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Top 10 best sectional sofas in 2020 review

Many people get confused while choosing sectional or regular sofa. I recommend using the sectional sofa as it has many pieces to join together. This feature will bring flexibility to your sofa to arrange according to your requirements. Here I am providing the top 10 best sectional sofas which will fulfill your living room and meet your requirements.

Did you observe that the good furniture is the only thing which makes your whole house to look beautiful? did you know that rich people show their authority or money and invest more in homes and furniture? before getting a best sectional sofa you need to know many things about this.


What is sectional sofa?

A sofa is a most common type of sitting which are found in living rooms. The regular sofas are single piece seatings which are not that flexible as the sectional sofa. This sectional sofa comes in different pieces. you can customize your living room with these things at any time because it provides the flexibility to change. most of the time you will find that sectional sofas are arranged in a perfect 90-degree angle. It is the very popular sofa structure till now and future also.

Now let’s talk about the things which allow you to customize your sofa. Recliner is the best part of sectional sofa which have left or right or even both arms for simply extending the sofa. you will find a round corner wedge which is a corner page that allows you are sectional sofa to fit in a corner. This things make your sofa at a perfect 90 degree angle shape. 

If you have a bit big space then for sure you need to get a sofa bed which is also called as a sleeper sofa. You can find a bed in this which is foldable. There are many other different pieces like this which can fit into your sofa and make it more flexible to change according to your requirements.Personally I like sofas with pillows and I avoid pure leather.

 The pure leather sofa doesn’t look cool. The shiny and ugly sofa doesn’t fit well in your room. This is my personal opinion don’t take it for you.Personally I like sofas with pillows and I avoid pure leather.


Tips to buy sectional sofa

Here I will provide you with 5 tips to buy a perfect sectional sofa For your Living room.

Imagine your sofa

List out all the requirements you need before buying this sectional sofa. You need to know what type of fabric, angle, quality, price, and color you want. Also, have an idea of what kind of fabric you want. There are many fabrics which are stain resistant, these are really helpful when you frequently party at your home.

Have the measurements of your space.

Now it’s time to think of a place where you want this offer to be placed. Look for corner place this will be the best one for the sectional sofa. When the place is fixed take the measurements of that to get a right sofa. If you think of measurements after purchasing this offer then you will fall into a trouble.

Choose Colors wisely

When you are choosing a sofa or any other furniture you need to choose the color wisely. This will affect the overall looking of the room. The color needs to sync with the environment. It need not be the same color but should sync with the surrounding colors.


If you want to have really good so far then you have to spend more on it. You might get a good sofa at a lower price but you will have fewer options. When you spend more money there is a greater chance of having a good collection of sectional sofas.


Now imagine this particular sofa in the room you wanted to be. Make your decision and get the sofa.


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1) Stone and Beam

Stone and Beam has a higher price tag but it was worth it. This is not a fancy sectional sofa but it is of a high quality. You have three different colour options like grey taupe, khaki and natural. This is very easy to assemble and doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to do it. These things get dirty as the time goes on. They have removable slipcovers and reversible cushions. You can simply take upside down of the cushion whenever you feel it is dirty. 

You will be covered with 3 year warranty and also have a free returns for 30 days. This full sectional set frame is made up of solid hardwood and laminate wood. This is a very low maintenance and is build as wear and tear resistant. You can simply use that damp cloth to clean small stains instantly. This total sofa weight is around 155 pounds. The product dimensions are 39 X 103 X 37 inches.


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2) Rivert Revolve

Revit revolve is a wonderful sofa for small space. It is a reversible chaise sectional sofa. This reversible feature will allow the sofa to sit in any corner of the room. You can also take a nap on the Sofa due to its big space. Looks like you’ll have a good nap after you get the sofa.
The legs are made up of beech wood and the frame is made of a sturdy hard word. All these pieces will arrive in a single box. you are covered with a one year warranty for this product after you purchase it. 

This so far is available in Denim and grey weave color. Personally, I liked Denim color because this will sync in any surroundings check for denim color because I believe that I am good at selecting colors. If you really like the color which I have chosen then please leave a comment in this page.

Never use wet cleaning items on a sofa. You can simply wipe any dirt or stain with a soft dry cloth.


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3) Bridger

Bridger is a new company, they are trying to sell a good quality sectional sofa. It is in a light grey fabric color and comes with Ottoman. I will have three color options. Dark blue dark Grey and light grey are the three colors which are available. There are a total of 6 pieces. In this box, you will have one right armchair, one left armchair, one corner chair, To armless chairs, and one Ottoman. All the dimensions are near to 30 inches. The total item rate is around 54 pounds. 


You can remove the back cushions but the seat cushions cannot be removed. You can find a zipper on the bottom of the pillow and you can watch it whenever you feel it is dirty. the best and safe is to watch the pillow cover by hand. You don’t need any tools to assemble these simple parts. The Ottoman does not open which is a con.


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4) Carolina Light

This is an affordable sectional sofa which is comfortable and stylish. This stylish sofa has soft fabric and extra cushions. This so far is 193. 6 lbs in weight and with dimensions of 31. 5 x 28. 5 x 19. 5 inches. You will have the exact same sofa which you see in the photo. There is no difference between the reality and pic. You can also buy a few extra chairs to make the sofa larger. 

It has a seating capacity of 5 to 6 members. But this numbers can be fit in only when you squeeze a little. if you want a big space and want to sit very comforting then the number falls down to 3-4 people. During the setup process, it takes a bit more time to assemble. Due to its big size, the whole sectional sofa comes in 5 boxes separately. This light grey color sectional couch comes with a small storage space where you can store your clothing books on few devices like tablets and Smartphones.


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5) Divano Roma

This two different color combination sectional sofa is really attractive. There are two-toned white and grey colors. I know the leather sofa is sometimes ugly. But this sectional sofa is really cool with two different colors on it. The pain part of this sofa is that we need to assemble which is a bit hard. You will get hardware and instructions with the package. The cushions are covered with a soft linen fabric. The product dimensions are 104 x 80 x 34 inches. the material used to build up this so far is leather and Suede. You will also get an Ottoman with this sofa. 

This is a great so far for this price. The cushions can be rearranged. You cannot find a difference in color between photo and reality. you cannot find holes marked on the furniture to assemble it. Luckily the instruction manual has the exact locations with marks and it is easy to assemble with this manual.


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6) Poundex

This sectional set comes at reasonable price which is affordable. The company says that their product is patented reversible design. This design will allow the sectional set to be set up chaise on left or right configuration. The seat question is filled with home and innerspring for a good comfort and this item weight is around 230 pounds. 


When You’re assemble the total sofa set you can find it with dimensions of 35 x 34 X 75 inches. That is the height width and length dimensions. This sectional set is in a color of sand and have a fabric material. There are only three pieces which make a complete sectional sofa. This offer is at very affordable price. You might find few uncomfortable seating but the product is worth for its price. This has a great capacity at that it can hold few hundreds of pound weight. The seat cushions are removable. There is no storage space under the Ottoman.


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7) Harper and bright

As the list goes down I am trying to provide the products with USA price tag. You might fine products advise when you can afford it. This is just a two-piece sectional sofa set with nail decorator. The frame is made up of solid hardwood and is covered with ice velvet. Yeah this is of high quality with high density foam for comfort. It has a dimensions of 104 x 88 X 35 inches. This office of two different varieties, one with two piece and other one has three piece. 

The one I am describing over here is of a two-piece. Both sofas comes with grey colour. This profiles not that customisable but you are getting a great sofa at this price. The cushion has a Zip and the whole so far has a gorgeous soft fabric. it takes around 20 minutes to assemble this whole. Once if you are done with assembling you’re ready to use and sleep on the beautiful sectional sofa.


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8) Modern Divano Roma

It is another beautiful product from Divano Roma. This offer color is really bright and is suitable for only a few backgrounds. look into the picture the combination of white and blue is really cool. 

If you are planning to place the sofa in a black background then that will be a mistake. It doesn’t sit well with a few backgrounds. You have another color with the same price tag. The Purple also seems to look good but only on white background. For sure you need to imagine the sofa in the place where you want it to be. This brings an idea for you that how you are so far will look. The overall dimensions are 111 X 53 X 31 inches. This sofa rate is around 180 pounds and it is been built with a fabric material. You cannot assemble the chase on two sides. The chaise can be faced on the left side only.


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9) Merax

I know this is another leather sectional sofa. This sofa quality is really convincing me to provide it to you on this list. You will have one 3 seat sofa, one chaise lounge, one Ottoman and 6 pillows. this is Padded with a thick form for an elegant appearance and extra comfort. It has dimensions of 105 X 79 x 30 X inches. This whole product commerce with three different pieces which can be later attached.


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10) Merax

It is another product from merax with some other material. This is a three piece sectional sofa which is in grey colour. This whole thing is built with sturdy the  hardwood and innerspring for stability and durability. The colour of the sectional sofa leg does really sit well on the sofa color. It has a product dimensions of 104 x 88 x 30 inches. The Ottoman doesn’t have any storage and the sofa size is really big. You feel like you are sitting on a giant sofa. The chase is left facing and you cannot move it to the right.

Conclusion: –

These are the top 10 best sectional sofa which i chave personally researched about each and every product on this list. These are durable and more comfortable. The first product is a bit more costly. But it wil definitely do well for its price. I have also listed sectional sofas under $500 also. I can say that you can simple buy any sofa from this within your budget without worrying about its quality. But do look for the color with your backgroud. This is more important.

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