lightweight, helping players to jump easily. A synthetic, two-way upper helps you get up and down the court in comfort, whereas the herringbone outsole provides traction on quick cuts and pivots. Well if you like them, just add them to your cart. There’s nothing better other than these shoes.

sport chek / adidas


These shoes are breathtaking, the unique color and the amazing design has made a huge significance in the shoe industry. The shoes are adorable and all available in different colors. Orange and yellow looks mesmerizing. The shoes because to around $138-$380. They are made up of a rubber sole. Apart from this, HOVR cushioning helps the players to jump and land softly. Moreover, these shoes have a lightweight mesh upper that makes the shoes breathable and provides constant support. It also has a mesh tongue to increase airflow. The molded textile upper enhances breathability. The Rubber outsole uses a herringbone traction pattern that provides maximum floor control & grip.

walmart / sportchek

8. UNDER ARMOUR MEN’S LEADOFF LOW RM BASEBALL SHOE: Best basketball shoes under budget

These are another amazing pair of shoes made up of synthetic sole. The shoes may cost you around $55, these are affordable. These shoes have spikes, which brings in friction due to which players can run easily. Moreover, the shoes are available in four different colours, the synthetic leather provides immense comfort and support, and the shoes are durable. It has a mesh tongue that enhances breath-ability. The rubber moulded cleats provide optimal traction and much more durability in the court. 



These are Anti slip Basketball shoes, these are attractive and has a unique design. They may cost you around $50 on Amazon. Apart from this, it has a rubber dumping outsole that manages a strong grip. Moreover, the shoes are breathable, lightweight and also have a moulded heel shield. This prevents you from any sort of injury. The shoes are durable. They are available in white, dark blue, black and camouflage. These provide you with efficient protection to your feet and stable support.  

10. REEBOK KAMIKAZE: Best basketball shoes for men 

Reebok shoes are one of the most amazing, trendy and stylish shoes. The shoes have a synthetic sole and consist full tab at the back and a tongue for easy fitting and comfort. The shoes are durable and people are fascinated by the col-ours. Reebok kamikaze looks like Michael Jordan or 11th Jordan shoe model. Moreover, a prominent and interesting feature here is that the shoes glow in the dark. You can use these shoes in/out court. Well, the shoes are impressive and can be purchased just for flaunting too which is what make them the best basketball shoes.

reebok / walmart


These are an amazing pair of shoes; the price may range between $185-$367. These are made up of fabric along with a rubber sole. It has a mesh upper that provides you with consistent support along with a cushioned sole. The black color prominently is very glossy and attractive. We shoes gain popularity all around the globe. The prominent feature which make them one of the best basketball shoes is the zigzag design on the sole. Moreover, this model of Reebok is one of a kind. The shoes are comfortable and breathable, can be used in and outside court. If you are finding a perfect fit then this is the best.

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These are amazing and one of the best basketball shoes, from Reebok. They have a lightweight design and a plush textile lining. These shoes are cushioned comfortably and the hexagon-shaped lug treads Increases stability and traction. The price range of these shoes is $203-$633 they provide you with ankle support through a padded tongue and collar. Hexalite technology in the midsole provides you with shock-absorbing air cushioning and high stability.

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Reebok, a brand that is loved by one and all. This brand has made its significance all around the globe with the best quality shoes and extremely magnificent designs. Float ride running shoes are adorable, with high quality and durability. They are quite expensive and we cost you around $200. The shoes are made up of a rubber sole.  Analogous with other running shoes on the market, it has some unusual design features, with 2 materials forming the rim, meeting close to the feet, and being enclosed in an advanced plastic grid. The Floatride foam was used by Reebok as the top layer of cushioning.

reebok / walmart


This was an exhaustive list of top 13 basketball shoes from Nike, Reebok and other prominent brands in Canada. Most of the shoes are popular and bestsellers. One of the best basketball shoes on the list is Nike LeBron. Now, pick the best shoes for you so that you can comfortably enjoy your basketball game. 

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