Crochet hooks are used by tailors, knitters as well as beginners. Different types of hooks are available according to their use. Large-size crochet hooks can be used for a bulky yarn whereas small size hooks are generally used for thin yarns. If you are looking for the crochet hooks and you are confused about choosing the right one as there are lots of crochet hooks available in the market? Then you are on the perfect page. Here we have listed the top 13 best crochet hooks that will help you to purchase the perfect one for you. After intense research, we have come up with these 13 best crochet hooks.

Top 13 best crochet hooks in Canada

1. Clover 1056/MN Amour Crochet Hook, Size M/N/9.0mm

Clover amour crochet hook is one of the best and maximum selling crochet hooks. It also features a comfortable grip. You can even hold it like a pencil or knife according to your comfort. The best part of this crochet hook is that it neither catches your yarn nor split your yarn. It has a perfect and fine needle. It has a soft and plastic handle so that it becomes easy to use. It is also provided with plastic tips to protect hooks. This crochet hook is available in different sizes. You can choose the best according to use and comfort.

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2. BeCraftee Crochet Hooks

BeCraftee crochet hooks set one of the best hook sets that features a comfortable grip and it has a cushioned handle so that it becomes easy to use and handle the hook while using. You can work for longer hours as it is a very lightweight and perfect shape, thus requires less pressure while crocheting. It is provided with soft rubber handles that reduce the painful cramping in your hand while working. Along with crochet hooks it also includes a sewing kit and other 31 tools used for sewing. Even you can carry the set anywhere you want as it comes with a convenient compact case so that it becomes easy to carry this set. Using these 9 versatile hook sizes from B/1(2mm) to J/10(6mm) you can prepare any pattern you want. 

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3. BCMRUN 14 pcs Multicolor Aluminum Crochet Hooks Knitting Needles Craft Yarn 2-10mm

BCMRUN set of crochet hooks are aluminum hooks that come in multiple colors. The perfect size and shape of the needle will help you to prepare the perfect pattern as you want to make. These are lightweight hooks having size 15cm so easy to use. This set of hooks includes 14 sizes available in the hooks are 2.0mm, 2.5mm 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 5.5mm, 6.0mm, 6.5mm, 7.0mm, 8.0mm, 9.0mm, 10.0mm. The best part of the hooks is that these hooks are made up of rust free material. It is very easy and comfortable to use these hooks. The hooks slide very easily through the yarn and thus increases your speed while working. You will be able to do maximum work in minimum time.

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BeCraftee features a soft rubber handle so that unlike other hooks it does not hurt while working. It is the set of 12 hooks whose size ranges from B/1(2mm) to J/10(6mm) including 3 larger hooks. They are longer hooks as compared to other crochet hooks, (1.75″compared to 1.5″ for hooks B to J and 2″ compared to 1.6″ for K, 7mm, and L). The best part of the hooks is that it is color-coded and printed with both letters and numbers. It makes it easy to select the best one for every particular loop you want. A convenient compact case is provided for traveling and keep your kit and accessories well organized. It is also the best set of hooks for beginners. The hooks do not catch other yarns and thus you can prepare the perfect pattern using these BeCraft crochet hooks.

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5. WooCrafts Large-Eye Blunt Needles Yarn Knitting Plus Crochet Hooks Set with Case, Ergonomic Handle Crochet Hooks Needles for Arthritic Hands. Best Gift!

It is a set of 9 crochet hooks having soft rubble handles with perfect grip. The set of 9 hooks includes hooks of size B(2.0mm),C(2.5mm), D(3.0mm), E(3.5)mm, F(4.0)mm ,G(4.5mm), H(5.0)mm, I(5.5)mm, and J(6.0mm). It is 5.5inch long, thus its perfect size and shape make it easy to use. Along with the crochet set, it also includes other accessories like 9 Pieces Large-eye Blunt Needles Steel Yarn Sewing Needles Knitting Stitch Markers, and Crochet Hook Case. Crochet Hook Case keeps your accessories well organized and it is also easy for traveling. Thus you can make a perfect pattern using WooCrafts crochet hooks anywhere you want. This is the best set of hooks for beginners as well as for well-trained people.

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6. Surpromise 22 Multi-Colour Aluminum Crochet Hooks Needles Yarn Weave Knit Craft Set W/ Case

Mak’s crochet hooks are the set of 10 crochet hooks available in multicolor. These hooks are made up of aluminum. Being the lightweight they are easy to use and handle. Its perfect size and shape enable you to prepare a perfect pattern as you require. The set also includes 12pcs silvered needles and 1 PU case. The case keeps your accessories well organized and hence it becomes very easy to carry crochet hooks. You can make your crochet where you want to use these amazing crochet hooks. You can work for a longer time using these hooks as its perfect grip reduces pain while working. It is the best set for hook arts, or even for a knitter.

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7. 14 Sizes Crochet Hooks Set,2mm(B)-10mm(N) Ergonomic Crochet Hooks with Case for Arthritic Hands, Extra Long Crochet Needles

Yarnis is the set of 14 crochet hooks available in different sizes and multicolor. Their size ranges from B(2mm) to N(10mm). The identification of the hooks becomes easy due to color codes, printed letters, and numbers. Its comfortable grip makes it easy to handle and work for a longer time. Along with crochet hooks, it also includes 9 yarn needles in 3 different sizes, 1 Scissors, and 10 stitch markers. You can work anywhere with these crochet hooks as it comes with a small case that fits the whole set and is very easy to carry. You will get the perfect pattern as its tip glides very smoothly and does not split your yarn. The size of these hooks is much larger as compared to other crochet hooks. 4.5cm  for size B and 5.2cm  for size N), thus you can make the larger loop using these hooks. It is the perfect set of crochet hooks for beginners.

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8. BCMRUN Crochet Hooks Set, Ergonomic Soft Grip Handles Knitting Needles Kit with Case for Arthritic Hands, Extra Long  Knit Needles, Best Christmas Gift for Women (A)

BCMRUN is the set of 14 crochet hooks whose size ranges as follows B(2.25mm), C(2.75mm), D(3.25mm), F(3.75mm), G(4mm), 7(4.5mm), H(5mm), I(5.5mm),J(6mm),K(6.5mm), 7mm, L(8mm), M/N(9mm) and N/P(10mm). A soft-grip handle reduces pain. This set includes 14 US standard size crochet hooks, 9 Pieces of large-eye blunt needles that are perfect for sewing, 10 knitting stitch Markers, a Crochet Hook Case, and a measuring tape. The rubber handle provides the perfect grip so that the needle does not slide while working. Thus you can work for a longer time and you can prepare a perfect pattern comfortably. It is very easy to carry the set of crochet hooks as it is provided with a case that keeps all the accessories well organized.

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9. Newest Crochet Hooks Set with Case,Extra Long Crochet Hooks Needles for Arthritic Hands Ergonomic Handles Rubber Soft Grip,Size 0.6mm-6.0mm

The New Design Is Different From Other Crochet Hooks: Their rubber crochet hooks is longer than other competitors (about 6.5inch length) to give extra space when the pattern calls for more loops. And plus the non-slip cushion design of thumb part to make the grip firm. You will praise it. Crochet hooks with comfortable easy grip handles reduce or eliminate hand, wrist or finger pain. Perfect for Arthritis Hands. You can crochet for a long time without getting hand pain or cramping. Ideal gift for Grandma, Mom, Kids, Beginners or Advanced Crocheters.

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10. New Set of 47 Ergonomic Crochet Hooks Set w Rubbery Handles Hook 0.6-6MM, Comfort Grip

Looen set of crochet hooks includes 9 colorful crochet hooks having a soft grip and 8 blue color hooks having a plastic grip. Along with crochet hooks it also contains 47 other knitting accessories. It is the perfect set of crochet hooks for beginners as well as professionals. Its rubber handle has a perfect grip thus your hand does not slip while working. The size of the colorful having length of 14cm crochet hooks varies from 2mm-6mm whereas size blue color hooks having a length of 14.5cm varies from 0.6mm-1.75mm. It is also very easy to carry these accessories using the case provided with the tools. The perfect size and shape of the crochet hooks enable the yarn to glide smoothly over it. You can prepare a perfect loop as required using this set of crochet hooks.

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11. Lighted Crochet Hooks Set- Rechargeable Crochet Hook with Latest Case, 9 in 1 Interchangeable Heads Light Crochet Hooks with Accessories

It is an electrical crochet hook that can be used to make a perfect loop. This crochet hook features 2 adjustable brightness levels, thus you can see any color of the yarn by adjusting its brightness. The crochet hook is provided with a battery so you don’t need to purchase any extra battery. Its rechargeable battery lasts for 7-9 hours and requires just 15 minutes to charge. One of the best features is that it is also provided with a USB charger. It is a set of 9 interchangeable heads with sizes ranging from 2.5 mm to 6.5 mm. IT is comfortable to use as it is lightweight crochet hooks with a handle made up of silicon and meet ergonomic design. This is one of the best sets of crochet hooks for beginners as well as professionals.

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12. Luxbon 14 Sizes Multi-coloured Aluminum 2mm-10mm Handle Crochet Hooks Knitting Knit Needles Weave Yarn Set

Luxbon crochet hooks are a set of 14 crochet hooks available in multiple colors and different sizes. Their sizes range from Size ranges:2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm.  5.9 inch (15cm) long. These are aluminum crochet hooks that slide easily through the yarn, thus requiring less pressure to crochet. You can effortlessly repair the perfect pattern in minimum time. This one of the perfect sets of crochet hooks for beginners.

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13. LIHAO Mixed Aluminum Handle Crochet Hooks Knitting Knit Needles Weave Yarn Set- 22 pieces

best crochet hooks

LIHAO Mixed Aluminum Handle Crochet Hooks is the set of 22 crochet hooks of different sizes. It features non-erasable markings and the letters on the crochet hooks make it easy to identify the perfect hook for your work and thus reduces confusion. Markings of the hooks are as follows B 1 2.25 mm, C 2 2.75 mm, D 3 3.25 mm, E 4 3.5 mm, F 5 3.75 mm, G 6 4 mm, 7 4.5 mm, H 8 5 mm, I 9 5.5 mm, J 10 6 mm, K 10 6.5 mm, L 11 8.0 mm. The perfect design and its grip make you comfortable while using it, hence you can work for a longer time using Athena’s element Ergonomic Crochet Hooks. You can use bulk yarn for even 3 loops as their size is much larger as compared to other crochet hooks. Smooth hooks glide the yarn smoothly over it. This is the best set of crochet hooks for professionals as well as for beginners. 

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From the above list, you can select the best crochet hooks for you according to its use. In my point of view, BeCraftee crochet hook set is one of the best settings because it is a perfect set for beginners as well as professionals. At the given price it is quite a perfect set of crochet hooks. Its perfect size will be useful to prepare perfect loops.  Along with the hooks it also provides you with other tools used for sewing. It is also easy for traveling as it has a case that can keep your tools well organized.

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