Axe plays a very vital role in almost every lumberjacks life, and why only their lives but also every single individual needs the best splitting axes at their property because you may never know what emergency you might need it for. Traditional axes are very reliable but now they should be changed as change is the only thing constant in everybody’s life.

A new quality axe will ease your work and make you split wooden logs without any efforts. The modern-day splitting axes are very lightweight, durable, portable, and also sturdy with a firm grip.

Few things to note down before you purchase the best splitting axes are – 

Weight – An axe should weigh precisely, the lighter the axe will be the maximum efficiency it will bring to you.

Blade – Steel blades are the quality ones that are forged in heat and the material should be carbon stainless steel.

Handle – The handle should be composed out of sturdy but lightweight material such as fiberglass.

Sheath – An axe should always be paired with a leather sheath for its protection.

Top 10 best splitting axes in Canada

#1.Husqvarna 580761201 A2400 28 in. Drop-Forged Steel Splitting Axe – Best selling axe 

      The axe from Husqvarna 28 inch variant is the best selling splitting axe out of the all. It has a fiber reinforced PA shaft which makes it durable and rustic. The axe head is coated with non-stick material to reduce the friction while cutting wooden logs which prevents the wear and tear of the axe.


  • Versatile axe designed to cut a variety of wood types.
  • Steel axe head is coated for improved cutting.
  • Handle composed from fiberglass.
  • 28 inches axe with great balance and weight distribution.


  • The blade disappoints due to no smoothness and sharpness.

#2. Columbia River Knife & Tools Woods Nobo Tomahawk Axe

       Columbia River Knife & Tools Tomahawk axe features the smooth handles due which fatigue is reduced and it splits wooden logs easily into pieces. An axe is known for its balance and this axe from CRKT is beautifully well balanced. The blade has a hammer finish and is forged out of carbon steel.


  • 1055 carbon steel forged to build the T Hawk.
  • Limited lifetime warranty for defects in material or it’s smithing.
  • 3.471” of blade length with Tennessee hickory wood handle.
  • Weighs just 1lbs.


  • Does not come with a leather sheath. 

#3. Fiskars X25 Splitting Axe, 28-Inch

       Fiskars have come up with this X25 splitting axe in the 28 inches range for people who generally deal with medium to large sized wooden logs on an everyday basis. It quickens your work routine and saves up time for you to get yourself engrossed in other pleasant activities. With this axe you need less time, less effort and very less strain on your hands.


  • Preferably the axe is ideal for cutting medium to large sized wood logs.
  • The axe is designed to be efficient and give single strike splits. 
  • Fiber is used for the handle to absorb shocks easily and be lightweight at the same time.
  • Lifetime warranty and power to weight ratio increases the balance of the axe.


  • The handle breaks after a few years of use.

#4. GERBER 36″ Splitting Axe

       GERBER 36” splitting axe features a blade that can be underestimated however, the axe as a whole is a miracle in itself. The axe resolves all your problems of chopping, cutting and splitting. It has a stainless steel heat forged blade to maximise the performance and is very lightweight.


  • Designed to be problem solving.
  • Lightweight and extra long hollow handle.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • 36” inches axe with a weighted stainless steel head.


  • Quality control concerns.

#5. Estwing EFF4SE 4-Pound Special Edition”Fireside Friend” Wood Splitting Axe/Maul with Shock Reduction Grip – Best for shock reduction.

       Estwing Brand forges some of the exceptional products for their customers. The splitting axe also is a maul with a long and sturdy handle which is forged in one piece. This axe from Estwing is also called a fireside friend because of the compact design yet powerful at the same time. The grip is technically designed to reduce the shock feel by absorbing all the shockwaves generated.


  • Shock reduction grip made from leather so as to hit the target.
  • The axe is made from solid steel with a non reflective matte black finish.
  • It is forged in one piece.
  • Durable and long lasting design of the axe.


  • The axe is actually heavy.

#6. LEXIVON V18s Splitting Axe, 18-Inch 

       The LEXIVON axe is small

in size but is very powerful and also lightweight. You can carry it with you wherever you want, maybe even camping, gardening, splitting wood for a stove or fireplace, etc. The axe is stronger because of the fibreglass used for handle and the blade also does not chip off unlike the traditional axes.


  • Drop resistant and heat treated forging of High Carbon Steel to form the durable blade.
  • The blade is encased with a befitting casing that makes it travel friendly.
  • The wedge shaped blade gives easy splits in just one strike.
  • Balance point near the blade provides balanced weight distribution for the swing speed and strike power.


  • The handle is pretty short.

#7. Fiskars 375841-1001 Super Splitting Axe, 36-Inch.

       Fiskars has built an axe appropriate for tall people because the handle has an unbelievable length which is not easy to find. The axe is crafted to maximise the efficiency of splitting a log into one strike. It is paired with a heavy duty sheath for extra protection and portability. 


  • The 36 inch axe makes splitting medium sized to extra large sized logs quick and easy.
  • Unbreakable design, good weight distribution and sharp blade maximises the performance.
  • Long handle for firm grip while chopping woods off.
  • Proprietary blade grinding technique makes the blade more efficient for clean cuts.


  • It is only ideal for tall users and not for short or less heightened users.

#8. GEDORE OX 20 H-1257 Universal Forestry Axe

       The GEDORE universal forestry axe is incomparably the one which fits every single job that is performed using an axe. It is sturdy, durable, affordable, and almost weighs about nothing (1250g). The wood splitting, gardening, forestry work, etc becomes feasible and can be handled by even a novice with this reliable axe.


  • The axe only weighs 1250g which definitely is a lightweight equipment.
  • It can be used for wood splitting, forest, gardening, etc.
  • Finely sharpened and polished axe head.
  • High quality hickory wood used for handle.


  • The handle is slightly twisted because of the design which makes it imperfect.

#9. WilFiks Chopping Axe, 15” Camping Outdoor Hatchet for Wood Splitting and Kindling

       The best splitting axe that is a must have for yourself because it has everything you need in an axe. The WilFiks chopping axe features a hole at the brim of the handle to carry easily and conveniently. It also comes with a rubber sheath for protection during travelling and storage. The axe can be resharpened again and again for a better use and longevity.


  • The geometry of the blade is classy which makes it user friendly to cut firewood, logs, etc.
  • The carbon steel heat forged blade makes it denser and sturdier which keeps the blade sharp for a longer period of time.
  • Ergonomically designed anti slip fiberglass handle gives steady grip.
  • The handle is composed of light material whereas the axe head is heavier, this creates a perfectly balanced axe.


  • The handle is petite.

#10. Gransfors Bruks LARGE SPLITTING AXE

         Gransfors Bruks large splitting axe is handcrafted and designed for you to get the woods splitting, kindling and chop off stove woods. The axe has a thin blade with a heavy head to exert the exact pressure required to split the wood. It has a firm hickory handle for better grip and also the axe is perfectly lined when it comes to the weight distribution. 


  • 20 years of product warranty.
  • The head is concave and turns into a thin blade that makes it denser.
  • The 20” handle is long enough for a good hold of the axe.
  • A full grain leather sheath is provided all with the axe.


  • Exorbitantly priced axe.

After this informational list of the top 10 best splitting axes in Canada, we also have the top 2 from them just in case you find yourself confused. 

The Husqvarna 580761201 A2400 28 in. Drop-Forged Steel Splitting Axe – Best selling axe is affordable with quality features and functions. It is designed to chop any kind of wood and is a drop forged splitting axe.
The last one is the WilFiks Chopping Axe, 15” Camping Outdoor Hatchet for Wood Splitting and Kindling is designed with a compact design to make it travel friendly. The blade of the axe is a stainless steel heat forged blade which makes it denser to split off the wood piece into two in just one single stroke.