Traditional ways of fitness have always been in trend however, new things come and go. Only few modern exercises try carving their own niche and sustaining it throughout, which over the period of time finds a way to the routine of people.

One such exercise is the jumping rope also known as the skipping rope which can be used for multiple exercises that get you ready for other sports events such as boxing, MMA, cross-fit, etc. For you, the list of top 10 best jump ropes in Canada have been prepared after all the research needed. You definitely can try the skipping ropes mentioned in the list whether you are a beginner or a renowned and trained athlete.

Certain points to remember before making the purchase – 

  1. Length of the rope – Jumping ropes should have the good length for a minimum of 9 feet so that it fits well-heightened people.
  2. Material – The material of the rope should not wear out easily, it should be made from a sturdy material such as stainless steel.
  3. Adjustability – Heights of the people make it necessary for the jumping ropes to be adjustable as per need.
  4. Price – Look for ropes that are averagely priced but come with excellent features similar to the expensive ones.

#1.Epitomie Fitness Speed Jump Rope    

      The jumping rope is known for the speed they flow with, exactly is the case with the Epitomie Fitness speed jump rope which is an extra fast premium jumping rope. You don’t need to do any cardio, you just jump harder and grow stronger. High speed ball bearings give the speed for which the jumping rope is famous for. It helps improve coordination,strengthens ankles and feet to prevent injury, burns calories, increases stamina, etc.


  • All metal jumping rope.
  • Extra fast premium jumping rope.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Durable.


  • Chances of screw flying away if not tightened properly after adjusting.

#2. KOUUNN Jump Rope

       KOUUNN jumping ropes are for both men and women for speed training, endurance training and fitness. Low noise rotation which is 360 degrees, and the tangle free rope is easy to adjust its length by following a few steps. The jumping rope is available in 4 color variants from which you can choose your favourite and also it is priced at a very cheap rate.


  • 6 inch handles are damp resistant and odour resistant.
  • Within minutes the rope length can be adjusted.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or else money back option.
  • Cut off the excess of cable if not needed.


  • Cheap quality material used for the jumping rope.

#3. Whph Jump Rope 


       The handles of the Whph jumping roles are designed in a standardised manner with 1.2 inches being the width of the handles and 5.3 inches the length. The rope length is comparatively regular which is 8.5 ft and 0.2 inches is the diameter of the rope. The benefits of this skipping rope are especially many which includes better balance, enhances agility, improves flexibility, build and develop muscles and many more.


  • Wire cable ensures no kinking, tangling or bending like the usual jumping ropes.
  • Custom foam grips designed for aggressive regular use.
  • The rope is extremely light and comfortable to use.


  • Rope length is appropriate only for people ranging between 4’9” to 5’8”.

#4. Wastou Digital Weighted Handle Workout Jumping Rope with Calorie Counter 

       Jumping ropes with calorie counters are nothing regular, they are good though because it guides you with everything done during your skipping session. Wastou has done an incredible job manufacturing such jumping rope which displays weight, calorie count, time and lap records. The rope is available in 3 color options such as black, blue and pink which will hopefully satisfy you.


  • Thickened foam and counterweight handles.
  • Built in digital jump rope counter.
  • Tiny screen helps display information such as calorie, timer, weight and circles.
  • 2 rope less balls to work out with cordless rope.


  • Highly priced jumping rope.

#5. Outrigger Speed Skipping/Jump Rope                  


       The Outrigger speed skipping rope is trusted by thousands of Canadian customers and it is perfect for CrossFit, MMA, boxing, double unders or any conditioning program. The jumping rope is for beginners to elite skippers which improves their skill set. You get one extra rope length, two end protectors and two extra screws to repair you kit just in case you are done with the first rope.


  • Fits everyone irrespective of your height.
  • Repair kit just to mend the rope of it has deteriorated.
  • Carry case for convenience.
  • Normal ropes move in only 1 plane but these rope moves in 3 planes.


  • Quality concerns.

#6. XMIAO Ball Bearings Tangle-Free Rapid Speed Steel Wire Jumping Ropes

       Tangle-free ropes are something which are really needed because no one is interested in detangling the jumping ropes. XMIAO has made it possible as the ball bearings tangle-free rope takes you to the goals that you have set for the skipping rope. It ensures smooth and rapid speed rotation by avoiding all the twists and winds of the rope. 


  • Quality ball bearing design speeds up the rotation and prevents the wire from twisting and winding.
  • The handles are coated with 6 inch PVC soft memory foam.
  • 170g of weight makes the rope light for exercise routine.


  • Flimsy jumping rope.

#7. PACETAP Jump Rope

       The PACETAP jump ropes are very super fast and speedy which are suitable for everyone. The grooved aluminium handles are pretty lightweight and 4mm steel wire comes with a heavy duty PVC smooth coating which after friction with the floor or the surface does not come out easily. The swivel ball bearing design makes the jumping rope unique.


  • The rope suits both beginners and also advanced athletes.
  • Steel ball bearings for high speed.
  • 3m long durable wire which is adjustable for users of all ages.
  • The jumping rope singly helps achieve all the gains from various exercises.


  • The coating around the wire gets chipped off easily after daily use. 

#8. TOBREFE Jump Rope 


       The 360 degree anti wrap design of the TOBREFE jump rope is brilliantly done which makes the rope neither entangled nor knotted. The length of the rope is great which can fit anyone who is upto 6’6” tall easily. You can expect faster and smoother spins eventually when you get used to it. The rope ensures the maximum service life and avoids cracking or breaking.


  • 360 degree anti wrap design.
  • Fully adjustable cable.
  • Jump rope is made from premium braided steel for longevity and also to avoid any cracks over the period of time.
  • PU top coated wire for smooth finish.


  • The wire does not stretch as compared to the others.

#9. Ytnqd Jump Rope 


       Ytnqd jump rope features a dustproof bearing because dust can lead your rope not to function as needed. The PVC coating of the wire makes your jumping rope durable and reliable for use, and also helps you with increasing the speed of your skipping. This jumping rope guarantees you 100% satisfaction or else you get a free replacement for any quality issues.


  • Professional sports jump rope.
  • Lightweight and ultra smooth.
  • Bold PVC embedded wire.
  • Sweat absorbing, deodorising and moisture proof handles. 


  • Rope has a minimal length of only 9 feet.

#10. Ajohn Jump Rope 


         The skipping ropes from Ajohn are very sporty as a quality jump rope is very essential for part of all the equipment needed for fitness training. The 10 foot long wire of the jumping rope makes it beneficial for everyone so that you can use the length as and when you need it. The cable does not lose speed or shape even when you change your hand position because of the swivel bearing.


  • Curved handle design helps reduce the fatigue of arm muscles during exercise.
  • Anti slip handles give a tight grip.
  • Rope is 4mm thicker which will make it last long.
  • Adjust the rope as per need using metal tongs. 


  • After adjusting the wire length you get extra wire hanging around on the ends.

Several things are important to know when you buy a skipping rope, hopefully, the list will answer all your questions. Just in case you are confused and are not able to make a decision, the top 2 jumping ropes are sorted for your help.

Firstly, the Wastou Digital Weighted Handle workout jumping rope is a bit expensive when you think of skipping ropes, but, it features a digital screen on the handle which guides you with your time, calories, etc. 

And the last one is the Ajohn Jump Rope which comes in all metal finish, whereas it is priced at a minimal rate which is very affordable. The rope is 4mm thick which makes it durable and the handles of the jumping rope give you tight grip as they are anti slip handles.