Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review

Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 1

A laser rangefinder is generally used by snipers, Hunters, Shooters, golf players and a few construction companies. It is used to find out the range between you and the target. It is also used by a few photographers to measure the distance between the subject and the photographer himself. Few cameras have inbuilt rangefinders but they are not that efficient. The laser rangefinder is A kinda new technology but in olden days people used to have two Mirrors and sticks to measure the distance from the target. Here I will list the top 10 best laser rangefinder for you within all the budgets.

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Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 2

Bushnell Tour V4

  • Range: 5-1,000 yards.
  • Class 1 laser with <0.5mW average power output. 


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Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 3

Nikon Cool shot20

  • Range: 6-800 yards


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Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 4

Tec Tec Tec pro wild


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What is the purpose of the laser rangefinder?

The main purpose of a laser rangefinder is to measure the distance between you and target. You can only do things accurately when you know the distance of the target. A shooter cannot shoot the target which is not within the range of the rifle. Even the Golf players want to know the exact distance so that they can make a strategy to hit the ball into the hole within fewer strikes. The make you reach the target

How does laser rangefinder works?

Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 5


Any kind of laser rangefinders works using the basic concept. When you push the button this rangefinder sends out a laser beam to the target. Generally, lasers travel at the speed of light. As soon as you press the button the laser goes and hits the target which is pointing at and returns back to you within no time. Here a small calculation part will be involved. 


The time is calculated from the point of time the laser is been released and bounced back to the rangefinder. This total time is calculated and the accurate distance readings are shown to you on the display. 

3 Things which affect your readings

Lens capacity

You need to have a right lens capacity to get the accurate readings of the distance. The really good lens can magnify division which you see in the rangefinder. Only then you can have accurate targeting. if you are purchasing a cheap quality lens then you might not able to target on the thing which you want to and end up getting wrong distance readings.

Laser energy

If you don’t get a good laser then it may not reach the target and returned to you with the accurate readings. The energy does matter because it improves the capability of the laser to reach the target which are at far distances. This also deals with beam divergence which is a bad factor for inaccurate distance readings. A good laser will lift you up from all these negative factors.

Aperture Size

This deals with receiving the reflected beam from the target. whenever the laser reflects back to the sender from the Target if there is a lot of data with it. Actually, it is not a lot of data but just the time gap between sending and receiving. the receiver aperture needs to be large enough capture all the beam which is returning from the target.


Look into these things before you buy any laser range finder.


Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 6

1) Bushnell Tour V4

  • Accurately ranges from 5 to 1,000 yards.
  • best for golf players
  • legal in tournaments
  • Class 1 laser with <0.5mW average power output

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Bushnell provides very good quality of laser range finders and many Golf players trust this brand. It shows accurate readings and this is the reason why players like this. You can get an accurate reading season for the targets which are between the slope.

 Slope technology is used for this kind of viewing problem. this slope technology is patented by Bushnell company. You can also use this for hunting purpose if you are shooting at a maximum of 1000 yards.

You will have it two-year Limited warranty from this manufacturer. always look out for warranty for any kind of product because you will be in a safe zone even though when you get a defect product. It will provide Yaadein just two flags from as far as 400 as out.

Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 7

2) Precision Pro Golf

  • uphill or downhill measurements.
  • accuracy+or- 1 yard.
  • magnification 6X times.
  • free battery replacements.

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You will get a small vibration when you lock the target so that you will know which objects you have Marked. You have a slope more which can be turned on or off according to your requirement. It has dimensions of 4 x 1. 75 X 3. 5. You are covered with 2-year manufacturing warranty with battery replacement service. It is designed so well that no water enters inside it and do damage. 

It has got only 400-yard range which is a bit small are not very useful for the Hunters. If Hunters use this they might end up misfiring. the precise Technology makes the laser range finder to use easily. Deepanshu vibration technology and target acquisition Technology will give you a quick vibration when you Mark the target at a distance. with the 6X times of magnification you can use in the golf fields.

Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 8

3) Nikon Coolshot 20

  • First target priority technology
  • lightest 
  • Best for golf players

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2Yes Nikon is really good at manufacturing high end cameras and they also good at making Laser finders. This laser finder is particularly designed for golf players. In this you have First Target priority Technology which will only target the closest objects. if you press the power button for one time it will provide 8 second continuous measurement scanning. 

This is really great for finding the measurements of multiple or very small objects. It has a weight of 4. 4 ounce which is the lightest among most of the laser finders. It is small enough to put in any pocket or Golf bag so that you can carry it anywhere easily. It can withstand any kind of natural climate. It has wide temperature tolerance and being rainproof there is no need to put your range finder away when weather turns worse.

Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 9

4) Uineye 

  • 1500 meter range
  • fast measurement with 0.33 yard of accuracy
  • 8X magnification
  • suitable for hunting and golf.

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This laser rangefinder has a range of 1500 meters and also measures fast with 0.33 yard of accuracy. You will find 4 measurement modes like distance, angle, height, and horizontal distances. The ergonomic design gives a good grip while holding, lightweight and portable. This is a perfect rangefinder for golf player and as well as hunting.

 few construction companies also use this rangefinder for measuring and surveying. This rangefinder is powered by cr2 battery add you get a one year warranty on the product. The product dimensions are 4. 5 x 3 x 1. 5 inches and wait around 0. 41 lbs. In the pack you will get one rangefinder, one microfiber cleaning cloth, one wrist strap, one quick start guide and one carrying case. you need to purchase cr2 batteries separately and you will not get it in the 3pack.

Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 10

5) TecTecTec 

  • 1 yard accuracy
  • CR2 battery

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This is another good quality product which you can trust for your shooting or for golf game. There are three different scanning modes which are very useful for golf game. You can use this phone’s according to your requirements. You can measure the targets accurately using this pin sensor Technology while the targets overlap each other.

 You can also pin the locations which you want to. this things will help you to create a perfect strategy to hit a goal or the target. You can also pin the measurement of the particular target in this laser rangefinder. The measurement accuracy is within only one yard.

 The product has the dimensions of 1. 6 X 2. 8 X 4. 1 inches and weighs around 6. 6 pounds. Unlike other rangefinders on this list you will get a free CR2 battery with other accessories like wrist strap, microfiber cleaning cloth and quick start up guide.

Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 11

6) Wosports

  • Multi Functions
  • Golf Slope Mode
  • Class 1 laser with <0.4mW

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There are many functions like range, angle, flag lock, slope distance correction and speed functions. The manufacturer gives one year warranty and lifetime customer support for this product. The battery lasts around 50 rounds when you use this to play golf. You can switch between the slope and non-slope reading during. 

you will have a strap that can be attached to your bag to carry it anywhere. it is powered by Sia to batteries which you need to purchase them separately. The lens has a magnification of 6x and size of 22 mm. Its ranges around 5 to 600m. 

The range measuring accuracy is plus or minus 1m. That means you could have a reading of an extra or less one meter. It has dimensions of 127 x 80 X 43 millimeters and weighs around 223 grams. You can operate this rangefinder between the temperature -10 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius.

Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 4

7) TecTecTec ProWild

  • CR2 battery
  • Range-450 yards
  • 1m Accuracy

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This is a perfect hunting laser rangefinder. It is also powered with cr2 battery like the others on this list. It was only 185 grams with the dimensions of 10 4 x 72 X 41 mm. This is a hunting rangefinder, right? You need to get the distance between your target and you very fast. this is because the animal might move within next second. 

This perfect finder to measure the distance within seconds. You will be covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty. With the multilayered optics you will get a clear image of the objects which appear in the lens. It has a range upto 450 yards which is pretty enough for short range hunting. The accuracy of the reading is with a difference of 1m. The laser rangefinder is covered from dust due to its dust resistant body.

Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 13

8) LaserWorks

  • 1000 yards range
  • 6X magnification.
  • 1600 yard range if object is more reflective

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There comes another hunting laser rangefinder which is waterproof and as well as dust resistant. This is a multi-usage rangefinder. You can use it for hunting, golfing, measuring or surveying. the laser is a class 1 product which has a maximum Radiant power of 70.1um. 

The range of this finder is whooping 1000 yards and 1600 yards if the target is highly reflective. With this 6x magnification power and 21MM lens, you will have a great hunting. Happy hunting brother. The minimum distance for the measurement is 5 M. Like the others on this list it also uses a cr2 battery.

Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 14

9) Callaway 200

  • 275 yard range to pin the target.
  • 800 yards range.

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It has got 6 times of magnification with a range of 800 yards. Its accuracy is one yard. It is light in weight of 4. 4 ounces and with dimensions of 3. 7 X 2. 8 X 1. 5. It is water and fog resistant which is suitable for golf players. With the pin acquisition Technology, you can lock any target within the range of 275 yards. 

You can measure the distance with a minimum range of 5 meters. For locking the target there is a range between 5 to 275 yards. If you cannot replace the rubber eyepiece once if it is lost. You will have 1-year manufacturer’s warranty so you can claim the warranty if any part is damaged.

Top 10 Best laser rangefinder in 2020 review 15

10) Visionking

  • 600 yards maximum range.
  • 15M minimum range
  • suitable for hunting and golf.

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This laser range find was only 250 grams with the dimensions of 125 x 73 X 40 mm. The lens has a magnification of 6 x and with the size of 25 mm. the minimum range distance for this finder is 15 M and the maximum distance is 600 m. This is useful for both hunting and golf game purpose.


Here are the top 10 best laser rangefinders which makes very accurate measurements. You can simply pick a laser rangefinder in this list within your budget and purchase it. 

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