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Rowing machines, also known as ergometers or ergs. It strengthens the muscles including legs, arms, abdomens, and increases cardiological health. Rowing also helps to reduce weight and burn calories, but to invest in the right rowing machine is also very important. 

Just as we have considered many factors when compiling this list, you should also consider the details you need in the rowing machine before making your decision. Here are a few things to consider before dumping any amount of cash into your new gym.

Size-Size is definitely a factor when it comes to buying a new piece of equipment for your home or commercial gym. One of the most important things to consider when looking for rowing equipment is whether you need a rower that folds or keeps it straight, or you have enough space to keep your rower fully occupied even when not in use. The size categories and wrap-ups in our individual reviews should help you with this part of the decision.

Strength-You will definitely want to make sure that your rower can withstand daily use for many years to come if you throw any money into it. A strong frame, a strong belt and a strong flywheel or water tank will ensure durability. All in all, rowers are a piece of low-impact equipment, so they tend to last longer, but it is still important to learn how much money you will be able to spend on your purchase before you make your decision – especially for those who plan to use it as their main daily exercise. Usually, you can not go wrong with steel or solid wood frame.

Water, Wind or Magnetic Resistance-There are three types of rowers: water-resistant rowers, wind-resistant rowers and magnetic rowers. Water-resistant rowers use a water tank to build resistance, while wind and magnetic rowers use a flywheel. Magnetic resistant rowers are usually quieter than both rowers who are resistant to wind and water, but water-resistant rowers will give you a sense of immersion of rowers who are resistant to wind and magnetism. That’s brushing the tongue when we’ve seen it.

To get down to the nitty gritty, just consider your priorities. Do you need something quiet? Are you looking for something that feels very close to exercise in the water? Looking for anything more affordable? If it is not the latest, air-conditioned rowers are often the most basic and you will be able to get the low-cost ones if you ignore the noise. Water rowers, though still noisy, tend to charge less for their sound in the water and their attractiveness. And magnetic rowers are less expensive because they are much quieter than the other two options. All options are good for the right buyer, and they are all represented on our list.

Display-Many rowers will track basic statistics in your performance, including stroke, time, and distance calculations, while the most advanced models include built-in gym programs and games.

As for the displays, many of the “best” selected in our list have touch screen displays, making the connection between your workouts just a tap. We expect to see most rowing machines use big shows to meet live broadcast classes and compete in visual races, but if you are hunting for an easy rower to start shaving calories there are still many options out there. Just think of what you want from your rower when it comes to display and what you will be happy with over the years.

Weight Capacity-Not all rowing machines are equally built for weight. Some small models are not equipped to hold people over a certain limit, so be sure to consider your weight when choosing a rower.

Price-High quality rowers do not have to break the bank. You can find affordable and long-lasting rowers, to get a solid piece of equipment for your gym without having to take a second loan for your home.

When we consider low-cost equipment, we look at the qualities you will find in all the more expensive rowers to make sure you still get quality even at low cost. Obviously there are other options included in this list that are long-lasting or feature high-tech features that will usually cost less, but rest assured, we think those options are worth the cost. Whichever rower you choose from this list, we have checked them all to see if they fit the price tag that comes with it.

Special features-Some people will look for special racing features or visual classes, while others are not interested in a large touch screen display. We’ve included both options in this list to satisfy each type of customer.

The rowers we have included with special features are ready to stream, support tablets and mobile devices, and provide luxurious display screens. Some have visual classes, libraries full of competitions, and some even come up with free class streaming membership for your purchase. With all the high technology options available, we have made sure to collect rowers so – we think they are – some of the most popular and innovative features on the market. But rest assured, even those who are trying to get away with extra technology and special features can find a rowing machine on this list that will suit them, too.

Build-No matter how much you invest in a piece of exercise equipment, you will want to make sure you get something permanent and of the highest quality. Every rower you find on this list is strong and resilient, so you will not put your money in the wrong place. As for these rowers, cheap options tend to have fewer features instead of a shorter lifespan, so even with the less expensive options you will get a piece of durable material – no discount here.

Here is the list of the top 13 best rowing machine. A list of these 13 best rowing machine is made taking into consideration their features, durability, the material used, and their size.

Top 13 best rowing machine in Canada

#1. Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer For Squat Exercise And Glute Workout For Lower Body Strength – No. 077

It is Sunny Health & Fitness made up of aluminum having dimensions 92.7 x 43.2 x 94 centimeters and weighs 11.11 Kilograms. You can use this machine in the gym as well as at home. This machine features an adjustable seat so that you can adjust it according to comfort and use and its 3 elastic bands can be clipped on or off the seat. The best part of the machine is that it can track your fitness. Its self-leveling pedal will give you the best experience during a workout. Your calories, scan, time, and counts are displayed on the LCD monitor; thus it is very easy to read and get information about your workout. The machine enables you to perform various exercises that include high, medium, and low zone squats pulses. It is also very easy to store the machine in the house and also is very easy to use and set up. This is the best rowing machine to use at home.

This exercise encourages joint movement (two or more muscle groups working together) to strengthen not only your lower body but also your shoulder, arms, and back. Activating multiple muscle groups requires extra energy, so you will burn more calories throughout your workout. Combined exercise brings combined results. With 3 adjustable resistance bands, strengthen your workout by simply adding or removing bands, each band adds approximately.

#2. Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine has dimensions 2.44 x 0.61 x 0.36 Meters and weighs 57.32 Pounds. The machine also features air resistance te4chnology, a powerful performance monitor that can track your work out details, and comparable data for every row.  It will provide you with a low impact and high calories burning. The best part of this rowing machine is that it reduces noise while using it and also you can connect it with a variety of apps. It is also very easy to use, store, and assemble this machine as separates into two pieces for storage, Caster wheels enable you to move the machine easily and smoothly. The machine Requires a footprint of 9 x 4 feet and also has a 500-pound capacity. 

#3. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine

It is a Sunny Health & Fitness rowing machine, model no: Sf-RW5515 has dimensions as 2.08 x 0.48 x 0.58 Meters and weighs 59 Pounds. This machine features a magnetic resistance mechanism having (8) levels of adjustable resistance. Thus, you can adjust the tensions of the machine according to the capacity and use. A fully padded seat and sweat resistance handlebar increase your workout time without any disturbance. Its anti-slip pivoting pedals increase the way of a motion to increase strokes. The capacity of the machine is about: maximum user weight 250 lb. Its foldable design makes the storage of the machine easy and simple.  This machine will help you to exercise efficiently. It is the perfect machine to use at home.

#4. Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

The model no of the machine is Sf-Rw1205 12. IT has dimensions of 137.2 x 50.8 x 58.4 centimeters and weighs 20.5 Pounds. The machine works on a water resistance mechanism. This rowing machine features a hydraulic cylinder and 12 levels of adjustable tensions. Thus, you can adjust the tension according to the need. This is one of the excellent machines for a workout. It will lead to getting a perfect back posture during a workout. The sliding rower incline at an angle will help you to exercise efficiently and will give you maximum output. Electronic monitors provided on the machine will track your calories, time, counts, total count, calories burned, scan. This rowing machine is easy to store, use, handle, and set up.

This SF-RW1205 Rowing Machine for Sunny Health and Fitness provides all the benefits of rowing exercise in a comfortable area of ​​your home. With a smooth seat and 12 levels of flexibility, you can adjust the intensity of your fitness approach to suit your needs and requirements.

#5. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine having dimensions 148 x 108 x 46.1 centimeters and weighs 39 Pounds. Its body is made up of Steel and has an aluminum center beam. This machine makes rowing a comfortable and convenient activity. The machine features a hydraulic resistance system, Ultra-smooth ball-bearing roller system, and adjustable cylinder resistance arms. This is the perfect Rowing machine to use at home.  Its powerful multifunction monitor will track your time, stroke count, and calories burned and will keep you updated throughout the workout. The machine has a manual resistance knob, molded and padded seat. This is the best Rowing machine to use at home.

#6. Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine with Extended Optional Full Body Exercises and Free App

Fitness Reality 1000 Plus Bluetooth Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine measures 2.25 x 0.55 x 0.55 Meters and weighs 28.83 Kilograms. Using this machine, you can enjoy low impact and 4 body exercises. The best part of the machine which put it to the best rowing machine is that it is the only BLUETOOTH rower on the market. The machine comes with a free cloud rowing app that can connect to IOs as well as Android mobiles so that you can track your time, distance and calories burnt and will keep you updated during a workout. The machine also features 14 levels of magnetic resistance. The machine can accommodate 250 pounds of users’ weight. Foot pedals will enable them to work comfortably and exercise for longer hours. It is also easy to store the machine with a foldable design for storage.

#7.Stamina DT 397 Rowing Machine Rower

Stamina ATS Air Rowing machine measures 195.6 x 45.7 x 55.9 centimeters and weighs 250 Pounds. The machine does not require any battery. This efficient smooth rowing machine is designed for rigorous use. Exercising with this machine activates 85% of the body’s muscular system to burn calories and fat faster and also improves heart health. The machine is perfectly designed to achieve maximum benefits and results. You can adjust resistance according to the need. The LCD monitor included in the machine can track speed, distance, time, and calories burned with the large, easy-to-read LCD. Its adjustable foot pedal and padded rowing handle enable it to row smoothly and comfortably. It can accommodate the user having a maximum weight of 250 lbs. The company provides the user with a three-year frame and one-year parts warranty. Its storage is easy and simple.

Rowing Stamina DT 397 to help you see all these benefits and integrate it with a flexible wind-resistant environment. Wind resistance adapts to your strengths. If you want more challenge, increase your rowing speed. Slow down. You can also adjust the base resistance level by adjusting the tension knob. Track time, count, distance, calories and counting in a large, easy-to-read LCD monitor. Improve your fitness skills and follow two free online, professional-guided exercise methods combined with shopping.

#8. Sunny Health & Fitness Water Rowing Machine Rower with LCD Monitor – Obsidian SF-RW5713, Black

Sunny Health & Fitness Sf-Rw5713 rowing machine measures 2.03 x 0.56 x 0.86 Meters and weighs 91.9 Pounds. Strong and durable alloy steel is used for its construction. It is specially designed to get the perfect rowing experience and maximum result. A molded padded seat enables you to row safely and comfortably. Seat resistance handlebar having a strong grip is wide enough for every size. The water creates a smooth and steady rowing experience. This machine can measure Total Time, 500 m Time, SPM, Total Strokes, Calories, HR, Ambient Temperature, and more.

#9.DORTALA Total Motion Rowing Machine Rower with LCD Monitor

Compared to the stairs or treadmills that use your lower extremity, our rowing machine gives you the perfect exercise! It is a piece of exercise equipment that allows you to mimic a rowing boat to create a full body, an active exercise for all major muscle groups. Designed with a dual adjustment button, you can increase or decrease resistance to choose different intensity to create new exercise patterns. With an LCD screen, you can clearly learn to monitor activity. Adopting an ergonomic design, our movable rowing machine aims to provide maximum comfort through experience. Great durability equipment that allows you to do scientific experiments and enjoy the fun of boating!

#10. Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing Machine

A smooth sliding seat and 12 hydraulic resistance levels will allow you to complete a quiet and patient ride, while working your full body, increasing your cardiovascular fitness, and calorie burns. Round foot pedals with good foot straps are great for beginners or those with strong muscles, as they open up your range of motion that allows you to reach the safest position throughout your line. Row comfortably with adjustable seat and foam handles.

#11. Lanos Hydraulic Rowing Machine | Adjustable Resistance | Smooth and Full-Motion Rowing Stroke | LCD Monitor | Compact for Home Workout | Tone Muscle Improve Heart Health

This rowing machine measures 50 L x 36.22 W x 20 H Inches and weighs 34 Pounds. The maximum capacity of the machine is about 250 pounds. Premium alloy steel is used for the construction of the machine. The rowing machine features manually adjustable tension with a control knob, you can adjust its tension according to use. This is the perfect machine for rowing because it is specially designed for the effective workout of your muscles that includes back, legs, arms, abs, and glutes. Rowing will also increase your cardiovascular health. The LCD monitor of the machine measures your time, row count, and calories burned. The monitor requires 1 AA battery. Pivoting footplates enables us to row safely and comfortably.  It is quite a durable rowing machine and can last up to 1 year. 

#12. JOROTO Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine – Row Machine Exercise Equipment for Home use

JOROTO Magnetic Rower Rowing Machine is made up of premium Aluminum. It features 10 levels of magnetic resistance.  Dual caster wheels are provided to the machine to move the machine smoothly and easily. Digital displays can measure your time, count, total count, calories burnt, and scan. Along with display the machine also consists of a mobile holder to watch any classes or any videos during a workout. The digital display of the machine can be adjusted at different angles to read comfortably during the workout. Storing this machine is very simple due to its foldable design. While storing the machine occupies less than 0.15 square meters of space. This is the best rowing machine for beginners as well as experts to use at home.

#13. SereneLife Home Rowing Machine – Air and Magnetic Rowing Machine

SereneLife Home Rowing Machine features magnetic air resistance that can accommodate a maximum capacity of 250 Pounds. Its body is made up of steel. This is the perfect machine for fitness, Cardio trainer, and weight loss. Its digital LCD will track time, distance, strides, and calories burned. The machine features 10 levels of adjustable resistance that you can adjust according to the need. Adjusting the resistance is very easy by twisting the button provided in the machine. It is easy and simple to assemble the machine and does not require much time. This rowing machine is perfect to use at home as well as the gym.

Rowing machines should be kept clean and maintained regularly to increase their life. In my point of view Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride Trainer for Squat Exercise and Glute Workout for Lower Body Strength – No. 077 is the best rowing machine for exercise as it is best to use at home as well as the gym. During a workout, you can count your time, calories and the machine keeps you motivated throughout your workout. 

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