Winters are unlike any other season which causes extreme conditions around the world resulting in ice droughts and food scarcity for certain countries and regions. But the foremost physiological need of any human being is to get warmth and comfort from the freezing and cold weather. 

The comfort and heat that you might look for can be achieved by having a high-end heater and not just any random heater but an infrared heater. The Best infrared heaters release heat which is then absorbed by materials and things in your surrounding resulting in long-lasting heat in the atmosphere.

Here is the checklist that tells you what factors to consider when choosing the infrared heater.

1. Types of Infrared Heaters:

There are two main types of infrared heaters – portable and fixed. Let’s know about them in detail and check out which one suits better for your requirement.

Portable Infrared Heaters  Most of the consumer-made infrared heaters are portable type. They are small, lightweight, and can be carried from one place to another easily. A few models come with permanent fixtures. They come with wheels/carry handles to move around the house and considered the perfect option for zone (room to room) heating.

Fixed Infrared Heaters  They are larger, heavier, and capable to warm at least one room. It is considered the best option for those looking for a permanent heating solution. It comes in a kit (ready to install) that can be screwed onto the ceiling or wall. All you need is to identify the perfect location for the heater before you buy them.

Also, we notice some heaters are less portable compared to others. For instance, the more ornamental heaters with a wood finishing or log fire display won’t come with wheels. Its main purpose is that they are meant to place in a room to complement the décor.

2. Power:

The room size where you want to warm will determine how powerful should be your infrared heater. The heat generated by the device is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs).

The BTU/heat output is interrelated with the number of watts a heater consumes for its working. Here the power (W) range for an infrared heater will be 300 – 1500 watts (A standard 110V household electrical outlet can handle a maximum of 1500 W).

Usually, for convection space heaters, 1 watt of power is equal to 3.412 BTUs, which makes it easy to know the space coverage they warm up. But it is not that easy with infrared heaters, why because these heaters use different heating elements like quartz (quite common and efficient), carbon, and ceramic to generate and discharge infrared rays with different levels of energy efficiency.

Here the supplemental blowers/fans are not essential, but if they used, then they deliver both diffuse nature of convection heat and focused infrared heat, in which they perform like two heaters in one unit. Remember that the energy needed to run the fan/blower will lower the unit’s efficiency.

With all these factors, the power rating of an infrared heater will affect its space coverage and heat output (BTU). Some infrared heater boasts a higher power rating that won’t mean it generates more heat and offers greater space coverage. It all depends on the distinct features of a particular heater.To calculate the amount of power a heater can generate is, simply multiply the square footage of your space by 10. For instance, having a 100 sq. ft. room (10 X 10 Feet) will require a heater of 1000-Watt power (100X10 = 1000).

3. Temperature Range:

It let you know the possible temperatures (maximum level) you can reach with a given infrared heater. This temperature range of infrared heaters will be from 50°F to 86°F.  An infrared heater comes with an adjustable thermostat, which let you set the desired temperature to make yourself cozy.

4. Size:

To determine the right size infrared heater, you have to measure the space (square footage) you want to warm up. In general, the infrared heaters are small and portable that meant to use for small spaces. However, there are powerful units available to warm bigger areas, which are larger, heavier and not portable (fixed).

Also, it is essential to know the floor space an infrared heater can heat up before making its purchase. Why because it varies depending on the particular model & its placement, whether it sits horizontally (like standard heaters) or vertically (like tower heaters).

5. Design:

There are several designs available for infrared heaters that used to complement different styles of home décor. One can easily find heaters with plastic, metal, and wood finishes that come in various colors. The heater’s shape depends on how it sits on the floor – horizontally or vertically, as this affects its function and visual look. Some infrared heater models are exclusively designed to simulate the look of a fireplace with both auditory and visual effects like crackling and flames.

6. Intended Location:

The location where you want to install a heater within the room is also an essential factor to consider before buying them. However, it is not important while using a portable heater, as it allows you to move it around until you set it in the right place. But an essential issue to consider while purchasing the unit with a permanent fixture that set in the line of site.

In case, if the heater is not using a fan, then be sure that the heater has an unobstructed view of whatever you want to warm up, as it needs a line of sight. Remember the heater at a higher degree will warm closer objects quickly than further objects.

It is essential to determine where you want to locate the unit exactly in a room. So, that you came to know whether you need a horizontal or standing heater if it should use a fan or oscillate to blow out the warm air around.

7. Safety Features:

Do you know that spaces heaters are one of the major causes of home fire accidents? So, one has to careful while choosing an infrared heater. It is of utmost importance to buy a heater that offers extra safety features, especially for those having small children or pets. Many manufacturers incorporated various safety features in these heaters. Have a look at them.

Automatic Tip-Over Shut-Off

As the name implies, it will turn off the heater automatically when it is tipped over (due to various reasons like overload, power interruption, etc.). However, it will not happen frequently, but it is always better to stay on the safe side rather than risky.

Automatic Overheat Shut-Off

This auto shut-off will turn off the heater when it reaches a certain temperature (higher level), either completely turning off (or) temporarily till the temperature falls to reach normal level. In both cases, it will switch the unit back on again automatically.

Cool Touch Housing

Usually, the heater’s exterior is hot and cause burns on the skin if touched unknowingly. So, to get rid of this issue, most manufacturers featured a cool-touch housing feature. This keeps the exterior part of the heater to stay cool to touch anytime. It is an essential feature to consider while having small children or kids in the home, as they may go to play near the heater.

Automatic Shut-Off Timer

This safety feature will allow you to set the desired runtime of a heater to warm up space and gets turn off automatically. Each model offers different timer settings, which typically range from 1 – 24 hours of runtime.Verdict – Check out for a heater that offers at least 2 or more of these safety features. Also, find a heater that is certified by a third-party inspection agency along with their emblem/logo (like Underwriter Laboratory, Intertek, and CSA) for extra confidence to use that product safely.

8. Stability:

A heater that stays stable in its position (upright) without tilted/tipped over easily is a completely safer unit to use. It is essential to check while having small children or pets in your home. Usually, a unit with a wide and solid base is much more stable compared to a unit having a narrow base (or) the one with wheels. Also, most infrared models come with various safety features like an automatic shut-off option upon bumping or tip-over.

9. Warranty:

Just like other products, infrared heaters do come with a warranty of a minimum of 1 year to 3 years or 5 years. Check out the warranty of a product before buying to know it’s time-span along with what is covered within this period to have peace of mind while using the infrared heaters.

Other Features:

Some infrared heaters offer additional features to use/operate the heater with ease. Here are some features mentioned, which you have to check out while buying them.

1. Variable Heat Settings –

Though the infrared heaters are energy-efficient, yet you can even maximize their efficiency with this variable heat setting option. It allows you to customize the heat output to make your space much comfortable.

There are two basic choices available for heat settings – high & low, in which the high setting comes around 1500 Watts and the low setting is 700 Watts. But on some specific models, we notice a third setting called medium (in between high & low), which offer an extra layer of heat control.

2. Thermostat –

An infrared heater with an integrated thermostat is also used to customize heat output. Set your desired temperature on the device, and it will turn on till it reaches that temperature. While considering the thermostat on an infrared heater, you came across two options – digital and manual.

The heater with a digital thermostat has push buttons to dial in a specific temperature degree. Also, it displays the temperature on its LED screen. While a manual thermostat has a knob to control the temperature yet don’t offer specific temperature degrees.

3. Remote Control –

An infrared heater with remote control will allow you to change the heat settings from anywhere within the recommended range and thus makes you stay warm, relaxed and comfortable. It let you set the timer function, temperature range, turn on/off the unit and other basic features you find on the heater.

4. Energy Saving Eco Mode –

An infrared heater with this eco mode will consume only enough power required to heat up the room. If the weather is really cold, then uses a high setting to raise the temperature in your room up to the optimum degree. When once it achieves, the heater will auto-turn into the lowest setting to keep the room cosy. The main purpose of this mode is to consume the least/less amount of energy to run the device and thereby save on your power bill.

5. Fan –

Usually, infrared heaters will effectively warm the space and other objects around them, which means they won’t really require a fan to do this job. Yet some models are equipped with a fan feature that quite used to speed up the warming process.

6. Air Filter –

We find this air filter feature in some infrared heaters that used to improve the air quality when it is heating the room. It effectively removes airborne contaminants such as allergens, dust, and other pollutants from the air.

7. Oscillation –

It is a rare feature found on some specific infrared heaters that used to turn the heater from one side to another to quickly and evenly heat your room.

8. WiFi Control –

This Wi-Fi control is a smart feature found mostly in modern heaters. It let you control the heater from your smartphone through an app. Also, it allows you to set up a heating schedule like a programmable house thermostat.

Advantages of an Infrared Heater:

There are various benefits of using infrared heaters, which you have to know before owning one. Take a look at them to know what are those benefits.

  • Best Outdoor Option – For an enclosed space, we use both types of heating, and infrared heating works well in an outdoor environment. It warms up the objects rather than simply air, which may escape easily from the area later.
  • Efficiency – As we already said, infrared heaters warm up the objects directly but not just the air. Thus, it achieves the required temperature quickly and easily. Some models use a fan to blow out heat, yet its air warming mechanism is more efficient compared to traditional heating methods.
  • Silent Operation – With its minimal moving parts, most infrared heaters operate silently. Even the models having a built-in blower are usually quiet in their operation.
  • Healthier Choice – Mostly infrared heaters are often used in health studios or saunas? They offer numerous health benefits to the body like boosting the immune system, improves blood circulation, and eases joint stiffness.
  • Easy to Maintain – These are quite easier to maintain than convection heating, as there is no need to worry about certain things like exhaust or filter. All you need is to wipe down the device regularly when dust accumulates.
  • Cleaner Air & Consistent Humidity – Infrared heaters are perfect to maintain consistent humidity levels as the air won’t directly warm/dry out. It is quite beneficial during winter, in which convectional heaters may dry out the air and thereby forces the users to purchase a humidifier. Also, they won’t push dust or allergens into the air.
  • Instant Heat – While generating heat, other space heaters heat the air to warm a room that takes a longer time, as they heat the entire volume of air. Yet when you turn on the infrared heaters, the infrared light will warm up the bodies and objects but not only air, which takes no time to warm up.
  • Cost-Effective – Since they won’t rely on circulating warm air, they consume less energy and quickly warm up objects and people, which won’t waste energy heating the air in the room. Thereby the warmth doesn’t escape through ventilation windows, ducts, or doors.

Safety Tips for Infrared Heaters:

While selecting a household electric infrared heater, one should look for a unit containing an approval label from any certification agency. You can find the label located either outside the package or on the unit itself.

So, purchase a new model having all the current safety features with Underwriter Laboratory (UL) label is recommended by the U.S. Department of Energy. While in Canada, the Standards Council of Canada recognizes several certifications and marks like CSA, ULC, & UL for certifying electrical equipment approval.

Here are some safety tips that help you to maintain the infrared heater from turning into a hazard. Take a look at them and follow them regularly.

  • Not to Use an Extension Cord – It works by consuming electricity that needs to plug directly into the wall. They pull the power required to run the device and lessen the chances of overheating an extension cord and causing a fire.
  • Choose the Right Location – Though it is equipped with safety features, one has to place the heater where it can’t be knocked over accidentally.
  • Grounded Outlet – While running the infrared heater on a high setting, you have to ensure that it is plugged into a grounded outlet. It uses a lot of power and if the outlet is not grounded, it can overload the grid.
  • Keep it Clear – Don’t place anything in the way of the heater, as it is capable to heat everything in its path that includes curtains, flooring, and furniture. In case, if they are highly flammable or getting too hot, it would result in a fire. So, to stay warm and safe, try to keep objects and people 12 – 18 inches away from infrared space heaters.

Few things to follow blindly when investing in a good branded heater – 

Heat and warmth – Heater should justify its service that is heating and if it fails in it, then it has no worth.

Hazards – Certain heaters release toxins in air from which refraining yourself to buy it is a must.

Area coverage – A small heater can also cover good square feet of area, so look for the ones that cover larger areas for heating.

Technology – You must buy something that is modern and up to date and not something that is outdated.

Top 10 Best infrared heaters in Canada

#1. Briza Carbon Infrared Heater 

      Briza Carbon Infrared Heater is assembled with grey features and also the latest carbon technology which makes it 93% heat efficient and energy saving. Instant heat within seconds and ultra-low glare of the infrared heater gets deep within your skin and makes you warm beneath. It is very silent, gentle, and provides you with healthy, pure, and harmless air.

With an IP 55 rating the Briza can withstand any elements; whether its rain, snow, sand, or dust, your heater will stand up to the harshest outdoor conditions for years to come. It is also great for indoor uses when you want to stay warm in the garage, shed or your home.


  • Provides the same heat as the sun.
  • Infrared heaters emit heat which is absorbed by the items in the surrounding to adjust the temperature of the room.
  • Protective metal sheath covers the heating elements.
  • Absolutely safe for kids and animals to touch the surface without being burnt.
  • Cost effective and this heater is not affected by wind or drafts.


  • The heater has a poor range of coverage.

BestBuy / CanadianTire

#2. AmazonBasics Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater, Stainless Steel

       AmazonBasics have created a number of products that are very affordable and provide you high-end services. The innovative patio heater will never let you down, it has a stable base with a reservoir system that can be filled with water or sand for extra stability of the base. It is covered under the I year limited warranty of Amazon and is constructed with commercial-grade stainless steel.

The warmth of the dancing column of flames provides a romantic glow setting the mood for any occasion. The variable flame controls allow you the ability adjust the height of the dancing flames as well as control the heat output and operating time providing a customized experience for any setting. Our True Commercial 41,000 BTU Pyramid style heater not only looks classy, it is also built to last with quality materials that can hold up to the harsh elements while still maintaining it’s beautiful appearance for years to come!


  • Heat output is 46,000 BTU’s.
  • Safety with auto shut off tilt valve.
  • Simple and easy to use Piezo Ignition System.
  • Wheels for smooth mobility.


  • Poor built.

#3.Dr Infrared Heater DR-238 Carbon Infrared Outdoor Heater

       The same wattage more heat is exactly what Dr best Infrared Heaters is known for. The Quartz Plus PTC Infrared Portable Space Heater can be controlled remotely, change temperature, air modes, program heat settings, and almost anything by sitting in one place. You get larger volumes of warm air at a lower speed which makes it ultra-quiet. The heater is durable, safe, and is fitted with a filter that can be removed easily.

The DR-238 is a indoor and outdoor infrared heater. It offers safe, clean, instant and odorless carbon infrared heat, providing you with maximum comfort for your winter activity indoor or outdoor. It also offers 3 heat output setting 900W, 1200W and 1500W to meet your needs. DR-238 is made with durable and weather proof anodized aluminum for years of outdoor use. Comes with power cord, wall and ceiling mounting bracket , remote controlled , 120V , ETL Listed.


  • Programmable timer of 12 hours which shuts off after the planned timer.
  • Innovative technology makes it super quiet but delivers high pressure of large volumes aur.
  • Efficient infrared heater with dual heating technology.
  • Heats upto 1000 square feet of space with auto energy saving mode.


  • The fan comes on every few minutes which is disturbing.


#4.  PAMAPIC Patio Heater Outdoor

       Heaters providing instant heat up are very difficult to find because of their good reviews and ratings, PAMAPIC heaters are one of such kinds. It makes your life easier and instantly vents out the warmth in the air which takes the chill out of your space. The PAMAPIC heater is waterproof which lets you fit it anywhere in open spaces, patios, decks, etc and it does not release any harmful toxins and residues in the air.

PAMAPIC electric infrared patio heater made with durable of aluminum and a small part of plastic, it has 3 levels heat settings for 500W, 1000W, and 1500W, you can choose an ideal level depending on your preferences. The infrared heater can directly irradiate the skin. And you will not feel glare or dry caused by prolonged heat radiation.


  • It warms up the space quickly within 3 seconds.
  • The heater does not release any fumes, chemicals or odour.
  • Place it easily wherever on the ceiling.
  • Over heat protection feature and remote control with many applications.


  • It is waterproof but cannot be used under rainy or wet conditions.


#5. Heat Storm Phoenix Floor to Wall Infrared Space Heater with Attachable Feet, Remote Control, Energy Efficient-750-1500 Watts

       Infrared heaters not only just warm the air but also warm the objects in the surrounding which transfers heat throughout the house and maintains the temperature of the air. This heater from the Heat Storm maintains the softness of the air without disturbing the quality of oxygen and humidity in the air. It comes with 1 year of manufacturer warranty and has a coverage of 300 square feet.

The Heat Storm Phoenix Floor to Wall Unit is a great solution for any bedroom or small room where there is not much floor space. At 1500-Watt this heater will easily heat up your room. This heater is safe to touch, even on the grill, making a great choice for anyone. This unit has two power modes, one uses the full 1,500-Watt (red leaf), while the second mode (green Leaf) uses only 750-Watt. Each unit contains our Patented Heat Exchanger with HMS Technology that allows maximum heat from the infrared quartz bulbs without any heat loss from the unit.


  • Portable heater apt for heating up small rooms or offices with 5200 BTU heat output.
  • HMS technology gives safe heat without the reduction of oxygen or humidity.
  • Amazing facility to either mount on the wall or set it on the ground.
  • Thermostat and LED display makes temperature information easily available on the screen.


  • The coverage of the heater is only 300 square feet.


#6. LIFESMART Corp Lifelux Series Ultimate 8 Element Extra Large Room Infrared Deluxe Wood Cabinet & Remote

       LIFESMART infrared heater features 3 different heat settings for you to use the heater at its maximum strength. Air ionizer system is installed for healthy air quality and the quiet scroll motor fan for distribution of air. It comes with 1 year of warranty and also a removable and cleanable lifetime air filter. You don’t need to shut down or start the heater yourself, you just can set the timer between 1 to 9 hours depending upon your use.

This Life Lux Infrared heater is our top of the line infrared Heater. The revolutionary design offers you safe & healthy heat for an extra-large room. This deluxe heater and features 8 of our quartz infrared elements that are wrapped in a metal heat exchanger coil. No other unit on the market has this innovative technology. Our heater has a 1 year warranty. There is also a removable and cleanable Lifetime Air Filter. This Infrared Heater only uses up to 1500 watts. There are 3 energy savings settings including an Eco Setting that will heat smaller areas to 68 degrees using a balance of energy usage for maximum efficiency. The heater is surrounded by our stylish all wood Oak Stain Cabinet That is cool to the touch. E Z Glide casters will easily move from the heater from room to room. This amazing heater also includes a new larger remote control to operate the Digital Thermostat and Dual Timer settings that can be used to turn the unit on in up to 12 Hours so your room is warm when you come home or turn off in up to 12 hours.


  • 3 heat settings to alter as per need and a 12 hour timer.
  • This heater is ideal for an extra large room warm and free of cold.
  • Remote control with a digital thermostat and quiet scroll fan enables proper circulation of warmth.
  • It heats a room of up to 1800 square feet.


  • Generates minimal heat.


#7. Ener-G+ Infrared Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Electric Patio Heater, Silver

       The days are gone when you needed to switch your heaters beforehand to keep your rooms heated because the Ener-G+ heater is instant and quick with heating. It does not let you down with its performance as the maximum power output is between 700 to 1500 watts. Energy efficiency and silent operations of the heater are the most availing features. The heater is water-resistant and dustproof certified.

The hea-21524 water resistant hanging gazebo infrared heater uses clean and odorless infrared technology so it is totally safe for family, friends and relatives. It is ideal for: gazebos, patios, balconies, workshop, garage, etc. Very decorative, it blends beautifully into your environment. Protected against rain (ipx4 rated). Can be used outdoors and indoors. Safe and environmentally respectful with no carbon monoxide emissions. Lightweight, easy to carry or change locations.


  • Optimal heating with low operating cost.
  • The heater can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • No carbon monoxide emission which keeps the environment safe.
  • 5000 hour carbon filament lamp.


  • No remote control access for this infrared heater.

8.Heat Storm HS-1500-TT Infrared Heater


       Heaters are generally huge in size and occupy a lot of space, however, this space heater from Ovation is designed to be mini and powerful at the same time. It instantly heats up the areas wherever you place it. The heater uses 6 quartz elements to raise and maintain the temperature of the room. The versatility of the heater is unquestionable and it comes with multiple safety measures for your kids, your pet animals, and the entire family.

Have you ever wanted to take the chill off of your work bench or patio? Now you can stay warm with Heat Storm Infrared heaters! Our silent infrared heaters put off infrared heat which not only warms the air but warms objects as well!


  • Multi purpose indoor space heater for living room, drawing room, dining area, bedroom, etc.
  • 6 powerful quartz elements for heating.
  • Remote control to set up modes or preset heat programs using the buttons on the heater.


  • The heater is not durable.

9.IQ HEAT Outdoor Heater Portable Electric Heater


This electric heater uses infrared technology to provide clean and instant heat, consuming considerably less energy than other heating alternatives. 

Get comfortable, iQ Heat has got you covered! Wall Mount vertically with mounting brackets included (can be wall mounted, but not ceiling mounted). Tripod stand included


  • No need to ever replace bulbs.
  • Heating element with a lifetime warranty.
  • Not at all hazardous to kids or pets, and also a remote control to access various modes.


  • The fan is pretty noisy.


#10. Dr Infrared Heater DR998

         A random heater can just ruin your interior decor, the infrared heater from a living will make add a spark to your interior because of the wooden cabinet design. The heater is portable and beautifully heats up a space of up to 1000 square feet. It functions according to your need, you can set it for a particular period of time to a certain mode and you can sit back and relax without the pain of getting up again and again.


  • Dark walnut wooden cabinet makes it resemble a brilliantly designed piece of furniture.
  • Dual heat system for double heating unlike the other heaters.
  • Blower technology helps the heater operate quietly at 39dB.
  • Auto energy saving mode.


  • Remote control does not actually help operating the heater modes.



Better have a heater for yourself from the list of top 10 best infrared heaters in Canada. If not then, the top 2 heaters are mentioned below –

Briza Carbon Infrared Heater is the latest and most preferred best infrared heaters which has been influential because of its carbon technology. It is a bit pricey than others available on the market but remember to invest in heaters that are durable and long lasting.
The Ivation Portable Electric Space Heater is fairly priced and will give you optimal output when it comes to heating and warm air. 6 quartz elements have been used to raise and maintain the temperature of your space and is safe for the complete family.

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