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A gazebo is a freestanding, open garden structure, sometimes hexagonal or octagonal in shape, with a roof.

Most of them are constructed of wood or metal and have built-in seating inside the sheltered area. To add a sense of enclosure and privacy, outdoor curtains or drapes are sometimes used.

Gazebo is an outdoor structure that is a popular addition to any garden or patio for either decorative or functional purposes.

In a garden setting, a gazebo can serve as a focal point, something to be viewed and appreciated, or situated in a location on a property that offers views while providing shelter from the sun.

They provide shade, shelter from rain and a place to rest, while acting as an ornamental feature.

Types of Gazebos

There are mainly four types of Gazebos in common use and they are explained below:

Folly Gazebo: This building is constructed only for the ornamental purposes. Despite being totally decorative, folly gazebos come in a range of sizes and designs.

They are delicate and often extravagant, and they accentuate the landscaping.

Rotunda Gazebo: Rotunda is a big, circular gazebo. It consists of a ring of simple pillars that support a demand roof. Rotunda Gazebo is also a building which refers to a circular room with a domed roof.

It has no walls and stands on its own.

Pagoda Gazebo: These are wooden gazebos which have an intricate design which serves as a beautiful garden ornament. These are marked by their oriental style, most noticeable in the curving, pointed roofs. They have lacy woodwork designs on the sides, often up to about knee- or waist- height.

Pergola Gazebo: A pergola is a framework for supporting climbing plants, often with a lattice roof. The roofs may be either open or closed, and have sturdy pillars for the plants to climb up.

It is used as an extension of the house or terrace, or as a walkway between pavilions.

Top 13 Best Gazebos In Canada

1.Great Deal Furniture Outdoor Gazebo Canopy

The Sonoma Gazebo adds a functional touch to any outdoor living space. The polyester covering offers the perfect shade solution while maintaining a clean feel. The steel frame of the gazebo is durable and comes with adjustable netting to enclose the gazebo for added shade or night time protection from the elements. This is the perfect piece for anything from relaxing in solace to entertaining guests.

  • The dimensions are 299.72 x 299.72 x 271.78 cm and weighs around 56.24 kgs.
  • The cloth material is Polyester and made of steel frame.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • The Polyester covering offers the perfect shade solution while maintaining a clean feel.
  • The steel frame of the gazebo is durable and comes with adjustable netting.
  • It is very strong and can stand in the conditions of severe storms also.
  • The light installation facilities are also very easily available.
  • In rain, the rainwater gets collected at the one side of the roof making a big water pocket.

Walmart / Ubuy

2. LOVSHARE 10x10ft Outdoor Intubated Canopy Gazebo Starter Kit

This pop-up and foldable Gazebo is mainly used for the outdoor gatherings, parties, picnics etc. It is very easy to set up a gazebo which includes sheer mosquito netting that drapes around the perimeter to keep bugs at bay — making your outdoor experience that much more enjoyable.

  • The dimensions are 114 x 23.1 x 20.1 centimeters.
  • It has a durable mosquito netting which can be tied back or draped down to keep bugs at bay.
  • It is weather resistant and made of 100% polyester which protects from the sun and rain.
  • It actually adds style and function on any occasion.
  • Rust resistant powder-coated steel frame offers support and stability and are not for use in windy and inclement weather conditions.
  • It is very easy to clean and assemble with the instructions.
  • The case is provided for easy transport and storage between uses.
  • In the strong wind, it might be upside down because of less weight and strength.

Walmart / Ubuy

3. MasterCanopy Soft Top Gazebo 

It transforms your backyard and patio into your own staycation heaven by installing a gazebo that brings the best of style and performance in a single package.The gazebo is very easy to assemble and clean.

  • The dimensions are 36.83 x 27.43 x 16 cm and weighs around 4.44 kgs.
  • The company only provides the Canopy Top only without metal frames and mosquito nettings.
  • It brings the best style and performance in a single package only during your parties, occasions etc.
  • It has double-tiered vented canopy enhances stability against wind and allows better air circulation.
  • It is easy to reassemble and can be placed comfortably.
  • It is lightweight and can be easily handled.
  • While raining, it may catch a lot of water at the top.

Walmart / Ubuy

4. ABC Canopy Pop Up Outdoor Party Tent Gazebo

This Gazebo is suitable for trade shows, business and parties. It is a full truss structure and can withstand 50km/h of wind speed comfortably. It has a best thumb latch lock system also which makes it easy to lock and release.

  • The dimensions of the product is 457.2 * 304.8 * 342.9 cm and weighs around 33.97 kilograms.
  • It has 3 plain sidewalls and 1 door wall also with rolled up doors.
  • This 500 Denier polyester canopy, with latest heat sealed seam technology prevents water penetrate from seams.
  • It has a CPAI-84 fire retardant Certificate also.
  • It has a best thumb latch lock system which makes it easy to lock and release.
  • It is made of waterproof material and has fire retardant Certificate too.
  • All the sides are easily removable and can be adjusted easily in high speed wind also.
  • It is ideal for commercial use and sets up in just a few minutes.
  • The canopy itself is not seam-sealed down the long seams to each corner.

Ubuy / Walmart

5. Caravan Canopy Sports 21316200150

This 6-sided Gazebo provides better comfort to all its customers and has the capability of adjusting to nearly 8 people. The roof of this Gazebo is made up of UV resistant waterproof polyester material.

  • The dimensions of the product are 314.96 * 314.96 * 215.9 cm and weighs around 15.42 kg.
  • The material used in the gazebo is soft polyester to provide better comfort.
  • It has a separate 3 pack of wind panels for protection from the wind and rain.
  • It comes with 12 ground stakes and 6 tie-down ropes.
  • It is portable and very easy to transport with a convenient carry bag.
  • It is made up of UV resistant waterproof polyester with heavy-duty material sewn over corner joints for reinforcement.
  • It can easily adjust 8 people in the gazebo easily with proper space.
  • Each umbrella frame panel is equipped with durable fiberglass poles at the central hub.
  • There is no lock system to prevent the top portion during heavy storms.

Bass / Ubuy

6. Garden Winds Replacement Canopy for Target Madaga Gazebo

This lighter canopy fits the Target Madaga Gazebo easily and has a lot of advanced features too for the better comfortability to the customers. This canopy gives the best result out of it on the Target Madaga Gazebo and suits well.

  • The dimensions of this canopy is around 35.56 * 33.02 * 10.16 cm and weighs 2.36 kgs.
  • The material used on the top tent cover is made of Polyester.
  • There is no assembling required but other materials are not included in it.
  • The canopy fabric top can be replaced easily and is made up of better quality fabric too.
  • It has better canopy top material as Polyester to make it resistant.
  • The colour of the top will never fade in extreme sunlight too.
  • It used Ultra Stitch and Dura Pocket technologies for enhanced performance.
  • The stitching issues might be there at the corners and need to make it more flexible too.

Walmart / Ubuy

7. Hardtop Gazebo, Gazebo for Patio with Canopy door Hardtop Gazebo Canopy

This hardtop Gazebo provides a better facility to all the customers and prevents them from UV rays too. It is actually worth the cost and has a double layer sidewall too to protect from UV rays, netting zippers are also provided.

  • It has a powder-coated aluminium frame with zippered mesh netting.
  • It has an UV-resistant polyester canopy top.
  • The feet with holes and ground stakes are added for better stability and 4 corners reinforced for extra durability.
  • The large size of Gazebo allows family and friends to enjoy the mean time comfortably.
  • It includes ordinary waterproof peripheral cloth and has a polyester canopy top.
  • It has zipped locks too for making it safe for children and preventing small animals.
  • The bottoms of each side is weighted down such that it blows up when windy.

Walmart / Ubuy

8. MasterCanopy Grill Gazebo Double Tiered Outdoor 

It is a grilled Gazebo with 8 * 5 Double Tiered stand and with LED light too. It also has 6 poles which support this canopy at the top and is very comfortable to handle.

It is very easy to transport also from one place to another.


  • The dimensions are 2.44 * 1.52 * 2.59 meters and weighs around 43.8 pounds.
  • It has a steel and rust proof frame which makes it extra strong.
  • The grill top is made from RipLock fabric and prevents UV rays too.
  • All materials of this Gazebo are made with the motive of lasting long without any rust.


  • The gazebo shelf is firmer and effectively prevents water accumulation at the top.
  • The frame surface is durable and has powder coated finish.
  • This offers smoke ventilation and stability against windy conditions.
  • It also has two handy shelves for grill accessories and gives enough room to accommodate most grills.


  • The metal on the shelves can get rusted easily while getting much in contact with water and moisture.

Walmart / Ubuy

9. AsterOutdoor Gazebo for Patios Canopy

This Gazebo provides a convenient design with a decorative metal column equipped with a triangular shelf. This Gazebo is crafted from sturdy steel construction with a durable powder-coated finish that will stand up for years to come.

  • The product dimensions are 304.8 * 304.8 * 269.24 cm and weighs around 39.01 kgs.
  • It has a decorative metal column which is equipped with a triangular shelf, which makes it convenient.
  • The 2-tier 300D polyester roof with UPF 50+ protection to block up to 99% UV rays.
  • This 10 * 10 Gazebo is enough for 5-6 people and the heavy duty powder-coated steel frame is resistant to rust and corrosion.
  • The vented soft top roof is made up of 300D polyester which blocks 99% of UV rays.
  • It is water-resistant and has a CPAI-84 US standard fire-retardant Certificate.
  • It includes 16 ground stakes which add extra durability and security.
  • The hanging hook at the center, makes it easy to suspend a light for decoration.
  • It is heavy-weighted and the quality issues might be there.

Walmart / Ubuy

10. Outsunny 10 x 13ft Aluminum Frame Gazebo Canopy

This portable gazebo provides the most convenient facilities to the customers because of better advanced features in it. This Gazebo is fulfilled with mesh sidewalls, nets, LED lights etc. These facilities make it of superior quality and keep you in a comfortable space.

  • The dimensions are 24.1 x 32.5 x 23.4 centimeters and weighs around 35500 Grams.
  • It has 4 zippered mesh sidewalls and 4 LED lights too which is totally powered by solar energy.
  • It adopts push-up technology, which makes it easily set up in minutes and has 4 wind-proof poles.
  • It blocks 95% of UV rays and is certified with CPAI-84 and is fire retardant.
  • The sidewalls help in blocking the sun rays, providing good ventilation and good vision.
  • The lights are operated by solar energy which makes it very convenient and cheap too.
  • It is perfect for commercial or recreational use-parties, weddings, patio leisure etc.
  • The mechanism that holds the legs up seems to come loose somehow and a screw will be used to make it stable.

Walmart / Ubuy

11. ABCCANOPY 13’x13′ Gazebo Tent Outdoor 

This parlay Gazebo combines full-sided Mosquito netting and four corner shelves too, which makes it more comfortable. It has easy set up also, which can be made in just half an hour easily. It provides a nice looking and better view to the customers.

  • The dimensions are 3.96 x 3.96 x 2.69 Meters and weighs around 53.8 Pounds.
  • The top of the gazebo is made of soft polyester fibre to make it easy to clean.
  • It consists of four corner shelves and has full-sided Mosquito netting.
  • The standing rods used at the corner to make it stable is made up of Steel, which makes it extra durable.
  • It can easily get assembled and set up in just half an hour.
  • The full-sided Mosquito netting provides total protection to everyone from getting infected from any diseases.
  • The polyester top blocks around 95% of the UV rays.
  • It is sturdy, safe, steel and aluminium construction with a durable, rust resistant and powder coated finish.
  • The defect can be there in any of the panels and take proper care of the zippers.

Walmart / Ubuy

12. Tangkula Outdoor 10’x20′ Canopy Tent

This garden Gazebo provides ideal facilities for the family gatherings, birthday parties etc. It is also equipped with mosquito Nettings and sidewalls which make it more convenient for use. It provides better stand during heavy storms too.

  • The dimensions are 3.05 x 6.1 x 2.59 Meters and weighs around 31 Pounds.
  • It has double stitched 250G Polyester fabric which provides better protection from the sun rays at the top.
  • It is 100% waterproof and provides better protection from the UV rays too.
  • It has a rounded foot with 4 holes on each to ensure it remains grounded.
  • The netting surrounds the gazebo to keep unwanted insects and bugs from interrupting.
  • It has a solid screen too which provides privacy and protection from sun exposure.
  • The polyester durable material used is waterproof and anti UV protector.
  • The eight thick pillar roof structure made the frame sleek and more stable.
  • The assembling issues might be there and customers have to add some zip ties to the walls.

Walmart / Ubuy

13. Z-Shade Pop Up Canopy Gazebo

This easy Pop Up Canopy is the perfect way to add additional shade and protection to your yard, garden etc. It provided better convenience to the customers with total covering of all the sides to prevent from the sun rays.

  • It has a fully assembled Insta-Lock frame with 3 leg height adjustments and a simple pull pin lock system too.
  • It is a water and fire resistant top, which is made up of 150D polyester fabric and provides 99% UV protection.
  • It comes with a stake kit, roll away bag and has 2 years of extended warranty too from the company.
  • It is made of better polyester fabric which prevents 99% of UV rays.
  • It is 100% waterproof and fire resistant.
  • It has a fully assembled Insta-Lock system which makes it extra safe and convenient too.
  • It is perfect for adding additional shade and protection to your yards, gardens etc.
  • It actually needs 2-3 people for the set up of this Gazebo because assembling is not that easy.

Walmart / Ubuy


The Suntime Outdoor Pop Up Gazebo Canopy is the perfect among all because it provides the most advanced and best facilities. It is upgraded with some technologies in it also like mesh sidewalls and LED lights which get operated by solar energy to make it cheaper.

It is water and fire resistant too and prevents the customer by blocking 99% of UV rays.

It also has push up technology which makes it very easy in setting up on the ground. It is also Certified by CPAI-84 by qualifying all the standards.

BEST GAZEBO (Cheap & Best)

The AmazonBasics Outdoor Patio Pop-Up Gazebo is a good choice if we take a look at the price too. It has rust resistant and corrosion free material and provides better durability to the gazebo stand.

It is very easy to clean and can be assembled easily. The case is provided with the gazebo only, to make it easy for transport and use.

It also blocks 95% of the UV rays which make it extra convenient at such a cheaper rate.


After giving our lot of efforts and precious time, we have prepared this list of 13 Best Gazebos in Canada for you all to make it convenient for you all, while buying.

Taking all the points in consideration, we have prepared this list according to your need only.

Hope that you all will get a lot of benefit while buying.

Sravan is a full-time event manager and has a deep understanding of house decoration, long-lasting home appliances, and much more.