Running, a marathon or just going for a jog, shoes play an important role. If you don’t have a perfect pair of shoes, your feet may start paining and sometimes may also cause rash or irritation. It’s always advised to wear perfect shoes that are comfortable and form a cushy sole. Finding the best running shoes for women is not difficult these days, you just need to look at a few things.

Well, most of the shoes for women are trendy and attractive. Women’s shoes are available in bright colors and are appealing. Let’s dig deep into the top 13 best running shoes for women in Canada. Remember, running is good exercise and keeps you fit and flexible.



A suitable pair for women, with exciting colors and amazing features. These shoes look adorable in a grey and pink combination. It may cost you within the range of $160-$335. These shoes are available in five different colors and have a gum rubber sole. It is made up of mid-sole super DNA which makes it more cushioning than the others. The shoe has a caterpillar crash pad which will gain stability and help in a proper transaction. The shoe is Comfortable from head to toe.   

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Okay stop wait for a moment, good things require patience. This is a stunning pair of shoes, they look adorable and glorious in white and golden. The shoes because tune between the range of $127-$590. These shoes have a rarefied and forefoot GEL technology, which improves the cushioning and improves fitting. It also has a flatform propel technology that makes a perfect scope for bouncing. It has a dual-density Mitsui system to enhance stability and support. Our shoes are suitable for long-distance walking and running

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Another pair of running shoes for women, that marks the end of the top 13 list. The shoe is versatile and very lightweight. It is a luxury along with a hundred percent comfortable sole. The shoe is available in neutral colors and is suitable for running as well as cardio. The shoe is made up of flyteform propel, Which makes the mid-sole comfortable, and also has an open mesh upper that makes ventilation a smooth process.

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These are one of the most best running shoes for women on the list; the shoes are quite expensive and may range up to $300. They are made up of synthetic and mesh. The shoes are having rubber soles and are one of the best colors available in Bali blue and ginger pink. The shoe has a fresh form of mid-sole, which makes the shoes comfortable and soft. These are insanely comfortable and suitable for high arches.

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Skechers, one of the most prominent brands when it comes to comfortable shoes. Skechers are considered highly durable. These Skechers slip-on shoes are especially best rated for walking. These shoes are simple in design and made up of rubber soles. The shoe may cost you from $103-$157. These are available in different colors like black, grey, white. Apart from this shoe comes with V stride Technology that provides the shoe with your unique angled outsole. It has a four-way stretch mesh to improve comfortability. The shoe is lightweight and made up of memory foam. The same pair is also available for men, named as sketchers men‘s persistent slip-on sneakers.

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These are amazing running shoes specially designed for women but prescribed for walking also. They will cost you around $170-$220. The shoes are available in vibrant colors. One of the best colors is a green, purple and grey combination. The shoe is made up of synthetic and has a rubber sole. It is available in various colors that make a common point of attraction. The sole is made up of high abrasion rubber. It provides you with a classic cushioning experience that relaxes your feet while walking. This shoe has enhanced comfort and improved shock absorption. They are made up of Mesh fiber upper and unpredictable. These shoes are suitable for men as well as a woman.

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This is an awesome pair of shoes, which will cost you around $119-$490. These shoes are available in various attractive colors. It is made up of a synthetic sole and includes a tweaked knit design at the side. The shoe has a heel collar and suede heel tab that reduces any irritation. Apart from this, the shoe is made up of mid-sole DNA – AMP cushioning. The rubber outsole helps in easy walking and running. The shoes are flexible and maintain proper breathability. Moreover, these shoes are lightweight and insanely comfortable. Just add them in your cart, they are amazing.

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8. Hoka One One Womens Bondi 7 Textile Synthetic Trainers

Hoka shoes Are made up of a rubber sole and will cost you around $375, depending upon the color and size. This show is suitable for running and walking. Apart from this the design and color are appealing and admirable which brings it to the list of best running shoes for women. These shoes are lightweight and durable. They help in maintaining stability and also protect your feet from injury. Apart from this these shoes use pro-fly mid-sole technology so the Soft heel absorbs impact while landing. Whereas the firm forefoot helps you to maintain stability and run.

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This pair of women’s shoes is an adorable piece of art, that cannot be ignored. These shoes are expensive but one of the best in terms of aesthetics, durability, and quality. They’re available in various colors whereas the orange yellow green combination is the best. The shoe is made up of a rubber sole and has a low-top arch. The shoe comes with a two-year warranty. Apart from this these shoes have a 3D Grip With multi-density. You can easily walk on a dry, soft, or hard surface. Now,  if you’re still thinking, which is the best? Choose this pair, and make your shoe rack look stunning

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Nike shoes are durable and worth purchasing because of their quality and comfort. The shoes are available in various colors. The sole is made up of rubber and it has engineered mesh that allows breathability. The shoes are ultra-light and well-cushioned. Apart from this, these are available in various different colors. These are one of the best running shoes for women as it can be used not only for running, but you can also do cardio, exercises, jogging wearing these shoes.

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best running shoes for women

Saucony ensures the cushioning and comfort required for those struggling with plantar fasciitis and other foot problems. The compression-molded, flexible EVA midsole from the pair provides excellent shock absorption and cushioning, and you’ll get decent protection from injury. They are available in standard and small sizes, as well as models for men and women. When you’re looking for an inexpensive, supportive shoe to alleviate discomfort from plantar fasciitis, walkers or someone who spends a lot of time on their feet is a perfect alternative.

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12. Brooks Women’s Ghost 14 B Width Running Shoe

It is easy, cushioned, lightweight, and a perennial best-seller, making it our choice for most runners to get the right women’s running shoes. Brooks designed the well-rounded women’s Ghost 12 to be a comfortable routine exercise shoe for both veterans and novice athletes alike. This shoe is suitable for any foot type. To stabilize the fall, Brooks used a blend of two foams under the shoe: DNA Loft and BioMoGoDNA. DNA Loft is the softest type of Brooks foam, and models used it for smoother landings in the feet. For a more explosive takeoff the more responsive BioMoGo DNA foam pads the rest of the shoe. With their convenient fit and well-cushioned ride these shoes become a perfect fit to run.

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Women’s Wave Rider 23 is the newest shoe in one of today’s most famous best running shoes for women ranges and it’s just as nice as it was marketed. For a fast, snappy trip, Mizuno designed the newest Wave Rider but they didn’t skimp on the cushion. The Rider has the signature Wave Plate technology from Mizuno that disperses impact and stabilizes the shoe and is covered by U4ic and U4icX foams to make it stronger.

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This was a list of the top 13 best running shoes for women. Most of the shies are very trendy and attractive; the specialty of women’s shoes is that they are available in various different colors. One of the best shoes includes ASICS WOMEN’S GEL-KAYANO 26(PLATINUM) and NEW BALANCE WOMEN’S FRESH FORM 1080V10 RUNNING SHOES. Start running now!!