Swimming is completely comfortable when the water is convenient. But the temperature of the pool water is another chief antecedent of your entire swimming adventure. Cold Water can be very cold for swimming purposes. One of the methods to adjust the temperature of your swimming pool water is by buying a swimming pool heater to maintain the temperature of the pool water easily during winters or sometimes in cold night periods.

These convenient gadgets assist you to reheat your pool water, particularly when the temperatures fall at the night or during the winter season. In such a way, they help you enlarge your swimming period by generating a nice swimming atmosphere.

If you are gazing for the finest pool heaters for your swimming pool, this small analysis of some best pool heaters will help you a lot. It comprises the best pool heaters to be contemplated based on its type, features, and uses.

Kinds of Pool Heaters

 Similar to several by-products in the marketplace, pool heaters dissociate from each other. The distinction may be based on its efficiency, composition, color, etc. Nevertheless, the most significant disparity is in their energy source. Pool heaters may be energized by some specific gases, electrical energy, or solar energy. Although, the conclusion is that we all require warm water for swimming purposes. There are three general varieties of pool heaters that are used:- 

  • Gas Pool Heaters:-This pool heaters are the fastest and most systematic pool heaters to be used. Even though these devices’ cost value is very less, setting-up may need the assistance of a skillful assistant to arrange the setup of the device. They may be supplied with fuels like propane, or other natural gas. Therefore, the expenses induced lastly are dependent on the charges of the gas which probably is much overpriced. These are suitable for large industrial swimming pools and can outstay for up to nine years.
  • Solar Pool Heaters:-You can conclude that this group of pool heaters depends on the sun. They abduct the bright power or energy from the sun, transforming it to heat energy. They are convenient to install which doesn’t need any gas pipes or power cords or cables. Also, they don’t require maintenance charges. These are very slow in process and are mainly dependent on the climate of the place where you’re placing this pool heater. In frigid or cold weather, it may not be a perfect reference for you. Their lifespan is not more than 5 years. Although, they are fine for courtyard swimming pools.
  • Electric Pool Heaters:-This kind of pool heaters mainly depends on electric power. These are the most plausible pool heaters in the marketplace. They are completely rapid or very fast in-process and ordinarily have an extensive life cycle. They are perfect for compact size pools and moderate or medium size pools.

Things to be Considerd Before Purchasing a Pool Heaters

  • Energy Efficient and Nature Friendly:-Despite you are more motivated when it arises to safeguard the atmosphere; there are choices for pool heating. With the correct system and for the right cost value, you can almost remove all energy expenses. When picking any heater, you require choosing that one that is properly sized for your pool. 
  • Least costly to buy and install:-Suppose you would employ an occupational person for the setup of the system, various kinds of heaters need multiple emplacement time and involution. Some desired a distinct pump, control faucets, electrical and fuel liaison, and lines.
  • Most emphatic at the heating process:-If ensuring that your pool heater ignites hastily to the temperature you choose and conserves this temperature throughout the pool time, you will be required to observe discreetly at your choices. You may have to sacrifice expending more cash on the expenses of more pool heaters, additionally expanding the cost of using the pool heaters.
  • Low Noise Level in Pool Heaters:-In some locality or neighborhood, they have rigid noise limits for pool instruments, or you may merely desire to make certain that you have a calm and noiseless pool atmosphere. Some heaters carry excess pumps, fans, and blowpipes motors, all of which cause noise and other heaters, like electric pool heaters, produce no noise at all.
  • Your locality:-The kind of heaters accessible in the market also depends on the locality in which the pool is set up or placed. There are different aspects of this like: weather and climate of the place, Temperature of that place, Humidity in the air, etc. are important factors for the installation and use of pool heaters in the place. Some pool heaters operate better in some climates or weather with an undoubted choice being solar pool heaters. If you live in a territory where the climate is sometimes clouded and covered with fog or mist in the atmosphere then, solar pool heaters are not the best option for you.

Top 10 Best Pool Heaters in Canada 

1. Hayward FDXLHXA1250 Heat Exchanger Pool Heater

This may be what you require to enlarge your swimming weather. If you own a large swimming pool and reside in an area with a long winter season, this might be perfect for you. The energy-saving or energy-efficient pool heater depends on natural gas for its operation.

This heat exchanger assembly is designed to use with Hayward Universal H-Series Low NOx pool heater model H250FD. 

Hayward FDXLHXA1250 has 2 inch x 2 1/2 inch CPVC Union Plumbing Connections. Fits hayward universal h-series low nox pool heater model h250fd


Thermal or Heat Output (BTU) of 400,000
The gas used in the pool heater: Natural Gas 
Combustion method: Electronic 
Thermometer or Thermostat: Dual Thermostat
Weight of the pool heater: 48.5 pounds
The breadth of the pool heater: 36.5 inches


  • It begins and warmth the water quickly
  • It is user friendly
  • It comes from a respectable label or brand 


  • It produces a lot of clamors
  • It needs a professed person for emplacement

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2. Hayward HP21404T Electric Pool Heater

Products from Hayward are a recherche option if you are thinking about a pool heater for your household swimming pool. It is electrified or powered by electricity and can extend up to 140,000 BTU. Hereupon, it should perform perfectly for 40,000 gallons or around 151,416 liters.

Warmth or heat interchange is made well organized as it consists of a long-running, titanium-based heat exchanger. This transportable, rounded pool heater functions silently thanks to its noise-reduction technique.

It is simple to set up as there are no gas pipes required in the setup. Although, fresh electrical installation should be made with a 220 Volt Energy or Power Source. It also comprises a variety of interior components built of tough equipment to intercept tarnishing and corrosion.

Thermal or Heat Output 140,000 BTU
Power Source240 Volts
Proposed Breaker Size 60
Stream Rate (Minimum)30 Gallons per Minute (GPM)
Stream Rate (Maximum)75 Gallons per Minute (GPM)
Weight of the Pool Heater250 lbs.
Heat Exchanger Titanium 

 Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • Noise-reduction technology in the pool heater
  • Rust-obstructive evaporator arm
  • Systematic thermal interchange for intense warmth displacement
  • Corrosion-proof outer body, UV-resistant panels, and steel machinery.
  • It doesn’t occupy much area during installation


  • It is very bulky in size 

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3. Hayward H400FDP Universal Propane Pool Heater

Due to its multiple positive reviews by its customers, the Hayward Products range for pool heaters makes it one of the most famous and popular brands for pool heaters. This variant of pool heater is also another tremendous machine from the brand which is powered by propane gas.

It has around 400,000 BTU and conveys adequate heat to amplify your 40,000 gallons swimming pool’s temperature up to 10 degrees in not more than 9 hours.

It depends on its Cupro-Nickel thermal exchanger for heat transference. The heat exchanger can control different water circumstances without getting rust. It has a caloric dexterity or efficiency of 84 percent and also produces minor Nitrogen Oxide discharges or emissions.

Thermal Exchanger Cupro-Nickel
Control Panel Digital Panel
Combustion Electronic Combustion
Discharge during Heat TransferA small amount of Nitrogen Oxide 
Propellant Type Propane Gas 
Electrical Voltage 110V /220V
Thermal or Heat Output 400,000 BTU 
Price $ 3,603.56 (Canadian Dollar)

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • It generates a minor amount of Nitrogen Oxide emissions
  • It consists of a convenient digital LED Display screen with a control panel
  • Enduring and rust-resistive Cupro-Nickel Heat Exchanger 
  • Rapid warming time 


  • Excessive long terms of expenses.

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Pool Products

4. Sta-Rite SR400HD Natural Gas Pool Heater 

If you’re gazing for an uneven pool heater for your giant 40,000 gallons swimming pool, then you should go for this. It runs on natural gas to accomplish a BTU of 400,000 which is completely gigantic to control large swimming pools in chill weather. It has an energy capability of 84 percent, hereupon, there is no misuse of heat and gas in an irrespective manner.

With its everlasting corrosion-proof Dura-Glass cover, the pool heater can resist drastic climatic circumstances. Inside the pool heater, there is an authentic thermal exchanger to supply every quantity of heat into the water.

The heat exchanger is formulated from copper and nickel, hence, it can confront stiff water chemical issues. You can monitor the machine with the help of the in-built LED Display Screen and the Convenient Control Panel System


Thermal or Heat Output 400,000 BTU
The gas used in the Pool Heater Natural Gas 
Combustion Electrical Combustion
Thermostat or ThermometerDual Thermostat
Thermal Exchanger Cupro Nickel 
Special Feature Small Nitrogen Oxide Discharges


  • Long-lasting and systematized thermal exchanger 
  • Light and petite design 
  • High power and energy proficiency
  • More command over the machine through its LED Display Screen and Control Panel Settings 


  • No-fault has been indicated from the product 

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5. Ecosmart 27 Electric Pool Heater 

This pool heater is an outstanding, low-cost choice for compact to middle-sized swimming pool holders, ideally household swimming pools. The pool heater has a very small mass or weight of 24.2 pounds with a petite design.

It is an electric pool heater that can increase the temperature of 15,000 gallons of swimming pool water by 5 degrees Fahrenheit in 7 hours. Although, it can also be utilized with other heaters to assemble them quicker.

Because of emplacement, it is completely simple. This pool heater is both climate-friendly and cost-effective. It also consists of a display screen with a control switch to adjust the temperature of the pool heaters personally.


Voltage 240 V
Requisite Breaker 3 X 40 A 
Pipe Connection 2’’ 
Weight of the Pool Heater 25 lbs
Price$ 1,107.42 (Canadian Dollar)


  • Cost-effective and optimum preference for little-sized swimming pools
  • It is petite or compact and light in size 
  • It can be utilized with other pool heaters 
  • It consists of a digital monitoring system 


  • It needs a technical engineer for complete setup and installation

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6.Pentair 460736 Pool Heater

This pool heater is another cutting edge machine with a strong warming or heating eligibility and demonstrated convincement. This machine has 400,000 BTU and its spacious energy is hastily transmitted to the flowing swimming pool’s water through the copper-nickel thermal exchanger.

If you observe the exterior part of the pool heater, the overall pool heater is contained in a corrosion-resistive material. It also flourishes the pool heater with a digital monitoring or control panel to assist you in transacting its functioning. It also consists of some security characteristics to intercept overheating. 


  • It reheats the water rapidly
  • It characterizes an immaculate, convenient digital monitoring system for controlling the pool system 
  • It is very light in weight 
  • It has a corrosion-resistant exterior body in the pool heater


  • The functioning of the pool heater produces a lot of noise.

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7. Raypak Digital Natural Gas Pool Heater RAY-014941

If you’re looking for a pool heater that has a very high BTU Rate, then this pool heater is for you. It operates on natural gas to supply a huge amount of BTU which is around 406,000.

The machine is equipped with an endurable thermal exchanger. More essentially, this heat exchanger is built from a copper-nickel murtz or alloy, hereupon, it is capable of acquiring huge warmth or heat transposition dexterity or efficiency.

This pool heater is appropriate for giant inner or outer swimming pools. If you’re using this in an external or outer swimming pool in your house, it is manufactured to resist drastic weather circumstances or conditions.

It is also furnished with a smart-processor along with a control display to operate the heat and temperature settings. Caloric or Thermal Proficiency is very large at about 84 percent which means that there is the slightest probability of heat and gas decay.


Thermal or Heat Output (BTU)406,000 BTU 
The gas used in the Pool HeaterNatural Gas 
Combustion Electronic Combustion 
Thermal or Heat Exchanger Cupro-Nickel 
Pipage Size 2 inches


  • Large BTU Grade of around 406,000
  • High power or energy proficiency which is about 84 percent
  • Effective and rust-resistant copper-nickel thermal exchanger
  • It also consists of a digital LED Display Screen
  • It begins and reheats the water rapidly


  • It is very heavy and huge 

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Pool Suppliers

8. FibroPool FH055 In Ground Pool Heater

Even though this product receives a minor amount of BTU of 55,000, this pool heater will cooperate to your expectancy with small to medium-sized swimming pools. The external body of the pool heater, which is varnished with paints, is formulated to face different types of climatic conditions.

If you’re concerned about energy and budget-friendly, this should be in your topmost preference catalog. With the help of the Titanium Thermal Exchanger, a thermal transposition is very effective and heat deficit is also reduced. The pool heater is very simple to set up but a technical engineer’s assistance will help you a lot. A power or energy valve of 17 Ampere and 220 Volts is perfect for the pool heater to function productively.

It has a digital display screen that permits you to manage its temperature efficiently


  • It consists of a Titanium thermal exchanger which guarantees proficiency
  • It also has a digital display screen in it 
  • Floaty and transportable 
  • Enamel-coated cover which is obstructive to any type of weather conditions


  • The pool heater is operated with a 220V power origin or source
  • There is no instruction booklet for its proper installation procedure

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9. SunQuest 4-2X12 Solar Swimming Pool Heater 

This solar pool heater is an astonishing machine for nearly any pool type – whether it is elevated or above-ground pool or in-ground swimming pool. It is a cost-effective, climate-friendly, and low-cost preservation choice.

Similar to all other pool heaters, this is also climate-dependent. Hereupon, it is perfect for those regions or areas where an adequate amount of sunlight is available or the climate is not to be too foggy or cloudy. 

The solar heater is very simple to set up, and, it also comes with all the required emplacement or installation tools that you can perform by yourself. It means for the setup of this pool heater, you don’t have to need any technical person for installation. Further, it also consists of a user manual for installation procedure and can be utilized with a present pool heater along with an existing pump or valve.


Size of the Pool Heaters 2.2’ X 20’
Made fromExcellent quality materials
Reconcilability Present pool pump or valve 
Pool Efficiency Up to 10,000 liters
Thermal or Heat Output (BTU)80,000 BTUs per day 
Increased Temperature 10 degree Fahrenheit 
Price $ 836.78 (Canadian Dollar) 


  • Exceedingly simple to install
  • It consists of all types of emplacement or installation tools 
  • Cheap and sustainable 
  • Climate-friendly and needs no servicing charge


  • It occupies a lot of space during installation
  • It completely depends on climatic conditions

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10. Intex Solar Pool Heater for Above Ground Swimming Pool

This small part of the pool heating instrument is one of the finest solar pool heaters among all the solar pool heaters. The Intex Solar Square Mat is a climate-friendly pool heater built on the technique that can increase the temperature of your swimming pool’s water up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This pool heater is perfect for all the tiny-sized and medium-sized swimming pools above the ground which means that it can contain up to 80,000 gallons of pool water. But if the water flow rate is more than 2500 gallons per hour, then this pool heater will not be considered a perfect choice for you.

It is exceedingly reasonable in price. But if you’re using this, use it with the help of a solar pool cover. These solar pool heaters are only suitable for those regions or areas where the temperature of the area is very mild or gentle having a temperature around 60-65 Fahrenheit. But these pool heaters can increase it to a little bit more around 70-75 Fahrenheit.

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • Very reasonable and budget-friendly product 
  • Easy to be install and set-up
  • Can increases the temperature up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Climate-Friendly Product


  • Not suitable for in-ground pools or large-sized swimming pools
  • Doesn’t function properly in cold or misty weather

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