Comfort is something that matters a lot be it, anyone, a person who earns millions of dollars or a person who merely can earn their daily bread. It helps soothe your mind and brings ease to your life without any hassle or fuss. You can be the one who can alter their comfort as per their requirements and customize it from time to time. 

Similarly, comfort during sleep has become a necessity which helps you with your day to day life. Proper pillows and mattresses are a must to keep your body away from pain, they are the factors to which your comfort and support are related. Here, the list of top 10 best down pillows in Canada has been prepared to give you detailed information about them.

Before you take your next step of purchasing the pillows, few things to consider are as follows –

Material – It should not be chemical-based, it should be eco friendly, anti-allergic, and skin-friendly.

Maintenance – Managing pillows become messy as they cannot be cleaned easily, so, washable pillows are the best option.

Support – The pillow should not be very firm or very soft, it should be somewhere in the between.

Body pain – Pillows should help relieve you of your pain, and not exaggerate your situation.

Top 10 best down pillows in Canada

#1.Viewstar Pillows Standard Size 2 Pack Side Sleeping Bed Pillow

      The OEKO-TEX certified pillows from Viewstar are highly compatible with your sleeping needs. They are skin friendly, allergen free and breathable throughout your sleeping schedule. The stylish gusset makes the pillow look more classy and standard. Luxury design and easy care pillows from Viewstar will make your day and will bring hotel luxury to your doorstep.


  • Filled with microfiber for the extra plumpness.
  • Gives the ultimate hotel’s luxurious pillow experience.
  • Suitable for side, stomach and back sleepers.
  • OEKO-TEX certified pillow.


  • Back and shoulder pain remains unrelieved.

#2.  LUTE Bed Pillows 2 Pack, Queen Size Premium

       Pillows with skin comfort and soft fluffy filling are the specialty of the brand LUTE. They have been designing pillows that are irresistible and make you want more every time. The pillows feature plump and lofty looks that offer Uber comfort. It molds according to your curves which helps improve your sleep and make it healthy day by day.


  • Easy to clean and machine washable.
  • Ergonomically designed pillows with high quality down alternative filling fibers.
  • Chemical-free material used for manufacturing them and are the best anti-allergy pillows.
  • 100-night trial and 1-year warranty.


  • Not very thick pillows.

#3. Puredown Feather Down Bed Pillow for Sleeping, White, Set of 2, Standard/Queen Size  

       Puredown feather down pillows are filled with 90% natural feather and 10% natural down filling, whereas it is certified under the Responsible Down Standard. The Puredown branded products provide you with luxurious comfort and superior performance which is long lasting. You need to put in efforts while cleaning it as they need dry cleanning.


  • Soft pillows with medium support and 10% natural down.
  • Double layered shell fabric design to avoid feather pricking.
  • 32 oz of down feathers stuffed within the pillows.


  • It flattens outs quickly.

#4. BedStory 2 Pack Sleeping Pillows

       The pack of 2 pillows from BedStory does not smell foul, it does not clump and designed to be breathable while sleeping. The pillow is anti-bacterial, consists of no fluorescence, and gives balanced support to your neck and body. It can be washed easily in a machine and does not lose its shape. The pillow is persistently fluffy and can be maintained conveniently.


  • Ideal for various sleeping positions.
  • The pillow is designed with 3 dimensional clusters plush fiber fillings.
  • Dual layered side band taping helps retain the shape of the pillow.
  • Mold, dust and mite resistant, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and breathable pillow for healthy sleep.


  • The pillow starts losing its fluff after some time. 


#5. Utopia Bedding Gusseted Quilted Pillow (2-Pack) Premium Quality Bed Pillows

       The UTOPIA quilted pillows are available in 3 different sizes and colors from which you can choose. The fiber-filled pillows and professionally tailored edges ensure your comfort to the maximum level. These pillows are architecturally designed that cushion your pressure points while you slowly drift off in your sleep.


  • Microfiber gusset pillows.
  • Double stitching for durability with a blue piping for the design element.
  • Stuffed with a soft medium blend for uninterrupted sleep.
  • It is machine washable.


  • Ultra softness of the pillow makes the head go down deep into it.

#6. JOLLYVOUGE Bed Pillows for Sleeping – 2 Pack Down Alternative Cooling Pillows for Neck Pain

       JOLLYVOUGE provides you with 30 days money-back guarantee and also 1 year of product warranty. The pillows are of excellent comfort which is very much, unlike the regular pillows that you might own. It makes your morning pain free and stresses free, you wake up with excellent vigor and energy. The outer cover of the pillow is skin friendly and it is made from chemical free materials.


  • Optimal comfort due to the hypoallergenic virgin polyester fiber filling.
  • Squeeze, fold or press it bounces back to the original shape.
  • Chic brown piping and exquisite pattern that make the set of pillows stand out.
  • Support to the neck, back, and head makes the body pain free.


  • It is semi-firm and not too soft. 

#7. DOWN UNDER Certified Filled in Canada Down Feather Chamber Queen Bed Pillow

       DOWN UNDER pillows make your sleeping routine customized as these pillows are verified and certified by the Canadian Down Association. It is a bit overpriced, however, you can definitely rely on the pillows for the best comfort you can imagine of. The three-compartment design makes it highly prone to stress and pain-free night sleep.


  • Three compartment design with 2” gusset which gives medium support. 
  • Hungarian white duck down and feather with weight of 49 oz.
  • 260 thread count and 100% cotton cover.
  • Certified by Canadian Down Association.


  • It has a major relieving impact only on back sleepers.

#8. GOHOME 2PackPillows – Queen Size

       You are a side sleeper or a back sleeper, it does not matter what kind of sleeper you are with the GO HOME down pillows. It makes your sleep perfect because of the adjustable design and the ultra-soft crystal velvet fabric. Premium microfiber filling has been used which will not stiff or deform and helps maintain the shape of the pillow. The design of the pillow is breathable and secure, so you do not need to worry about the stitches wearing out.


  • Quilted square technology outer covering is ideal for great comfort and support to the body.
  • 35 degree Golden Angle support.
  • Suitable for all kinds of sleepers.
  • Add or remove filling for customized support.


  • The outer cover cannot be removed separately for washing purposes.

#9. OMYSTYLE 2 Pack Adjustable Hypoallergenic Bed Pillows for Sleeping –

       OMYSTYLE  adjustable best down pillows come with an elegant and classic stripe design which makes it more pleasingly eye-catching. You can customize the pillow when and where you need it to, also you can adjust the loft level for your comfortability. 100% 400 thread count Egyptian long-staple cotton used to give the pillow a super soft and satiny appearance.


  • Adjustable sleeping pillows which help customise sleep.
  • Gives relief from surgery recovery, disc problems, snoring and more.
  • Quilted square technology outer cover designed for sensitive skin.
  • 30 days trial period.


  • Does not provide body contour.

#10. COZSINOOR Hotel Collection Pillows for Sleeping (2-Pack)

         The pillows from COZSINOOR are built to last long as it is priced expensively and also consists of 100% cotton material. It features the double edges sewing design which makes it hard-wearing and durable. You will fall in love with this pillow just after the experience of one night. The support and comfort of the body are exceptional, the contour of the body shape helps relieve you of all your pain. 


  • Air slow rebound pillow.
  • Helps reduce shoulder, back and body stiffness.
  • Cloud like soft pillows with a perfect balance between soft and medium texture.
  • Skin friendly material used.


  • Expensive pack of pillows.

The list will definitely guide you through your purchase, however, if in doubt, we have the top 2 best down pillows listed as well for you.

The LUTE Bed Pillows 2 Pack, Queen Size Premium Down Alternative is one of the best down pillows that let you sleep with comfort and support. It is economically priced and comes with a 100-day trial. 
The last one features the DOWN UNDER Certified Filled in Canada Down Feather Chamber Queen Bed Pillow which is apparently very expensive and is a pack of one pillow. But, the comfort is incomparable to any other down pillows.