Making a list of the 10 Best Refrigerators to buy is really a tough job as there are many best refrigerators available. But before you buy a refrigerator, I would like to make you realize what you should look for. I think that each and every reputed company has its own commitment towards its customer to give them the best. As it is well said that “Great powers come with, Great responsibilities”.

Just like that every reputed company has the responsibility to make good products and keep its promise. Will you be puzzled when you choose your home refrigerator? This detailed analysis of India’s best refrigerators will allow you to determine correctly.

It is a very challenging job to buy the best refrigerators. Amazon alone lists approximately 1000+ refrigerators of different sizes, power, and brands. How do you pick the right one for yourself with an average fridge life of 12 years? We‘re going to be there soon.

10 Best Fridge Refrigerators in India

Sl No.ModelRatingCapacity
1LG(GL-I292RPZL) Double Door Refrigerator***260 L
2Whirlpool FP 263D Royal Protton Multi Door Refrigerator***240 L
3Samsung(RT28R3053S9/HL) Double Door Refrigerator***253 L
4Samsung(RT30K3723S8) Double Door Refrigerator***275 L
5Haier HRD-1954BS-R Single Door Refrigerator*****195 L
6Samsung( RR22M272ZS8)Single Door Refrigerator***212 L
7Whirlpool IF 355ELT Double Door Refrigerator***340 L
8LG(GL-B201APOX.APOZEBN)Single Door Refrigerator***190 L
9Haier HRB-3404BS-R Double Door Refrigerator***320 L
10Whirlpool (215 IMPWCool) Single Door Refrigerator***200 L

Now, before you decide to buy a refrigerator. Please have a look at the following that you have to consider.

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Specifications To look Before You Buy


The first step in selecting a fridge is to determine what its ability will be. It depends on the size of your family and the food you consume.

The general instructions are, for a bachelor, or family of 1-2 members, a refrigerator with a capacity of fewer than 200 liters; for small families with 3-4 members, a refrigerator of 200-350 L; for large families with more than 5 members, a refrigerator of 400 L and greater is needed.


The energy ratings of different refrigerators were seen. It implies the strong energy efficiency of the refrigerator. Increased ranking, decreased power usage.

In India, only single and double-door refrigerators are awarded the BEE ranking. BEE scores do not refer to side-by-side fridges, triple-door refrigerators, and French-style fridges.


Dimension is definitely an important factor to take care of during the purchase of a refrigerator, especially for a modular kitchen.

Finally, you don’t want a room in your kitchen to fit in a fridge.


Specific refrigerators are available on the market, including single doors, double doors, side by side doors, and French doors.

Generally, a single-door refrigerator would be required for bachelors and families with 1-2 members. Double door cooling was appropriate for small families of 3-4 members. Side-by-side or French door refrigerators are required for large families with more than 5 members.

Single door refrigerators are small in size. The bulk of them must also be defrosted manually daily.

It is comparatively budget-friendly, lightweight, and uses 30-40 % less energy than a double-doors cooler, which is especially ideal for small families of 1-3 members.

On the negative side, its freezer room is quite small, and you may not be very happy with the freezer capacity of a non-vegetarian who normally stocks fish and meat for one week.

The Double Door Refrigerators, because its title indicates, have different refrigerator and freezer doors.

It is normally about 200-700L in size and is ideal for family members of 3-5. It comes with a bigger freezer chamber, adjustable racks, and freezing equipment — you do not need to clear the ice from the freezer manually.

Double door refrigerators use cool air from automatic fans, which thus consume 30-40% more of energy, in contrast to single door recipients that work with direct cool technology.

Wise to cost, it costs much more and yet has much more versatility than refrigerators in single doors.

The Side-by-Side Door refrigerator has a larger capacity ranging from 500L to 900L and are suitable for big families. The refrigerators of this type have advanced characteristics and can even have built-in water dispensers.

Before purchasing a side-by-side refrigerator, you should thoroughly examine your specifications because there are typically wide freezer spaces (about 1/3 of the total capacity). A large fridge would be better for many Indian families without such a large freezer room.


Most coolers have a normal compressor that runs at a fixed speed all the time. Inverter compressor refrigerators mostly functioned at various rates that boost the cooling when the loss of cooling is observed by the system.

Money(Most Important)

I have also mentioned this point because it is important. Before you buy anything you must know how much you have with you and which will be best within that.

So, don’t waste money always choose the best. Generally, it happens that we want something to buy and in the meantime, we don’t have that much money. And we decide to buy another product and leave that good product. Which we could have bought if we have patience and waited and saved a little more.

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Now, let’s continue to the topic.

List of Top 10 Best Refrigerators in 2022 To Buy In India

1. LG(GL-I292RPZL) Double Door

Best Refrigerators to buy

LG has the highest energy efficiency in the class with this cooler layout, with its four-star energy ranking.

The refrigerator is pretty quick to cool not only the main shelves but also the door shelves, with multiple air-flow throughout the refrigerator with multiple air vents and ice-beam refractive technology that circulates air from the venous on the rear. The air release has a catalyst that deodorizes and eliminates unwanted odors without side effects inside the refrigerator.

Even in case of prolonged power failures, the power cut Ever Cool function will hold the temperature inside of the refrigerator.

In the plant box, there’s also a manual humidity monitor that significantly reduces moisture in the box so that fruits and vegetables last longer.

Moreover, when the door opens for a minute or more, the refrigerator has an alarm sound and the child’s locking facilities.

This model is also solar smart, as it is with all the new model LG refrigerators, which means it can be powered on solar power by intermittent DC conversion in fixed DC and convert to AC. It also has an intelligent diagnostic feature, which alone diagnoses the refrigerator problem by interacting directly with the service center.

It has no light in the freezer on the downside. The main shelf height can also be reduced to a minimum. Nor does the sliding shelf like Samsung has a convenient one.

Another issue is that Rs. 450 plus installation tax is paid by LG. Basically, the installation job isn’t necessary, it’s just playing the plugin. However, consult with the customer service if the warranty is problematic if it is self-installed.

In addition to all these minimal criticisms, it is among the best two-door refrigerators for a little family. 

Croma / LG

2. Whirlpool FP 263D Royal Protton Multi Door

This 240-liter Whirlpool refrigerator includes the sixth sensor, ActiFresh, where cold air flows through the macroblock-containing chamber — a non-microbial additive. It contains three-door sizes that separate a freezer, coolers, and vegetable cases. This technology helps preserve moisture, prevents the development of microbial, and thus greatly increases fruit and vegetable life.

There are also air boosters for cooling in the refrigerator section.

For multi-door refrigerators, BEE does not offer energy scores. Yet, in comparison to other refrigerators in the market, it is very energy efficient.

Like in all other refrigerators, Jacuzzi also has no light in the refrigerator area. It also has no LG-like door alarm. An additional thing to note is that the vegetable tray is never finished, as it may lead to humidity building in 4-5 days and fungal formation. The vegetable tray can not even be removed for cleaning outside.

The refrigerator also has very good online ratings.

The refrigerator is available in Alpha Steel, Caviar Schwarz, and German Steel in three colors.

Total rating: 4.1/5 based on 192 company feedback.

The Whirlpool machine FP 313DProtton Roy is offered in the same package with a capacity of 300 L (available in Alpha Steel and Black colors).


3. Samsung 324 L 2 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

The first thing you may want to know is that while it does have Inverter Frost Free technology, the energy consumption in this segment is comparatively higher (2 Star energy rating). However, efficiency is great for moderate use in a family of 3–4 members, this Samsung model. It has all of the basic characteristics that make it ideal for Indian families with moving ice shelves, deeper bottle support, a simple slide shelf, glass beams capable of supporting up to 150 kg, and LED light.

The fridge can cool very easily and you can cool a bottle of water in about 30-45 minutes. The simple glass rack that makes it easy to take food products outside is undoubtedly one of the highlights.

The temperature can be adjusted with separate knobs both for the freezer and refrigerator. One aspect that is personally noticed is that the control knob often ice forms in colder environments which makes changing the temperature a bit difficult. There is no light on the fridge, too.

As behind the middle shelf is the temperature adjustments knob of the fridge, changing the temperature can be difficult when the refrigerator is full.

Another downside is that there is no lock in the refrigerator.

Overall score: 4.3/5 on 3027 reviews of customers.

Bedboy / Wayfair

4. Whirlpool 240 L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

The first thing you would want to know about this fridge is that it is an intelligent convertible – so it can also be turned into a refrigerator. Both the cooling and freezer temperature can be monitored by an external digital LED monitor on the freezer door. The freezer can handle up to 240 liters and the freezer can hold 64 liters.

Additional features of this 3-star refrigerator include

  • Simple slide shelf, solid glass shelf, and larger flask guard;
  • Power freeze technology that makes ice 31% faster than normal freezers, power cooling technology that makes food chill 31% faster;
  • Alarm for doors that hold the door for more than 1 minute if it is not closed;
  • Dual ventilation technology that permits the separate freezer and fridge temperature control;
  • All-round cooling and moist fresh areas, which regulate humidity to prolong fruit and vegetables’ life and freshness.
  • Besides it’s not locked, this refrigerator can be a real fault for you.

Overall rating: 3.8/5 for 12 reviews from customers.

If the Samsung models RT34K3753S9/HL offers 321 L, whereas Samsung RT37M5538S8/TL offers 345 L capacity, they need a smart convertible refrigerator with a larger capacity.

The Home Depot

5. Haier HRD-1954BS-R Single Door

Haier 195 l Single Door Refrigerator is a simple, inexpensive but high-performance cooling machine for bachelors and small families. The refrigerator has all the basic features to keep your food fresh over a long time, with a four-star energy rating and using directly cool technology. This refrigerator’s latest model is available in 220 liters.

Five-door racks and three racks of toughened glass are in the refrigerator. You can change the height of the shelves according to your requirements.

Additional main features include:

  • 1-hour Icing technology which in 60 minutes reduces the freezer temperature to -5 degree Celsius;
  • Vitamin C Fresh block which keeps the vegetables and fruits fresh up to seven days in the vegetable rack;
  • Refrigerator pad in a freezer to avoid cooling in the refrigerator in case of failure to power for up to 10 hours;
  • Antifungal gasket to prevent fungal growth on the refrigerator and to avoid bacteria;
  • And the Child Lock. 

Today, if you are a non-vegetarian, you will not be pleased with this refrigerator, because your room in the freezer is less (18 liters) than the double refrigerator. If you are not, your meat is normally stashed in the refrigerator. As a budget-friendly refrigerator, it has no advanced features such as an open door alarm or a special case for beauty products or medicine.

The online reviews are very strong and rising feedback has not yet been found.

Total rating: 4.1/5 on the basis of 163 company reviews.


6. Samsung( RR22M272ZS8)Single Door

Samsung is more capable than the above-mentioned LG and Haier versions. The downside, however, is that Haier and LG consume more energy and have a ranking of just 3 stars compared with four stars.

Unlike LG, the cooling area of this refrigerator also includes an excellent freezer to preserve milk, curd, and desserts.

Additional features are-

  • Free use of stabilizer;
  • Big bottle guard which provides enough space to hold larger bottles;
  • Toughened glass racks up to the weight of 150 kg;
  • Crystal Control Keyhole;
  • Anti-bacterial gasket to avoid bacterial and fungal growth within the refrigerator.

Overall rating: 4.1/5 on 39 company reviews.


7. Whirlpool IF 355ELT Double Door

Now, you would need a refrigerator with a capacity of over 300 l if you have a larger family of 4-5 members. The IF 355 ELT is one of the most competitive in the industry in Whirlpool.

Additional features are-

  • 6th Sense Intellifresh Technology that evaluates outside temperature and correspondingly adjusts internal temperature;
  • Fresh flow deodorizer vents to remove undesired smells and macroblocks in the vegetable box, fruit box, and ice-shrimp to avoid bacterial growth up to 99,9%;
  • extreme freezing technology, which makes ice faster and keeps cooling 3 times faster, up to 40% faster;
  • Plant oxidation reducer, which keeps it fresher with longer life Freshonizer.
  • On the downside, the energy rating of just 3 stars is small and there is no freezer lock or light — something that most of the models do not have. There are still some concerns about installation and distribution. Otherwise, online reviews have been mostly positive.

Overall rating: 67 customer reviews based on 4.3/5.

Walmart / The Home Depot

8. LG(GL-B201APOX.APOZEBN)Single Door

The first thing that you note is the trendy color, namely Scarlet Dazzle, Purple Dazzle, and Blue Glow.

This cooler has all the basic features an Indiana family would need with its four-star energy ranking, 190 liters of capacity, and 12.2 liters of the vegetable basket. It also has a cool and fresh zone for milk and desserts in addition to a fast freezing area.

A notable feature of this refrigerator is that it contains a bedrock rack that not only provides the refrigerator an attractive quality once its legs are covered but also demonstrates that they are a useful resource for plants as onions and potatoes that need no refrigeration.

Another part of this seems to be one of India’s few solar refrigerators.

Additional features are-

  • Toughened glass racks with a weight of up to 175 kg.
  • antibacterial garnet, which retains within the refrigerator bacteria, mold and fungal formation;
  • Vegetable tray-style lattice cover which helps keep your vegetable moisture properly.
  • Patent-pending ice plate with aluminum to speed up the ice-making process;
  • Power Cut Lite is a special material that maintains the temperature on the inside of the fridge in the event of a loss of energy in up to 9 hours inside of the cooling ceiling.

Note: Don’t think it absorbs less energy than the 4-star LG 190L cooler. The five-star ranking of the previous model is based on a ranking for 2016 that is equivalent to that of four-star this year(2017). The former model has no storage drawer at the base to preserve vegetables that require no cooling.

Overview: 4.3/5 based on 54 company reviews


9. Haier HRB-3404BS-R Double Door

This Haier’s fridge is definitely one of the cheapest available when comparing the refrigerators apple-to-apple. The quick access it offers since the freezer is at the bottom – making it one of the best choices for vegetarians and families with elders who are not using the freezer extensively – is a notable feature that varies from other refrigerators.

The manufacturers targeting mostly vegetarian families with this refrigerator have created the vegetable tray twice as big as the normal refrigerator– a double-sided sword in fact because unsuitable storage can lead to excess humidity that quickly spoils the fruit.

However, to reduce this, the fridge is fitted with a larger cooler pad to help sustain cooling in case of power loss for up to 10 hours.

Also one of the few refrigerators with a baby lock in this chapter.

Additional features are-

  • Ice technology of 1 hour which brings the freezer temperature to -5 degrees in 1 hour;
  • The airflow of 360 degrees that allows continuous cooling;

One thing is missing, however, is that the freezer has no light. Located at the bottom, lack of light may complicate things unless there is adequate lighting in the kitchen. Often, distribution and installation delays are often spoken about.

Total rating: 4.2/5 on the basis of 54 ratings.


10. Whirlpool (215 IMPWCool) Single Door

With an output of 200 liters, this 3 star Jacuzzi refrigerator, like Samsung, has a four-star efficiency, which means less capacity. Haier and LG have an output of 4 stars.

Whirlpool 200 L Direct Cool Refrigerator has some special features on the positive side, which no other brands have. The refrigerator will maintain its refrigeration for up to 12 hours with the isolating capillary technology that encloses the refrigerant with super cool air. (Haier maintains cooling for 10 hours while LG maintains only refrigeration for 9 hours.)

In ice forming and water cooling, this technology makes Jacuzzi coolers the fastest in the category and is twice faster than other coolers.

There is also a special Masalavalla bin and medicine toolbox which prevents the contamination of medicine.

It has an anti-bacterial gasket, door lock, and stabilizer-free activity as other refrigerators in the section.

Overall rating: 4/5 on the basis of 5 ratings.



Hence, I have listed above all the best refrigerators to buy in India online from amazon as the link is mentioned on the table given.