It is very essential to maintain safety at home, to keep all your essentials and cash into a home safe. These home saves are protective and locked by a pen. They are made from good quality material which is not breakable. 

All you need to consider before purchasing the best home safes, is the size if you have very less valuable than prefer a smaller one but if you have large electronics then you can prefer a bigger size. 

The chef must be waterproof and fireproof. It should have a digital lock along with biometric safety including fingerprints or iris scanner. 

Make sure that you do not tell the pin to any unknown person whom you don’t trust. 

Top 10 Best Home Safes In Canada

1. HOMCOM 2.2cf Electronic Wall Safe Box Digital Lock Safety Cash Jewelry Security Home Office Hotel

This is a 35.05 x 36.07 x 50.04 cm best home safes with dual-layer protection. It comes with a key and a digital lock. The safe almost weighs 17 kg. Apart from this, it has a warning system, the system activates if two times there is any break-in attempt or if the passcode is entered wrongly three times.

Bestbuy / Aosom


This is a long home safe with a digital lock. It has a spacious area of 2.23 ft.³. The safe is made up of long-lasting material and also offers physical protection from any break-in. It has a carpeted floor so that the valuables do not get damaged due to scratches. It has a Numeric keypad that requires a pin. Moreover, the locker comes with 2 keys (overriding keys) through which the locker can be accessed. It has a digital display that indicates when the locker is open, clothes, and on low power mode. Apart from this, the safe is available in three different sizes and three different colors, making it one of the best home safes available.

Lowes / Desertcart


This is a very durable and good quality home safe from Amazon basics. It offers a cubic space of 0.5. This locker is preferable to keep small valuables like jewelry, cash, passport, documents. It is one of the best home safes. It has a carpeted floor to prevent scratches. Similar to the above save it also has two overriding keys to open the locker. The inner self can be removed to build more space.



Well, this is one of a kind. It is a large biometric safe that can open only with your fingerprint. In other terms, it has a fingerprint reader along with a digital numeric pad. The safe also has an LCD and can store 32 unique fingerprints. It can only be accessed through one code. There is a backup Key if any time fingerprint doesn’t work. The safe is made up of steel and is pry-resistant. It also has LED lights, hooks and adjustable shelves.

Desertcart / Ubuy

5. SENTRYSAFE CHW20221 HOME SAFE: Best home safe under budget

The design of this home safe is different and unique; it looks like a suitcase instead of the traditional ones. It has a capacity of 0.28 ft.³. The chef has three-layer protection and is waterproof. You can easily move it from one place to another as it has a handle. In case of fire, the safe will survive. It is resistant to around 843° Celsius For only half an hour. In case of flood, it can be safe from water for around 72 hours. 


6. RPNB Deluxe Safe and Lock Box,Money Box,Digital Keypad Safe Box,Steel Alloy Drop Safe, Keypad Lock,Perfect for Home Office Hotel Business Jewelry Gun Cash Use Storage, 1.2 Cubic Feet

This is again one of the most trusted safe from Amazon basics with a space of 1.2 ft.³. It is very simple to access and use. It is made up of heavy-duty carbon steel. The safe is pry Resistant and can hold all your valuables and accessories. Apart from this it also has a backup Ki if the bin system doesn’t work. It is available in grey colour, with a very sturdy design.

Desertcart / Ubuy


This is a waterproof and fire-resistant safe that comes with a Ready-Seal Technology. The safe has a capacity of 0.94 ft.³ along with four live locking bold. It can only be accessed through a pin/code. Moreover, the state has an overriding key. In cases of fire, it can sustain a temperature of 1700° Fahrenheit for almost one hour. It is waterproof and remains intact even if flooded. The safe will float in case of a flood.



This is a large safe with a capacity of 2.18 ft.³. It has a digital lock system along with four live locking bolts. The door cannot be drilled. You can generate code from almost 1-8 digits. Only the authorized person can access to safe with a certified code. This is one of the most durable and reliable best home safes in the list. 



An extra-large home safe to store jewelry, passport and other valuables. It has a digital lock system, which is password protected. The seas can be mounted on the wall or floor for additional safety. Apart from the electronic digital lock, it has two overriding keys that can help you access the locker. It does not have various features but is durable and protective.


This is a small biometric safe that can store more than 32 fingerprints and just one code. It has a fingerprint reader which makes it much difficult to access for strangers. The safe is made up of steel and is laser resistant and pry Resistant. It also has locking bolts for additional safety. The safe is carpeted along with LED lights to see in the dark. It can be mounted on the floor or wall to bring additional safety. 

Desertcart / Ubuy


Here was a list of 10 best home safes. One of the best smallest lockers is SentrySafe CHW20221. Apart from this locker from Viking and I Amazon basic are also of good quality and durability. It’s always advised to have a safe which has a biometric lock system just like Viking SecurityVS-50BLX home safe. So now it’s your turn to figure out which is the best for your home.

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