Both state-of-the-art electric heating systems heat your home and replace the facility in your living area; style tools and equipment. With features that include flame effects, cracking sounds, and installation options, this guide has options that are of great importance and mental order. Also, whether you are in the market for a small electric heater or a larger investment, these devices are a more environmentally friendly option than gas or other wood-burning methods.

No matter the size of your home, electric fireplaces cause weakness. Heavy work options within this guide can heat up to a thousand feet, suitable for large residential areas. Or if you are pushed by space, small electric fireplaces can heat up to 400 feet at a time. The devices in this guide have practical features, such as built-in timers, which make electric fireplaces ideal for those with smart home systems. Most even have remote controls, making the problem of lighting a fire a distant memory.

The best electric lighting fixtures are sure to add a touch of elegance to any living space. With features that include faux logs, real embers, and different color options, these devices are a good investment even for those in tropical areas as a magnificent indoor space. Look out for these products for heating your home.

List of Top Best Electric Fireplaces in Canada

1. Touchstone Sideline 50-inch Electric Fireplace

Stunning fireplace, modern well-heated, easy to install, and beautiful to look at. Our number one choice of electric fireplace based on performance, beauty, and price should be Sideline 80004. It is an outstanding model with a ton of options which means you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to setting the mood. Its smooth frame adds a lot of viewing space, so you get the most out of its beauty. It has realistic looking flames with five light settings  and three different color options (orange, blue, and blue-orange) 

This model comes with both glass crystals and a deceptive log set – the logs will give you a more traditional look while the glass crystals make it more modern.

While this model is designed to cross the inside of the wall, you can also install it on the wall – it is best if you are in rental areas or do not want to find a builder in them. It comes with glass crystals and a fax set, so you can choose whatever you like when setting up. It heats up a limited room quickly and measures well with its performance. It also has a remote control, timer, and easy operation functions. The only thing missing is the thermostat, but those who buy this model don’t say that is a problem.

The heat from Sideline 80004 50-Inch Electric Fireplace is still distributed evenly and gently and is also very quiet when used.

Although this model is primarily designed for break installation, it can also be installed on the wall, which makes it ideal if you do not want to touch your walls or rent.


  • FOR WALL INSTALLATION: This electric heater is specially designed for mounting walls. It’s dark frame gives the room a beautiful, modern look. This fireplace is compatible and adds a comfortable touch to the living room, bedroom or office. The 50-inch fireplace comes with easy-to-follow instructions to help homeowners install the unit on their own.
  • TWO HEATING SETS: For the cold season, the Touchstone Sideline features two temperature settings: upper and lower. Heat pipes are located in the upper surface. The temperature can be adjusted according to the user’s preference, making this fireplace an active working area. The fireplace can be turned upside down to cool weather to keep you soft and comfortable. In colder climates, it can be placed on the floor to provide adequate warmth without too much heat.
  • TRUE SUN AND THREE CHANGE COLLECTIONS: To create the cozy atmosphere of a typical fireplace, this electronic unit emits realistic flames that mimic real fire. It has three color change options (orange, blue, and blue and orange), as well as five settings, from soft light or large fire. With its look and functionality, Sideline gives you the full amount. Both temperature and flame settings can be used with the remote. (Batteries not included)
  • MOST MODES: The Touchstone Sideline has many ways to take care of your temperature, climate and time. Its two heating systems allow it to operate without releasing heat, allowing you to turn on the flames to add air to the room without adding heat. There is also a built-in timer mode that automatically shuts off the unit after a specified time, from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.
  • FAUX FIRE LOG AND CLASSROOM INSTALLATION: This set includes fire logs and crystals to create a real feel. It operates at 1,500 watts, with 120 voltages. The retractable unit has a chamber covered 400 meters. It is recommended that the fireplace be located at least 12 inches below the roof. Avoid installing it directly under a flat screen, as this may limit the use of the heater.


  • The fireplace is Stylish with Great flame effects
  • It also Heats well


  • There is No thermostat

Walmart / Lowes

2. Ameriwood Home Carson Electric Fireplace

A modern electric fire with a built-in TV console and a lot of storage. Large storage, Ameriwood is a temporary TV unit and console with a real fireplace. This model has two controls, so you can use it with or without heat, which makes it ideal if you live in a warm environment.

The effects of its LED flame are very realistic, and it has plenty of storage space for DVDs, comforters, and your WiFi router.

Its energy-saving LEDs offer 50,000 hours of use, so it’s a long-term, worthwhile investment. In terms of functionality, it provides equal heat and warms the room faster. Too bad that there is only one temperature, but it still benefits the most from the update.

It requires a combination of two people as it is very heavy but very easy to combine. All in all, it is a timeless design and a very functional, good-looking model so we highly recommend it.


  • Save your living room with Ameriwood Home Carson Electric Fireplace TV Console for up to 70 ”TVs with a maximum weight of 135 lbs
  • Made of particle board attached to metal accents, the black finish gives the Stand a modern look suitable for any style.
  • Two large cabinets and open shelves keep your toys, cable box, DVD and Blu-ray players, and the sound system is organized and easily accessible. An 18 ”installation of a firebox can heat a room up to 400 sq. M.
  • Complete your living room with Carson Coffee Table, End Table, and Audio Stand at the end of Cherry and Black or Espresso (each sold separately)
  • The Fireplace TV Console sends an apartment to your door and two adults are recommended to meet. The top is equipped with a 70 ”wooden thatched roof with a maximum weight of 135 lbs. The open shelf will hold up to 30 lbs. Shelves can be arranged behind each door holding 10 lbs. while non-stick shelves can hold 15 lbs. Combined size: 26 ”H x 63. 1” W x 18 ”D


  • It has Great storage
  • The flames are realistic.
  • The fireplace Heats quickly


  • It has One temperature setting

Walmart / Rona

3. Northwest 54-inch Fire and Ice Electric Fireplace 

Beautiful design with large screen display and good features at a decent price.Smooth designGreat effect of flameGood heat emittingGood power cable.This 54-inch LED fireplace, mounted on the wall from the Northwest is excellent. Not only is it one of the best models – and the biggest – on the market, but it comes with an excellent LED flame effect that will add space to any room.

The Northwest 54-Inch LED Fire and Ice Electric Fireplace has a timer, so that’s a great way if you want to warm up your room before you go down in the morning, or set it up before you get home. It has a dual function, so the flame option can be used without heat, which is a good way if you enjoy the rotation of the fireplace but don’t need a heat effect.

It comes with automatic shutters, too, so that your room does not get too hot.

If you are looking for style, a modern fireplace with a real ‘real factor’ at a reasonable price, this is for you.


  • HEAT USE AND GEAT IMPROVEMENT – A fire heater can be set up (1500W), low (750W), or operated without heating, making this a great year-round choice for your home! Flame effects can be switched between LED amber or blue flame (fire and snow) to always set the perfect entertainment for you and your guests without being overwhelmed by the real fireplace!
  • EASY AND POSSIBLE TO USE – Traditional heating methods can be expensive, especially in the winter months. This electric fireplace uses LED technology, so it will show that it is more economical and less expensive to heat your living space. To make it easier to add, a remote is used so that you can easily control it from the room. Warmly heats a 400-square-foot room.
  • DECOR HOME STYLE – With decorative crystals to be displayed on a flame bed and a modern black glass design, this set fireplace will add a spark of style to your room no matter where you hang it. Once on the wall, it doesn’t take up more room on the floor making it the perfect fireplace for anyone short of space!
  • PRODUCT DETAILS – Dimensions: 20 ”x 54” x 4.75 ”; Rope length: 71 ”; Materials: Painted Steel; Includes: remote, repair hanger, repair bracket, crystals, mounting hardware, plastic expansion
  • SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED – The Northwest is committed to providing consumers with the highest price and the most complete value for our entire product line. NOTE: This is a special North-West product and ENGLISH, LED Fire and Ice Flame, with Remote 54 inch by Northwest Northwest CERTAINLY TRUE


  • Sleek design
  • Great flame effect
  • Good heat output


  • The power cable is quite large.

The Home Depot / Walmart

4. Real Flame 8011E-CO Callaway 8011E Grand Electric Fireplace

An electric fireplace fits right in the corner of your room and has plenty of storage space. The Chateau Corner Fireplace is a corner unit that comes with three custom-looking borders, so you can match the unit and decorate your room. It connects to any standard outlet and comes with some nice features, including a thermostat that lets you set the desired temperature for your room.

Its highly vibrant Vivid Flame LED technology creates flames that look realistic with burning coals actually ‘warming up’ or ‘burning out’, like a real fire. It has five light settings, too, so you can control the effect of the flame depending on whether you want the fireplace to be a focal point or not.

The Chateau Corner fireplace is designed to be used in spaces of up to 1000 feet, so it is suitable for a large room such as a game room, loft conversion, basement, or pit.

It’s also easy to install, which is always a bonus.


  • Veneered MDF construction
  • Includes: mantel, firebox with screen Kit, and remote
  • 1500 watt heater, rated over 5100 BTUs per hour
  • Assembly required
  • Item Ships in multiple packages
  • Heating coverage:- 144 square feet


  • It Looks good and Sturdy
  • Realistic flame effect


  • The product is too Expensive

The Home Depot / Rona

5. Muskoka 25-inch Freestanding Infrared Curved Front Stove

Muskoka 25-Inch Infrared is a stand-alone panoramic stove with beautiful rustic beauty and a sensible flame effect. If you are in the market for an electric fire that looks like a real deal, this is a good decision. It requires some assembly, but it is easy to set up and connect directly to a standard socket.

Before heating, this model emits 5200 BTUs and can heat up a room up to 1000 feet – so if you’re looking for something that will heat up a large room like a loft conversion or foundation, the Muskoka 25-inch Infrared is perfect.

It also features flexible thermostats which means you can leave it on overnight without worrying about it.


  • Combined size is ideal for small spaces
  • The 1500-watt heater heats room for up to 1000 square -feet; Local heating provides efficient heating that only costs in the areas you want
  • Panoramic design in wood style wood door with functional door. It’s easy to install – connect the legs and connect
  • Flexible thermostatic temperature adjustment; the hidden control panel easily works flame, heat and power
  • No discharge, no plumbing, hidden control panel for easy flame, heat and power


  • It Looks realistic
  • Heats large spaces
  • The designing is up to the mark


  • There is No remote control

Walmart / The Home Depot

 6. Real Flame G8600E-W Silverton Electric Fireplace

We have found the Real Flame G8600E-W Silverton Electric Fireplace to be a great choice for homeowners who want a stylish-looking home but without all the hassle of a real contract. It’s easy to install and looks fun as the center of your living room.

Silverton incorporates a built-in thermostat and offers five levels of light for flame effects, using Real Flame technology called “Ultrabright” LED to deliver a brilliant look of a blazing fire.


  • Solid wood and MDF construction made of gold
  • Includes: mantel, fire box, hand-painted log set, and screen
  • It uses 3 – 13 oz cans of Real Flame gel fuel – Sold separately
  • Meeting is required


  • Easy to install
  • The product is Stylish with Good heat output


  • This fireplace is Expensive

Walmart / The Home Depot

7. TURBRO Fireside FS18 Realistic Flames Electric Fireplace

 Three fixed levels of light allow you to set the right amount of light regardless of when it occurs. A bright bright fire of large circles, or soft light of a very close encounter.

 Two infrared sensors on both sides of the fire extinguisher, where the air let is blocked the heater will shut off automatically. Relax with fire without confusion and smoke from a real fireplace. The flame effect can be adjusted with the remote control.

It is Suitable for the TURBO FS48 TV stand. Included and only needs to connect to work. Please contact us if you have any problems after giving birth.


  • Real Flames: Three fixed levels of light allow you to set the right amount of light regardless of when it occurs. A bright bright fire of large circles, or a soft light of a very close encounter.
  • Active Heat
  • Safety Protection: Two infrared sensors on both sides of the fire extinguisher, where the airlet is blocked the heater will shut off automatically. CSA certificate.
  • Remote control: Relax with fire without confusion and smoke from a real fireplace. The flame effect can be adjusted with the remote control.
  • Simple Assembly: Suitable for TURBO FS48 TV stand. Included and only needs to connect to work. Please contact us if you have any problems after giving birth.


  • It’s safe and Easy to use
  • It is Safe from overheating
  • The Flame is controllable


  • But the flame is Small and unrealistic flame

Wayfair / Ubuy

8. Valuxhome Electric Fireplace, 30 Inches Electric Fireplace

The installation of the Valu Home Homelux Fireplace Fireplace can be installed on an existing fireplace. This unit is 36 ″ tall and 21 ″ high. It has a variety of different settings so you can adjust the temperature and timer according to your preferences.

This fireplace installation can be installed without the use of vents or chimneys. It has hot front air that allows it to heat up the space to a size of 400 feet. This fit well as an additional source of heat in the living room, bedroom, or family room.


  • INSTALLATION INSTALLATION: General width: 30.5 “W X 9.05” D X 24.9 “H and installation dimensions are 27.32” W X 7.91 “D X 23.82” H, the installation of an electric fire provides additional room heating up to 400 sq.ft; 5000 BTU; the room will warm up in a few minutes. 6ft power cable; Use 120V AC
  • MULTI FLAME MODES with LOG SPEAKER: Logs such as living resin, ember bed, three colors of light space, flame of flexible light can be set according to your fancy; Log Speaker Design; Panel and remote control (Keep the center distance within 11.5 meters) helps you to control the heater easily
  • TWO OPTIONAL HEATING OPTIONS: This electrical outlet can work with or without heat. As a heater, you can adjust the temperature level (high / 1500W or low / 750W) depending on your preference. The built-in auto-lock timer can be set to 1H to 9H
  • TODAY’S HOME DECORATION: Furnace fixtures can be neatly installed in the living room under the TV, or in the entertainment center as a fireplace. And it can be a fireplace that has no heat all year round
  • SAFETY: This electric fireplace uses LED technology, which requires gas / oil, and is smoke-free / ash-free and energy efficient. Excessive protection can cut off the device when the heater is too hot. 1 year warranty and health support by Valuxhome


  • it is easy to install in most existing fireplaces
  • energy efficient to operate
  • equipped with 3 light colors to customize the look of your home


  • The digital temperature indicator does not always light up every time the stove is open
  • You may need to make some adjustments for installation in fireplaces that are of normal size

Walmart / The Home Depot

9. Homedex 50′ Recessed Mounted Electric Fireplace

The Homedex 50 inches electric fire extinguisher looks a realistic flame that mimics a real fire to enhance the cozy atmosphere and modern style of your home decoration.

Dual-mode flame effects can work with or without the temperature of a year-round space. Two-touch touch screens and remote control perform simple tasks.

It is recommended that the fireplace be located at least 12 inches below the roof. Avoid installing it directly under the television set, as it may limit the performance of the heater.


  • Decoration : A fireplace brings relaxation and comfort to the home, ideal for a family room, bedroom, reception area or any additional heat and ventilation. The touch and remote touch buttons enable the user experience to be comfortable, whether you use it in winter for warmer temperatures or other seasonal decorations.
  • Settings: Advanced heater fan (pop out). Two temperature settings (1500W high and 750W low) can heat up to a 400 square meter room well. The thermostat can control the room temperature from 60 ℉ to 97 ℉ to suit user preferences. The calculation time can be set to turn off the center for up to 12 hours.
  • Effect : Ultra High Intensity LED lights provide the brightest and most realistic fire effect. Two ember bed options: Set of log or crystal stones to meet your need. Different Langabi color settings provide your favorite atmosphere. The effect of the flame can work with or without the temperature of a year-round space. 5 color intensity to control light from light to dim.
  • Safety: Use LED technology instead of gas or oil, save time and energy because this fireplace does not emit dirty or dangerous substances, it is safe for people and animals. And the Homedex fireplace is certified by the CSA and fitted with a safety cutter for extra protection. The heat retains natural moisture in the air, which will not make the room too dry.
  • Installment: This electric heater is specially designed for mounting on the inside wall. Second option: displayed on the wall. Just get into 110V and enjoy. Please contact our customer service team if you have any questions about installation, damage or missing parts.


  • Thermostat can control room temperature from 60 ° F to 97 ° F to suit user performance
  • -The effects of the flame can operate at temperatures with or without rotation throughout the year
  • Two modes of control with touch screen and remote control provide easy operation


  • Inadequate durability

Walmart / Wayfair

10. Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace 

Electric Fireplaces

Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove with Remote Control offers 1,000 square meters of additional heat. The quartz heat exchanger helps to retain its natural humidity, leading to a warm, comfortable heat without drying out the air in the room. Including a solid metal body structure, this electric stove has side view windows, molded glass and a functional door. The actual effect of the flame was created by a patent-pending 3D technology that provides the effect of a concentrated flame to create a real sense of fire. Comes complete with five adjustable lights and speed settings. Work with or without heat, providing fire circulation throughout the year. Easy to assemble, this portable stove can be operated manually on a unit or with remote control for many functions.


  • GREAT SAVINGS – 5200 BTU heater provides additional heat up to a thousand feet; lower your overall energy bill by “heating up the space” of your room
  • REAL RESULTS OF TRANSPORT – fullness of copyright light, 3D flame effect technology; customize your viewing experience with five dynamic colors, brightness, and speed settings
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL – A flexible, digital thermostat puts you in control of the right temperature for your space
  • ANNUAL CIRCUIT AMAZING – use this unit with or without heat to enjoy the rotation of a wood burning stove 365 days a year; The installed remote gives you easy heating and feature control from almost anywhere in the room
  • FIRST SAFETY – with built-in heat protection, this heater will shut itself off immediately if it is too hot, giving you peace of mind


  • The fireplace Produces enough heat.
  • It Provides a beautiful flame effect.
  • Functional and realistic fireplace.


  • It doesn’t provide enough heat in the room

Walmart / ebay


It’s easy to fall in love with the idea of ​​a roaring fire in your living room, but there are plenty of practical reasons to say it might not be the best idea. Fires come with a chimney, which is just a big hole in your house. So while you will be nice and warm by the fire, you will be freezing all the time as the heat comes out of the chimney. Electric heating stations do not need a chimney, so you avoid this problem.

Another issue is space and cost. If your room does not already have a fireplace and a chimney installed, it will be a very expensive and time-consuming project to install one, if at all possible. Similarly, fireplaces do not work in small rooms. Electric fire extinguishers come in a variety of sizes to suit any environment and come in large numbers to suit any budget.