Ovens have been one such cooking device that has the most prolonged past. The ovens date back to 29000 BC but were never considered essential. 

With the changing cooking styles and kitchen structures, the oven has become an essential item nowadays. We have repeatedly been receiving queries from Canada as to which are the best ovens in 2022 Canada. 

So to help you all make a smart choice in buying an oven, we have listed down the Top 10 best Ovens in 2022 Canada. We have researched ovens and its market situation currently in Canada and have sorted the ovens accordingly. 

You might already be using an oven and wishing to buy a new one, or you are purchasing the first one. This article will serve both the set of customers. But before moving onto the report, we must first look at what features a person should consider before purchasing an oven.

Why should you buy an oven?

The oven has always been associated with baking. Because of this misconception, the oven has often been ignored while setting up a kitchen.

The following are some of the points which will motivate you to buy an oven.

  1. The oven can do a variety of functions, be it cooking, roasting, baking, etc. name it the oven can do it. 
  2. Easier to make cakes, pies, pizzas, etc. with an oven, so if you like any of these kinds of food, then do buy yourself an oven.
  3. The oven is many in one type of machine; therefore, it saves the space of many other types of equipment that you might have to buy.
  4. Modular kitchens nowadays are made to accompany ovens in them, so not much of a space issue occurs with them.

Now that we have covered points on why you should buy an oven, let’s move on to the specifications which one needs to think upon before going for purchasing an oven.

Types of Oven

1. Convection ovens

Add features.

2. Conventional oven

Add features with differentiation. 

Convection vs Convection oven table with maz 7-9 fields

Convection OvenConventional oven
can only heatcan cook, heat, 
good for office, basic heatinggood for baking cake, pizza and grilling  
blown by fansheat source stationary 
small packets of air having temperature different from what is statedConsistent heating
faster cookingA bit slower cooking comparatively
professionally preferedUsed too ones prefer

Things to look while purchasing an Oven

Size of the Oven

The amount of space you are having in your kitchen is a very important factor. Shiny and glossy looking ovens may seem good but if it doesn’t fit your brand , it will be painful to maintain, clean and fix it all the time. The capacity of the oven is also included in the same, the bigger the oven is the more food it can cook, roast or process.

Electric Oven or a Gas Oven

 Electric or gas-based oven depending upon your requirements.

Faster heater Vs Standard Heater

Some features that you should consider are faster heating, double cooking, etc.


Match the kitchen with its overall style.

Analog vs Digital Control

Analog or digital controls, people have their preferences. Some feel analog gives them better control over the food being cooked.

Price & Affordability

Keeping these points in mind select the best which suits your requirements in terms of features and price. 

After Sale Service 

After sales service is an important aspect of an oven. Most of the time they do not have any issue but if they get it, it might be painful to throw the complete oven away if not chosen right from the beginning. You should always consider companies that have a good history of service to their customers and their parts are available. Ignore too old modules as their parts availability may discontinue after a few years. 

Now, Let us see some of the best ovens available in Canada for specific and multi purposes.

Top 10 best ovens in 2022 Canada

1. Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart Oven with Element IQ

Image credit: 2yum.me

Breville is one such company that enjoys lots of name and reputation in the kitchen appliances industry. Be it a microwave or oven, the company has always given the customers what exactly they want. This oven from the company has always been one of the most preferred choices of customers while buying an oven.

Breville has tried to provide its customers with all the latest features. It comes with 4 Quartz 1800 watt elements with element IQ technology.

With eight pre-programmed modes, the oven is exceptional for many beginners. The oven has a 0.45 Cu ft. Capacity along with three racks positions. One point to note is that this product needs some clearance on Top due to the commodity-producing heat.


Weight:6.89 KG
Dimensions:40.6  x 36.2 x 21.6 cm
Power:1800 W
Controls:Digital + Analog

Walmart / Ubuy

2. Oster Large Capacity CounterTop 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven

Image credit: pinterest.com

If you have a joint family or cook in bulk, then this oven is just for you. The oven is a 6-Slice toaster oven with convection technology for faster baking, cooking, etc. Now you don’t have to cook multiple times the same item as the oven can comfortably accommodate large pizzas, casseroles, and many other meals. 

The oven has been equipped with auto cut off feature for safety. The digital operations and display panel makes it extremely user friendly that even children can operate this oven. 


Weight:9.21 KG
Dimensions:41.4  x 50 x 28.7 cm

Walmart / Ubuy


Image credit: Cusiniart.com

Are you looking for a multifunctional oven that can perform various kinds of cooking functions at a budgeted price? Then your search is over. This oven from Cuisinart comes with seven different cooking functions, including Airfry, Convection Bake, bake, Convection broil, etc. the large capacity of the oven allows you to perform all the tasks in bulk.

The oven is also equipped with all the safety features like auto cut off. The dials are analog, which helps in better monitoring of the food while cooking.


Weight:11.8 KG
Dimensions:40.6  x 35.6 x 39.4 cm
Power:1800 W

Walmart / Ubuy

4. Breville BOV900BSS

Image credit: digitaltrends.com

Nowadays, from mobiles to tube lights, everything is becoming smart through the wireless connection. So if you are looking for a similar kind of oven which is with the technology, then this oven from Breville is just for you. Breville has come up with this exceptional features oven, which is large enough to occupy eight rack positions. The oven is big enough to fit in 9 -inch x 13 -inch baking pan and also a 12 tray muffin.

Along with this, the phase running program where two different cooking functions can run in sequence. The oven temp ranges from 80-degree Fahrenheit to 480 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 72 hrs. of operation.


Weight:17.6 KG
Dimensions:54.4 x 43.7 x 32.5 cm
Power:1800 W
Controls:Analog + Digital

Walmart / Ubuy

5. Panasonic NB-G110P: Best oven for beginners

Image credit: Toptenreviews.com

You need an oven but are not having that much time in cooking and baking? Panasonic has simplified your problem through this Xpress Toaster oven, which claims to cook 40 percent faster than conventional toaster ovens.

The oven is having intelligence as it automatically guesses the time required to cook, reheat, which eliminates your burden of remembering the time.  

The display is translucent enough that you can exactly watch the food being cooked inside the oven. 

The six auto cook menu is an excellent help for the beginners to get used to the oven and its interface. With its extra lightweight, you can even carry it with you on trips. 


Weight:3.40 KG
Dimensions:10.1 x 13 x 12 Inches
Power:1300 W

Walmart / Ubuy

6. BLACK+DECKER TO3250XSB Toaster Oven

Image credit: youtube.com

Black + Decker has now been in the market of kitchen appliances for quite some time. In this time, through its products, it has built its reputation and brand image in the minds of customers. One such product that justifies this is the TO3250XSB toaster oven. The product is specially engineered to fit in 9″ x 13″ pan in it. This spacious oven is often used to make large size pizzas.

The device is embedded with advanced heating elements, which help in producing results as per your expectations.  The powerful convection fan is responsible for circulating warm air throughout the oven at a fast pace. If you have big items in your mind to make, then you should go for this oven.


Weight:7.94 KG
Dimensions:36.8 x 55.9 x 29.2 cm

Walmart / Ubuy

7. COSORI 12-in-1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Image credit: cnet.com

Air fryer toasters are a trend after people started giving attention to physical fitness as well. This air fryer oven is one of those well-known air fryers which guarantee less oil usage. Cosori has secured using 85% less oil compared to other furnaces. The oven comes with 12 in 1 presets, including Pizza, roast, Air Fryer, Toast, Bagel, and many more. The oven has a large capacity apt for those cooking in bulk. The controls are both dialers along with an excellent digital display providing you a proper monitoring control over the food. With exceptional interior lighting and stylish design, this oven becomes a desirable device for any kitchen.


Weight:12.7 KG
Dimensions:58.4 x 50.8 x 43.2 cm
Power:1800 W
Controls:Analog and digital 

Walmart / Ubuy

8. CUISINART CSO-300N1C Combo Steam Plus Convection Oven

Image credit: helpowl.com

Are you looking for a steam and convection oven? This oven incorporates the function of professional steam along with the conventional convection heating. This feature helps you cut the cooking time by approximately 40%. 

The oven is embedded with nine single and combination functions, which help in cooking the food with ease. 

The oven also has the feature of steam cleaning along with advanced heating and cooking technology. 


Weight:10.9 KG
Dimensions:116.2 x 129 x 77.5 cm
Power:1800 W
Controls:Analog and digital 

Walmart / Ubuy

9.KitchenAid KCO211BM Digital Countertop Oven

Image credit: linenchest.com

Most of the kitchens don’t have a well-defined location to place the oven. So they prefer a counterTop oven which can be easily placed and used. Sighting this problem and trying to solve it for the customers’ KitchenAid came up with this exceptional oven. 

The oven has a stylish look with matte black color fit for any kind of kitchen.

Chicken lovers will be happy to know that the company guarantees that the oven can cook chicken 20% faster than others. Large capacity and eye-catching features this oven is worth a buy.


Weight:15.7 KG
Dimensions:41.7 x 47 x 33 cm
Power:1800 W

Walmart / Ubuy

10. De’Longhi Livenza Oven

Image credit: digitaltrends.com

Some people buy products based on faith in a particular countries technology. So if you have faith in European technology, then this oven was just made for you.

The company boasts of having real European convection technology. With a faster cooking rate and less heat emission, this oven has become a favorite for many customers. 

With a large capacity and stylish look, this oven is good to be kept in big kitchens.


Weight:11.3 KG
Dimensions:19 x 17.5 x 12 in.
Power:1800 W
Controls:Analog + Digital 

Bestbuy / Ubuy


These were the Top 10 best ovens 2022 in Canada. By now, you must be clear of which one to buy. If not, just think upon the points which we listed at the starting of the passage and choose wisely. For a safe choice, we would like to recommend two models based on technological advancement and economic best. Based on technological advancement we feel Breville BOV900BSS has no match while seeing the economic aspect of customers as well we think CUISINART TOA-60C is also a good option. Hope you will find one best ovens in 2022 Canada for yourself. KEEP COOKING!!