If you’re a starter, hobbyist, or fashion designer, a perfect sewing machine can renovate your ability in sewing and also increases some zest in this matter. But that doesn’t signify that you have to stretch your legs with a conventional sewing machine.

With recent technology, even sewing machines have reshaped and developed so much. Now, most of the modernized sewing machines come with in-built clinchers, length adjustment, and various foot pressures to make your task even simple.

Investing in a sewing machine can be aggravating and intimidating as well. It can be difficult to perceive where to begin as the alternatives existing in the market are enormous. That is why; we have collected all this important information in a list where you can get about the top 10 best heavy duty sewing machines in Canada. But before we begin, let’s understand what a Sewing Machine is?

A.  What is a Sewing Machine?

A Sewing Machine is a machine utilized to stitch clothes and materials together with yarn or thread. These were discovered in the course of the first Industrial Revolution to reduce the quantity of physical sewing work operated in textile firms.

Since the invention of the first operative sewing machine, normally believed to have been developed by Elias Howe and Thomas Saint in 1790, the sewing machine has substantially exalted the deftness and productivity of the clothing industry.

Sewing machines used in houses are sketched for one individual to sew personal things while utilizing a solitary stitch type at a time. In a sewing machine with modern technology, the complete procedure of stitching has been operating in a computerized manner so that the cloth material readily glides in and out of the machine without the tenderness of needles, thimbles, and other equipment used in manual sewing. Early sewing machines were powered by incessantly turning a handle or with a foot-operated pedal procedure. Sewing machines that are operated electrically were later inaugurated.

B.  Types of Sewing Machines

Centrally, Sewing Machines are sorted or divided on the ground of their performance of their functions and they have also been classified which is based on their special highlights or features like sewing, quilting, and embroidery. It can be sorted into four different sections or classes:-

1.   Domestic Sewing Machines

These machines are also known as Manual Machines or Tailoring Machine where the essential framework is done manually by the consumer. These machines are best appropriate for the starters who desire to cognize sewing from the beginning. These sewing machines have cheap prices when differentiating from automated and electronic sewing machines.

2.   Electronic Sewing Machine

These have more specifications than a Mechanical Sewing Machine. These machines are the conjunction of mechanical sewing machines and computerized sewing machines. These machines are for those who have specialization in sewing and can calmly utilize these machines. They consist of free arm and mechanized motors which are slushy in size, compact in size with some LED screen in it in other variants.

3.   Computerized Sewing Machine

These are advanced technology sewing machines which can be appended to the Internet, computer, etc. These machines are best applicable for manufacturing motives. These machines have inherent clinchers or stitches competency in it having the range of 50 to 200 stitches.

4.   Embroidery Sewing Machines

These machines are imported for designing various patterns of embroidery on the clothes. Chiefly automated sewing machines can be used for embroidering by attaching a repressor foot in the machine. These machines are costly as compared to mechanical sewing machines due to their maintenance.

C.  Things to be Keep in Mind Before Buying a Sewing Machine

1.   Features of the Sewing Machine: Which kind of machine you should purchase depends on what type of sewing projects you will outset. Nevertheless the fact that most of the sewing machines portray the necessary prelude of sewing, there are few extra characteristics that you require to think about it. There are knitting machines, with the fluctuation for straightening the stitches, machines with sewing specifications, and other characteristics. Additionally, there are some heavy-duty machines utilized for sewing bulky fabric materials like denim jeans, etc. Hereupon, it is a preferable option to contemplate variants with broader specifications.

2.   Prices: High–end and developed models are costly, but they are worth your amount and needs. Plastic machines are less expensive; although, they may not propose passivity and stitch precision as time passes.   

3.   Mechanical and Computerized Sewing Machines: Sewing machines have outpaced in terms of modern technology and, additionally, mechanical sewing machines are also available in automated and electrical alternatives. The present sewing machines are stronger and have sturdy motors with touch-screen unified programmable stitching series.

Mechanical sewing machines are portable in weight. They are also a very nice choice because they are suitable to take away from any place wherever we want. These machines can be repaired at a low expense as they need the lowest perpetuation.

4.   Check the Sewing Machine:- Examine any particular variant of the sewing machine before using or purchasing it. Take a few parts of particular fabric material with the thread and check how the machine stitches the thread? OR How it operates with the fabric and threads you used with the machine? Also, convey watchful consideration to the neatness, sputter, and sewing quality of the machine.

Top 10 best Heavy Duty Sewing Machine in Canada

1. Janome 5300QDC 400 Stitch Sewing Machine Set 

If we talked about this set, it is the most emphatic heavy duty Sewing Machine Set in Canada. It consists of 400 Built-In Sewing Stitches which comprises Built-In Alphabet, Built-In Computerized Needle Threader, etc. The Janome 5300QDC set detracts the tension on any particular person while operating his works and supplies an easy to use galvanic instrument with LCD Dashboard or Panel. 

In this set, you can easily change the Spool or Bobbin. Straightforwardly follow the track and so, the Machine will accordingly fetch the Bobbin Thread up for the user. You also don’t have to panic about Running Off the thread because the Spool System is completely free from interruption.

The Thread Cutter Button will slit both the highest and bottom thread by pressing this button. The Reverse Stitch Button helps the machine to stitch it backward for corroborating stitches. The Lock Stitch Button closes the Stitch you are sewing in the machine. It also contains a Start/Stop button that can either start or stop the machine without any requirement of a Foot Control.


Hook Type Top Loading Full Rotary Hook Bobbin
Thread Tension ControlAutomatic Thread Control
Maximum Width of Stitch7mm
Bobbin Winding SystemAuto-Declutch
No. of Stitches300
No. of Buttonholes7
Needle Threader Inbuilt one hand needle threader
No. of Needle Position15
Maximum Stitch Length 5mm
Price $ 1, 199 (Canadian Dollar)

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2. Singer Fashion Mate Sewing Machine 5560

Singer Sewing Machine 5560 is one of the most frugal sewing machines which can readily fit into your budget and at the same time supplies you with the finest equipment. It provides you with lots of features like Auto Tension System, Fluorescent Electronic LCD Display, Advanced Start/Stop Button, Computerized Thread Cutter, Simple Reverse Button, Locking Stitch Button, etc.

It also comprises 70 Built-In Stitches, 91 Needle Positions with 9mm Stitch Thickness (Maximal), and Ultra-Radiant LED Lamps. It has 203 Stitch Applications which can be perceived on the LCD Display. It can be readily chosen with the easy touch of a button. Buttonholes are fastened in one simple move and with the help of six multiple buttonholes patterns. The heavy-duty metal framework helps ascertain long-lasting passivity.   


203 Stitch Applications
100 Built-In Stitches 
6 One- Step Buttonhole
In-Built Needle Threader
Touch Button Stitch Selection
Flexible Stitch Length
Adjustable Stitch Width – 6.5mm
LED Candescence
Firm Cover
    10.  13 Alterable Needle Positions 
    11. Price – $399.99 (Canadian Dollar)


  • Whether you’re a learner or professed person, it is simple to use
  • Cheap cost price
  • The cover is Strong and lasting due to the metal fabricated texture of the cover
  • Broad Collection of Stitching Patterns.


  • Shortage of Walking Foot in the Machine

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3. Singer Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine

If you’re exploring the ideal heavy-duty Sewing Machine which you can utilize for daily purposes, then in this instance Singer Heavy Duty 4423 Sewing Machine is perfect for you. It comprises 23 built-in stitches inclusive primary, stretch, ornamental, and buttonhole stitches permit you to stitch a variety of designs like fashion trades, house commodities, bedspread, and crafts.

Its in-built characteristic in the Sewing Machine assists the user to calmly thread the eye of the needle without any tension in the eye. It has a maximum sewing pace of 1,110 stitches per minute, therefore all the projects can be fastened hastily. It also contains a metal frame which enlarges durability and supplies long-lasting serenity.


97 Stitch Applications
23 Built-In Stitches
One-Step Buttonhole
In-Built Needle Threader
Simple Stitch Selection Dial 
Flexible Stitch Length 
Adjustable Stitch Breadth – 6mm
Heavy Duty Metal Framework 
High – Performance Motor
    10.  High – Speed Stitching – 1100 per minute
    11. Price – $ 350.99 (Canadian Dollar)


  • The Sewing Machine is inconceivably firm and enduring.
  • It arrives with all the attachments and accessories you might require. You’ll not have to buy anything separately.
  • The machine is very simple to use, even for starters.
  • It has a very giant topstitching pace. It permits you to work quickly.


  • This machine doesn’t propose much because of stitch variation.
  • An inexperienced tailor might discover it difficult to maintain the machine’s high speed.

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4. Singer 4432 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Singer 4432 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine is for all those folk who quest ease in working with sewing machines frequently which completely fits into the budget. This Sewing Machine has an excess-high sewing speed of 1,110 stitches per minute grants you professed pace for speedy outcome. 

This Sewing Machine also contains a metal frame that ensures that the machine remains stable for omit-free sewing. With the flexible Stitch Width of 6mm, the shape of the stitch from left to the right direction is adjustable to forge the stitch a little bit narrower or broader as per the user’s needs.

It also has a stainless steel bedplate in the machine which supplies a sleek surface for the fabric so that the sewing procedure operates very efficiently. Another main feature in this set includes 32 In-Built Stitches, 18 ornamental stitches, with 1 fully computerized one-step buttonhole. In this set, Automatic Needle Threader is the largest alternative which saves your time in sewing.


110 Stitch Applications
32 Built-In Stitches
One-Step Buttonhole
In-Built Needle Threader
Simple Stitch Selection Dial
Flexible Stitch Breadth – 6 mm
Heavy Duty Metal Framework
Stainless Steel Bed Plate for Sewing
High-Performance Motor 
High-Pace Stitching of 1100 per minute
3 Alterable Needle Positions
Price – $464.00 (Canadian Dollar)


  • It has apparent spool sight to maintain track of the yarn or thread.
  • It is rapid, regular, and appropriate for minor to large renovation.
  • It stitches 1100 stitches per minute
  • It has a firm motor to work on bulky fabrics materials.
  • Outstanding machine for starters


  • It becomes preventive for professional work
  • Some parts of the machine are made of plastic material

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5. SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine 

This Sewing Machine is for all those folk who search for ease in working with it frequently and this machine also completely fits into your budget.  However, the facilities equipped in the machine are not as developed as the Singer Heavy Duty 4432 Sewing Machine but if you are using it for a systematic purpose then it is the perfect choice for you. Therefore, it is considered one of the best sewing machines for systematic use.

It has different varieties of stitches like 11 In-Built Stitches, 6 Basal or Basic Stitches, 4 Decorative Stitches, and 1 Auto Buttonhole which is ideal for crafts, home decoration, clothes, etc. It also consists of a heavy-duty metal framework in the machine body which increases the stability and also has a strong motor that can sew the fibers in a very high amount. It’s sewing speed of 1,110 stitches per minute also increases the enhancement of the machine.


69 Stitch Applications 
11 Built-In Stitches
Flexible Stitch Length 
Adjustable Stitch Breadth – 6mm
Heavy Duty Metal Framework
BedPlate made up of Stainless Steel
High-Performance Motor
High-Stitching Pace (1100 per minute)
3 Alterable Needle Position
Price – $399.00 (Canadian Dollar)


  • 60% stronger motor than other sewing machine’s motor.
  • High Stitching Speed of 1,110 stitches per minute
  • Heavy Duty Metal Frame Body in the Machine


  • No LED Display 
  • It’s a Mechanical Sewing Machine.

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6. The Janome HD1000B Black Edition Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

This Sewing Machine is also one of those Sewing machines which can be used for daily purpose and also comes under your budget like other sewing machines. Therefore, for those people who require a sewing machine that can be perfectly fit for their daily use besides having an effective budget range, then this is the best alternative for you.

It highlights most of its major specifications which include 14 pragmatic or practical stitches, along with a built-in buttonhole that can be used for its compatible presentation on a broad scope of fabric for daily sewing purposes.

It also contains an in-built computerized Needle Threader which can thread the needle readily without any pressure or strain in the eye. This Sewing Machine has also acquired the “Heavy Duty or HD” sobriquet due to its extra energetic motor. 


Hook Type Front Loading Upright Oscillating Hook Bobbin
Thread Tension ControlManual
Stitch Breadth (Maximum)5mm
Cover of the MachineRigid Cover
No. of Stitches14
No. of Buttonhole1
Needle ThreaderIn-built System
Stitch Length (Maximum)4mm
Price$399.00 (Canadian Dollar)


  • The heavy-duty design of the machine 
  • It is made up of aluminum which is vacuous and endurable
  • It is favorable to the freshers in sewing 
  • It consists of 14 in-built stitches


  • Doesn’t operate with all fabric materials inclusive of reptile’s fur, sailcloth, cotton, plastic, and rubber
  • Sometimes the custom bobbin jam often

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7. Brother ST371HD Mechanical Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

The Brother ST371HD Sewing Machine is also considered one of the most economical sewing machines for household purposes. It can be used for your daily use and it is favorable for budget lovers who want to purchase high-quality heavy duty sewing machines in a budget range.

 It is a very bulky sewing machine weighing around 14.6 LBS. It also contains a highly advanced Needle Threading System that makes your set-up convenient. It is the ideal machine for daily sewing. It also comprises metal needle plates for sleeker fabric feeding and abundant needles and it can control flakes of heavier fabrics. 

The in-built knob permits the machine to readily move from the sewing table to the storage room when the machine is not in use. 


Display Type LCD Screen
Needle Threading SystemComputerized 
Built-in Stitch Collections37
Button Hole Systems1
Sewing Pace (Maximum)800
Stitch Length5mm
Stitch Breadth7mm
Price$599.99 (Canadian Dollar)


  • Simple to use 
  • Straightforward design of the machine
  • Heavy-duty performance of the machine
  • Convenient accessories 
  • Versatile machine


  • Thread-tension specification is present in the machine 
  • The built-in lamp is not radiant enough

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8. Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 Sewing Machine

Most people think about this machine as this is the best sewing machine in the desired price range. The Singer Quantum Stylist 9960 is an all-round sewing machine that is perfect for embroidery, quilting, dressmaking, crafting, and generating house decoration things. 

It is also enduring due to its heavy-duty metal framing in the machine body. If you want to do some larger sewing projects like quilting, then you can do this through its extra-wide augmentation or extension board which gives you a huge plane area to work on it. 

It also consists of 600 in-built stitches, together with, basic, stretch, and ornamental or decorative stitches. Luckily, selecting a stitch is simple and easy with the help of push-button stitch picking characteristics. Not only this, the common 8 stitches that a user perhaps utilizes most oftentimes are stationed on the anterior side of the sewing machine.

So, the substitution of these general stitches is even quicker and easier which will save you time. Not to forget about, the special feature of this sewing machine is the 13 built-in one-step buttonhole styles.


In-Built Lettering with 5 Alphabets 
600 Built-In Stitches
13 One- Step Buttonhole
Built-In Needle Threader
In-Built Needle Dagger or Cutter
Flexible Stitch Length 
Adjustable Stitch Breadth or Width – 7mm
Heavy Duty Metal Framing in the Body
High-Speed Stitching with a speed of 850 stitches per minute
LCD Display Screen
Augmentation or Extension Table 
25 Alterable Needle Positions
Price – $596.39 (Canadian Dollar)


  • Computerized patterns permit for a different scope of designs.
  • The self-cutting thread property or feature in the machine is very helpful.
  • It contains many accessories.
  • There are various decorative stitches accessible in this machine.


  • Buttonhole standard quality is lacking
  • The by-product doesn’t arrive with a quilting salver or tray.

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9. Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine

It is also another cost-effective sewing machine variant from Brother. Although, this is a more developed machine with more upgraded specifications. It’s not only cheap but also versatile and easily operated. It is also transportable due to its strong carrying case which is involved with the machine. 

This is one of the best sewing machines in the marketplace just because of its cost value and features. This sewing machine can be used in performing sewing projects as well as in quilting also. As it contains a deployable, giant table that can be used for quilting purposes. 

It provides the user an excess space so that the user can easily work on quilts or other sewing-related projects. It can be a prominent sewing machine for beginners as well as for professional ones.


Display Type LCD screen 
Lighting Type LED Lamps 
Needle Threading System Computerized
Built-In Stitch Collections 60
ButtonHole Styles 7
Maximum Sewing Speed 850 stitches per minute
Stitch Length 5 mm
Stitch Width or Breadth 7 mm
Price $499.93 (Canadian Dollar)


  • Easy setup from interweaving or threading to the spool
  • The quilting desk is the best feature for the quilters lovers
  • Multiple stitches to select from with the desired length and settings
  • It can be used with or without the foot pedal as per user requirement


  • Lamps or the lights are inadequately placed and are not radiant enough

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10. Juki HZL-F600 Computerized Sewing Machine

The Juki HZL-F600 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine are considered the best sewing machine among all of these machines. It has the strength to control the hardest sewing functions and is reliable enough to grip up to innumerable hours of steady use. 

With its strong case, metal framework in the machine body, and its enduring equipment, the machine persists for a long time. And its inconstancy is nearly unparalleled. It has around 625 in-built stitches which include decorative, efficacy, and quilting stitches. The stitches are very convenient to pick and you can pick out the stitch length and breadth or width as per the user’s requirement for the sewing project.

 If you also like to contrive some of your sewing projects in your style, then there are 4 scripts or fonts which are associated with doing calligraphy or lettering in sewing projects along with some numbering in it. 

The 7-point feed dog system in the sewing machine can control bulky clothes material and other fabrics. All this happens very easily because the feed dog system adjusts the density or thickness of the material which you’re using for your sewing projects. Even, if you’re operating with multiple thick materials covered, the feed box technique in the machine adjusts to the amalgamate thickness of the fabric materials. 

This sewing machine is a prominent alternative for all the sedate and proficient sewers specifically for those who spend a lot of their time at their sewing machines respectively. And is also a nice choice for all the professed sewers who require a cost-effective sewing machine that conveys professional standard outcomes.


Number of Stitches 225
Zig Zag Width (Maximum)7 mm
Stitch Length (Maximum)5 mm
Machine Weight 21.6 lbs 
Number of Buttonholes 16 
Price $ 1,375.66 (Canadian Dollar)

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • 225 In-Built Stitches 
  • Contains multiple specifications especially for quilters
  • 16 Buttonhole Choices for the users
  • Giant LCD Display 
  • Foot Pedal with unified thread cutter 


  • Freshers may be very happy with multiple options for sewing purposes 

You can check the full details of the product here – Check this on Amazon

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