Looking for the best RC drift cars in Canada? Choose the perfect one below.

A. What are Radio-Controlled or RC Cars?

Radio-controlled Cars or RC Cars are small variants of toy cars or trucks that can be managed from a gap using an exclusive transmitter or radio. The expression “RC” has been utilized to signify both the terms “Radio Controlled” and “Remote Controlled”, where “Remote Controlled” comprises vehicles that are managed by radio waves, infrared waves, or through a substantial chord (this method is now outdated in present times).

Cars are electrified by different sources. Electric variants are charged by mini but energetic electric motors and rechargeable Nickel Cadmium, Nickel Metal Hydride or Lithium Polymer batteries cell. Most fuel-powered models utilize gold plug engines in the cars or tiny interior combustion engines that are sustained with a particular blend of nitromethane, methane, and paraffin or oil (in most instances a mixture of castor oil and artificial oil). All these cars are introduced as “Nitro Cars”. 

Electric cars are commonly believed easier to operate compared to fuel-operated variants but can be uniformly as intricate at the higher budget and ability scales. The models, electric and nitro, both are very fast. Even though the electric version of the RC cars is easier to boost and is more protean. 

B. Types of RC Cars:-

1. Electric Variant RC Cars:-These types of cars utilize mechanical or electronic motion or speed control entities to alter the quantity of energy conveyed to the electric motor. The power delivered is equivalent to the amount of the button pressed by the transmitter – the more you exert the trigger, the quicker it goes. Additionally, most of the electronic speed controllers can also use the electric motor as a magnetic brake.

2. Nitro-Powered Variant RC Cars:-These car models harness a solitary peripheral for choke or throttle and retardation control. Gyration or Rotation of the servo on one side will cause the throttle on the brake fluid to be unclosed contributing more air and propellant blend to the internal combustion engine. Some other variants will also utilize an extra peripheral to control a devolution or transmission box, empowering the vehicle to run in an inverted direction.

3.Gasoline-powered Variant RC Cars:-This cars are also known by other terms like “fuelies” or “gassers” which move through an amalgam of petrol and oil. They charge much more as compared to other car variants like electric and nitro cars. They do not ordinarily have sophisticated speeds like the electric and nitro cars but have much strength and don’t need much fuel to drive it.

C. Things to be Consider Before Buying RC Drift Cars

  • Speed of the Cars – The present RC Cars are very speedy and fast. And while larger performance was attained with cars that are energized by fluid fuel, refinement in the battery, and better motor technology. A standard RC Car will only attain a small portion of such high-speed cars as electric cars. That is why peak speed or top speed of the RC Car is the most clement to measure the standards of an RC Car. 
  • Scale or Scopes of the Cars – The figure of the RC Car is calculated or measured as a fraction proportional to the in-depth size of the car. E.g., a 1/16 car is one-sixteenth of the length, breadth, or width and height of the actual car or truck through which it is based. General sizes of all the RC Cars are around 1/10 but sometimes some other cars can double their size up to 1/5.
  • Electric RC Cars vs. Nitro RC Cars – In RC Cars, there are mainly two kinds of driving force used in the cars:-Batteries Cell and Nitro. Nitro DC Cars utilize small interior combustion engines that ordinarily require a particular incitement of nitromethane, methanol, and paraffin. The definite mixture can transform determined by the engine as the engine supplicates continuation and repair. Nitro cars are also very much riotous and few paths in the outskirts territory won’t permit them to use these cars.
  • Battery Cell (for Electric RC Cars):-The cheapest battery cells that are commonly used are Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMh). And similarly to all other batteries, they are also declined after a while. Notwithstanding, they can last for a long time. But the RC Cars marketplace is rapidly working on Lithium Polymer Batteries (LiPo). They are mostly costlier than other batteries. And are also very light and cozy along they can carry more power which can be measured in milli-ampere hours or mAh.
  • Condition of the Track:-Like the actual car market, the RC Cars marketplace proposed a backbreaking choice. The primary verdict is either you want to operate your RC Cars on the road or in cross-country areas. For most people, off-road will suit better as it permits you to drive to more number spots. But various cars will have different features. So every car decides its tracks which are suitable for it.

Top 11 Best RC Drift Cars in Canada 

1. BEZGAR 17 Remote Control Car

It is one of the best RC Drift cars and is designed to receive large smashes on roads. If you’re not a skillful RC Car Racer, you’re perhaps going to pass half of your time in beating this car into multiple materials, so you require a commodity that can receive the strike.

Due to its firm and rigid alloy frame and heavy-duty, it is super resistive to all types of bumps and collisions. It’s also acquired vast crash-proof bumpers on the foreside and rearward side that prevents it from obtaining injuries if it collides or rolls over

Beneath the bonnet, there’s an electric motor that is energized by dual 6V 800mAh Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries (Ni-MH). This Car grants you about 20 minutes duration of its operation when it is completely charged and takes around 180 minutes in full charge. The maximum pace or speed of the car is around 20 to 25 km/hr,  so at that point, we can say that it’s not the fastest RC car on this list. 

It also has a wireless command system that operates on 2.7 GHz Frequency. With the help of this feature, you can easily handle the car all over the place inside a radius of 50 meters. 


Two 6V 800mAh Ni-MH Batteries Cell
Shock-Proof Design of the Car
Running-time of 20 minutes
Takes 3 hours to completely charge 
Speed (Maximum) – 20 to 25 km/hr
Operates on 2.7 GHz Frequency 
Supports USB Charging
Price – $ 43.34 (Canadian Dollar)


  • Good Speed under Average Price Rate 
  • It’s Wireless System works for a Long Scope
  • It is impartially enduring


  • Steering and scrunch are not well-proportioned.

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2. QUN FENG Electric RC Car-Lamborghini Veneno 

It is the most cost-efficient or cheapest but the Best RC drift Car on the list. Being a budget RC Car, still, provides you with an abundance of pleasure moments. As it is a budget RC Car, it doesn’t offer you ample performance like the other highly advanced RC Cars. It’s, however, fast enough to achieve a speed of about 10mph or nearly around 16 to 18 km/hr. This makes it ideal for racing around your home area or on a sleek plane area outside. The car’s design is very much similar to Lamborghini’s design and its design is officially certified or licensed by Lamborghini. That’s the reason, its recounting or detailing is very exalted.


Command Frequency 27 MHZ Remote Control
Control Scope or Range 30 to 40 meters 
Speed of the Car10 mph or 16 km/hr
Design of the Car Lamborghini Veneno inspired
Stuff used in the formation of Car Excellent quality plastic frame with rubber wheels
Price $ 38.99 (Canadian Dollar)


  • Front Headlights which are very high 
  • High-quality rubber wheels used in the Car
  • Breathtaking view of the Car
  • Suitable Cost value of the Car


  • It doesn’t contain batteries cells in the set
  • The command range of the car is very small


3. BEZGAR 1 Remote Control Truck

It is one of the popular and best-selling RC Cars. If you’re considering a high-geared RC Car then it will be the perfect option for you. It comes with the complete assembling of all the parts. You just have to put down the batteries within the car and you’re ready to start.

A general issue with ready-made or pre-assembled RC Cars is that they can’t face off with the improved options. Due to its high-powered motor, you have to require an enduring body framework, drastic outer surface, and jerk-absorbing suspension and luckily, it contains all the three factors in this Car.

It also contains high-geared rubber wheels made up of thermoplastic material. It also consists of another main characteristic feature called the transmitter. The pistol-grip transmitter has been built to be very vacuous because most of its consumers are children. It operates with a 2.4 GHz Radio System which permits you to control the car from a distance of 240 feet away. The Battery lasts for 40 minutes and also contains an excess battery which is included with the set. 


Weight 4.4 Pounds
Scale of Measurement1/12
Batteries RequiredYes
The motor used in the Car Polished Motor
Speed of the Car42 Km/Hr
Price $ 514.63 (Canadian Dollar)


  • Enduring and Heavy-Duty Materials
  • Non-obstructing function


  •  Batteries cells for remote control are not comprised in this set

 4. Traxxas – Stampede – Xl-5  Monster Truck

This monster truck is moderately considerable and is a little bit heavier than the Rustler monster truck. It consists of 4 spotty all-terrain wheels making it a gradual on-ramp or road, but it drives completely on rough surfaces like gravel, sands, etc. 

Due to its four-cogged suspension and resilient body of the truck, it will receive a great impact when it is operated on off-road or rough road surfaces. It’s acquired a Titan – 12 550 Improved Motor with a Revo-Spec Torque-Control Clutch. Primarily, it boosts the speed of the monster truck up to 48 Km/Hr or 30 mph, that’s also on the rigid or rough land surface. 


Length16.25’’ (413 mm)
Weight1.85 kg
Electric MotorTitan 12T 550 (12-Turn)
Transmitter2.4 GHz
Top Speed 30 mph
Price $ 333.60

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5. Hosim All Terrain RC Car 9112

Best RC drift car

This is also one of the best cost-effective RC Cars. This Car has its top speed of about 53 km/hr or 33 mph and also has 4 spacious off-road wheels which means that it can control or drive to any type of surface or plane area. But the standard of the things or materials was not as best as compared to its competitive opponents in these fields.

The sole disadvantage of this car is its battery life. It takes nearly around 3 hours of charging to operate the driving of the car for 10 to 15 minutes which you can reform with a preferable performing battery.


Radio System 2.4GHz
Charging Time Nearly 150 to 180 minutes
Battery Life 10 to 12 minutes
Range of the Remote ControlAbout 260 ft/ 80 metres
Price$ 157.98


  • The transmitter is very user-friendly 
  • It can function up to a scope of 260 feet
  • It works with a 2.4 GHz frequency rate which means that your response will not be interloped through any obstacles 


  • The batteries of the car don’t last for a long period.


6. 9200E RC Car 1:10 Scale Large High-Speed Remote Control Car 

This 1:10 Scale 4 wheel drive high-speed remote control racing car is equipped with high quality and durable components to help you have a great racing experience. It races up to 48 km/h powered by a premium 540 high-speed motor.

Equipped with two 7.4V/1700mAh high-quality rechargeable batteries. The kit allows forabout 40 minutes. It is outfitted with a 2.4GHz full-scale synchronous remote control system that provides a fantastic experience every time you use it. 

Metal Oil-Filled Shocks and durable, tough tyres are used on the four truck wheels. The high-quality shocks do an excellent job of protecting the electronic components inside the car body and keeping your wheels on the ground.


Battery Truck Battery: 7.4V/1700mAh battery
Remote Control Battery: 3 x 1.5V AA battery
Weight of the Car 55.6 grams
Remote Frequency Range 2.4 GHz
Material Plastic 
Price $ 179.66


  •  The eminent battery life of the car 
  • Great control procedures used in the car
  • Appropriately enduring 


  • Little bit costly as compared to other RC Trucks Cars


7. DEERC 9206E Remote Control Car 

This by-product is forged to conduct almost well on irregular and sleek-surfaced streets with the help of its saltatory or rugged wheels. These tires provide a stronghold to the road when it is in use. It also utilized jerk-resistive springs to defend the car averse uneven lands or areas. 

This car is very stiff in its durability and it’s obviously, one of the best RC cars based on its durability and strength. To monitor the motion of the car, it has a strong remote control with a frequency rate of 2.4 GHz. The remote control of the car is supplied with four batteries to retain the car moving for a long time. The remote is also very cozy and simple to use which can be used within a gap range of up to 80 meters and has a speed of around 48+ km/hr


Complete charge in 90 minutes
Anti-intrusion bond or connection
The wireless transmitter of 2.4 GHz
Runtime – 40 minutes per battery
Control Range – Up to 50 – 80 cm
Price – $ 152.99 (Canadian Dollar)


  • High speeds with the anti-intrusion operation
  • Enduring and safe plastic


  • A confined variety of color choices are available 


8. Hosim High-Speed Remote Control Truck 9125

The Hosim High-Speed RC Car is one of the finest RC Drift Cars that provides a four-tire drive with an all-steel fasten ball bearing. It is furnished with two free motors that offer you a higher scale of strength. It has been formulated for preferable operating and control such as the motion of the back and ahead sides or left-right, etc.

It is the ideal vehicle for the execution of these special activities which are drifting, divergence, and flicking. The wheels of this cross-country RC truck have a firm clasp or grip and are built up with rampant treads, making them appropriate for both on-road and off-road campaigns. To support the unsettled landplane surface and the unpredicted dribbling from the ground, all the four wheels are bouncing spring things so that it can be saved from all types of shocks and collisions.


Frequency Range 2.4 GHz
Running Time Up to 30 minutes at a time (with 2 fresh batteries)
Charging Time 2.5 hours
Control Distance80 meters
Motor Firm magnetic carbon brush motor 
Price $ 169.98 (Canadian Dollar)


  • Allows perfect leaping or bouncing 
  • Furnished with a strong motor 
  • Intercept random or accidental twirls completely
  • Exceedingly beautiful


  • Plastic film illustration denudes hastily in few variants 

9. Tamiya 58346 The Grasshopper RC Car

The Tamiya Grasshopper is a very special type of RC Car that was designed or formulated with influence from the plausible single-seater buggies found on many filth paths on all sides of the US in the 80s. Soon after it was inaugurated, this car became a smash amid several racers due to its reconcilability with different choices parts, which comprises ball bearings and 540 motors.

With its rigid outermost surface and easy fabrication or assembly, this RC Car is vastly distinctive and dissimilar from all other remote control cars. Its robust and hard framework has been designed in a way that empowers it to resist the various irregular holdings. For an outstanding hold or grip performance on dust paths, the paddle-style back wheels of this RC Car, jointly with their ridged front wheels, have been merged with three-piece wheels. 


Drive Type Gearbox
Drive Line Firm axle
Differential Type Gear 
SuspensionFree fore/solid-axle back 
Jerk DamperCollision Damper
Wheel Type Rubber
Motor 380 brushed type 
Price $180.42 


  • Long-lasting and high grade 
  • Pleasure to drive  
  • Vacuous and easy to control


  • It entreats purchasing different things individually, which comprises charger, batteries, transmitter, etc.

10. RC Drift Car Car Hight Speed Drift Vehicle

Here’s another variant under the BATYY Brand, which is the RC Car. This is one of the finest remote control cars which is perfectly made for kids. The brand Tamiya which is famous for its production of high-grade by-products provides eminent significance to every consumer and that’s all have been done by its astonishing specifications.

It also contains a specific feature that is construct-it-yourself or built-it-yourself. This characteristic stimulates the practical approach to enlighten the children about the basic knowledge of electronics equipment while reforming their developmental ability.

The car is directed with the help of a remote, which is sold individually. Many folks observed that the intending to buy other pieces of the car such as its battery, remote control, and all other things make it an excessively overpriced component to be purchased, but the performance causes this investment purposeful and profitable. The Tamiya RC car is a great small vehicle for the kids that operates well on many types of land surfaces or terrains like rubbles, smooth roads or paths, etc. 


BearingsPlastic Layer 
Body Material Polycarbonate Material
Frame Material Plastic
Building Type Assembly Kit 
Differential Type Gear 
Drive Type 4WD
Motor 540-brushed type
Jerk Damper Friction Damper
Terrain UseSmooth Road and Off-Road
SuspensionCompletely Free Double Wishbone 
Price $ 131.25 (Canadian Dollar)

11. Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Electric Truck

This RC Car can ascend nearly to any type of hurdles like cliffs, large stones, or lengthy pasture or grasses which makes it a very amusing experience to take on a hiking trail or merely the courtyard. The speed of the car is very slow and muffled still they make their path across the uneven ground surface.

It reached the top speed at 30km/hr or 19 mph which isn’t an exceptionally very fast speed of the car. This monster truck-sized RC Car can control it on every terrain with the help of balanced suspension and its four wheels. 

The car is electrified with a rechargeable battery of 7.2V 2000mAh composed of Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMh). Most of the time, break down arises on the tires and suspension parts but didn’t affect the electronics parts of the car. It is also accessible in a variety of different colors amalgamation.


Vehicle Scale of Measurement1/10
Servo Type Hi-Torque Servo used for Steering Purpose
Land Clearance 30 mm
Frame Type Plastic
Frequency System 2.4 GHz Radio System 
Battery 7.2 V 2000mAh NiMh with Charger 
Price $ 230.20


  •  It is very simple for the freshers to use
  •  Good adaptable specifications 
  •  Can drive the car in several diverse land surfaces whether it is smooth or rough


  • Very short battery life 

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In this list, we’ve tried to explain all types of RC Cars. But if we have to recommend the best RC Cars in our opinion, then it will be NQD RC Car, Remote Control Monster Trucks because it is very costly and expensive but it has all major specifications with great battery life and outstanding performance in every type of land surface.

But if you’re a budget person, then we’ll recommend you the BEZGAR 17  Remote Control Car because it provides all the major features of an RC Car at a very cost-effective rate along with better battery life and heavy-duty body frame and also supports wireless control to operate the car easily.

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