The control generation is full! The DJing situation has changed and will never go back, the regulators have proven themselves to be the most used in the world, switching CDJ mixers, laptop mixers, and even more complex turntablists.

Once seen as a ‘simple’ option, or a practical solution, regulators have now become fully functional devices that can help DJs perform crazy games. They can be extremely creative devices, packing tons of features on small feet. They can be simple and straightforward, emphasizing music and its transformation. Rulers can be anything – that’s their greatest strength!

Controllers are powerful, flexible, portable and let’s not forget – value. They also pack the tables and mix them into one unit. That could save thousands. The price of a decent vinyl turntable and mixer far exceeds that of the controller, even high-end controls will cost very little before you even consider buying music on vinyl! As for the CDJs, the regulators put them out of the water in terms of value!

So, in light of the awesome controls of the controller, let’s review 10 of the most accessible multi-priced points!

Top 10 Best DJ Controllers in Canada

1. Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3

The pioneers have created excellent controls and this lies at the middle of their market. It is very well made, comes with some nice features and is designed to last a long time.

A pioneer does not need an introduction as a producer. They have always been seen producing all kinds of audio gears from the head units of the car to the mixers, the decks and now, the controllers. DDJ-SB3 is at the bottom of their price brackets but is still built to an astonishing level. It is best to enter the middle level controller at a very good price.

This is a two-channel controller with excellent features such as pad scratch, designed in collaboration with DJ Jazzy Jeff. Pad initially allows you to repeat scratch sounds at the touch of a button!

Some of these controllers still have a lot of Serato Lite upgrades that can be upgraded to Serato Pro but others will ship via RekordBox – check before ordering! They work well with both soft materials.

The controller is precisely positioned, small and portable but not too tight which is very good. It has 8 pads per deck, some controlling features such as beat jump, looping and FX and some of which control the sample. Dedicated play / display buttons surround this controller, marking a step from DDJ-SB2 that did not have these key features.


  • Accurate layout, all features are designed to be where you need them, where you need them
  • Add first effects to upload and currently play songs without changing thanks to pad scratch
  • Mixing is seamless with the FX fade feature. 5 inch solid aluminum wheel. Weight 4.6 Kilograms


  • The quality of the pioneers at a low price
  • It has Pads and pad scratch feature
  • It is well laid out and is a nice building quality


  • You will need to upgrade the software to get the most out of it

Desertcart / Ubuy

2.Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX – DJ Controller 

Large and full of cool and usable items, Numark has created a crazy controller for this small and attractive price. Excellent creation from top producer.

Numark are industry veterans and their mixtrack series is probably the best-selling series of regulators of all time. They combine quality and innovation into the most valuable and most versatile package for all DJing levels. It’s amazing how cheap this controller is given its features.

Although made of plastic, this controller is durable and strong. It is very large but gives space to space, which is great if portability is not a very important problem. Also, this 4-channel connector has 24-bit output and a suit for excellent level features, so it is not designed to be the smallest controller on the market anyway.

A key feature is the LCD screens on each deck that display details such as BPMs and song length. This is something we see in the most expensive regulators so the assumption that you can get it at this price is really surprising. This display allows you to take a little look at your laptop, so you can focus on the controller and assemble it with minimal difficulty.

Like the Mixtrack Pro 3, where this controller is very similar to each other, each booth has a thread that touches the smooth flow of the song. FX selector 4-bank, 100mm large faders, 3-band EQ and large quality aluminum containers, this controller beats its price in every way.


  • Complete Serato DJ System – Serato DJ Lite DJ Controls (Installed) with 4 levels of control, 24-bit built-in audio interface and connect and play USB connectivity for Mac and PC
  • Visualize your DJ Mix – Large jog capacitive-touch jog wheels with high-resolution indicators that show bits per minute (BPM), platter position, time remaining and voice / key adjustment
  • Customize your DJ Set Set – Six Fun, instantly launch FX with two betting triggers; dedicated loop controls; eight working pads on each deck to access indicators, loops, fader cuts and samples
  • Stream Millions of Tracks – Browse and stream everything from new underground sounds to certified direct Serica Classics DJ Lite from leading providers including SoundCloud and TIDAL
  • Ready to Connect to All Your DJ Devices – Microphone Input, Headphone output and RCA output to connect to DJ speakers, as well as a mix of 3-band EQ, filter buttons, channel faders and crossfader


  • The controller is Cheap
  • They are New and fully installed
  • Large and open


  • Little by little the product is developing


3.Hercules DJControl Impulse 300

The new kids at block Hercules have come up with a budget-friendly controller and with their special software, DJUCED, DJs can get a leg up with their best performance.

Hercules has broken styles by providing a controller delivered through its software, DJUCED. First of all, it is clear that you can easily use this controller with Serato, however, ignore the integrated software as it has some very nice features!

This controller is cheap but includes all the basic features such as 3-band EQs, quality jog wheels and faders and decent build quality of such integrated devices. It is small, so don’t expect too much control but expect that you will be able to pack this in the right bag if you need to travel, etc.

DJUCED is designed to help you learn from a DJ and give you free access to a DJ academy with experienced coaches. It also has a tempo suggestion mode, which allows you to quickly match tempos. You can open smart beat grids with the help of beatmatch and finally, there is a playlist generator like tones based on keys and BPMS.

Best of all, though, is the ‘Power’ function. There is a small LED on the red or blue flame controller based on the intensity level of the tone. This is calculated from BPM and key information. You can then select music that is similar to the level of power to keep your mix stable and consistent.


  • Tempo Guide: Indicates where you can move the tempo fader
  • Power: Match the current track’s strengths with suggestions to keep your electricity levels stable
  • Built-in video tutorials
  • Wheel Speed: Touch early detection mode
  • Filter, 3-band EQ, find knob, volume fader / deck crossfader, master volume, headphones


  • These are Cheap and integrated
  • It has a Smart software
  • It works with popular software as well


  • It’s too crowded


4.Numark DJ2GO2 Touch – Compact 2 Deck USB DJ Controller 

Like Hercules Starlight, this is an excellent DJ controller. It’s cool, it’s small and it lets you know ‘yes’ to anyone who asks a DJ to mix and match at parties or parties.

So with Hercules Starlight, it would be a shame not to include Numark’s own take on the market for very small controls. This is Serato’s most ultra-portable DJ controller and is sure to hit more than its lightweight!

This controller has enough features to create amazing mixes. It’s not a toy, but it makes an amazing gift or a supporting controller. It will fit the laptop in just 35cm, which means you can attach it to small travel bags anywhere. It has 2 small jog wheels, small but accurate BPM faders and 4 pipelines per deck to start traps and samples. It is a real treasure that allows you to practice and practice wherever you go, which is its ultimate feature and theme.


  • Ultra-Portable, Featured Package – Compact 2 Channel Serato DJ Lite (Installed) USB DJ Controller for Mac and PC; MIDI map for use with other popular DJ Software (including Virtual DJ)
  • Integrated Connectivity – On-board audio interface with 1/8-inch headphone output and 1/8-inch basic output for full connection to DJ equipment including DJ mixers, speakers and PA programs
  • Total Mix Control – 2 DJs with crossfader, touch jog-wheel wheels and fader fader – access to all the tools you need to have seamless mixing and scratching is easily accessible
  • Improve Your Performance – 4 pad modes for full control of point recognition, automatic / manual folding and sample playback to add beauty to your performance
  • Stream Millions of Tracks – Stream everything from new underground sounds to Certified DJ Lite Classics directly from leading providers including SoundCloud and TIDAL


  • It’s too small
  • It works very well
  • These controllers are Cheap


  • You have to get used to the small size


5. Hercules DJControl Starlight

 Small and functional for mobile DJs, this great device can go with you wherever you go. Suitable for parties, practice, and performance of all kinds!

Now completely different. This is one of the smallest controls in the world, designed to fit in pockets, cases, and pockets! It will be the same length as a portable computer or similar, suitable for desktop DJing.

It is actually a very useful tool, however. Its texture means that you can practice mixing anywhere. From creating mixes to working on your set, this controller is perfect for a moving DJ. Also, it’s great to mix yourself or a few partners in your room, or at parties of any size really – it’s extremely flexible once you get used to its novel size!

There’s nothing to say that you wouldn’t make the right combination with this controller, anyway. It has two jog wheels, surprisingly small clear tempo faders, 4 working pads on each deck and a filter to mix the height or height of your tracks. Basically, that’s all you need, it’s all available in an amazingly small package.

Obviously, the main feature of this controller is its size. It works wonderfully and also as a second or backup controller. And, as you can take it anywhere, it’s ready to be whipped with an impromptu whip!


  • The DJ controller that should be introduced to DJing, included Serato DJ Lite
  • Built-in sound card for pre-listening headphones and speaker effects
  • Control background lights in base: RGB and strobe effects
  • All important features: bass / filter, Hot Cue modes, Loop, FX, Sampler, pressure-sensitive jog wheels, etc.
  • Compact and easy to carry where you want


  • The controller is perfectly shaped.
  • It works very well
  • The size of it is also quite large


  • The filter is very limited

Desertcart / Cosmomusic

6.Numark Party Mix 

Small, powerful and cool in design and environment, Numark PartyMix lives up to its name and more! This is a very efficient little controller.

Numark up again! Not surprisingly, Numark’s commitment to the industry is very high and this is another awesome controller at a ridiculous price! PartyMix is ​​not designed for club use on a large scale, but will hold it in many lineups. However, it is designed for parties in mind, whether it be house parties, small events, birthdays, weddings, etc.

At its core, it is a simple 2-channel controller with small floors, 2-band EQ and a special sleeveless feature, more than that in a minute! It also has two sets of 4 packs per deck of loops, FX, indicators and samples.

Made of hard plastic, this controller is very strong. It can easily survive the destruction of a house party. And it’s very simple and very portable, perfect for impromptu house party sets or outdoor sessions.

Now what about that secret feature? PartyMix has its own built-in LED display! 3 LED lights designed for packing and music synchronization to provide minimal additions to parties and events. Install a smoke detector and it’s really impressive! It may seem funny but given the good price of this control, you really can’t go wrong.


  • Ultra-Portable, Featured Package – Two-channel Serato DJ Lite (installed) for Mac and PC channels
  • Bright Light Display – Built in light display with three LED light filling chambers to automatically sync to your music and ensure to make your band completely memorable!
  • Integrated Connectivity – On-board 16-bit / 44.1 kHz audio interface with 1/8-inch headphone output and 1/8-inch basic output to connect to mixers and PA systems
  • Mix Control – Two crossfader-powered channels with running wheels – access to delicate, must-have tools for seamless mixing is right on your hands!
  • Improve Your Performance – Four pad modes for full point-of-point control, automatic / manual folding and play sample to add beauty to your performance


  • This controller is Small and portable
  • It’s too tight
  • It has an Amazing light show


  • It has 2-band EQ


7. Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3 DJ Controller

Proper pro 4-channel controller from NI, this controller uses the latest version of Tractor to allow you to assemble power-packed sets full of art.

Native Instrument Control Time. Traktor Kontrol S4 MK3 is an updated version of MK2 released since Tractor has upgraded its software. It sits on the upper end of the Tractor controller range and is not exactly cheap, but it is made from high quality components and looks and feels great. However, it does pack a lot of pro-level features in its smaller form – this is a serious piece of ticket.

This is a 4 channel controller that allows for external docking connections, whether they are CDJs, timecode vinyls or simple vinyl or CD decks, etc. It has 24-bit output that sounds great. It is suitable for the club in terms of its I / O and is completely renovated in very large areas.

High-end jog wheels incorporating a haptic response to realistic control, feel great! Besides, the materials used in this control are obviously of high quality, using attractive NI designs on rotating faders and faders.

3-band EQs combine high / low pass filters, RGB packets used and desk and master FX. There are also 2 fun LCD displays on each deck featuring key song details, clearer than the competition and looks really amazing!

Finally, with Tractor, this controller integrates very well with the remix control element. This allows you to run two standard channels and two remix deck channels to create loops and custom samples. For producers, this keeps Traktor very attractive – it’s a great component of design unlike any other 


  • Combine your route with the jog wheels that go with the cars that pass the points and point directly at your hands.
  • Visual feedback for RGB LED ring view and high color display
  • Integrated pro-grade audio interface with external inputs for each channel, headphone output, mic input, and DVS support
  • Seamless integration with the installed TRAKTOR PRO 3 software


  • It has Pro I / O and build quality
  • It Works well with Remix Decks
  • The LCD displays has an extreme quality


  • The price is little too large


8. Pioneer DDJ-200 Smart DJ Controller

Excellent ‘pro’ controller at the right price, Pioneer has created its own awesome piece that can provide the most demanding DJs. Great device for the club!

Moving a note for a price, now. The Pioneer DDJ-200 is a great controller. Designed to be used pro but it does not break the banks as Pioneer’s top end regulators and instead, stays at the very top of the market in the middle class. It is very small with a powerful controller, much smaller than its big brother DDJ-1000.

For comparison, the DDJ-1000 weighs 1.4kg more and is much larger, but comes with 4 channels and this controller has only two – this is the main difference between the two.

The DDJ-200 has a construction class and is guaranteed to turn some heads. Sturdy, lightweight and durable with such a small piece inserted, this controller can withstand wear on the road, or we may not recommend rubbing it with anything!

The two main floors have impressive LCD commercials with key details such as BPM, song length and pointers. You can change the feel of the packages to make them more versatile or smooth, which is great. With 24-bit output and space to connect external or tertiary CDJs, the I / O section of this control is perfect for the club.


  • This controller is more of a pro 2-channel controller than anything else and although it comes with standard FX banks and pad cont
  • 2-Channel DJ controller with Club style structure
  • Color FX sound and hit FX
  • 16 function pads that control hot visibility, FX pad, beat jump, Sampler, Keyboard mode, and more
  • It has Advanced search options
  • Button switch and key synchronization


  • The product is of Excellent quality
  • It works like a license key – no fuss about software and laptops during setup
  • Awesome LCD displays


  • Only 2 easy-to-use channels


9.Hercules Universal DJ Bluetooth DJ Software Controller

Quirky and very useful, there is something in this small control that meets the eye. It is one of the controllers with Bluetooth connection options!

Hercules becomes a major developer of a cheap entry-level control market. This controller is great because it offers everything you need for a cheap price on a simple little device. 3-band EQ, decent faders and decks, etc., all bases are present and calculated. It comes with its own software – MADE – as mentioned by the previous Hercules controller, but it is much easier to tag it to other software, especially the free Serato Lite.

However, what gives this controller its name ‘Universal’ is that it has a new ability to connect to other devices. You can connect this via USB to your laptop, as usual, to your laptop and phone or tablet via Bluetooth, allowing you to use FX for your mobile device or finally, you can use Bluetooth to connect it to your tablet!

This is amazing for all types of DJs but for bands or professional DJs – weddings, birthdays, etc., it is a powerful factor. You can actually walk out of the room, or walk away mixing! With certain features of automixing courtesy of DJUCED, this makes Universal DJ an easy-to-use niche device for many DJ uses.

As mentioned, you can easily install it on Serato Lite for more ‘traditional’ combinations – this controller lives up to its name!


  • 2-Channel DJ controller with Club style layout
  • Sound color FX and beat FX
  • 16 performance pads that control hot cue, pad FX, beat jump, Sampler, keyboard Mode, and more
  • Advanced super-fast search
  • Buttons for key shift and Key sync


  • They are small but have a 3-band EQ
  • It has Excellent connection options
  • DJUCED is widely used


  • It has no such cons as such

10. Numark Party Mix II 

If you consider yourself an aspiring DJ, you will want to quickly equip yourself with the most reliable equipment. Over the years, DJ turntables have changed dramatically, thanks to a host of technological advances. The Hercules DJControl Compact USB Controller is a new smart turntable, which will give you the power to control your beats. While the product is simple, compact and inexpensive, it has many excellent features, allowing it to be compatible with other more expensive alternatives. This particular USB controller will be tested in depth below.


  • Improves DJ performance: DJs can focus on their performance, instead of focusing on their computer; It makes scratching easier: DJs see the shape of the track, instead of their computer screen
  • Jog wheels look and sound like platters to CD players. Explore the view of DJ Control Jog
  • 2 large, solid DJ controller; Controls virtual decks + 1 mixer; Rough black case; Powerful running wheels – 5.9 “width: the same size as the platters on the DJ CD players; Touch detection + visual orientation; High resolution, low delay
  • Air Control: creative and attractive – DJs can use Air Control to slowly lower the filter, without physical contact; The 12 “/ 30 cm Air Control range makes the DJ’s hand movements visible to the audience
  • The in-jog LED display shows you where you are
  • Improves DJ performance: DJs can focus on their performance
  • Jog wheels look and sound like platters to CD players. Scratch with the idea of ​​DJControl Jog


  • Amazing construction quality
  • 24-bit output
  • Very good jog wheels


  • It has Only two channels



All of these controllers are excellent. You can’t encrypt the best because everything is so different! Standards are high and these days, you don’t have to pay for the world with a good, beautiful DJ kit. There is something for everyone – every controller offers its own small angle or niche that might just be of interest to you.

The pioneer can catch most people because of their smooth designs and good hardware however, there are costs. However, you can argue with the guaranteed loyalty of these regulators worth every penny!

The cheap controls here from Numark and Hercules go so far with their price tags, they are very good prices and they really don’t stop.

Native Instruments have their own custom settings and Tractor can simply capture the imagination of other users with its creative power.

Some ‘incompatible’ controllers will work with Serato Lite, for free. This makes them much easier to set up and use.In fact, there is something that fills every gap in the market. Numark and Hercules have proven that by building very small ‘appropriate’ controls on the market, they are small enough to fit in small bags.In short, the levels are so high and the variance is so wide that it’s hard to go wrong with any of the controllers!