The looper pedal is a powerful creative tool, whether you need it, in the end, to get started with an ambient prog project, or to give your brand a boost by putting live guitar parts. Having your own pedalboard will open up new creative ways that can be your signature – with enough practice. Here we have collected the best looper pedals available today, including purchase tips to help you understand what a loop is, and where to start.

Some artists use loopers to start pre-recorded samples, rather than twist their riffs on the plane (like Ed Sheeran). Most looper pedals now support importing and exporting video clips, or external memory cards.

It pays to keep things under control. If you have only one or two sounds or overdubs for each song, a simple looper pedal can replace the drum pad or laptop on your live rig. The looper pedal is also easy to carry – especially if you have an ever-growing pedalboard – and is much cheaper to remove if damaged or stolen.

Keep scrolling to check out our budget options for the best looper pedals that are as follows:-

Top 10 Best Looper Pedals in Canada

1. TC Electronics Ditto X2 Looper

Best Looper Pedals

The TC Electronic Ditto X2 is still incredibly popular as a pedal-looper pedal at the entry-level, and the purchased reality applies to the TC looper line: if you go for one more cheap, you get a much better price.

So it goes with the Ditto X2. Amazingly easy on the front panel, there is one loop volume control, then one tap to record, one to play, and a dedicated stop button.

There are two output modes, which offer duplicate playback and temporary playback time for your loops, stereo I / O, and the ability to load and store loops via USB. It’s simple, but very effective and very fun to use, which is why it’s our top choice for the best hiking trails.


  • The most accurate loop pedal built by guitar practitioners, for guitar players, gives you a dedicated stand and loop results
  • The straightforward interface has a dedicated stop footswitch, making it easy to set up loops where you want
  • Going backwards and the effects of speeding speed give you awesome power to improve your intelligence
  • Export loops to PC or Mac to work with in your DAW, and import complex tracks that help the operator impress on stage
  • Access the wealth of StarJam loops with popular guitar players and a free package of downloaded JamTrack support tracks
  • 5 minutes opening time with unlimited overdubs and undo / renew complete creative freedom
  • Stereo input and large output output settings – you can also install 2 devices
  • 24-bit uncompressed audio quality of the main audio
  •  True passing allows for good clarity and high loss of zero when the pedal is closed,
  • Optional buffered bypass mode prevents high frequency loss from long cable run
  • Analog-Dry-Through maintains complete integrity of the dry signal method even when the looper is active
  • A sturdy metal case for life on the road


  • It is Easy to use
  • It’s easy to change tempos in the middle of a song


  • No quantization is required
  • You can have mud when you overuse it

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2. BOSS Rhythm Loop Station

The latest in the Boss’s Loop Station collection gets the ‘R’ appendix because of its built-in rhythm element, which makes it almost like a loop/drum machine.

On the board, you will find 280 preset rhythms that cover many genres of music and each includes two different categories (Pattern 1 and Pattern 2) with the completion of the transition and the introduction and conclusion. There is also 50 imported user rhythm retention

In terms of looping performance, there is a stereo looper with two standalone tracks, six hours of recording time, and 99 ride memories to save your phrases.

This is an inspiring step in writing songs and performing, and it is a talented live tool, too, especially if you are the only actor who wants to produce great sound on stage.


  • A next-generation working tool that incorporates powerful song-based and powerful rhythms in a small space
  • Cover almost any type with over 280 rhythm styles that include two different sections, introduction / end complement, and dual switch complement
  • Sixteen high-sounding drum kits from BOSS and Roland libraries
  • A six-hour Stereo looper engine with recording time and 32-bit AD / DA class lead and processing points
  • A two-track serial function to build loop performance with two independent song sections


  • It is easy to Easy to operate
  • It  can Quickly switch between the two parts of the song
  • It has Visible loop indicators


  • It has No battery power
  • No headphone output is required in this product

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3.TC Electronic FlashBack Delay and Looper Guitar Delay Effect Pedal

The simple but effective TC Electronic Ditto was the basis of the pedalboard, both for live use and for writing at home or in the gym. Although it did not have a dedicated pedal controller, the loop setting was not unreasonable, and more importantly, the pedal form factor was small. This meant that one or more of these could be immersed in very strong boards.

New Ditto + TC packs for all the things that made Ditto sound quality – sound, form factor, precise composition – and adds a great screen. We’re not big-screen fans on pedals of this size, but in the case of integration, it opens up more functionality. The most exciting feature is the ability to insert a long loop over a short loop repetition.

Whether this is the kind of feature you can bet on a farm in front of a paying audience is another matter, but it is useful in songwriting.


  • 11 types of delays including looper, wide delay options from hidden duplication to full time-warp
  • 6 seconds delay, all the time delay when your play may be required. Then there are the others
  • True passing, zero tone loss
  • TonePrint- quick access to custom step-tweaks made with your photos!
  • Eleven types of delays include extended delay options ranging from hidden duplication to full warp time
  • Audio – set delay times by simply playing your guitar!
  • 6 seconds delay – all time delays when your play may require … and then more.
  • Stereo in & out – more flexibility in your setup
  • True Bypass – zero loss of tone
  • Analog-Dry-Through – great tonal integrity and clarity
  • Delay Time, Response and Repetition Controls – with full control of your delay sounds
  • Spillover on / off – smooth and natural trade between sounds
  • Easy battery access – makes switching batteries fun! (well, probably)
  • Little step – save valuable pedalboard space
  • High quality parts – the best you can do when it comes to tone
  • Roadmap design – ready to follow you wherever your play takes you


  • It has an Intuitive screen
  • This pedal also has a New stacking mode
  • USB upload is possible
  • 60 minutes of recording space is available in this device


  • There is no stop footswitch stop

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4.Pigtronix Infinity Looper (SPL) Stereo Performance Looper 

Although the two loops may sound great at this price, you can add up to 256 overdubs per log, and the two loops can also be synchronized. That reconciliation is not just a basic form; that is, two traps play the same length of time, but also make one repetition of the other.

In addition to the same functionality, loopholes can be set in the series: one that begins one after the other with a detailed rotation between the sections in the songs.

The Pigtronix Infinity Looper is not rated, so you should be specific in laying down your first loop. That said, if you play over the support tracks you can sync the loop with the MIDI support track. You can use it with even two guitar players, or guitar and synth if you pull a double function. Do this by separating stereo inputs and outputs, which are accessible in a given split mode.


  • Features of Infinity Looper in our excellent guide to looper pedals because it has some useful tools and whistles, with flexible function, flexible speed modes and stuttering modes. If you tie an expression pedal, and you can control the loop aging with that.
  • There are Two Stereo loops with sync
  • Loop 2 Multiply x1, x2, x3, x4, x6
  • The  looper has Series or Related Parallels
  • 9 + 1 pre-order with a blank canvas
  • It has 24bit / 48kHz recording


  • The USB of tis looper uploads / storage
  • It is a Large feature set
  • They are  available in Comparably compact form


  • These have Only two pitfalls

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5. Line 6 Delay/Modeler Stompbox Looper Pedal

Ground zero guitar release, its powerful, emotional looper found the famous Line 6 DL4 status as one of the most important guitar effects ever produced. However, its large size and its tendency to die have seen its popularity decline as small, many more reliable delays have reached the market.

Like the looper, it can be very self-contained, has features like single loops, speeds up and regenerates many other loopers that do not. That means, depending on where you are in the world, it can be surprisingly expensive for a unit released in the year 2000, and there is a reason why most of the experts who used it as a looper went with few resources.


  • It Injects more dirt into your tone with the best pedals
  • Preparation for 3 set and on-board Tap Tempo
  • True Bypass switch, so your exact tone is that; direct from your guitar to your amp
  • Expression Pedal Input – with real-time control of all output settings. Result Picker, Delay Time, Repeat, Tweak, Tweez, Merge
  • The DL4 works with a different stereo, inputs and outputs, so the left stays left and the right stays right. (Loop Sampler Signal means mono)
  • It Works from batteries or power adapters of your choice


  • It can be used as a standard delay
  • The range of modes is the same as a single gun


  • The Sampler stats involve mono


6. LEKATO Electric Guitar Looper Effect Pedal 

LEKATO Looper have a smaller design size, convenient and durable. Its ultra simple design and super mini size.The LEKATO Electric Guitar Looper Effect Pedal loops produced are in 24-bit uncompressed high-quality audio, with the Analog-Dry-Through design, that your precious dry sound always passes through in all its pure analog glory. Come with internal memory, can use USB for upload and download.

5 minutes of clear looping with unlimited overdubbing. Record, Undo/Redo, Stop and Erase are all accessed via different foot commands.


  • Stop, Undo-Customize, Reverse and Half-speed effects at a button. Loop fadeout (trails) mode.
  • Stereo in/out for enhanced use
  • Record two instruments simultaneously. Silent idiots.
  •  The installation of the foot controller allows you to use 3 popular foot controllers (optional) to switch the bank upwards and provide quick Undo-Redo access. modern noise
  • It comes with an EHX 9.6DC / 200 AC Adapter, and works with a 9V battery and offers extra long battery life. PSU, also works with a 9V battery


  • Highly intuitive looper pedal 
  •  Record, Undo/Redo, Stop and Erase are all accessed via different foot commands.


  • No quantization is required.

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7. Digitech TRIO+ Electric Guitar Multi Effect Band Creator and Looper Pedal

Although a looper on the DigiTech Trio + is as good a foundation as the lo alone looper, if you’re a sleepwalker working on songs, or want to get ideas out before hitting the band practice, the Trio + might be better for your needs than the most advanced looper pedal.

Why? Yes, pedals like the RC-30 offer support tracks, but the strength of Trio + is its ability to play in the loop and quickly make the bass track and drum adjustable to fit most styles. The pedal also supports up to five roles that enable you to get through the parts of the song.

The original Trio used to be for non-live use, however, as long as your parts are simple enough and you have access to PA to use, Trio + may still be alive. Even for our money, it still looks better as a design aid than a reason to never help your drummer park his tents down again.


  • TRIO + offers 12 music genres to choose from including: Blues, R&B, Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal, Pop, Electronic Pop, Hip-Hop, Country, Folk, Latin, and Jazz
  • 12 song styles are available for each genre and can be selected using the TRIO + style encoder, including a choice between 3/4 and 4/4 time signatures
  • Flexible tempo with Audiolastic time ranging from quick selection to occasional translation
  • Installed PS0913DC power supply
  • Song Editing Part In Building Song Power
  • Edited Part of Sequencer song
  • Flexible Tempo With Audio Elastique Time Stretching and a quick selection of one-time translation
  • The Design is of a bit rough style
  • Additional Hand Control Available Using Optional DigiTech FS3X Footswitch
  • You Can Read 5 Different Parts With Song
  • Up to 12 Songs With Loops Can Be Stored On MicroSD Card


  • A unique feature feature
  • SD card storage / uploads


  • It’s complicated if you just want a looper
  • Tracking is not always complete in this looper

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8. Boss RC-1 Loop Station

Previous versions of the smallest loop in the Boss range are hard to use live, but without the use of a single RC-1 button, a large light ring indicating the length of the loop and the play area somehow reverses this. The Boss RC-1 Loop Station is accurate to use and the display is very clear where you are entering or holding, which means we have made a few mistakes.

Not to mention their top-line specs, but like the RC-30 the RC-1 is 16bit, which should not be a problem for live use. There is no storage and memory functionality, but the loop you recorded is saved when the unit is turned off. That helps you prevent any troubling mistakes when using this looper as a construction tool.


  • It is straightforward and easy to use
  • 12 minutes of stereo recording time
  • It runs on a single 9-volt alkaline battery (approximately 4.5 hours of battery life)
  • These can be used with optional AC adapter (PSA series: Separated separated
  • It is straightforward and easy to use
  • The newly designed loop indicator shows the current loop mode (Rec / Overdub / Play) Runs on a single 9-volt alkaline battery (approximately 4.5 hours of battery life) Can be used with an AC adapter (PSA series: sold separately) 12 minutes stereo recording timeInput and stereo effectsVarious external footswitch optionsRecorded memory is stored in memory even if RC-1 is off.Inner Input Level: -20 dBuInput Impedance: 1 Mohm


  • This looper has Nice UI
  • The  display in this machine is easy to read


  • It has only one button operation

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9. HeadRush Looper Board

The HeadRush pedalboard amp modeler and multi-fx unit sound great, but even though it has a large touch screen, it is more accurate to use than other units, such as the Line 6 Helix.

To some extent, the same is true of the HeadRush Looper. Depending on the features, it has everything you need: rewinding and forwarding options, slaying I / O ports in the background, up to four-track recordings, and uploading / saving both USB and SD cards.

However, at the time of writing, footswitches are no longer provided in addition to their ‘hold’ function, and the ‘stop all’ button is on the second row, as are the four main ‘stop’ switch loops. Anyone with livelihood experience will tell you that they often turn traps, and footswitches need to be as close to your feet as possible.

Being able to stand and start a loop by quickly tapping ‘stop’ on one and then ‘start’ on the other with one foot, or shaking with both feet to change traps is the basis of live performance, if ‘Don’t play on the front loops you can follow.

As a result, guitarists who want to record and pass more instruments and who do not need to dance will continue to have HeadRush, while those who do fly airplanes may find it leading to mistakes when playing live.


  • Easy-To-Use & Made-To-Move – 7” high-resolution display with intuitive touch interface creates rigs in seconds; Housed in a durable road-ready steel chassis
  • Ultimate Control – 12 built-in footwitches for creating and transforming loops with RGB LEDs, Tap Tempo with intelligent time-stretch
  • Connectivity Covered – Four combo XLR ¼ -inch inputs with dedicated controls and switchable +48V phantom power, four assignable XLR, ¼ -inch outputs and headphone outputs
  • Endless Storage – Over 8 hours of internal recording time, over 300 built-in loops included, SD and USB storage inputs
  • Studio Grade Capture – Record and re amp via USB with quality up to 24-bit/96KHz


  • This looper is the Top advanced floor looper around
  • It has Transical quantification options


  • This machine has a Small loading learning
  • Refracting footswitches is not yet possible

Bestbuy / Walmart

10. Tensor Red Panda Looper Medal

Inspired by visual opening techniques from the old, yet obscure Digitech XP-300 Space Station, they wanted to make a looper that could take the best of the unit’s most obscure possibilities, and act as a solid loop on the solid stage.

The results are amazing. The Tensor can cover not only some of the XP-300 tape warping effects but also a small sample of unusual pedals like the Hexi Revolver. Firmware Updates unlock new single-shot functionality, while time-lapse and roll-out can include some of the best features of Line 6 DL4 unlocking. In other words, it is a mysterious situation.

Now what is being held? Yes, if you do not need all those esoteric sound systems and sounds, you may be better off with a simple looper. In the meantime, even those who are interested will need to take the time to learn how to use Tensor. As accurate as the Red Panda can be, it has a lot of features that are naturally complex.


  • The tape speed of this looper from reverse to stop to forward
  • The time can stretch up to 4x
  • The pitch can also shift from -2 to +2 octaves
  • It has 3 hold notes with forward/reverse/alternating direction
  • The randomisation is intelligently designed


  • It Extend the limits of what can be a looper
  • This looper has an Internal core 
  • Besides the above features, this is a multi-functional looper


  • Red Panda has always been on the edge of firmware on boutique pedals, and with Tensor they set themselves up for a really tough challenge.

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With a basic but functional live option, it’s hard to beat the TC Electronic Ditto X2. With just two controls – start and stop – it’s hard to twist the loops live unless your time is up. In some cases, it is as powerful as it comes, and the absence of quantization is a bonus if you play at different time signatures or use polyrhythms. If you have very little real estate on your pedestrian board and don’t worry about the lack of dedicated stops, then TC Electronic Ditto + should be considered.

If the price is not a factor, and the smaller units do not bless you in terms of features, or the number of loops, then Boomerang III is our recommendation. Look at the feet of a tourist artist who uses a lot of scratching, and you’ll probably see Boomerang.

If you are primarily looking for a songwriting tool, then the Boss RC-10R hybrid drum machine may be worth a try. It replaces the RC30 with its two available tracks and various rhythm patterns, however, it can be said that the performance of the drum machine removes a bit of focus like a looper.

Very simple loopers record the phrase and start playing again, with a few controls to the outer panel without mixing control. The most sophisticated loopers are complex digital workspaces. These can handle multiple synced audio channels, quantizing signatures and different times, and foot controls provided for each loop.

For our money, one of the most important features a looper can have is the start/stop button for loops. Most loopers over the basic entry models will have this, but it has been a costly step.

Dirty your tone with the best steps to go overboard

Guitar tuners are great to suit all budgets

If you are using a live looper pedal, such a feature is important, but if it is only for use or for writing, you can opt-out with a more organized unit.

Additional features, such as quantization, may be helpful, but we’ve found that this often requires changes in your live settings; for example, your drummer playing with a click. When using limited limitations, you can sometimes end up defending ‘live’ composing techniques, such as changing time signatures, or song tempo. Sometimes, there is very little more.

Finally, as you may be inserting recorded logs, the quality of analog / digital/analog (or A / D / A conversion) may be important. As a recording in DAW, the 24bit is a great bench you can set up.