Microsoft Announces OneDrive Personal Vault

Microsoft today announced OneDrive Personal Vault for users, which will be a new security layer for protecting sensitive and important files. The feature is rolling out soon to the web, Android,...

Addition of AMD Joint Venture to the Entity List

The Trump administration added a quintet of companies to its ‘Entity List’ last week, which observed the addition of AMD joint venture Tianjin Haiguang Advanced Technology Investment Company (THATIC). The ban dated...
Belgrade, Serbia - April 05, 2019: Huawei P30 Pro mobile smartphone is displayed on an isolated white background. photo credit: Getty GETTY

Huawei Will Update Phones to Android Q

Huawei has come out fighting against all the rumors that its smartphones will not get upgraded to Android Q, launching a series of 17 smartphones which will get Google’s latest OS...

Firefox Update to Fix a Critical Bug

If you have Firefox, then it seems like you need to update it. It is reported that Firefox is attacked by a critical bug. Mozilla has released security updates Firefox 67.0.3...
google logo

Lyrics Site Accuses Google of Lifting Lyrics

Google publishes lyrics directly on web pages, and Genius, a lyrics site, claims that the search engine lifted the lyrics without consent. In a new report from the Wall Street Journal,...
security Keys

Yubico Replaces FIPS Security Keys

Yubico announced today to replace its security keys due to a firmware flaw that can reduce the randomness of cryptographic keys generated by its devices. Affected devices include ones from the YubiKey...

Microsoft Warns About Windows 10 Update Issues

Microsoft has confirmed recently that Windows 10 experienced certain issues after the June cumulative Windows update. While in the past, we have observed many times plenty of Windows updates that break...
Matebook 14 unreleased in the US

This laptop isn’t releasing in US due to USA Ban Huawei

Huawei’s new laptop line gets disrupted as a result of the US ban. Chinese giant-tech Huawei is beginning to feel the pinch by Washington’s move to ban American firms from doing...

Apple Acquires New Intel Modem Unit

Apple reportedly is looking into acquiring Intel’s key modem unit. Intel is considering to sell its modem business in parts, and it’s also reported that Apple is in discussions to buy...
facebook's new hardware

Facebook Unveils New Portal Hardware

New versions of the Facebook Portal are unveiled recently. Facebook Vice President Bosworth said on Monday that the company plans to launch new versions of its Portal video chat devices. “We have...