Have you ever wondered what it’s like to try defying gravity? 

But with a zero-gravity recliner, you’ll be in a wonderful and relaxing state.

In zero gravity, the body becomes in a neutral position because of no force. A zero gravity recliner distributes the whole weight of the body in the system evenly to make it neutral and in a relaxed position.

This will help in getting more comfortable and relaxed state of the body.

With a zero gravity chair, all the positions, from upright to full recline, are safely secured by a locking mechanism, so you can easily find your desired position and relax comfortably.

If you look upon its health benefits, it is useful in dealing nicely with swelling of legs or painful varicose veins, it offers much-needed relief.

The proper circulation of blood in your heart will also be maintained.

If someone has a problem with back or neck pain, it will literally make you feel too relaxed and take away all the pain.

It lets you live a true pain-free and comfortable life, which you all deserve.

Types of Zero Gravity Chairs

There are different types of zero gravity chairs, namely as:

Zero Gravity Recliner: It helps to relieve the pressure of the spinal cords and back or neck pain. It is perfect for senior citizens and mainly, those who are suffering from spinal problems.

Zero Gravity Rocking Chairs: It provides proper relaxation to help relieve back pressure and pain. It is a perfect chair for those who suffer back pains. It can be a great and very useful chair for older adults.

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs: These chairs help to reduce muscle tension. It provides an incredible and intense massage for older adults and for back problems too.

Orbital Zero Gravity Chairs: It gives you the right posture to reduce excess strain and back pain. It is perfect for those people who have recently undergone surgery or those suffering from high blood pressure.

Besides, their stylish design adds a nice touch to any room.

How to choose Best Zero Gravity Chairs 

Here are some points, which we should keep in mind while buying a zero gravity chair or a recliner:

Material: Regarding zero gravity chairs, we should prefer mostly made from mesh because they are designed for outdoor use only and mesh is more breathable compared to other fabrics. Making no mistake, you can prefer zero gravity recliners filled with memory foam, which makes them extremely comfortable.

Size and Weight: It is a very important factor to consider. You should buy a chair that fits your size, height and weight capacity. If you will buy a smaller chair, then might be instead of benefits, it can create disorders.

Safety Tool and Frame Material: A chair with a strong locking system is safe and from powder coating, it can prevent rusting. It is best to choose chairs with powder coating to make sure that metal isn’t prone to rust.

Always select a chair with a dual metal locking tool to enjoy the best result from anti-gravity chairs.

Design or Style: You should choose those chairs or recliners, which is easy to carry and also stylish in design, which can add up to your home accessories.

Top 13 Best Zero Gravity Chairs

1. Amazon Basics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair

This zero gravity outdoor chair provides a stress-free weightless feel for optimal relaxation. This chair offers a wonderful place to sit and relax and it is perfect for poolside or on a back deck or patio. The transition can be effortlessly from an upright seated position to reclining for the full zero-gravity effect.

  • This chair can be operated very easily because effortlessly we can change the position from upright to reclining. 
  • The whole material used in this chair is made of strong alloy steel.
  • It has a portability option also available, which makes it easier to carry.
  • It has dimensions of 89.9 * 110 * 65 cm and weighs around 16.5 Pounds.
  • The material used in the seats are made of fabric, which makes it extra comfortable.
  • The suggested maximum weight on the chair or recliner can be only 300 Pounds.
  • This chair offers an effortlessly transition from upright to recliner position.
  • It has good weight holding capacity also.
  • The materials used in the frames are rust free and made with powdered coating.
  • It is a weighted item also, so it can be tough for senior citizens to easily pick up.
  • Near the armside, there is no soft item so proper precautions should be taken.

2. Ostrich Deluxe Chair

Reinventing the beach chair since 2004. Ostrich Products provide maximum comfort and endless relaxation with innovative portable chairs. 

The Ostrich Deluxe Chair is a lightweight beach lounger chair that allows for lying back or on the stomach and easily converts to the reclining beach chair. Its innovative features will enhance your comfort experience and have a rust-proof frame. It has a wooden armrest and a carry strap with a cup holder.

  • The chair is of very lightweight material and can easily be shifted from one place to another.
  • A lot of innovative features are used in this chair, which increases its value.
  • The frame material is of Aluminium, so it has strong durability also.
  • It has dimensions of 154.33 * 73.48 * 100.91 cms and have a weight of 4.62 kg.
  • The maximum weight holding capacity is of 275 lbs, which is a good range.
  • First of all, it’s lightweight makes it very easy and can be handled without much effort.
  • It has a great size variability also and the size can also be changed with the rod provided.
  • The innovative features of neck rest and leg rest, makes it very comfortable.
  • The material used in the item is Heavy Duty Textilene on an Aluminium Frame, which makes it extra strong.
  • Only the average weighted person can relax on it, otherwise it will be broken.
  • The armrest is of wood, so you can apply some cover on your knees for prevention.


3. Amazon Basics Foldable Rocking Chair with Canopy

This chair has excellent lumbar support which helps in distributing the weight on the chair and is to be distributed naturally with Gravity. It easily collapses down for storage or moving and has a padded headrest and retractable sun canopy also. It has an ergonomic nylon mesh seat with elastic cording.

  • The chair has dimensions of 95 * 98 * 63.2 cm and weighs about 18.3 Pounds.
  • The frame material is made of Alloy Steel, which makes it strong.
  • There is an option of portability also, which makes it easy to be transported from one place to another.
  • It has a retractable sun canopy, which prevents the direct sun rays.
  • It has an excellent lumbar support which distributes the weight naturally with gravity.
  • It can easily be moved from one place to another.
  • It has a nylon mesh seat with elastic cording which supports the spine very well.
  • It helps in maintaining the correct body posture too.
  • It can be used by old age people but can’t be shifted by them because of its heavyweight.
  • It is not moisture free, so proper care should be taken otherwise it’s colour can get faded.

4. Camco Zero Gravity Chair with Tray

Camco boasts a long-standing tradition of customer service and excellence in the RV industry. The company began in 1966 with just one employee and one product: antifreeze. Today, we have over 1,500 people, 140+ patents, over 5600 products, and 10 unique manufacturing locations to better fulfil our customers’ needs. Our headquarters are in Greensboro, North Carolina, and we have two more sites in Greensboro, as well as locations in Reidsville, North Carolina. Camco’s pillars are competitive price, superior service, excellent products, and customer happiness. Our professional and courteous customer care staff is always by to answer any questions our customers may have. We take satisfaction in fulfilling the ever-changing needs of a difficult market while servicing you, one of our most valuable assets.

This item provides the best place to set snacks and drinks. It is designed with two cup holders, one of which is compatible with stemmed drinkware. The tray prevents items from sliding around and drainage holes are also provided. An integrated hook is great for hanging bags or cameras. The tray is made of lightweight polypropylene and has an UV protection to prevent fading over time.

  • This chair is designed with two cup holders, one of which is compatible with stemmed drinkware.
  • The material used is Polypropylene and has good holding capacity also.
  • There is an integrated hook for hanging bags and cameras.
  • The tray is for the purpose of UV protection to prevent fading over time.
  • This chair has dimensions of 38.1 * 29.2 * 6.4 cm and weighs around 1.2 Pounds or 544 gm.
  • It is a very light weight Chair but has a very sturdy and strong holding capacity.
  • The tray is also provided with cup holders, which make it perfect for suppers.
  • Due to light weight, It can be easily transportable from one place to another.
  • The material used makes it strong and has a good option of hook also for hanging bags or cameras.
  • The size is not that much big so many people can face difficulty regarding their sizes.
  • Due to the hard base, it might be very strong at the back which can be a problem for many.


5. Sunnydaze Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Chair with Pillow and Folding Patio Lawn Recliner

Our story started with a vision of locating the highest quality indoor and outdoor products available and presenting them to our customers in order to let them enjoy their yards and patios while also adding comfort and flair to their homes. After 8 years of selling other brands online, we leveraged our knowledge and experience to find and trademark our own brand, Sunnydaze Decor, in 2014. When deciding on a name for our new line of high-quality products, we settled on “Sunnydaze” since it encapsulated all we desired for our customers: happy moments and warm sunny days. Sunnydaze Decor, our flagship brand under the Net Health Shops, LLC umbrella, is committed to you.

Sunnydaze Decor is a high-quality home and garden goods maker. They traverse the world in search of the most creative and beautiful things for your living spaces. Their gifted designers produce exceptional products using cutting-edge production procedures and materials, leaving you with a lovely new addition to your house. The chair is perfect for relaxing on the patio, at the beach, or reclining outdoors in the yard. Designed with comfort in mind, and are made from all-weather fade-resistant Textilene sling fabric. It helps to enhance the comfort and function of the chair. It has a drink-holder tray and very easily be used for transportation.

  • It is made for the extra comfort purpose and made from all weather fade resistant Textilene sling fabric.
  • This chair has dimensions of 175.26 * 71.12 * 106.68 cm and weighs around 6.82 kg.
  • It can hold upto 250 Pounds of weight and it has a head pillow also, which provides better comfort.
  • The seat material used in the chair  is made of Textilene Fabric.
  • It is easily foldable and can easily be taken from one place to another.
  • The fabric used in the chair helps to enhance the comfort and function of the chair.
  • It has a drink-holder tray also and can easily be folded for shifting.
  • The material used in the frame is rust free and colour used is also all weather fade resistant.
  • It has a big size also, so supports a great holding capacity.
  • It is best for those who actually love to read and spend much time in outdoor activities, they will be suited for it.
  • It has an average weight so can be easily picked by the young age group only.
  • Might the size to reach headrest may vary but there is no size adjustment type gadget in the chair.


6. Amazon Basics Padded Zero Gravity Chair


This chair provides the ultimate comfort for resting outdoors at the beach, poolside, etc. It has a soft head pillow and cup holder too. 

It offers very safe and reliable support while its padding and reclining the chair back raise the legs up for a soothing floating sensation.


  • It has been made with the seat of ultimate comfort and provides a stress free environment.
  • This chair has dimensions of 72.39 * 96.77 * 84.07 cm and has a weight of 18.6 kg.
  • The material used is Durable Steel and the seat material used is Cotton Fabric.
  • The maximum weight which can be holded easily is 200 lbs.
  • It provides a soothing floating sensation too, while raising the legs up during reclining.


  • It offers great comfort and has a soft head pillow and cup holder too, which makes it perfect.
  • It also offers very safe and reliable support which lasts for a long time.
  • It has a good size also, which provides a better seat capacity for all.
  • The material used in the chair is rust free and provides great comfort.


  • The weight of the chair is too much and it can’t be easily movable from one place to another.
  • The maximum holding capacity is also not that much good.

7. TimberRidge Zero Gravity Rocking Lounge Chair with Headrest

Zero Gravity Chair

Timber Ridge indoor/outdoor lounge chair with large seating area for different body shapes and also use lightweight polyester material and sturdy steel frame can support up to300lbs. Designed with portability and comfort in mind, comes with a detachable headrest and side cup holder. The lounge chairs can be used in the garden, yard, beach, poolside, or any other outdoor activities. Can even be used inside.

This chair is made from durable high-quality fabric and powder-coated aluminum tubes to support up to 350 lbs. It is equipped with a padded pillow and a foldaway side table. It has a comfortable design and a fingertip locking system allows you to stay in any position.

It can fold up easily for transport and storage. It can be used in any indoor or outdoor activities.


  • This chair has dimensions of 31.4 * 6 * 38.3 cm and weight of around 23.2 Pounds.
  • The material used in this chair is made of Aluminium and has long durability.
  • The maximum weight holding capacity is near about 350 Pounds.
  • The Frame Material used is made of Steel and rust free powder coating is also provided.
  • It has a comfortable design with a fingertip locking system equipped with technological advancements.


  • It has hard powder coated aluminium tubes which support heavy weighted persons too.
  • It provides a fingertip locking system to fix the posture, which is unique in this chair.
  • It can easily be transported and used for storage.
  • It is best for both indoor and outdoor activities and provides good comfortability and better posture system.


  • It has adapted a lot of advancements but looking at chair weight, it is heavy for senior citizens.


8. GoPlus Zero Gravity Chair Lounge Patio Folding Recliner

We started in 2013 by a group of dedicated and imaginative young people. After a few years, our brand has risen to the top of several Amazon categories, serving clients from all over the world with high-quality products and genuine customer care. Goplus is a reputable maker of Sports Goods, Tools, Home Decor, and Industrial Goods. We work hard at Superbuy to provide products that are simple and easy to use. We communicate with and listen to our customers, and we value any constructive criticism they provide in order to enhance our products and services.

This recliner will be a perfect choice to have a nap in hot summer or enjoy the sunshine. The cool and breathable fabric will never make you sultry even in summer. Its waterproof and sun-resistant performances allow you to place it outdoor with no worry. The pillow is movable and the backrest can be adjusted to a horizontal state. It will fit every part of your skin. The equipped cup holder will free your hands for whole-body relaxation. As it is lightweight and foldable, it is easy to store in narrow spaces and transport.

This chair is ideal for outdoor activities like Camping, Fishing, or any other activity. It is also used for relaxation purposes and it can be used as a recliner chair also.

It has extremely durable fabric that stretches tight over the frame for support.


  • This chair has dimensions of about 94 * 63.5 * 25.4 cm and weighs 36 Pounds.
  • The material used is made of textile fabric and has strong holding capacity.
  • It can accommodate a maximum weight upto 300 Pounds.
  • The Frame Material is made of Aluminium Seat Posts and legs are made of Steel.
  • It has extremely highly durable fabric stretches tight over the frame for support.


  • It provides better comfort and is used for relaxation purposes also.
  • It has an embedded rectilinear chair also which provides multi-option to all people.
  • It has a good size also and has good weight handling capacity also.
  • It has a Cup Holder Tray and Headrest Pillow is also provided.


  • The proper precautions should be taken while keeping an elbow on the armrest because it is made of hard metal.
  • The weight is also normal but can’t be easily switched into other forms for easy transportation.


9. Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Beach Chair – Blue Floral

The beach was bathed in the glow of the setting sun as a carefree couple kicked back, cocktails in hand. Spinning tales of what-its and could be’s, they began dreaming of simply staying on vacation forever, never returning to the deadlines and demands of the everyday. This daydream quickly took on a life of its own in the form of Tommy Bahama—a destination where the sun always shines, the seas are always welcoming, and tropical printed silk shirts and sundresses are always in season. It’s an island state of mind that can take anyone from boardwalk to boardroom—and everywhere in between.

Almost 30 years on, Tommy Bahama is no longer just an escapist fantasy. It’s our muse for Living the Island Life every single day—whoever we are, wherever we roam.

This backpack chair has a built-in cooler pouch for your beverages and snacks. Mesh details give this chair a sporty feel.

A lightweight frame and padded straps make carrying this chair seem effortless. The high-back design and adjustable contoured pillow headrest add additional sleeping or lounging comfort.


  • The dimensions of this chair is 71.12 x 61.47 x 8.64 cm; 3.47 Kilograms.
  • The material used in the chair is of Aluminium and this makes the chair extra strong.
  • The maximum weight which can be handled easily is about 300 Pounds.
  • It has a Cup Holder and best for the studying purpose because of the included chair.
  • It has a very lightweight frame and padded straps which makes the chair seem effortless.


  • The seat Material is Mesh and it gives a sporty feel to the chair.
  • The designing and the pillow headrest add the sleeping comfort to it.
  • It is best for the studying purpose and gives a very comfortable position.
  • It has an included chair also, which can be switched easily.


  • The weight holding capacity is not enough for a heavy weighted person.


10. Elevon Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

This chair elevates the legs and reduces the pressure on the back. The position simulates the gravity-free environment and relaxes with the smooth recline function that locks in any position. The included headrest provides additional comfort or can be used as lumbar support.

Heavy-duty elastic cords and steel tubes will not only provide the best safety but also maximum comfort and support.


  • The material used in making the chair is Mesh and it has great durability options.
  • The dimensions of the chair is about 96.5 * 66 * 14 cm and weighs about 15 Pounds.
  • The frame material is extremely strong and is weather resistant.
  • The maximum recommended weight is about 300 Pounds.
  • The chair is both foldable and adjustable, which makes it extra useful for all groups of people.


  • This chair helps in maintaining correct posture and reduces the pressure on the back.
  • The headrest provides additional comfort and has excellent lumbar support.
  • Heavy duty elastic cords and steel tube provide the best safety to the chair.
  • These chairs offer the maximum comfort and support.


  • The chair is heavy weighted and cannot be shifted from one position to another.


11. Core Equipment Folding Oversized Padded Moon Round Saucer Chair

We are aiming to improve everyone’s camping experience by breaking down obstacles that have made camping appear difficult or daunting through education. Core’s objective is to develop items that will enhance all of your outdoor excursions, whether they take place in the backyard or in the mountains.

This chair provides the best way of sitting and relaxing. It has an oversized, plush, quilted seat made from 600D brushed polyester. A padded headrest provides extra comfort and support with a built-in cup holder. It is perfect for camping, sporting events, and backyard hangouts.


  • This chair has dimensions of about 101.6 * 73.66 * 93.98 cm and weighs about 5.44 kg.
  • Modern style is used in it and the frame material used is Alloy Steel which provides strong support.
  • The material used in the chair is made from Polyester.
  • The maximum weight which can be handled easily is 300 lbs.
  • The soft headrest is also provided in it which provides extra comfort through it.


  • It provides the best way of sitting and relaxing.
  • The padded headrest provides extra comfort and support with a built-in cup holder.
  • It is best for kids and normal weighted people which provides them with excellent comfort and support.
  • It is perfect for camping, sporting events and backyard hangouts.


  • It is not useful for senior citizens because there can be harm in the bones and muscles.


12. Kahuma Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers

The chair has multiple airbags on the Legs and Arms area to perform pulsed air pressure massage to boost blood circulation and revitalize the body. There are acupressure points also to boost blood flow.

The roller massage is present near the feet also. The convenient feature obtains a one-touch zero gravity position and allows 30 min massage per session and adjustable time by 10 min intervals.


  • This chair has dimensions of about 129.54 * 124.46 * 73.66 cm and weight of approx 107.05 kg.
  • The seat Material used is made up of Soft Rubber and it provides excellent comfort.
  • The equipment in the chair is made of Alloys and the rollers are also there for the purpose of exercises.
  • The maximum weight which can be handled is of about 320 lbs.
  • The convenient feature obtains one touch zero gravity position.


  • It is best for those people who have problems regarding the body pressure and other diseases.
  • It helps in maintaining total balance of the body circulation and has in-built proper exercise equipment too.
  • There are acupressure points also in the chair which also boosts the blood flow in the body.
  • It has multiple airbags which perform pulsed air pressure massage to revitalize the body.


  • It has extra heavy weighted materials used in the chair which cannot be easily shifted from one position to another.


13. Tommy Bahama Beach Chair, Green Strips

Relax like never before in this deluxe backpack beach chair! This lightweight aluminum chair will not rust and collapse for hands-free toting. When unfolded, it reclines to five different positions, and lays flat, for just the right comfort and sunning. With an insulated pouch, cell phone holder, towel bar, adjustable pillow, and more, you’re guaranteed to always have the best seat in paradise! Adjusts to 5 positions and lays flat Adjustable pillow Upper storage pouch Lower insulated pouch Side pouch with drink holder and cell phone pocket Padded backpack straps Rubber carry handle Folding towel bar Aluminum frame

The Tommy Bahama Chair features an adjustable neck pillow and aluminum frame with five positions for ultimate comfort. The adjustable padded shoulder straps make it easy to carry from car to beach.

It is also equipped with a folding towel rack. This chair is mainly only for outdoor use.


  • It has dimensions of about ‎63.5 x 60.96 x 76.2 cm; 3.45 Kilograms.
  • The material used in the chair is of Polyester and it has very long durability.
  • The frame material is of Aluminium and the seat Material type is of Fabric.
  • The maximum suggested weight to be handled easily of about 300 Pounds.
  • It has adjustable padded shoulder straps which make it easy to carry from one place to another.


  • It has an adjustable neck pillow and aluminium frame for ultimate comfort.
  • It is also equipped with a folding towel rack.
  • This chair is best for all people and has a great facility of holding important items near the beach.
  • It has a facility of folding the chair in the form of a bag, to carry different items on the beach.


  • It is not a very large size so it will not be a good option for many heavy weighted people.


Best Chair 

According to me, the best chair is the Kahuna Superior Massage Chair because it has the potential to make a person’s body fit also with entertainment in free times.

The person can easily enjoy that period also and can do a massage of half an hour also, with the intervals.

It mainly has a great and positive impact on controlling human’s blood pressure and maintains the proper blood circulation level also.

This chair provides the best out of everyone and has extra advanced technologies which are already used in it.

Like, Massage Rollers are used to do proper arms and feet massage and the proper body posture will also be maintained.

So, This is the best chair and it can benefit in different ways.

Best budget-friendly Chair  

According to me, I think AmazonBasics Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair is the cheapest and the best product among all the chairs.

It provides a stress-free weightless feel for optimal relaxation, which gives a lot of relief to our body parts.

The transition also from upright to reclining for the full zero-gravity effect can be done effortlessly.

It has a proper big size also and the materials used in it are also very good. Alloys are used and they all are rust free.

The weight is also normal and has good weight handling capacity also among comparison with others at this rate.

The seat material which is used is also Fabric, and it gives a lot of comfort.


Zero- Gravity chairs are mainly made for the purpose of our relaxation and the keeping in mind about our correct body posture.

Many are there which can be used for our daily exercises too and it has extra benefits too, it will help in proper functioning of our body parts.

We selected these top 13 anti gravity chairs based on the design, material, durability, flexibility and most importantly customer reviews. We hope you liked this listing and in case we forgot your favourite antigravity chair, feel free to comment below and we will consider to add that to the list. 

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