In the previous article, we’ve discussed Different Types of Projectors like DLP Projectors, LED Projectors, etc. Now we will discuss a different type of projector called a Star Projector. As the name states that these projectors are a very special type of projectors that are mainly used in the planetarium to project out the images of celestial objects with the help of a dome. These are specifically used to visualize the idea of different celestial objects in space with the help of graphical representation of stars, planets, their galaxies, etc. So, in this article, we will discuss some of the best star projectors in Canada. But before we move ahead, let’s understand what a Star Projector is?

A.What is a Star Projector?

 A Planetarium Projector or a Star Projector is a special type of projector which is used to project the graphical representation like images and videos of different celestial bodies or objects on the dome in a planetarium. It is used to visually explain all the celestial objects like Stars, Planets, Different Galaxies, with the help of a projector. 

These projectors are designed in such a way that when it is projected out on the dome or vault in a planetarium; it feels like we are watching all the celestial object in front of our eyes or sometimes it feels that we all are exploring all these celestial beauties in real life in front of our eyes. 

The first Modernized Star Projector was contemplated and constituted by the Carl Zeiss Jena Company in Germany between 1923 and 1925. Smaller Star Projectors consist of a cluster of stars, Sun, Moon, Planets, etc. Larger Projectors also include some Comets and other great collections of galaxies along with all these.

Some additional Star Projectors are used to demonstrate huge Celestial Bodies like the Milky Way Galaxy, Major Constellations, etc. To project out all these objects on a large scale, they used different items like Photographic Slides, Laser Displays, etc. The OMNIMAX Movie System was fundamentally framed to actuate all the planetarium projections on the screen 

Some main companies that design all these projectors comprise Spitz (USA), Goto and Minolta (Japan), Emerald Planetariums (Israel), and many more.

B.Things to be Consider before purchasing a Star Projector 

  1. Size of the Projector 

One characteristic that you have to keep in mind is that you should think about the projector size. As some star projectors are made for kids and some are for adults, therefore, you’ll have to check that the projector is for kids or adults. In some projectors, its pieces of equipment are tiny, and the kids can readily pick up into their mouths. Therefore, the size of the projector should be normal (neither too large nor small).

  1. Battery Life and Battery Power

 Most of the star projectors utilize an AC Adaptor which can be plugged in through a Wall Outlet. There are other variants of the projectors with a rechargeable battery with a USB wire or cord. In general, for the projectors, the USB Cords are quite small enough so to connect the projector either you have to place the Projector near the Wall Outlet or you’ve to purchase a new and long USB Cord.

You also have to check the battery life of the projector on a single charge, how long the battery operates the projector, or simply how long its battery will last on a single charge. A good star projector can last its batteries for up to 12 to 14 hours, which lets you use the projector for a single night without exchanging the battery.

  1. Settings to manage Projector Timing

Most of the Star Projectors are enriched with a feature that you can manage the time to operate the projector. It means that you can control how long you want to operate the projector. This time range can vary from 15 minutes to multiple hours. And as soon as it completes the time limit, it’s shut down automatically to save the power and battery life of the projector. With the help of this feature, your projector can last up for a long time.

  1. Brightness and Lightning Modes

Brightness and Lightning are the most important aspect of this type of projector. There are some projectors in which you can adjust the brightness of the projector as per the user’s needs. And some projectors are filled up with beautiful segments of lights with various colors combination that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. Therefore, you’ve to check about the brightness of the projector along with its lightning modes.

   5.  Immovable Displays vs. Movable or Rotating Displays

There are different types of projector which project out image either without moving the display, i.e., they produce the images on any still surface without rotating the display like in the ceiling area, or other types of projectors project us the image with a rotating or movable displays that can cover up your entire room with its projection. But both of the displays are good enough and make your room enlighten with glorious and sparkling stars.

Top 8 Best Star Projectors in Canada 

1. Star Projector Light, Twilight Sky Night Light LED Dimmable Holographic Universe Planetarium Sky Constellation Galaxy Projection Party Light

This Star Projector is intensely recommended to the customers who love to watch celestial objects at their home. You can enjoy the complete scenic beauty of the space in your home with the help of this projector. It is one of the best home star projectors in the marketplace. This projector can accomplish your entire room or entire ceiling with the beauty of magnificent celestial stars. 

It has various types of modes which consist of Constellations of Different Stars, Nebula, and conjunction of beautiful stars along with clouds. The Crystal – Clear Green Animated Star displays the Nebula Projection, which will fill up your room with lots of stars. The Constellation Projector slowly rotates and replicates your room to a room of stars and its Constellations. This star projector works best when the entire room is furnished up with darkness. If you by chance forget to keep it off, then it will automatically switch off after 4 hours of its shut down.

This projector comprises variations of star patterns that can move into multiple directions randomly. The Nebula Pattern can increase the beauty of your room with its rattling colors and lights combinations. It also grants you the option to adjust the brightness of the projector. This model is suitable to relax your mind and peacefully meditate yourself. 


Size245x215x275 mm
ShapeStar Figure
Material ABS Plastic
ColorSilver and Black
Cable Length 190 cm

You can get the complete details of the product here – Check this on Amazon 

2. Cloud B BGA10NPRPL Colored Twilight Turtle Constellation Nightlight (Purple)

Brand: Cloud B

This turtle-shaped star projector is mainly built for kids. Its appearance and design look very lovely and the material used for its design is very soft. As a result, children love to keep it with them and always cuddle it. It is very convenient to use. Just press the button of the projector so that the projector starts and select the desired color you want to select.

This projector generates a mild night with its effects of lights filled up with four calming colors that provide the user with a comfortable environment with a demulcent atmosphere. It is furnished with a variety of 3 colors that can be set by the user individually. But, you’ve to use this in a very dark room otherwise it can’t be projected nicely. It utilized its power with the help of 3 AA Batteries Cell. It is vacuous, dense, and easy to clean.


Source of LightLight Emitting Diode
Source of Power3 AA Batteries Cell
Material Plush
Product Dimensions30.3 x 18.5 x 9.0 cm
Product Weight290 g

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • 3 Colors Variety for the User
  • Feature of Timer 
  • Safe for Kids with No Harmful Substances
  • Safe Battery Panel 


  • Have to use it in a Dark Room

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3. Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector

The design of this Star Projector looks very much similar to the NASA Space Shuttle. Due to its variety in design and structure, it looks quite different from other Star Projectors. It appears to be attractive and increases the interest to explore much more about outer space. It has a button on the front panel through which the user can select a display of his own choice. There are two options to be selected for the display:- Sky Display and Space Displays.

It acts as a multipurpose projector. On its one side, it works as a Star Projector, which lightens up your ceiling or roof with the cluster of stars. And its other side, it demonstrates the graphical images of planets, galaxies, etc. It comes with 3 interchangeable discs or wheels and each disc contains 8 images. It demands 3 AA Batteries cells for power usage. It is very useful for those kids who have an interest in outer space and science.


Source of Light LED Lights
Power Source3 AA Batteries Cell
Product MaterialPlastic
Product Dimensions33.8 x 27.8 x 13 cm
Product Weight780 Grams

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • Easy to use, compact and durable
  • More than 20+ images are included in the discs
  • Two displays screen – Sky and Space


  • It works with the desired discs only

You can get the full details of the product here – Check this on Amazon

4. Tree Star Night Light

This Star Projector is also a multipurpose device as it can be used as a Star Projector as well as a Night Light. It works with the help of a battery and also consists of a USB power cable. The user has the option either to use it by using it directly with the help of a battery cell or plugged in the projector through a Wall Socket with the help of the USB Power Cable. It also consists of a still Display along with a Movable or Rotating Display.


Source of LightLED Lights
Source of Power Batteries Cell along with USB Power Cable
Product Material Acrylic Plastic
Product Weight0.79 Pounds

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • It consists of both types of display – Still and Rotating Display
  • It also has two Power Source – Battery and USB Power Cord
  • Amazing Design 
  • Different Lighting Effects 


  • It doesn’t contain any timer function

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This Star Projector can give you an experience of 60,000 stars twinkling around on the ceiling of your rooms. It can be installed easily without any hassle. It also has a front panel through which you can easily switch it on or off. It contains an automatic timer. The front panel also contains two more buttons in which one button is used to enlarge more stars in the display and the other button controls the direction of the movement of the stars. 

It is furnished with an adjustable focus that can be adjusted to any angle the user wants. With the help of its developed optics and better glass lenses, it provides the user with its best projections. The source of light used in these projectors is LEDs Lights which are energetic and energy-efficient. You can easily manage the projector either by connecting it to a power outlet or with the help of a power bank.


  • It contains 2 discs which can be interchanged 
  • It projects out around 60,000 stars that make it attractive.
  • The projection angle can be adjusted as per the user’s needs
  • It saves power by automatically turning off 
  • It is easy to control with the help of its buttons at the front panel

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • It contains a better display
  • It is available with two discs
  • It projects out the display image 30 ft. away


  • It is somewhat expensive than any other projectors
  • It can’t be fit enough for small rooms

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6. Nashika real home planetarium

This special Planetarium Projector or Star Projector is the best way to explore the beauty of the sky. It gives you an incredible experience to watch out the astonishing beauty of the cluster of stars at the ceiling of your room. It can be the best means to analyze and understand the students’ detailed study of space and its science. The source of power for this projector is that it can be connected to the power socket directly.


Package Dimension10.4 X 9.6 x 7.8 inches
Product Weight3.22 pounds
Source of Power3 AA Batteries 

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • It can project out around 60,000 stars to any space in your room
  • The projection image looks very real due to its high definition image projection
  • LEDs Lights of 5 Wattage
  • The circulating discs rotate freely without any noise


  • If you want to buy another disc, it will be very expensive to purchase.

You can get complete detail of the product here – Check this product on Amazon

7. Smithsonian Planetarium Projector with Bonus Sea Pack

This Planetarium Projector introduces the space and cosmos lover to the space adventures in his room. They can explore all the space adventures inside their room. It contains a dual projector, through which you can demonstrate a circulate projection of the northern hemisphere night sky and also project out the images of many celestial objects like planets, plants, etc. The special feature of this projector is that all these functions either work independently or can work together.

It makes your Bedtime attractive, magnificent, amazing, and extravagant. The graphical images of all the celestial objects are placed in 4 interchangeable discs that can be easily transposed in and out throughout the projector. It includes 24 High Definition images with 50 multiple image combinations that increase your space experiences to another level.

It generates its power source through 3AA Batteries and also has a programmable timer setting that shuts down the projector automatically by setting the desired usage time for its use. Along with the images of space and cosmos in the Planetarium Projector Set, it also features a special bonus set of ocean images, which represents all types of sea abode and its variety. This complete set is suitable for those who have a keen interest in space and astronomy.

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • It contains multiple images and their combinations
  • Programmable Timer for Usage
  • Easy to control and easy to use
  • It contains Dual Lens
  • Bonus Special Set of Ocean Images


  • It includes some manual parts very cheap in rate

You can get the complete details of the product here – Check this on Amazon

8. Hontary Star Light Rotating Star Projector

If you are exploring a special type of star projector which builds up your mood for a party or to spend some romantic moments with your better half, then this projector will beautify your moments with beautiful lights and effects. On its control panel section, it consists of 4 buttons. With the help of these buttons, you can alter the lighting effects of the projector and also set the timer as per the user’s need. The time limit for this projector varies from 5 minutes to 999 minutes as stated in the projector.

As it is a rotating Star Projector, it can increase the beauty of your bedroom with its lighting effects and the LEDs Lights also increase its charms. It uses 4 AAA batteries as its power source. Along with this, it also has a USB Power Cable through which you can connect this projector to the main Power Socket.


Source of LightLED Lights
Source of PowerBatteries along with USB Power Cable
Product MaterialPlastic
Product Dimensions13.46 x 17.02 x  13.46 cm
Product Weight181 Grams

Advantages and Disadvantages:-


  • Different Lighting Modes with multiple colors
  • We can switch between different colors automatically
  • Automatic Timer Settings


  • It can’t be turned on unless you set the time in the timer 

You can get the complete details of the product here- Check This on Amazon


After discussing all the lists of the Star Projector, I recommend you use the Sega Homestar Original Planetarium Projector if you want to explore the complete space adventure in your room. As it consists of many great specifications like it can project 6000 twinkling stars which makes it attractive and beautiful. You can also set the timer to control the function of the projector along with its adjustable angle and interchangeable discs.

But if you want an affordable Star Projector then I recommend you to think about Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector. It can come under your desired budget and also has many other specifications like interchangeable discs, 360-degree rotating displays, easy to set up, and use, and it is built for kids for their learning purpose. So, you should try these Star Projector so that your house can be converted into a planetarium of beautiful celestial objects.