While working for long hours on a chair results in backache or muscle pain and many other problems and thus affecting your ability to work for long hours. Thus choosing a perfect office chair is quite essential that can support your long working hours. Here is the list of the top 13 best office chair that you can purchase under 200$ thus giving you maximum features and durability in this rate. The list of these chairs will help you to select the perfect one for your work. 

Top 13 best office chair under 200 in Canada

1. Amazon Basics Low-Back Computer Task Office Desk Chair

best office chair under $200 | Amazon Basics Low-Back Computer Task Office Desk Chair

Amazon Basics Low-Back Computer Task Office Desk Chair is designed for an upright posture to work comfortably for hours. The material used for its 2-inch thick seat is breathable and prevents you from sweating. This is the best option to buy than any other chair at the same price. Simple pneumatic controls allow us to adjust the height of the chair as needed but the chair is not provided with an armrest. The capacity of the chair is up to 250lbs.https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71TSi1HMU2L._AC_SL1500_.jpg

 2. basyx by HON HVL210 Task Chair 

 This office chair consists of sandwich mesh fabric at both seat and back giving you a perfect sitting position. The dimensions of the chair are as follows 85.1 x 62.2 x 97.2 centimeters. This chair has a good weight-bearing capacity of up to 250 lbp. Its pneumatic controls help to adjust the height and thus anybody can sit comfortably on the chair. It has an adjustable backrest that can make it movable back and front or you can fix its position according to your posture. The chair is not provided with an armrest to be comfortable while working.

 3. Ergonomic Executive Chair 


Office Chair, Mesh Office Computer Swivel Desk Task Chair, Ergonomic Executive Chair with Armrests is one of the best chairs under 200. What makes it best is its pliable backrest. The ventilated backrest is designed in such a way that it provides you with a comfortable position for the spine thus reducing muscle pain that occurs after sitting for long hours for your work. It’s breathable and spongy seat is made up of thick mesh material keeping your legs sweat-free. This chair can support a maximum weight of up to 250 lbs. Pneumatic controls make it easy to adjust the height of the chair as needed. it can raise to a max height of 39.3 inches.

  4.Boss Office Products B315-BK


This chair is perfectly designed to give you an excellent sitting experience without backache or muscle pain. Nylon Polypropylene materials are used in the chair. The height of the chair can be increased up to
18.5 Inches. Its adjustable back does not allow you to lean back much but gives the perfect position of your back. The chair is not provided with an armrest. It can be the best chair as compared to its price.

The Boss office chair is one of the best chairs under 200$ that gives an amazing feature in the given price. If you love your arms to be free than this one is perfect for you

5.Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair


 The best part of the chair is that this office chair is made up of accessories that have passed the test of BIFMA thus providing you with safety. The breathable back allows you to work even in a warm climate without sweating. a 360-degree swivel wheel allows moving the chair smoothly and easily from one place to another. The chair features its adjustable back and armrest providing you greater comfort. Its height can be lowered or increased according to the desk. But people up to the height of 5.1 find it a bit difficult to adjust on the chair as its height cannot be lowered further.

6.DJ·Wang office chair


This chair is made up of a metal base with dimensions 46.4 x 45.2 x 121.9 centimeters. Its Pneumatic controls allow you to adjust the height of the chair as needed. Its metal base is provided with wheels that make the chair movable when you want. The backrest does not tilt back unlike other chairs.  Its breathable fabric keeps your sweat-free and allows you to work for longer hours giving you a perfect sitting position.

7. Boss Office Ergonomic Office Chair

It is an ergonomic office chair with mesh breathable and adjustable seats. It has lumbar support and a perfect curve for your back. The best part of the chair is that this chair’s accessories pass the BIFMA test. The backrest can incline to an angle of 120 degrees thus supporting you for long work.

8. Flash Furniture LF-W-118A-BK-GG Mid-Back Black Mesh Computer Chair


Flash Furniture LF-W-118A-BK-GG Mid-Back Black Mesh Computer Chair is made up of wood and metal. Its dimensions are 53.3 x 61 x 99.1 centimeters. It is provided with Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment that allows you to adjust the height but it has low adjustable back and armrest. The armrest is a bit harder than other chairs. You cannot lean back on the backrest due to its low flexibility.

 9.Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Chair


This chair is made up of Foam Leather Mesh material with a breathable back. The chair features a padded flip-up arm. It provides you the option to use the chair either as an armed chair or armless chair. The shape of the chair forces you to sit in the perfect position for your work. Its backrest made up of leather is quite breathable and allows ventilation of air thus providing greater comfort while working for long hours. This chair provides you with the best features as compared to its price.

  10.Boss Office Products Ergonomic Works Adustable Drafting Chair 


Boss office chair with Seat Width: 17.5″ is designed for amazing comfort while working for longer hours may be on the computer or the desk. The best part of the chair is that it has a durable 5-star nylon base in a solid 27-inch diameter at its base that gives smooth axial movement. This chair is best for those who want their arms to be free while working. It has a pneumatic lift to raise or lower its height. 

 11. AmazonBasics Classic Leather Office Desk Guest Chair 

These chairs are made up of bonded leather and metal frames and hence it is very durable as compared to other office guest chairs. The height of this office guest chair is about 19.6 inches which are comfortable for every user. There is smooth leather even on the armrest that is very smooth and comfortable. It is very easy to move. If you are looking for the best office chair under 200 then this chair is one the best chair to use in the office. Its capacity is 19.6 Inches. 

This chair is well under 200$ and gives good features as compared to its price.

12.Qulomvs Ergonomic Office Desk Chair


This classy office chair has high-quality leather waterproof giving you a comfortable experience while seating. The chair is designed taking into consideration the human body curve thus providing the perfect support for your back and supporting you to work for longer hours. Assembling this chair is quite simple by following the steps given.

13. Office Star Deluxe Mesh office chair


It is an armless office chair offering you a perfect position for your back while sitting. Its stainless steel material makes it one of the best chairs under 200. It has an amazing thick two layers fabric seat that wicks away moisture. Its wheel works smoothly to move it. Its pneumatic adjustable seat allows you to raise or lower the height. 

You will love purchasing this chair if you are one who prefers their arms to be free while working.

The list of these chairs is made by researching every product that can satisfy the customers by giving them the best features. The list includes only those chairs that have the best durability, fabric, and features under 200$.