The world has been changing a lot, and with the changing time, individual requirements also vary. To match these varying requirements, firms offer products and services to ease the life of the individual. 

One such product which came as the boon for all, especially the women in the house, was Vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner uses the suction pump to suck even the minute dust particles and pet hairs in the house with such ease. 

These vacuum cleaners have a lot of types, and these types not only vary with the price or technological advancement but also upon the requirement. With so many different types of vacuum cleaners in the market, choosing one of the the best vacuum cleaners in Canada, is quite a tough task. 

We have tried to lessen your difficulty through this article by listing down the Top 10 best vacuum cleaners in Canada. But before starting with the list, lets first have a look at what all types of vacuum cleaners are present in the market and what they are mostly used for.

The different types of vacuum cleaners are listed below:

  • Cordless
  • Corded
  • Handheld
  • Robot
  • Stick
  • And many more….

According to us, buying a decent vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice to make if you have some money left after meeting your regular needs. But you might feel this reason is not enough to spend so much on a machine. So let us try to give you some more reasons to validate this buy.

The reasons to buy a vacuum cleaner are listed below:

  • Better cleaning

This reason you might even know, but this remains to be the prominent reason to buy a vacuum cleaner. If you invest in something and the product doesn’t also perform the primary function for which it was built, then no use of investing. A good vacuum cleaner assures you have more time to relax or spend with your family rather than just cleaning.

  • Saves Electricity and its bill too

One thing which is often ignored while buying vacuum cleaners is that it saves much of electricity if it comes from a good brand. Therefore choosing a decent quality vacuum cleaner is a must.

  • Long-lasting

A branded vacuum cleaner provides you with long-lasting services and reliability. It saves your money from long term small investments in repairing the cheaper vacuum cleaner.

  • After Sales Service

One you purchase the vacuum cleaner, you will require it’s essentials to be supplied in time. If you buy a product of a brand that exists out of the country, getting the resources will be expensive. While purchasing a product ensure that you are purchasing whose service is available in your country. 

  • Brand Value

I hope now you will have enough reasons to invest in a good vacuum cleaner. So let’s start with the list of top 10 vacuum cleaners in Canada.

How does this article help you?

We take all the above points in consideration and ask product and industry experts to choose the product that is reliable, has good service and worth purchasing. 

Having said that, let’s get into the list of vacuum cleaners that will help you keep your house clean with it’s great service.

Top 10 Best vacuum Cleaners in Canada

#1 SharkNinja Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356

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So, in the list of Top 10 best vacuum cleaners in canada, One is the SharkNinja company’s Navigator Lift-Away professional NV356. Built with Anti- Allergen complete seal technology, this vacuum cleaner is a lightweight device. 

The vacuum cleaner comes with an extra-large capacity portable canister, which can easily be lifted for above the floor cleaning. The swivel steering mechanism provides excellent control when moving around the house. This vacuum cleaner has made a lot of its reputation among the pet owners.

The large cistern allows the owner not to empty the container after every use.


Weight6.21 Kgs
Cord Length25 Ft
Lift awayYes

Walmart / Ubuy

#2 Bissel 2156C Zing Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner


Along with a lightweight and compact canister, this vacuum cleaner also has a three-stage filtration technology. As it goes with the name, the model is a bagless design model combined with a carry handle. 

The device allows you to manually configure the suction power depending upon the area where you are cleaning. The swivel steering gives you a range of motion, helping you go round the corners, cleaning every inch of the space.

With canister vacuum cleaners gradually losing their popularity, this machine exactly tells us why we should give it a try.


Weight7.5 lbs
Cord Length15 Ft
Cleaning Path10″

Walmart / Ubuy

#3 Bissell 1808C AeroSwift Compact Upright Vacuum


One doesn’t need to spend a bundle to buy a decent vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner from one of the most trusted brands, Bissell, will clean your home in less than 80$. The machine comes with a washable filter, which means you don’t have to replace it regularly. 

The height adjustments provided in the cleaner is one such attraction for the machine. 

In this rate also, the company provides the customer with the right amount of tools like TurboBrush Tool, Combination Dusting/Upholstery Tool, Extension wand, and Crevice tool.


Weight5.44 Kgs
Power rating7.5 amps
Cord Length23 Ft
Cleaning Path12″

Walmart / Ubuy

#4. Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1 Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum


Many pet owners often ask us to suggest the best vacuum cleaners in Canada for them. This vacuum cleaner is the best for those with hairy pets. The device has powerful suction through which it can quickly suck the hairs, the fur, and even the litter. The fear of getting jammed is also cured by not using the brush roll design.

The Dirt Devil Vibe 3-in-1 Stick Vacuum is designed with you in mind. The lightweight design is easily portable for all your small messes. With on/off brushroll you can conveniently move from carpets to hard floors at the touch of a button. The brushroll helps to agitate carpeted surfaces and straight suction is perfect for hard floors. An easy empty dirt cup allows you to dispose of the dirt mess-free. For quick clean ups the new on/off brushroll stick vacuum is the easy lightweight solution.


Weight2.10 Kgs
Power rating600 Watt
Cord Length19.7 Ft
Cleaning Path

Walmart / Ubuy

#5. Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Ball Multi-floor 2

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If you are looking for a designer upright vacuum cleaner, then this Dyson vacuum cleaner is just for you. This device uses a ball device that lets the user steer in a 360-degree direction. 

Leaving the movement freeness aside, the smart ball mechanism also helps in the most powerful suction. The single-click releases the bin to empty any dirt with ease. This vacuum cleaner is certified asthma and allergy-friendly. This is good news for those who have such medical issues. 


Weight7.08 Kgs
Suction power250AW
Cord Length31 Ft
Cleaning Path

Walmart / Ubuy

#6.Bissell 2033Y Featherweight Stick Vacuum

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If you are looking for a low range vacuum cleaner which is decent in quality and lightweight, then this vacuum cleaner is for you. The Bissell 2033Y featherweight is an ultra-light corded vacuum cleaner that is capable of working on any kind of floor. This is a convertible vacuum cleaner which can be converted into a hand vac for cleaning small areas. 

This vacuum cleaner is low maintenance as the filter can be easily removed, washed, and replaced without much work. The bagless design also makes the cleanup much easier. Apart from these, the company has also provided its customers with the cervic tool.


Weight1.18 Kgs
Power2 Amps
Cord Length15 Ft
Dirt Cup capacity0.67 L

Walmart / Ubuy

#7.Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner 

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We have discussed a lot of corded vacuum cleaners, but if you are looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner, then this machine is definitely for you. The Hoover Linx comes with long-lasting battery life. So now you won’t run out of battery while cleaning.

The WindTunnel technology helps in cleaning out all the dirt from small spaces, which makes your work much more comfortable.

The small design helps in cleaning even the most minor locations where the dust is present. 

The charging takes around 3 hrs to charge completely, so decide accordingly.


Weight4.54 Kgs
Battery18V lithium-ion battery
Cord Length
Cleaning path11 inches

Walmart / The Home Depot

#8.Bissell 2316C upright vacuum cleaner


With a triple-action brush roll to lift and remove the animal hair, this vacuum cleaner is one of the machines which is very popular among the pet owners. The scatter-free technology stops hard bits of debris from scattering. 

The Bissell 2316C is an upright kind of vacuum cleaner with a swivel steering and powerful suction designed to remove pet fur, litter, and other types of dirty stuff with ease. 

Thick rugs and carpets can be easily cleaned by this cleaner, making it a powerful machine in itself.


Weight5.67 Kgs
Battery18V lithium-ion battery
Cord Length
Cleaning path11 inches

Walmart / Ubuy

#9.Black+ Decker CHV1410L lithium cordless Dust Buster


In this article of ours, we have covered all the types of vacuum cleaners, whether it be a canister, cordless, corded. The next type which we would like to cover is the handheld. The back decker dustbuster comes with strong suction and fades free power.

The smart charge technology enables the hand vac in maintaining long runs, year after year.

The company has provided brush and cervic tool accessories that are located on- board so that there are no loose items misplaced.

One of the attractive features is the translucent bagless canister, which makes it easy to see when the vacuum is full and its time to empty it.


Weight1.18 Kgs
Suction power 15.2AW
WarrantyTwo year
Cleaning path

Walmart / The Home Depot

#10.Oreck Commercial U2000R-1 120 V


If you are allergic to dust and looking for a bagged vacuum cleaner, then this vacuum cleaner is the best for the purpose. Designed in upright design preferred to clean carpets and also the automatic floor adjustment technology enables to switch between the hard and soft surface.

The 12-inch broad dust brush helps it cleaning the dust in a much better way than any other in the league.

The vacuum might look heavy to lift, but in reality, it is very lightweight, which helps in making it easy to move.

This vacuum is excellent in itself only if you club it with a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the curtains and other stuff.


Weight3.63 Kgs
Power 120 volts
Helix bush whirls6500 Rpm
Cleaning path12 inches

Walmart / Ubuy


These are the top 10 best vacuum cleaners in Canada. If you still have any kind of confusion in terms of what to choose, you may go with our suggestion.

According to our research and customer reviews, we have finalized the best vacuum cleaner on two bases.

In terms of technological advancement, we think SharkNinja Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356 is exceptional. While in terms of economical best, we feel that Bissell 1808C AeroSwift Compact Upright Vacuum is also a great machine in a limited budget.