Living in Canada, without the best steam cleaners is quite difficult. The steam cleaner can make your life much easier. These are quite similar to vacuum cleaners, in fact much better in functionality. It contains the tank along with the motor to heat the water at a high temperature to produce steam. You might be wondering, why do we need a steep play now when we have a vacuum cleaner? What is the cleaner is an eco-friendly way of keeping your surroundings clean and germ-free. It is a versatile appliance that can work on wooden floors, tiles, sofa, curtain, cars, carpet, mattress and any other corner of the house. Apart from this, a steam cleaner is very easy to use and is safe.

It comes with a safety lock for kids and pets, avoiding accidents. There are three types of steam cleaners including a steam mop, handheld steam cleaner, and upright steam cleaner. A steam mop is suitable for hard floor and looks similar to a mop. A handheld steam cleaner is much powerful, can reach hard to reach spaces. The third category is the upright steam cleaner; it looks similar to a vacuum cleaner. Let’s take a look as to which is the best steam cleaner on the list. Here is a list of 13 best steam cleaners for your house in 2021 Canada.

Things to consider before purchasing a steam cleaner:-

Attachment and functionality

Water quality


Tank size

Ease of using


Steam control options


Top 13 Best Steam cleaners in 2021 Canada


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Here we come to the first product in the list; this is a 1500W appliance with a 16 feet cord. It comes with a tank of capacity 1.5 L. It needs almost 1 to0 V AC to work. The cleaner takes around eight minutes to get heated up and then can work for 45 minutes continuously. It can easily clean the grease, mold, stains, and bedbug without the use of any harsh chemical. This is a quite powerful product and can clean Granite, ceramics, laminates, carpets and even wallpapers. It comes with 18 attachments including mop Head, to microfiber pads, triangle brush, measuring cup, funnel, five nylon utility brush and few more attachments. This is one of the top-rated product in the list and can be used for various purposes. It comes with a five-year warranty. The product is liked by people because of the multipurpose feature.


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This is an awesome steam cleaner that has a water tank that can heat water in just 12 minutes. It provides you with a chemical-free cleaning and steam rate is between 15 G/minutes-31 G/minutes. Isn’t that Powerful? It comes with a tank capacity of 48 OZ. apart from this; it can work for 1.5 hours after getting heated up in just 10-12 minutes. The water gets heated up at 200°F and can clean all types of surfaces. Moreover, this has four bar pressure that can easily blow away dust, dirt, and filth. The steam cleaner has a nozzle that is specially designed through an insulated steam hose. It can clean outdoor spaces like wheels, grills, engines, motorcycle, Long equipment, and a lot more. It comes with various attachments including a large mob head, scrapper, triangle brush, nylon utility brush, etc. The only drawback here is that the parts are not easily replaceable. It may cost you around. It may cost you around $242 on Amazon.


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A steam fast steam cleaner is a pressurized steam cleaner specially designed for household cleaning. It is a 1500W appliance and comes with almost 15 accessories. It has a tank of capacity 45 oz and takes just eight minutes to get heated up before use. It can continuously work for 45 minutes.  Heating capacity is 200° Fahrenheit. Apart from this, the 15 accessories can be used to clean tiles, toys, vehicles and a lot more. It has a long cord, for easy movement. The attachments include two nylon utility brushes, or brass utility brush, scrub tool, extension wands, and a lot more. It comes with a warranty period of one year. All you need to do now is place your order as soon as possible.


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McCulloch is a very popular brand that produces durable and high-quality products. This steam cleaner comes with a 15 feet long cord and is an appliance of 1500W. Apart from this, it gets heated up in eight minutes at 200° Fahrenheit. After getting heated up it can work for almost 45 minutes continuously. The most amazing thing is that the steam cleaner comes with 18 different accessories. If you’re thinking about the electricity then let me tell you that it takes only 120 V current. The steam pressure is 43 psi with the rate of 33-37 g/min. Most importantly the length of the steam hose is 10 feet. The nozzle can easily release team and clean different surfaces, vehicles, toys and BBQ Grill systems. It has a large water tank along with a steam lock switch. This is one of the best products in the list that requires no frequently refills. It may cost you around $282 on Amazon.


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This is a steam cleaner with the heating temperature of 14 0°C. It has a 0.26-gallon tank along with a 118-inch long cord. The steam cleaner has 1500W power and can get heated up in just 7-8 minutes. Every tank has a steam time of 37.5 minutes and steam pressure of 3-3.5 bar. It comes with various accessories to make your job much easier. This includes cotton cleaning pad, funnel, jet nozzle attachment, nylon brush, cotton cover, floor nozzle, and a lot more. Apart from this, the device has an overheating protection mechanism. 


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This is a handheld steam cleaner that can work for 39 minutes continuously. It has a 38-foot long cord. Due to this, you can carry the steam cleaner any time anywhere. It is a 1350W product and has an efficient copyrighted boiler. The steam cleaner can clean a broad variety of products and furniture at your house. Either it is mattresses, clogged drains, sinks, toilet, shower, mirrors, fabrics, carpets, stains, countertops and a lot more. There are various attachments including a high-pressure steam nozzle, brass detail brush, and garment tool with brush, steam cylinder, shoulder strap and a lot more. The steam cleaner assures you with 99.9% germs clearance. It uses no chemicals and harsh rubbing.


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This is a large steam cleaner that comes with a heavy-duty eco-micro fiber paid. The steam cleaner has a sonic micro pulse vibration technology for effective cleaning. It comes with three levels of steam cleaning and can get heated at 212° Fahrenheit. It can sanitize any area within 30 seconds, without any chemical or scrubbing. It is handheld hence easy to use and carry. The steam cleaner cleans at a rate of 90 vibrations in one second. It has LED lights to focus on the cleaning area. Apart from this it also has a control panel that indicates power, vibration, lights and stream level. There are various attachments including two washable eco-micro fibers cleaner, for nylon brush, eco-micro fiber pads, shoulder strap and few more accessories. This can clean barbecue grills, toys, countertops, bathrooms, windows, kitchens etc.  


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This cream cleaner looks like a vacuum cleaner, with a 5.6 feet hose length. It has an 8 feet cord for easy working. This is a 1500W appliance and can be easily used for cleaning windows, tiles, floors, carpets etc. moreover it has a 50FL.OZ cleaning tank along with a working capacity of 45 minutes. It can easily clean dirt and grease, just in a swipe. It comes with just a few attachments including nylon brush, floor mop and extension tube. If you want a product that does not have quite many accessories and is quite durable and portable then this is the best.


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Here we reach number nine, this dynamo steam cleaner has a 50 oz water tank capacity and an 8 feet power cord. This steam cleaner can easily clean dirt, mold, stains, grease and is lightweight. Apart from this, it can work for 45 minutes continuously. It is perfect for cleaning carpets, tiles, floor and various other Home accessories. The accessories include a mini nylon brush, window cleaner, pushbutton nozzle adapter. Moreover, it has a board storage compartment, making it easy to clean and easy to use without messing up.


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This is a small portable steam cleaner with a tank capacity of 350ML. It just takes around two minutes to get heated up. The product ranges from 900-1050W and produces steam pressure of 3.2 bars. It gets heated up on 110°C and has a 6.5 feet power cord. It can run for seven minutes at the rate of 22 G/minute. This is suitable to clean bathroom, kitchen, floors, refrigerator, bedding, toys, clothes and a lot more. It is small hence you can easily use it. Apart from this, it includes one extension hose, microfiber paid, one fill funnel, two in one window attachment and few more accessories. The steam cleaner has an ergonomic handle, with the easy gripping feature. It also comes with a lower water indicator, due to which you can change or refill water easily. The product has an inbuilt childproof safety lock.


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This is also a small and compact steam cleaner with a capacity for water 350 ML, which can run continuously for seven minutes. It will provide you with a The vapor pressure is 2.8 bar and the cord is 6,6 feet long. Equipment is of 1000 W. Used for so fast cleaning of toys, mattresses, glasses, cars Encourage healthy living. Apart from this the steam cleaner comes with an extended Nozzle, one round brush with nylon bristles, cleaning cloth, measuring cup, general nozzle etc. it generates team at 135°C, also comes with a safety lock. The cleaner has the auto shut off feature when there is no water.


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This is a small steam cleaner with the power of 1000W. It can hold 10 0Z of water and just takes 1-3 minutes to get heated up. It can work for 15-20 minutes continuously. This is used to clean stains, mold or any dirt or filth. The product requires no chemicals and provides you with the best sanitizing experience. Apart from this, it can also be used on garments to remove wrinkles. You can use it anywhere at home, office, restaurant, parlor, lab etc. Well, if you’re figuring out which is the best small steam cleaner than I guess this is the best. It is user-friendly comes with the instruction booklet and has various accessories. The 6.5 feet cord helps in easy movement. The safety lock system keeps it protected from children.


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Here we need to the end product in the list; this is a lightweight and portable steam cleaner with a 9.8 feet long cord. It gets heated up in 3-4 minutes. You can use it to clean stubborn molds, stains, bedbugs, grime without any chemical or scrubbing. This is safe and versatile, used to clean ceramic tiles, Granite, laminate tiles, wool and cotton carpets and even wallpapers. The most stunning feature is that it can easily reach hard to reach spots. The sturdy design and the strong built is the point of attraction and generate 30% more steam. This is the best product, durable and powerful.


Here we are to the end of the list of best steam cleaners in 2021 ; One of the best steam cleaners is the pure clean Excel rolling steam cleaners because of the good built, durability, and high-performance. You can also purchase pursteam If you’re looking for a small steam cleaner. So now decide carefully and make sure that you keep the essentials in mind