Being maintained and maintaining hygiene around yourselves is what everyone has been taught since their childhood. You follow this principle without any failure and groom ourselves regularly, but it also results in cuts and nicks during this process. It takes long to groom and when you end up making a cut on our body, people generally tend to completely lose their mind.

Therefore, investing in a quality and efficient trimmer becomes the need of the hour. The top

Top 10 best trimmer for balls in Canada is the list prepared to give an overview of the high end and affordable trimmers available online.

Few things to remember before making a purchase –

Battery – You don’t want to buy a trimmer that drains out quickly and needs to be charged for a longer time, so buy a quick charging trimmer with a long lasting battery.

Blades and attachments – The more the attachments, the more you can experiment with your body grooming. Blades need to be of rust free and stainless steel material.

Smooth and even cut – Generally trimmers don’t give a very close cut, hence, go for trimmers which give a clean and close cut.

Waterproof – Water resistance is much needed because you tend to wet your trimmers even when you don’t want to.

Top 10 best trimmer for balls in Canada

#1. Manscaped Best Electric Manscaping Groin Hair Trimmer, Lawn Mower 3.0

      The lawn mower 3.0 from Manscaped is the latest and new trimmer for your body hair and intimate areas. It features very powerful and most popular features, of which the 7000rpm motor is the highly appreciated one. It can be easily cleaned under the running tap water after your routine of manscaping. The trimmer gives you a very close trim even when you choose any length.


  • Soft ceramic blades feature Advanced SkinSafe technology.
  • It is cordless and waterproof.
  • The trimmer can be charged with a rapid charging USB.
  • Choose any length to trim and it gives you a smooth and even finish.


  • Blades need to changed oftenly.

Walmart / Manscaped

#2. Philips OneBlade Pro Hybrid Electric Trimmer and Shaver, QP6510/20

       Philips OneBlade technology has brought a significant definition to the trimmers. It has changed the trend of trimmers manufactured across the globe. It is a hybrid tool which everyone needs to have in their grooming products range. The precision comb of the trimmer can be easily removed for edging and shaving.


  • Designed to cut hair perfectly and not the skin.
  • Skin comfort is a priority because of the dual protection system.
  • Shaved, trimmer and a body groomer.
  • Wet and dry LED light shows battery status.


  • The head attachment is fragile.

Walmart / Philips

#3. HATTEKER Cordless 5 in 1 Mens Beard Trimmer Grooming kit 

       HATTEKER cordless 5 in 1 grooming kit is ideal for all your grooming needs. The trimmer’s fine adjustment button is easy to adjust from 0.5mm to 2.5mm and the 6 wide combs help achieve various hairstyles, easy beards, proper manscaping and everything that you can think of.


  • 5 in 1 grooming kit.
  • 12 attachments for all your grooming needs.
  • The whole body of the trimmer is washable and waterproof.
  • The blades are self sharpening and made of steel.


  • It takes longer to trim using this tool.

#4. Philips Bodygroom Series 7000, BG7025/15

       Just when you think of trimmers and body grooming kits, Philips is the brand that first pops up in your brains. Philips body grooming sets have become synonymous to trimmers. The dual sided design of the body groom series 7000 BG7025/15 lets you switch between shaving and trimming features. Literally, this trimmer has 5 adjustments, so that it can be used anywhere on the body.


  • Designed as a safe and comfortable tool groom your body and intimate areas.
  • The groomer adapts to the contour of the body.
  • Stainless steel blade provides protection and adjustable comb trims hair from 3 to 11mm.
  • One hour of charging gives you 80 minutes of nonstop grooming.


  • Multiple passes needed for certain areas.

Philips / BestBuy

#5. CEENWES Updated Version 5 in 1 Waterproof Man’s Grooming Kit 

       CEENWES has come up with really affordable quality trimmers to give everyone a fair chance of trying their hands at self grooming. The waterproof grooming kit helps create fine lines, contours and other details. You can trim your hair by locking in the setting any wanted length and get your desired look that suits you.


  • Titanium blade technology for well groomed facial hair and body hair.
  • Turbo boost feature for chopping off the extra thick hair prone areas.
  • 18 length settings for every beard look that you admire.
  • 5 in 1 grooming set for stylish facial hair and easy body grooming.


  • Works only for 60 minutes after 2 hours of charging.


#6. SUPRENT Beard Trimmers for Men All-in-one Adjustable Beard Trimmers 

       19 built in adjustable cutting lengths is not what is easily found in other trimmers, but the SUPRENT beard trimmers bring all these 19 attachments for you and will never step back from always catching your attention. The charging type is USB and comes with a powerful Li-ION battery which can be quickly charged. Ideally, the all in one trimmer helps maintain ultra close cut and also bald looks.


  • Skin friendly trimmer with comb and skin sharpening titanium blades.
  • Rechargeable Li-ION battery with USB charging.
  • 90 minutes of charging needed for an excellent 90 minutes of trimming.
  • Adjustable precision dial with 19 length settings.


  • The guard is composed of poor quality plastic which is not sturdy.


#7. Sminiker Professional 5 in 1 Men’s Grooming Kit 

       People looking for a professional grooming set, the Sminiker 5 in 1 body groomer will bring a halt to your trimmer hunt. This professionally designed trimmer is built to give you a clean trimming experience. The premium quality grooming kit comes with additional attachments and a much stronger battery than the others available in the market.


  • 5 in 1 grooming set which brings you a range of 12 attachments.
  • Helps achieve unique looks with effortless precision.
  • Safe for all skin types.
  • Tempered steel blades meant to be durable and are dull and rust safe.


  • 8 hours of charging gives you a run time of only 40 minutes.

Walmart / Ubuy

#8. Remington BHT300 All Access Men Bodygroomer

       The Remington all access men body groomer has a flexible head that adjusts according to the contour of your body. The trimmer with large foil shaver and bidirectional trimmer blades makes removal of your body hair quicker and easier. The rubber grip gives you a tight hold of the trimmer and is meant for both wet and dry use.


  • Flexible dual sided head for convenience.
  • Makes wet and dry grooming easier.
  • Rubber grip and waterproof design lets you use it on shower or outside the shower.
  • Multi directional cutting system with surgical steel built blades.


  • Shaver part is too wide which does not reach tiny hair bits.


#9. SUPRENT Hair Clippers for Men, Cordless Rechargeable Hair Cutting Kit 

       SUPRENT manufactures some

of the quality trimmers that are even preferred by professional barbers. This trimmer consists of a self sharp stainless steel blade which can maintain long term sharpness. The 2000mAh lithium battery has long lasting power which can be used for approximately 3.5 hours continuously after a full charge.


  • Heavy duty and powerful 8W DC motors used to make it last long.
  • Just 3.5 hours of charge gives it 2 hours of runtime.
  • LED displays information.
  • Supports both corded and cordless hair clippers.


  • Difficult to attach clippers.


#10. Abbicen Multifunctional Rechargeable Beard Trimmer 5 in 1 Men’s Grooming Kit 

         Abbicen trimmers are very sturdy with durable and high quality performance. They are water resistant, the attachments and not the whole motor body. Efficiency is the key of these 5 in 1 grooming set which makes your daily grooming life hassle free. It suits all skin types and gives you a smooth finish even on the most sensitive skin.


  • The trimmer can be charged in 2 different ways.
  • 5 in 1 grooming kit which includes a hair clipper, hair trimmer, nose trimmer, shave and precision trimmer 
  • Multi functional trimmer which gives you exactly what you want.
  • All the blades are waterproof.


  • Only 60 minutes of runtime with 2 hours of charging.



When you are left with no cues even after viewing the top 10 best trimmer for balls in Canada, the trimmers featuring the top 2 are mentioned below which will provide answers to your queries – 

Firstly, the Manscaped Best Electric Manscaping Groin Hair Trimmer, Lawn Mower 3.0 is on the heavier side being extraordinarily expensive, but you get all that you pay for. The trimmer makes you give excuses just to trim your groin again and again. 
The last one features the SUPRENT Hair Clippers for Men, Cordless Rechargeable Hair Cutting Kit professional style clippers that make you style and trim your hair as per your desire. It is priced at average rate, but is a high end technical trimmer with LED to display information. The trimmer works excellent both corded and cordless.

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