Top 12 Best License Management Software in 2022


License management software helps organizations in monitoring and control software use and ensure software license compliance within their own business. License management software gives a clear picture of the licenses purchased by an organization. It tracks software use and provides usage metrics, which helps maintain compliance with vendor regulations.

The three typical features a License Management Software

  • License inventory
  • Compliance management
  • Reporting/analytics

Today’s article will talk about the best License Management softwares in 2022. The article will discuss the ABCs of each product. The order of the article is decided on the basis of features and reviews by many first hand users. Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

  1. Reprise License Manager – Affordable, Easy-To-Use Enterprise-Class Software Licensing.

Reprise License Manager Homepage

About Reprise License Manager

Reprise License Manager is for Independent Software Vendors looking to add licensing into their products to protect their IP while driving higher revenue. RLM controls access to features, options, versions, and expiration dates. Licenses can be locked to hardware for copy protection. The RLM license server controls concurrent copies of the software in the Cloud or on-premises. RLM ensures that only customers with valid licenses can use those products. 

Reprise License Manager Features

  • Flexible Licensing
  • Copy Protection
  • Simple API
  • Mobile Licensing
  • Entitlement Management
  • Trial Licensing

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  1. Universal Type Server – A Powerful Font Server and Manager for Enterprise Needs.

Universal Type Server Homepage

About Universal Type Server

Extensis’s Universal Type Server is the enterprise font management solution. Whether it’s teams that need to have shared access to fonts globally or a company that needs to rein in font compliance and decrease inefficient font spending, Universal Type Server is a comprehensive enterprise font management solution.

Universal Type Server Features

  • Digital Asset Management – Digital assets are the pieces of your digital content that hold value to your organisation.
  • Font Management – Graphic designers and marketing teams that manage the creative assets.
  • GIS Tools – Organizations needing tools that manage, protect and work with high-resolution geospatial imagery.

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  1. AssetSonar – Powerful and Intuitive IT Asset Management.

AssetSonar Homepage

About AssetSonar

EZOfficeInventory’s AssetSonar ensures software compliance, lower hardware downtime and is always audit-ready with powerful IT asset management solutions. With AssetSonar, get complete visibility into IT infrastructure by IT asset lifecycle management, software license tracking, detailed insights and timely alerts.

AssetSonar End-to-End Software License Management Features

  • Reporting
  • Reconciliation
  • Automated Alerts
  • Compliance
  • Utilization
  • Payments
  1. Torii – Manage all your SaaS apps. In one single place.

Torii Homepage

About Torii

Torii is a SaaS and License Management platform that provides one system of record for all cloud-based applications, their users and licenses, and then automates routine IT lifecycle activities. Torii integrates with hundreds of SaaS products including identity management, SSO, ERP, and any business applications used by a client organization.

Torii Features

  • License Tracking
  • Node Management
  • Product Activation
  • Trial License
  • Access Control
  • Billing & Provisioning
  • Cost Management
  • Demand Monitoring
  • SLA Management
  • Supply Monitoring
  • Workflow Approval

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  1. EZOfficeInventory – Run the World’s Best Asset Tracking Software.

EZOfficeInventory Homepage

About EZOfficeInventory

This platform transforms service management with seamlessly integrated, cloud-based asset tracking for your help desk. With EZOfficeInventory, improve service delivery, speed issue resolution, reduce downtime and boost productivity for the team by tracking all IT assets and software licenses in a central database. Maintain complete visibility into your IT landscape with features like full asset lifecycle management, purchase orders, maintenance, usage optimization.

EZOfficeInventory Features

  • Web-based
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Asset Stock & Inventory Module
  • Check out & Check in Assets
  • Mobile Apps
  • Availability Calendar
  • Dashboard Calendar
  • Reservations
  • Purchase Orders
  • RFID Asset Tracking
  • GPS Location
  • Label Scanner and Designer
  • Excel Import and Export
  • History Tracking
  • Locations
  • Customization
  • Groups and Subgroups
  • Cart
  • Packages and Bundles
  • Company URL
  • API
  • Dashboard Counters
  • Depreciation Management

EZOfficeInventory Pricing

  • ESSENTIAL – $35.00 per month, billed annually
  • ADVANCED – $45.00 per month, billed annually
  • PREMIUM – $50.00 per month, billed annually
  • Free Trial is also available

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  1. 2Checkout – Modern Commerce. Simplified.

  2Checkout Homepage

About 2Checkout

2Checkout is the leading all-in-one monetization platform for global businesses.The platform was built to help clients drive sales growth across channels and increase market share by simplifying the complexities of modern commerce like global payments, subscription billing, merchandising, taxes, compliance and risk. Hence, 2Checkout stays focused on innovating their products and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

2Checkout Features

  • Product Activation
  • Trial License
  • Billing Portal
  • Contact Database
  • Customizable Invoices
  • Dunning Management
  • Hourly Billing
  • Mobile Payments
  • Multi-Currency
  • Online Invoicing
  • Online Payments
  • Payment Processing
  • Recurring/Subscription Billing

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  1. SafeGuard LM – Enterprise-class License Management

SafeGuard LM Homepage

About SafeGuard LM

SafeGuard LM is the software license solution for your business. From simple node-locked copy protection, floating licenses for more sophisticated licensing needs, to Product Activation Server to automate license fulfillment for demo licenses and paid licenses over the Internet. SafeGuard LM has all these, plus native language support for most of the mainstream programming languages.

SafeGuard LM Features

  • Copy Protection
  • License Tracking
  • Node Management
  • Portable License
  • Product Activation
  • Trial License

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  1. Black Duck Hub – The most trusted name in open source management

Black Duck Hub Homepage

About Black Duck Hub

Black Duck’s industry-leading products are used to secure and manage open source softwares, eliminating the pain related to security vulnerabilities, open source license compliance and operational risk. 

Black Dub Hub Features

  • Multifactor open source discovery – Dependency analysis, File system scanning, Snippet matching and Binary analysis
  • Enhanced vulnerability data – More timely and accurate than NVD and Advanced remediation guidance
  • End-to-end DevOps integrations – Automated policy enforcement

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  1. OpenLM – Autodesk Network to Named Licenses Calculator

OpenLM Homepage

About OpenLM

OpenLM is a license management software provider as solutions for engineering applications. OpenLMs innovative solutions enable IT professionals to get a clear view of the organization’s license inventory, effectively manage and monitor the actual usage, plan license maintenance and procurement, and optimize the utilization of expensive engineering software licenses. 

OpenLM License Management Features

  • Live streaming license usage data
  • Statistical reporting on historical data
  • Consolidated licensing system
  • Option of using OpenLM Extensions
  • Aggregations for chargeback billing
  • License utilization predictions
  • License Manager Support
  • License Entitlement and Allocation

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  1.  Cryptlex – Powerful software licensing API built to help you achieve business growth!

Cryptlex Homepage

About Cryptlex

Cryptlex offers true flexibility with software licensing. Customers get to choose what type of licensing they want to implement in their software. From node-locked licenses, floating licenses, feature licenses and timed trials, Cryptlex has everything covered. Cryptlex makes it dead simple for clients to implement any licensing model, including perpetual, metered and seat-based models, effectively and efficiently.

Cryptlex Features

  • Copy Protection
  • License Tracking
  • Node Management
  • Product Activation
  • Trial License
  1.  License Manager by License4J

License4J Homepage

About License4J

License4J provides solutions specifically for Java software product licensing. It includes contents like Java libraries, License Manager tool, Auto License Generation and Activation Server application and Floating License Server for generation and validation of license text, license keys, and floating license files. The software is designed to be easy to use and integrate in the customer’s application. A small pure Java runtime library in the software provides static methods for license validation, online activation, deactivation and validation.

License4J Features

  • 25 and 55 Characters Long License Key
  • Node Locked License Text
  • License Text with Activation
  • Floating License Text
  • License Availability (Blacklist)
  • License Modification Keys
  • License Manager Features
  • License Activation
  • License Deactivation Limit
  • Hardware ID Support
  • Date and Time Check
  • License Manager Date Time Check
  • Auto License Generation
  • License Manager Auto License Generation Form
  • Online Update Check
  • License Message Support
  • Online License Validation Implementation
  • License Use Information and Tracking

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Keyzy Homepage

About Keyzy

Keyzy is a revolutionary new software license manager for business owners and developers, so they can monetize their digital efforts more securely and in a painless manner. The software’s objective is to make software licensing accessible to software vendors of all sizes selling digital products online. Keyzy is a license manager that automatically generates, distributes and activates licenses in the easiest way on reliable servers.

Keyzy Key Features

  • Cloud Service
  • Automatically Manages Your Licenses
  • Saves You From the Hassle of Integration
  • User-Friendly Client Library
  • Manages Your Bundles with Ease
  • Dealer Management

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In conclusion!

Hope the article helps you in selecting the best License Management Software that’s best for you and your corporation. Analyze your requirements and select the platform which best suits your needs.