Are you searching for best electric guitar under 1000 in Canada? We have got perfect one for you.

An electric guitar uses one or more pickups to convert the vibration of its strings into electrical signals. The sound can be shaped or altered using these devices to achieve different tonal qualities. These guitars have indeed benefitted from a variety of improvements, such as reduced noise which make it more advanced than others.

These are generally used in big rock concerts, stage shows etc.

It has evolved into an instrument that is capable of a multitude of sounds and styles in genres ranging from pop and rock to country music, blues and jazz.

Types of Electric Guitars

Solid-Body Guitar: These guitars have no vibrating soundboard to amplify string vibration. It ensures that the amplified sound reproduces the string vibration alone, avoiding the wolf tones and unwanted feedback.

These are generally made of hardwood covered with a hard polymer finish.

Semi-acoustic Guitar: They have a hollow body and electronic pickups mounted on the body. The pickups convert a combination of string and body vibration into an electric signal. They can be used unplugged for quiet practice.

Full-hollow Body Guitar: They have large, deep bodies made of plates of wood. They can be used unplugged at intimate gigs. Having humbucker pickups and usually strung heavily, jazz boxes are noted for their warm, rich tone.

Electric Acoustic Guitar: These are fitted with pickups purely as an alternative to using a separate microphone. In these guitars, the pickups do not produce a signal directly from the vibration of strings, but rather from the vibration of guitar top or body.

Points to Keep in Mind while Buying

These are few points which everyone should keep in mind before buying an electric guitar:

Price Range: First of all, try to think about your finances and decide a correct price range in which you can get your guitar with all necessary needs. Just don’t go on brand and features, try to fix it within budget only.

Play Before Buying: Might sometimes it doesn’t fit in your hand and looks odd, so try to play and check all the tunings properly so that you should not regret buying it.

Don’t just Go on Brands: It is true that brand and company actually provides quality and longevity to the products, but you should check that it can be easily handled with you or not. You don’t need to spend big bucks on such brands always.

Top 13 Best Electric Guitar under 1000 in Canada

1.Fender Squire Affinity Telecaster Electric Guitar

This electric guitar provides best tuning and has different levels of pitch to adjust the tonal quality. The neck and fretboard is made up of maple and it offers a wide range of tones as well.


  • The dimensions are 113.03 * 10.16 * 36.83 cm and weighs around 4.5 kgs.
  • The neck and fretboard are made up of Maple which provides it longer durability.
  • It has a scale length of 25.5 and there are 6 strings on it.
  • It has two single-coil pickups which offers a great range of tones.
  • With a 3-way pickup selector switch, you can choose your favourite tone.
  • A comfortable neck, quality hardware and quality construction make this guitar a great buy.
  • It represents the best value in solid-body electric guitar design.
  • It features a bridge with six individual saddles for accurate intonation along each string.
  • The frets sometimes didn’t get properly fitted so needed to remove the sharp edges.

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2. Best Choice Products Full Size Beginner Electric Guitar

This electric guitar set comes ready to play right out of the box and is custom designed and hand-crafted to convert vibration to an electric sound for you to embellish with fun features.

There is no need to buy anything external in this, it comes with a full pack only.


  • The body material used is made of wood and fretboard material is of Rosewood.
  • The dimensions are 99.06 * 26.67 * 5.08 cm and weighs around 8.8 lbs.
  • The neck Material is of Maple and it has 6 strings in it.
  • It comes with 3-single coil pickups, a tremolo bridge system and a removable, matching color whammy bar.


  • Custom designed and hand crafted with a Rosewood fretboard and maple neck to convert vibrations to a rich, quite essential rock sound.
  • It rocks out and provides experiments with different styles and genres of music.
  • It features a quality paint finish, custom black tuning pegs and accented binding for a sleek.


  • The amplitude used in the guitar is great for the beginners only and doesn’t provide variance to experts.

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3. LyxPro Full Size Electric Guitar

This ultimate starter package includes a full size guitar and all the parts with equipment. It is a perfect choice for Novice and Intermediate Players. It also features high-quality materials to give long durability to it.


  • The pack includes 20W Amp with Built-in Speaker, Headphone, Jack and AUX Input.
  • The dimensions are 107.7 * 44.96 * 11.68 cm and weighs around 6.42 kgs.
  • The back material is made of Phoenix Wood and the string material is of Nickel Steel.
  • It has 6 strings with speaker amplification in it.
  • It has integrated controls which include Gain, Bass, Treble, Volume and Grind.
  • It is perfect for Christmas, Birthday parties to rock in it.
  • It features high-quality materials including Premium Rosewood Fingerboard, Canadian Maple Neck etc.
  • Amp makes a buzzing sound until you don’t touch something metallic on the guitar.

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4. Ibanez Solid-Body Electric Guitar

This guitar is made from Ibanez which builds guitars for all levels of players from beginners to the most demanding masters of the instrument. This guitar offers the absolute best sound, style and playability in the class.

Product highlights
  • The dimensions are 100.33 * 31.75 * 5.56 cm and weighs around 3.4 kgs.
  • The body material is of Poplar and the fretboard is made of Rosewood.
  • The scale length is 25.5 and it has 6 strings in it.
  • The back material is of Oak Wood and it is fast, has a slim maple neck.
  • It has high output Infinity R pickups to give a varied range of tonal quality.
  • The courtesy of a 5-way selector switch provides access to whatever tonal palette customers need.
  • The GRX matches classic good looks with the Ibanez eye for detail.
  • The bridge keeps rising, so you need to tighten some screws.

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5. Donner Full Size Electric Guitar Sunburst

This Donner electric guitar bundle includes all the accessories you need to start playing right out of the box. This all-in-one guitar actually saves a lot of money. It also features a solid basswood body with fine arches, chrome tuner keys, a good quality brass string and  PVC pickguard.

Product highlights
  • The top material is made up of Maple Wood and the back material is made of Basswood.
  • The dimensions are 103.2 * 44 * 12.4 cm and weighs around 5.74 kgs.
  • It has Ebony fingerboard, Canadian maple neck, one-way tremolo, switch, volume and tone controls.
  • It also features a pick-up selector switch, a volume knob and 20 Brass Frets with position marks.
  • It is just perfect for the beginner and intermediate players with advanced tonal quality.
  • It delivers a smooth tone ideal for rock and roll, playing the blues, and everything else in between.
  • It offers natural, vibrant sound in your hands with a choice of convenient and practical features.
  • The frets are sharp, so extra some amount will be required to fix it by a professional.


6. Rise by Sawtooth Electric Guitar Pack Sunburst

This guitar is excellent for a beginner package. This real guitar puts out great sounds, and was built to last. This rocking guitar pack includes everything you’ll need to get started on your road to guitar god fame. 

Product highlights
  • This guitar is extremely versatile and will fit in anywhere from first lesson to rehearsal with the band.
  • The dimensions are 96.52 * 33.02 * 5.08 cm and weighs around 2.49 kgs.
  • The body and back material is made up of Basswood and scale length is about 25.5.
  • It has an adjustable bridge system with 6 strings in it.
  • It provides a wide range of sound quality and has excellent tonal quality as well.
  • It is extremely versatile and fits in anywhere very easily.
  • It is very easy on finger tips and easier to change the chords. 
  • The amp quality is excellent and varied pitch quality with strings.
  • The power adapter for the amplitude is not included in the pack.

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7. Costzon Full Size Electric 4 String Bass Guitar

This electric bass guitar with a vibrant appearance is perfect for bass beginners. It is exquisitely manufactured with a wood body, and features stable quality that can accompany playing favourite tunes with practice and dedication.

Products Highlights
  • The dimensions are 124.46 * 68.58 * 29.21 cm and weighs around 3.49 kgs.
  • The fretboard material is of Rosewood and there are 4 strings in this guitar.
  • It has a Tremolo bridge system and is fully equipped with an electric bass, bass pick, amp cord and shoulder strap too.
  • This 4 String guitar is constructed with a wood body, it features solidity so that it can be played freely.
  • The body and fingerboard of the bass are respectively made of high-quality paulownia and rose, all of which construct a smooth feeling and more fluent display.
  • This excellent product builds a rich bass and full range of tone color.
  • It is ideal for prolonging guitar’s quality and easy storage.
  • This will require a set up from the customer side and changes in tuners.

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8. ZENY 30 inch Kids Electric Guitar 

This electric guitar set comes with everything your child needs to start playing immediately. In addition to it, the pack comes with an amplifier, gig bag, strap, cable, strings etc.

This is very convenient at any level and makes it an all-in-one product with a wide range.

  • It is made of an all wood construction, steel strings, and an attractive, smooth finish
  • The dimensions are 86.36 x 30.48 x 10.16 cm and weighs around 3.18 Kilograms.
  • The body is made up of Wood and the fretboard material used is Maple.
  • It has a double cutaway style Basswood body and battery powered 5-watt amplifier.
  • It comes with a nylon carrying case which is perfect for travelling musicians and easy storage.
  • It is a convenient all-in-one package which includes everything necessary for playing guitar.
  • The double cutaway body style allows for easy soloning.
  • The amplitude used with the guitar is of low quality, so you have to buy a new one for it.

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9. ivy ITF-300 NA Tele Solid-Body Electric Guitar

These Inyen guitars have strong fingerboard without bending, good tapering, shape and good sounds as well because they are made by CNC machines with 3D computer programming which makes it extra advanced from others.

  • The dimensions are 105.99 * 42.01 * 8 cm and weighs around 3.83 kgs.
  • The body material is of Mahogany and has a scale length of 25.5.
  • It has 6 strings in it and the Hardtail bridge system is used in this guitar.
  • These are made punctually by CNC machines with computer programming.
  • It has a perfect neck with almost no defectiveness in it.
  • It is made by CNC machines with computer programming, which makes it extra advanced and compatible.
  • All the specifications of this guitar is excellent and appreciated by a lot of customers too.
  • The frets are very sharp and it can cut hands too, and still the wood looks more like plastic than actual one.

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10. Epiphone Les Paul Special VE Electric Guitar

Epiphone introduces this new classic Les Paul profile with a lightweight Poplar body. It has a comfortable and fast Mahogany bolt-on neck with a 1960’s SlimTaper D profile.

It also features open-coil humbuckers with a warm 650R in the neck position.

  • The dimensions are 111.76 * 45.72 * 20.32 cm and weighs around 3 kg.
  • The body material used is of Poplar and Fretboard is of Rosewood.
  • It has 6 strings with a Stop Tail Bridge System in it.
  • This guitar has a Poplar body with a sleek look to the Vintage Worn finish and no binding on the neck or body.
  • It has a comfortable and fast Mahogany bolt-on neck with a 1960’s SlimTaper D profile.
  • It is also loaded with Epiphpne’s world famous open-coil humbuckers with a warm 650R in the neck position.
  • It has a nickel hardware and Machine heads are premium covered.
  • It has Master Volume and Tone control with traditional “Black Speed Knobs” pots with long lasting 500K potentiometers.
  • It doesn’t fit in the same hard shell guitar case as the Studio and it is a bit lighter too.


11. Jackson JS Series Dinky Arch Top Electric Guitar 

This electric guitar suits very well for the beginners and can be played in an excellent way. It has a lot of features and the materials used in the guitar is of good quality.

It provides better quality body materials and the fingerboard too.

  • The back and body material is of Poplar Wood which provides better quality.
  • The dimensions are 111.8 * 40.6 * 12.7 cm and weighs around 5.88 kg.
  • The fretboard Material is of Amaranth and it has 7 strings.
  • The Hardtail Bridge System is used in this guitar which provides an excellent performance to It.
  • It has one string more than others, which makes it more demanding and of better quality too.
  • There is no fret buzz, the Knobs and switch feel good.
  • It is really light and very easy to hold and play.
  • The pickups are too strong which gives better sound quality.
  • The frets are jagged and sharp, which creates difficulty while playing so need some improvement in it.

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12. Yamaha APX600 Thin Body Acoustic Electric Guitar

This latest APX600 Yamaha guitar features a unique under-saddle piezo pickup, the Yamaha proprietary SRT transducer featured in the highly-acclaimed series range, a natural tone and the feedback rejection and mix-friendly sound guitarists crave.

  • The dimensions are 107.19 * 12.7 * 50.04 cm and weighs around 2.9 kg.
  • The body and back material used in the guitar is of Mahogany Wood.
  • It also includes 2AA batteries and it has 6 strings in it.
  • Thin-line cutaway body design for exceptional playability.
  • It has 25 Scale length and narrower string spacing for enhanced comfort.
  • It has new scalloped bracing pattern for increased bass response and dynamic tuning.
  • It boasts a more natural look, a deeper body for better bass response and greater volume.
  • It has stage-focused pickup sound to cut through a mix.
  • The tuning issue might be there because of a thin body of guitar.

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13. PylePro Full Size Electric Guitar Package

Get rocking with this beginner electric guitar package from Pyle Pro. It comes with everything you need to get started. At the center of this kit is a double-cutaway, solid-body guitar constructed from the highest-quality wood materials: basswood for the body, rosewood for the fretboard and maplewood for the neck-all of which contribute to the guitar’s signature rich, clear tone.

The kit also includes a 10-watt amp with a 6.5 Inches speaker, 3-band EQ and overdrive. Also included in this kit are picks, a carrying case, extra strings and a tuner. Color: black.

  • The dimensions are 106.68 x 50.17 x 14.61 cm and weighs around 9.07 Kilograms.
  • The body material is of Basswood and Tremolo bridge system is used in it.
  • It includes 10W Amp, gig bag, strap, lead, picks and spare strings.
  • It has 6 strings and single coil pickup configuration.
  • This guitar gives everything a beginner needs to start their musical journey right out of the box.
  • It has a classic contoured body for comfortable play.
  • It has 3X single coil pickups which gives a versatile result after playing it in some rock concerts or parties.
  • The 10W Amp produces a buzzing and humming sound while playing.

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Best Guitar

The Costzon Full Size Electric 4-String Bass Guitar is the best choice among all, if we compare it with all qualities and facilities provided by it. This product builds a rich bass and excellent tonal quality.

All the parts are made up of exceptional materials which increases its quality and demand in the market.

It is constructed with a wood body to provide solidity, so that it can be played very easily.

All these facilities provided by this guitar makes it a perfect choice for all the beginners to play the music right out of the box.

Best Guitar (Cheap & Best)

The Donner Full Size Electric Guitar Sunburst is the cheapest one among all with a cheap price. It delivers a smooth tone which is ideal for rock performances, jazz etc.

It is perfect for beginner and intermediate players with advanced tonal quality and have better body and back materials too.

It also offers natural, vibrant sound with a choice of convenient and practical features.

It has Ebony fingerboard and Maple neck, which gives it a longer durability.


After giving our efforts and precious time, we have prepared this list of the best guitars for your children as a beginner to give best in the musical world.

Hope that our list will surely help you in choosing a perfect one for you.

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