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Sewing has been one of the oldest profession still in business. People have a passion for sewing, people skilled in sewing are in great demand. Sewing is considered an art, It involves immense skills and dedication to be skilled in sewing handicrafts. 

Now whatever may be the reason may be business or passion but for sewing what one needs is a sewing machine. Now there are a lot of brands available when you are purchasing one. This is definitely a tough question to be answered because there are numerous brands available. 

How to choose one of the best sewing machine brands from all available brands. Most of the big brands are differentiable in some major points which we also considered a few factors while guiding you to purchase the best sewing machine brands.

The factors we kept in mind are

  • Build quality
  • Innovation
  • Research and Development

Maintaining all the above factors the below list has been ranked.

Top 8 Best sewing machine brands in Canada

1. Singer:

The singer is another leading brand in the world of sewing machines. It is the only company that started in the United States. It used to be the lone striker in the early days of the sewing machine in the year 185os. Now the company is owned by the SVP(Singer-Viking-Pfaff) worldwide. The older models of the Singer sewing machines were famous for its build quality, still, now the vintage machines are in great demand. Nowadays the quality of the Singer machines has dropped down. The newer model tends to be cheap and of lower quality. The company is trying to focus on the cheaper models aiming at the low-cost market and making the product available for beginners.

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2. Brother:

Brother is a popular Japanese company selling electronic goods worldwide. The company started in 1908 and has been an established seller in the UK since 1968, the time they got a good deal for the Jones factory in Manchester. The company provides a high-end collection of the sewing machine but the company also kept in mind the entry-level customers and put in the effort to build good quality sewing machines for them. The company seems to use more plastic parts in their machines therefore the product quality has slightly dropped down and the sewing machines are less durable.

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3. Janome:

The company started in the year 1921 as the Pine sewing machine factory, later in 1954, it was renamed Janome. In Japanese, the word Janome means Snake’s eye. The company was named for its new innovative round bobbin design. Now the company mostly manufactures for Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. The company is highly reputed for its high-quality products moreover the sewing machines are cheaper than Bernina. The company provides affordable good quality products.

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4. Juki:

Juki is a leading company manufacturing sewing machines for both household and industrial uses. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and in few parts of central Europe. The company serves sewing machines to over 170 countries all over the world. The company is providing products to customers at an ideal price and good quality. JUKI has been playing an active part in society as a provider of products to manufacturers of all kinds, from the makers of fashion products such as clothes, shoes, and bags to the specialists in high-technology industrial goods equipped with precise boards. 

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5. Husqvarna Viking:

The company is more commonly known as Viking in the USA and Husqvarna in the rest of the parts. The company started manufacturing in the year 1872. The company along with its branches used to manufacture heavy machinery like motorbikes, chainsaws, etc. The company is renowned for its high build quality.


6. Pfaff:

Pfaff is a German company founded in the year 1862. Lately, the company is owned by SVP(Singer-Viking-Pfaff) Worldwide. Pfaff is popular for its innovations. They are the inventor of the IDT Integrated Dual Feed Technology system which is one of the reasons for Pfaff being one of the best choices for the people who deals with thick materials like the quilters. Often the sewing machines by Pfaff are considered a bit complex. So, it may not be the best option for beginners.

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7. Elna:

The company was founded in the year 1934 in Switzerland. The company had to face a lot of financial difficulties in the 1990s, which is quite similar to that Singer did. Later the company was back into business with the help of Janome. The company has earned a reputation for providing good quality products.

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8. Bernina

One of the leading and best sewing machine brands that have a great history in the world of sewing machines is Bernina. The company was founded in the year 1893 in Switzerland. The company has its origin in the 19th century and is still one of the leading producers of the sewing machine. The company has been named after a mountain in the Alps called Piz Bernina. Presently Bernina is the most reputed brand in terms of quality and is one them to manufacture for their country of origin. In the year 1990, the company started its business in Thailand by setting a factory over there. Though the top models are manufactured in Switzerland and the mid-range models are manufactured in Thailand. Since starting the company is a provider of innovative technology with their machines like the BSR ( Bernina Stitch Regulator) which is a stitching speed adjustable regulator. But the machines provided by the company are a bit expensive which is the only downside. Though good quality products are worthy to be charged a bit premium.

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The above-listed brands are all highly reputed and all are having their own unique features in them. We personally preferred Bernina for their high-quality products. The reviews provided are based on personal experience and we do no promote any brand.

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