Harmonica is an instrument that also is known as a harp. It is a very classic instrument, purchasing the best harmonica in Canada depends upon your level of experience. If you are a beginner, you require a different level of harmonica. 

This article will just help you to build up your confidence and also help you perform easily. While chasing a harmonica keep in mind the tonal quality, durability and the ease of playing the instrument. 

The diatonic harmonica Is mostly used during pop, folk music or blues. It is designed to play as per the specific key. The second type is chromatic harmonica which has 12 tones Western skin. 

You can play on any scale or mood. The third type is tremolo harmonicas; these are also known as echo harmonicas; they produce a distinctive warbling sound with the help of two reeds per note. 

Apart from this, there is a cord harmonica, which is very different in shape. It has 48 different cards along with a 4 node cluster. 

So while purchasing a harmonica keep in mind that your usability understanding will help you purchase the best.

Here we are with a list of top 13 best harmonica in Canada

1. Hohner Marine Band 1896

Best Harmonica in Canada

This is a very famous and recognizable mouthpiece in the world. It is played by most of the musicians including Bob Dylan, little Walter, Bruce Springsteen and Neil young. It is protected by its history and fame. It is durable, made up of good quality and preferable for everyone. You will be surprised to note that it is a handmade piece made up of brown paper would comb. It may cost you around $53.

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2. Lee Oskar C Major Diatonic

This is the Amazon choice product that may cost you around $60. It is amazing and especially preferable to play rock and blues. It comes with a plastic comb and has 10 large holes for easy playing. The harmonica is made with an airtight design and responsive reads. Another interesting point here is that the reed plates are replaceable. If you are an intermediate player then this is the best mouthpiece for you.


3. AKLOT blues harmonica

This is a diatonic, 10 whole harmonica that can play almost 20 tons. It is especially for adults and beginners. It will cost you around $25, most preferred because of its attractive design and a catchy case. It is made up of phosphorus bronze reeds and Can play flawless tunes. Apart from this the mouthpiece has 11 screws for strong fixation and is made up of thick stainless steel cover. Even if it falls not a problem. So now if you are purchasing to buy something unique then this is the best.

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4. Mugig Diatonic MK-1

If you’re finding a harmonica just for playing as a routine hobby, this is the best. It is affordable and has almost 10 holes for pleasant music. It is sleek and chromium finished. It provides you with clear and magical sound. The harmonica features phosphorus bronzes reeds. You can play almost 20 tons. It is made up of stainless steel cover. The device comes with a six-month warranty. So now stop thinking and purchase it. It will cost you around $53.

5. Suzuki HA-20 pro master Hammond

A professional, diatonic mouthpiece that may cost you around $64. It is a 10 holes device available in 12 different keys including  A, Bb, C etc. It is a harmonica made by Suzuki, Japan. People who are willing to take their singing skills to the next level, this is the best harmonica in Canada. It has clear numbers on the frame and comes with a case. The disadvantage here is that sometimes people may find it hard on the lips.

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6. Fender Blues Deville Harmonica

This is a very unique, amazing harmonica specially used for playing the key of C. It is appealing to ice, and found in brown and gold. The harmonium cost you only $49. As the name suggests fender, the sound is pleasing. It has a very rich tone and pitch. It is molded with PVC come and phosphorus bronze reads. So now if you’re thinking to buy something out of the blues, this is the best harmonica in Canada in terms of quality, durability and sound. The plates are replaceable and also has a bad case.

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7. Hohner Special 20

Special 20 harmonica may cost you around $74. It is available in different styles like A, B, C, D, Db, E, Eb, F, G etc. it has a very smooth body along with responsive reads. It is a product of German, amazing design and body. It has 10 holes for fluent playing The cover plate is made up of stainless steel and it is a diatonic harmonium. So now if you are thinking something to purchase that has a unique design, is convenient to carry and is comfortable to play then this is the best. You may also get a 30 day free online class on how to play this.

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8. Swan SW1040

Very professional mouthpiece especially used to play Key C tunes. It has a very interesting design and comes with a plastic case. It is a chromatic harmonium that has almost 10 holes to play 40 different notes. The basic feature here is brass reads section along with a plastic central section that makes it playing adorable. The harmonica is durable and a must-buy product.

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9. Seydel  1847 silver harmonica

This may cost you around $129 on Amazon, it is a very simple and decent mouthpiece Especially for experts. It is made up of stainless steel reefs and Rivets. The harmonica does not crore easily and the cover plate is made up of round edges. It is very easy to use, comfortable to play. The harmonica has a fast don’t response and most interestingly it is made in Germany. 

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10. Suzuki SCX-64C chromatix series

This is an amazing harmonica that has 16 holes and 64 notes cross alignment. The harmonica is tuned to the sound of key C. It can play any song you wish to play. It is very precise, sleek and durable. The harmonica has an ergonomic design and a very soft lining case. Well, if you don’t know then C is a major scale that is played on a mouthpiece. It quickly responses And makes your play better. May cost you around $314.

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11. Hohner colourful translucent harmonica

This is the last harmonica in the list that may cost you around $28. For beginners, It is the best harmonica in Canada. It is translucent and affordable, you can start using this at the age of three. The attractive point here is that it is available in many colors. sometimes it can be difficult to blow But remains a perfect peace to play your cheerful tones. 

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12. Fender 099-0701-049 blues deluxe harmonica

This is a seven-pack harmonica that may cost you around $101. The seven pack harmonica includes seven different harmonicas of C, D, E, D, E, F, Bb keys. It is designed for personality, people playing all the keys can play and purchase this mouthpiece. The body is made from chrome metal and it is very simple and convenient to play.

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13. Suzuki SU-MR250C blue master harmonica

This blue master harmonica is available in 12 different standard keys. It comes with a hard-shell case and will cost you around $37. It is affordable and durable. You may find it easy to play. It is one of the best harmonica in Canada. It is especially preferable for professionals. The device Has an ergonomic design and phosphorus bronze reads. It has an ABS plastic comb for tonal clarity. Now if you’re a professional then This is a better choice.

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This was a list of 13 best harmonica in Canada. One of the most prominent harmonicas is AKLOT because of its amazing functioning, body and durability. Apart from this, you can also purchase Hohner marine band 1896 historic harmonica that is played by various popular personalities. Now it’s your choice to select one that’s best for you.