There is nothing better than breathing nontoxic air or feeling a nice cold breeze onto your face. Well, all this is possible naturally either in hilly areas or dry regions. However, man is a very intelligent animal and he can prove his mettle by achieving anything. 

So, dehumidifiers are man-made creations that can help you get all the humidity eliminated from your atmosphere to breathe fresh air. And also you can keep your house mold and mildew free because black molds generally tend to release toxins in the air. 

So, for you to pick the best dehumidifiers for your household, I have worked upon the list of the top 10 best dehumidifier brands in Canada. This list will make all your doubts clear and will give you a transparent picture of your purchase. 

How does the dehumidifier work?

The dehumidifier absorbs moisture and moisture into the air through a fan. From here, the moisture passes through the dehumidifier before reaching the coil set. Moisture accumulates in those coils before entering the water tank.

Gravity takes care of excess moisture, but a submerged pump means you will never have to dispose of a tank, bucket, or storage area again. The humidistat inside the dehumidifier ensures that you can get the related moisture. There are two types of desiccant and refrigerator-based systems although the former are generally not suitable for spaces larger than 500 square feet.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Basement Dehumidifier
If you ask: what is the best dehumidifier for the basement? One has to consider the special features to look for in products like this. The best dehumidifier options for the bottom area will vary greatly with individual product features, type, volume, and ease of use. Before choosing a dehumidifier for your needs, consider the size of our space and how much moisture is right for your needs.

Type-Different dehumidifiers work in different ways, and some methods are better suited to others at higher humidity levels found in basements. Here are a few of the most common types of sub-humidifiers:

Compressor dehumidifiers: Most basement dehumidifiers use a compressor to operate a fan that draws air over cold coils, causing moisture to condense (like droplets outside the cold drink). The droplets then enter the tank, which must be drained regularly, or drained through a drain hose. For the best dehumidifier for basement or high-density exposure areas, compressor with a compressor may be your best option.

Desiccant dehumidifiers: In this type of dehumidifier, wet air is filtered through a filter made of desiccant material (chemical drying agent). The desiccant absorbs moisture, which then drips into a collection tank. Desiccant desiccant dehumidifiers can control humidity levels in small rooms above ground, but they may not be strong enough in basements.

Thermo-electric dehumidifiers: Also known as “Peltier dehumidifiers” after physicist Jean Charles Peltier, who discovered a hot electric way to extract moisture from the air, these units work by drawing wet air into a small hot spot (called “zinc”.) Where they collect. And fall into a collection tank. Thermo-electric dehumidifiers work best in warm rooms, and are usually on the lower side. While they may be the best removal items for humidifiers under small spaces, they may not be the best option for a large or cool basement.
Power and Cost
Dehumidifiers are classified by volume (how much water can be released into the air per day.) Although labeled “small, medium, and large,” this refers to their capacity, not the size of their collection tank. Collection tanks hold between one and three liters, and as a general rule, when the drug is strong, it increases its volume. To remove the high humidity that is present in most basement, a strong dehumidifier is required.

Low capacity-These lightweight, portable, and affordable units collect an average of 15 to 30 pints of moisture per day. They are well suited for small rooms or cabinets and usually cost less than $ 150.
Medium Capacity: Able to collect 30 to 50 humidity points per day, medium volume dehumidifiers work well in medium to large rooms but may not be strong enough in the basement. They usually cost up to $ 250.
Large capacity: With the ability to remove up to 70 pints of moisture per day, a large volume unit is the best moisture extraction machine for the lower mold. Expect to pay between $ 250 and $ 350 for one of these units.
It costs $ 25 to $ 50 a month to use a large amount of moisture extraction, depending on your workload, the size of your basement, and humidity levels. While today’s moisture-proof materials are more energy efficient than those of a decade ago, it is wise to look at the Energy Star label when shopping. These models are a very efficient expansion machine in basements and can save up to 30 percent of electricity with a standard machine.

Drain-All dehumidifiers come with collection tanks, but some models also offer the option of attaching a drainage pipe (usually a standard garden pipe) to direct the moisture collected in the basement. The unit will shut down automatically once the collection tank is full, so if you can’t drain it every day, you should probably buy a unit with a drain pipe.

Keep in mind that a pint weighs about one pound, so while a powerful dehumidifier can collect up to 75 pints a day, tanks usually hold up to three gallons to allow for easy, usually exhausting — only the strongest body builder would want to pull a 75- collection tank pound around!

Additional Features-All dehumidifiers let you choose a basic moisture level — normal, dry, or very dry. But lower dehumidifiers have additional features that you may find useful.

Digital controls allow you to select the desired humidity level as a percentage, such as 35 or 45 percent humidity. The unit will shut down automatically when the humidity in the room meets the set level, and then opens again if needed.
The timer allows you to set up to turn on / off the dehumidifier at a fixed time, so you do not have to do that yourself.
Automatic Memory or Renewal: Many of the wettest months also bring thunderstorms, which often release energy. Some models with automatic restart or memory functions will remember their settings before power outages and continue operating where they left off.
The easy-to-carry collection tanks have comfortable handles and a well-designed spout that allows you to drain water without spills. Snow sensors detect the accumulation of snow and shut off the machine to save energy. When the compressor unit is operating for a long time, frost can grow on the coils, which reduces the dehumidifier performance. While a unit with a frost buildup will continue to operate, it will not remove moisture from the air effectively. Some models also have a restart feature that opens the unit again after the coils have melted.
Water level sensors warn you if the water level in your tank is approaching or has reached a high volume. While most produce an audible alarm, some models will notify you with a smartphone.
Humidistats, also known as “hygrostats”, measure air humidity to control excess moisture. Once the humidity level has been set to your humidifier, humidistat will automatically adjust its functionality to keep your room at the desired humidity level.
Tires are usually attached to portable units that allow you to move the fluid easily.

Noise Level-Dehumidifiers create a hum-like window hum air conditioner, and if the volume is too high, the device will overheat. Most decibels produce 53 decibels (compared to normal chat) and 65 decibels (compared to road traffic noise), but manufacturers are not required to record audio levels in their units.

But, before you look to the best dehumidifier brands, you need to remember a few things and those are as follows – 

Water holding capacity – After the dehumidifier starts working it stores water while making your air humidity-free, so the water tank should be big enough to store water.

Water drain – To throw the collected water in the tank, one manual and one pipe drain facility are generally available. You need to choose at your convenience.

Price Money is always a factor when you make a purchase, be vigilant while investing.

Area covered – The more space covered by the dehumidifier to eliminate humidity from your surrounding, the better it would be.

Noise level – Generally, the dehumidifiers are very noisy, you need to check it as well.

Top 10 Best Dehumidifier Brands in Canada

1. Frigidaire FFAD6022W1 Portable High Humidity 60 Pint Capacity Dehumidifier, White, 60 Pints

    Frigidaire FFAD6022W1 Portable High Humidity Dehumidifier with 60 Pint Capacity. With our easy-to-clean washable filter, you can capture dust from the air and keep your air conditioner running efficiently. Increase your comfort by customizing the amount of humidity in your room. Forget about emptying the water bucket; this machine continuously drains your dehumidifier so you don’t have to.

Front Loading Bucket with Carrying Handle and Splash Guard – A water bucket is conveniently situated in front of the unit for quick access, and the carry handles and splash guard make emptying your bucket a breeze.

About the brand- Frigidaire Appliance Company is an American consumer and retail company owned by the international company Electrolux.


  • 60 pints per day dehumidifier 
  • Protects everything from mold and mildew caused by humidity in the atmosphere.
  • Eliminates bacteria in the air.
  • Full 1 year parts and labour warranty.


  • Emits excessive heat.
  • Noisy.

2. TOSOT 1,500 Sq. Ft. 30 Pint Dehumidifier – Energy Star, Quiet, Portable with Wheels, and Continuous Gravity Drain 

       High-Precision 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor: Allows for on-the-fly sensitivity modification via dedicated DPI buttons (reprogrammable) for gaming. Chroma RGB Color Profiles That Can Be Customized: Improved, Ergonomic Design: Includes 16.8 million color choices with integrated preset profiles. Rubberized side handles help to prevent fatigue throughout extended periods of use. Mechanical Switch with Ridged, Rubberized Scroll Wheel for Maximum Accuracy: Small, tactile bumps improve grip and allow for more controlled scrolling in high-stakes gaming environments.

About the brand- TOSOT Philippines Corporation is a specialized supplier and distributor of TOSOT products in the Philippines. The company was founded in January 2015, with the aim of improving the quality of life through a purposeful and innovative air-conditioning system and home appliances.


  • Excellent product for 1500 sq ft range or below.
  • Energy Star rated helps save some money.
  • Power outage restart function.
  • Removable drain bucket.


  • Poor design of drain plug. 

3. Hysure 1500ML Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber for Home,Bedroom,Bathroom and Basement.

The Hysure 1500M dehumidifier is designed with new technology and performs well in dehumidification. It assists you in eliminating excess humidity to avoid wet, mildew, and stinky order problems, and it offers you a comfortable environment with appropriate humidity. For a better life, choose a hysure 1500ml dehumidifier.

About the brand- The Hysure 1500M dehumidifier designed with new technology is very effective in removing moisture. Helps you to remove excess moisture to avoid wet problems, mold, odor, gives you a comfortable environment with the right moisture. Get a hysure 1500ml dehumidifier for better health.


  • Highly efficient and economical.
  • With 1500 ml capacity, great performance.
  • Lightweight, portable and compact.
  • Thermo Electric Peltier Technology.
  • Auto shut off for the water tank.


  • Not for large spaces.

4. Ivation 70 Pint Energy Star Dehumidifier – Large-Capacity for Spaces Up to 4,500 Sq Ft 

       Ivation takes innovation into all of their products and does not believe in a standard format, they are all about products that customers wish to have. During humid months, remove up to 70 pints of moisture every day. With a simple LCD interface, a sophisticated Ivation design allows you to adjust moisture levels. Users who are environmentally conscious will appreciate our humidifier’s several green features, which include an energy-saving auto-shutoff, timer, and washable filter. With an Ivation humidifier, you can go green – and never feel blue.

About the brand- IVATION is not about products, it is about the interests and people who drive it. In our world, trite does not exist because we believe that our customers are smart and will recognize and enjoy the authenticity of our talent displayed in our products. We are not talking about technological jargon or phrases, but rather about products and ideas that inspire people to create them. We take new things in all of our designs; no existing word or phrase could indicate the diversity of our products.


  • Weighs only 45 pounds.
  • Covers 4500 sq ft wide area.
  • 2 fan speeds for optimal comfort.
  • Convenient timer to program 24 hours.
  • Auto restart feature during power outages.


  • It’s a bit noisy.
  • Vents warm air out.

5. HomeLabs 4,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier for Extra Large Rooms and Basements

      Our 15.4 x 11 x 24.3 inches dehumidifier with 1.6-gallon water tank capacity removes up to 50 pints. Adjust to your preferred moisture level, then let it run its continuous 24-hour cycle until the tank is full, at which point it will shut off automatically.

The built-in pump compressor in our portable dehumidifier decreases moisture. It also has a Turbo setting that raises the fan speed from Normal Air CFM 165 to High Air CFM 188 for optimal moisture removal.

About the brand- Homelab is a beautiful (usually outdated) laboratory in a residential area


  • Wheels for easy manoeuvring through the house and is pretty lightweight.
  • 50 pints per day of moisture removal.
  • Easy to clean and remove the filter.
  • 4500 sq ft of dehumidifying in one cycle.


  • Manual water removal.

6. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 1200 Cubic Feet

       Pro Breeze’s innovative compact dehumidifier rapidly and efficiently removes dampness and moisture from the air. It is ideal for use in small places such as the kitchen, garage, cellar, trailer, wardrobe, boat, or anywhere else where moist air is present. It employs innovative Peltier technology that is not only incredibly energy efficient but also whispers silent, letting you use it all day and night without making any loud or unpleasant noises.

About the brand- This brand new moisture-retaining feature from Pro Breeze quickly removes moisture and moisture from the air. Suitable for use in small areas such as your kitchen, garage, basement, caravan, wardrobe, boat or any other place that is normally wet.


  • Extracts upto 250ml of moisture per day.
  • Very economical, lightweight and portable.
  • Easy to dispense water.
  • Best for room sizes upto 1200 cubic feet.


  • Not very powerful.
  • Not for large spaces.


7. De’Longhi 11500 BTU Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier & Fan

     Stay cool with the DeLonghi em370 portable air conditioning unit, which effectively cools any large room. This multi-purpose machine also offers dehumidifying and fan settings for more versatility. With user-friendly controls and a remote, you can adjust the cold air temperature and change the setting in an instant, allowing you to stay comfortably chilled.

The DeLonghi em370 portable air conditioner is lightweight and portable, making premium comfort more accessible than ever. Find your optimum climate, stay relaxed, and experience maximum relaxation throughout the year.

About the brand- De’Longhi is best known for his Artiste Series espresso machines, De’Longhi gelato maker and Pinguino portable fan. De’Longhi is also famous for the design of its products. Its special line of kitchen appliances won the Red Dot design award in 2007. De’Longhi has succeeded in making materials for heating, ventilation, ventilation and refrigeration.


  • Rechargeable.
  • Precise for small areas.
  • No waste gas or water eliminated.
  • Wireless and convenient to use.


  • Gets very hot while charging.
  • Takes 12 to 15 hours of charge every 1 or 2 weeks, which is very uncertain.

8. Pure Enrichment PureDry Deluxe Dehumidifier 


Pure Enrichment’s PureDry Deluxe Dehumidifier will help you get rid of wet air in your home or office. The unit’s sleek, compact design is the ideal size for keeping your bathrooms, closets, and other mid-sized rooms dry all year.

Use on a daily basis to keep your home at a comfortable humidity level and clear of unpleasant allergens such as dust mites, mold, and mildew. You have more control over the rate of dehumidification with two simple speed options.
Ideal for use in medium-sized, humid indoor environments such as restrooms, closets, and kitchens.

About the brand- Pure Enrichment is a manufacturer of advanced home, health, and personal care products.


  • Safety shut off to prevent overheating and tank overflow.
  • Auto Off timer.
  • High and low speed settings.
  • Transparent water tank gives an easy view of the tank.
  • Whooping 5 years of warranty.


  • Very low absorption rate which is only 20 oz per day.

9. De’Longhi DDX45E De’Longhi 45 Pint Dehumidifier 

       The De’Longhi DDX45E 45-pint dehumidifier is ideal for rooms up to 500 square feet and comes with an adjustable, user-friendly humidistat and room thermostat. The DDX45E features LCD electronic controls that let you quickly monitor relative humidity and temperature, and the transparent water level glass lets you see how much water has been collected.

A 24-hour timer allows you to program the device to turn on and off based on your schedule, and an anti-frost feature protects the unit if temperatures fall below 41°F. There are two alternatives for water removal: passively draining the water using the 3′ provided hose or manually emptying the front-accessible, removable water tank when necessary. Adjust the fan to your desired comfort level by selecting one of two fan settings, and you’ll be ready to relax in a cool, dry environment in no time.

About the brand- De’Longhi is best known for his Artiste Series espresso machines, De’Longhi gelato maker and Pinguino portable fan. De’Longhi is also famous for the design of its products. Its special line of kitchen appliances won the Red Dot design award in 2007. De’Longhi has succeeded in making materials for heating, ventilation, ventilation and refrigeration.


  • Make breathing easier.
  • LCD panel to control the humidity level.
  • Energy stars qualified which lessens your utility cost.
  • Very little noise when working.


  • Does not have a pump to drain water.

Walmart / DeLonghi

10. Hysure 2000ML Dehumidifier,Moisture Remover for Damp Air, Mold, Humidity in Home, Office, Basement, Bathroom, Garage

       The Peltier Technology (no compressor) used in the tiny dehumidifier makes it light and silent. It is ideal for small areas up to 15-25 square meters in sizes, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, closets, small laundry rooms, and basements where dampness and humidity are an issue. Noise levels are less than 42 decibels (dB) with no distracting sounds, providing both peace and sound while resting or studying.

Effortless humidity control allows you to precisely adjust the level of humidity in your room while also assisting in the elimination of bacteria in the air that can make breathing difficult.

About the brand- The Hysure 1500M dehumidifier designed with new technology is very effective in removing moisture. Helps you to remove excess moisture to avoid wet problems, mold, odor, gives you a comfortable environment with the right moisture. Get a hysure 1500ml dehumidifier for better health.


  • 2000 ml water capacity.
  • Easy to clean and detachable.
  • Ultra quiet design.
  • Light weight
  • Energy saver


  • Not for large spaces.
  • Need to empty the water tank very often.



Frigidaire FFAD7033R1 70 Pint Dehumidifier with Effortless Humidity Control is seriously good to make your environment humidity free. It eliminates bacteria from the air and keeps your home mold and mildew free. 

The Yaufey Mini Dehumidifier, Small Space Wireless Dehumidifier is one of the best dehumidifier brands that is affordable yet powerful all at once. It is not suitable for large spaces, works crisp and more efficiently for small spaces.

After all the research now you can finally purchase the one that suits you and your home.

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