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As said, health should be the foremost priority of any individual but in today’s world, people are preferring burgers instead of salads and getting addicted towards fast foods. People are preferring night Netflix movies rather than Morning Walks. So, there is a device called Acupressure Pen which just takes 20 to 30 minutes for the proper exercise of our body. For most of the people, it’s a choice to eat right and exercise but for the few that are physically challenged have no choice but to use a tool or surgery, they can help them to live longer and have a physically fit body.

Acupressure pen is a combination of best acupuncture pens and a laser therapy device with the built-in laser therapy head which is suggested to be used for irradiating the acupoints on your body and an external therapy head which is used for irradiating nasal cavity. This device can be used for relieving pain, various kinds of chronic and acute pain, for the treatment of high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes etc.

It does not require much force, just with the gentle movement of the pen head you can locate your pain areas.

As a whole, acupressure is a manually operated device which is used for the treatment of all sorts of problems related to physical health or mental health to promote parents’ well being.

Types of Acupressure Theories

There are mainly four types of Acupressure Theories namely as:

Shiatsu (Japanese Acupressure): In this, pressure is applied using thumb, elbow or knee perpendicularly to the skin at acupoints along with the passive stretching and joints rotation.

Body – Mind Acupressure: This Acupressure provides a platform for the pain management with unique metal health counseling.

Auricular Acupressure: It is a non-invasive theory or therapy performed on an outer ear to treat numerous ailments. AA practice is based on the theory that specific points on the auricles correspond to major organs of the body and thus, therapeutic effects on corresponding target organs can be achieved by manipulating the auricular acupoints.

Tapas Acupressure Technique: In this, mind and body interventions are achieved via tapping or holding specific acupoints with specific mental imagery for the treatment of a wide range of medical and psychological maladies.

How to Choose Best Acupuncture Pens

Here are some points which we should keep in mind while buying acupuncture pens for our proper exercise:

Types of Heads Offered: The head in the acupuncture pen will be used for measuring the different parts of the body. It would be better to make sure that the pen has different types of heads such that you can check whether you can get convenient messaging or not.

Different Intensity Settings: Only when the pen offers different intensity settings, you can use the type of massage as per your specific requirement. So, when buying an acupuncture pen it is better to consider buying a device with different intensity settings.

Pen with Red Light: When the pen has this technology of red light, all you will have to do is just shine the light for a minute on the pressure point to get pain relief. It will help with boosting blood circulation and will help with swelling reduction.

Do Check the Approvals: In general, professionals recommend buying pens with FDA approval. It will help not just with pain relief, but even for regenerating cells and improving blood circulation.

How the Pen is Powered: Many pens are powered by batteries. The thing we have to check is the number of battery pen uses. The more battery it uses, the frequency of changing batteries will also increase. Even you can find pens that work without any batteries.

We researched online market places like Amazon to see the best acupuncture pens and found these 13 to be the best Acupuncture pens considering features, flexibility, accuracy and customer reviews. 

Top 13 Best Acupuncture Pens in Canada

1. Acupuncture Pen, Electronic Accupuncture Pen

First of all, this pen is FDA Certification Approved and achieved that remarkable standard. It is very good for blood circulation, relieves pain and wakes up the sleeping skin cells. While using, we have to just hold the device and put the head near the skin and on other hand, there will be a conductive rod so the moment it starts beeping, indicates that the points have been detected correctly.


  • FDA Certification Approved.
  • The dimensions of the product is 20 x 9.2 x 3 cm cm and weighs around 40 gms.
  • The chargeable lithium battery is used, which gives it a long life.
  • It mainly stimulates acupuncture points to treat the pain in shoulders, legs, waist, arms or other body parts.
  • The acupuncture points are being automatically detected with this device.


  • The proper International FDA Certification is approved.
  • Due to Lithium Battery, it has large capacity and durable use.
  • Additional pain point value meter is also provided in the pen.
  • It is very good for blood circulation, relieves pain etc.


  • As an electronic gadget, the incomplete information may give more shock feelings on the pain points.

Walmart / Ubuy

2. Electric Acupuncture Pen, Massage Therapyonic Pen with Acupressure

Pain Away is a high-quality registered Class IIa medical device, designed in Italy with an extremely robust construction. It is manufactured in the EU with strict quality control

  •  Certification Approved.
  • With its frequent use, It will be able to reduce pain, relax and improve skin conditions faster.
  • One AA Battery will be needed to operate It.
  • Instead of shock, there will be a little vibration near the pain points while proper handling.
  • Able to reduce pain, relax, improve skin condition and prevent premature aging.
  • The user manual is also provided and the pain-meter is embedded in the pen only.
  • The battery needs to be replaced because it is non-chargeable.
  • Only works when the same person holds it in their hands.

3. Acupuncture Pen, USB Rechargeable Electronic Acupuncture Pen

This pen is provided with three different massage heads namely Dome Type, Spheroidal Type and Node Type. It’s great for pains in cervical vertebrae, shoulders, waist, feet, etc. And serves as an adjuvant therapy for various diseases such as frozen shoulder, arthritis

  • Three massage heads and nine energy levels are provided in the pen.
  • The Low Voltage Therapy helps in reviving the dead cells and make the skin look young and fresh.
  • Different massage heads are appreciable on facial muscles, body muscles and painful areas.
  • It is very light weighted and needs nearly 5 to 10 minutes, for operating perfectly on the pain points.
  • It revives the dead cells and skin also looks young and starts glowing.
  • It also helps in eradication of bacterial and viral infections from the body.
  • It is a portable hand hold device which is very easy to use.
  • It didn’t work if holded by some other person near the pain points.

Walmart / Ubuy

4. Electronic Acupuncture Pen, Winnes Meridian

This pen acquires simple press to the affected areas and releases electric pulse to stimulate meridian and acupuncture points in your body for healing and pain relief. It also consists of 5 different massage tips which helps in different parts of the body.

  • The dimensions of the pen is 26.4 x 24.5 x 4.7 cm and weighs around 400 gms.
  • It has no side effects until medicated pain killers or drugs are used to treat chronic pain.
  • Only 1 AA battery is required to operate the pen.
  • The digital metre of pain strength is available in the pen only.
  • It is very light weighted and fits easily in the pocket for travel.
  • Five different massage head tips are provided, which makes it extra convenient for all.
  • It is great for treating acute and chronic physical pain.
  • It is also very useful for joint and back pains.
  • Can’t operate if someone else is handling it on your pain points.

5. Blitzby 5-in-1 Electronic Acupuncture Pen,

This Pen is also very useful for treating acute and chronic pain. It helps in the injuries during the sports activities also.

This pen also consists of 5 different massage heads, which is useful for different parts of the body. The electric pulse generates near the acupuncture points for healing and pain relief.

  • This pen does not have any side effects until the person doesn’t consume any medicines or drugs.
  • It requires one AA battery to operate, which lasts for one or two months.
  • The dimensions of the pen is 21.59 * 11.43 * 5.59 cm and weighs around 50 grams.
  • The reading meter of the pain strength is already embedded in the pen only.
  • Different massage tips are provided which work very efficiently near the pain points.
  • It is great for treatment of acute and chronic pain and sports injuries too.
  • It is a very light weighted pen and works perfectly on the skin diseases to make it glowing again.
  • Requires AA Battery which is not chargeable.
  • Does not support in others hands while operating.


6. Winnes Electronic Acupuncture Pen for Relieving Pain

This pen operates very easily on the pain points and consists of three massage heads to relieve pain from different parts of the body. It is really very effective for acute and chronic physical pain.

This pen is very safe and effective with no side effects and heads work very quickly for pain treatment.

  • This massage pen works based on principles of magnets therapy as well as on acupuncture points.
  • The dimensions of the pen is 20.32 * 8.64 * 3.3 cm and weighs around 132 gms.
  • It uses electric pulses to stimulate the points then to activate the cell and dredge the channel.
  • It is chargeable and does not require a battery to operate.
  • Very light weighted and 1-9 gear adjustable points are also present.
  • Does not require batteries to operate.
  • Very effective for acute and chronic physical pain and muscle or joint injuries too.
  • It effectively works for the dead skin cells also.
  • Everytime Gel should be applied to work more effectively near the acupuncture points.

Walmart / Ubuy

7. iVOLCONN Acupuncture Pen Cordless

This pen works on an electronic acupuncture therapy which is based on the ancient knowledge of Chinese Traditional Medicine in combination with a modern Western Technique. These techniques mainly focus on the energy balance in the human body.

  • The pen has dimensions of 22.86 * 3.3 * 4.57 cm and weighs around 544.31 gms.
  • This pen consists of three different massage heads and gives it a very stylish look.
  • The intensity meter is also present on the top of the pen.
  • It works very effectively on the face, ears and heads because of proper massage head tips.
  • It also works great for muscle soreness after gym workouts.
  • Instead of surgeries also, it operates well near the points.
  • Does not require batteries and is cordless too.
  • Compared to other pens, It is a little bit heavy so many people don’t refer to it.

Desertcart / Ubuy

8. Migavan Acupuncture Pen USB Rechargeable

This Pen machine works according to the acupuncture therapy with no needles and no pain. It has a very stylish look and works very well near the affected pain areas. It will release an electric pulse to stimulate meridian and acupuncture points for healing and pain relief.

  • This pen consists of three unique heads which work effectively near the points.
  • The length of the pen is about 19 cm and weighs around 150 gms.
  • The gel is required to operate it very effectively to the acupuncture points.
  • It requires power of 0.6 W and one USB Cable will be provided to charge It.
  • It is very light weighted and works very effectively near the pain points.
  • There are no batteries required for it and an USB cable is provided to charge it.
  • The strength of slight electric shock near the points depends on the way, we handle it.
  • It is very beneficial for health care and facial beauty too and quickly alleviates the pain.
  • The wrong way of handling the pen may give us a high intensity level of electric shock.
  • There is no Pain intensity meter on the pen.


9. Feelfree Sport Stainless Steel Deep Tissue Massage Tool

This pen provides the most professional deep massage near the pain points with the least money.

With this pen, any part of the body can be pressed with two different massage heads. This pen has a unique design which helps to save the hand from unneeded stress and pain.

  • This pen has dimensions of 16.51 * 4.57 * 1.78 cm and weighs about 68 gms.
  • It requires power input of just 0.8 W.
  • It can be used by all muscle ache and fatigue people and athletes to massage and relax their muscles.
  • It is made of steel, which ensures durability and provides sensitive support.
  • It is very light weighted and great customer support will be provided by the company.
  • It helps to apply the perfect amount of pressure near the points.
  • It is very convenient to travel, easy to use and store.
  • It does not have any electrical equipment so no pain intensity meters are there.

Ubuy / Walmart

10. Viowey Electronic Acupuncture Pen

This pen consists of three different massage heads and provides extra comfort on facial muscles, body muscles etc.

This pen works on the principle of ergonomics and this device is perfectly made for the skin also, it provides a young and refreshing look to them.

  • This pen has dimensions of 27.2 * 20.3 * 4 cm and weighs around 200 gms.
  • It consists of three massage heads like Dome Type, Node Type and Spheroidal Type.
  • It gives extra relief near the pain areas, and provides stress relief, relaxation etc.
  • It has adjustable intensity controls to set the strength of electric shock.
  • This pen easily focuses on pain areas and provides comfort with releasing stress and tension.
  • It helps to look young and refreshing by stimulating the muscles of face and body.
  • It reduces wrinkles and sagging flash associated with aging.
  • It is a portable hand-held device and 1-9 gears can be freely changed.
  • It does not work in other’s hands while operating.
  • The energy ointment should be applied while massage.


11. Electronic Acupuncture Pen Body Pulse Magnet

Acupuncture pen can move flexibly on the surface of human skin, electrical pulses stimulate muscles, activate muscle cells and tissues, effectively prevent muscle relaxation, and can also clear the meridians and relieve pain. It is a standing product for daily body care and is more convenient to carry and use. It is a real sense The portable “meridian pen”.

  • The pen probe path is based on the principle of single phase electricity and must rely on the body’s own static electricity to make it a loop.
  • It has dimensions of 8.66×3.19×1.22 inch and weight of 125 grams.
  • It easily focuses on pain areas and has 9 adjustable intensity controls.
  • It works on AA batteries and gels are also provided.
  • Easily focuses on pain areas and treats it with slight pressure only.
  • By using 10 mins per day, this pen can clean various phlegm and dampness, blood stasis, nodules and other wastes.
  • It enhances immunity and can restore normal immune dysfunction.
  • It also prevents cardiovascular disease by regulating the whole system.
  • It includes the battery which needs to be changed after every month depending on the use.
  • To get the red light, you always need to press and hold the button.

Ubuy / Walmart

12. Acupuncture Pen, USB Rechargeable Electronic Acupuncture Pen,

This pen is an essence of Chinese medicine and the fusion of modern biotechnology. It is safe and effective without any side effects. It is really very useful for acute and chronic physical pain.

  • It consists of free massage head types namely Dome Type, Node type and Spheroidal type.
  • The pen has size of 185 mm * 26 mm and weighs around 120 gms.
  • It is a battery powered device and very easy to carry and operate.
  • It has 1-9 levels of intensity also which decides the vibration levels on the body too.
  • It is very light weighted and can be applied on local parts of the body to quickly relieve pain.
  • It works efficiently in relieving pressure and intensity levels and a deciding suggestor is also there.
  • It is very effective for many diseases like Arthritis, Migraine, Sports Injuries etc.
  • It is very safe and can be handled easily.
  • It needs a 2AA battery to operate, which needs to be changed after use.


13. Romonacr Electronic Massage Pen Meridian Acupuncture Pen

The Meridian Acupuncture Pen is easy to operate, just hold it and use the pen head to find the point, 1or 2times a day, in one point or one area of skin is about 3-5 minutes every time.

  • This pen consists of 5 different massage head functions and works effectively near the points.
  • Pen has dimensions of 269*170*53mm and weighs around 500 gms.
  • The variety of intensity levels ranging from 1 to 9 is provided in the pen.
  • It is a portable machine and very convenient to use and handle.
  • It works effectively on skin tissue, preventing skin from sagging and aging.
  • It promotes blood circulation, relieves muscle pain easily and enhances face beauty too.
  • It is portable and very easy to handle from one place to another.
  • A kind of relaxed and comfortable feeling will be there, after the use of this machine.
  • It also requires 1 AA Battery to operate and needs to be changed after a fixed time.

Desertcart / Ubuy

Best Acupuncture Pen

The Leawell Electro Acupuncture Pen for Pain Relief is the best one till now because first of all it is FDA Certification Approved, which gives it a better ranking.

As it is very good for blood circulation, relieves pain easily and wakes up the sleeping skin cells which gives glow to our skin and makes us feel fresh.

It has a chargeable lithium battery like in smartphones, which increases its capacity and durable use. The acupuncture points are also automatically detected with this pen.

It is very useful to treat pains in shoulders, legs, waist, arms or other body parts.

Five different heads are also provided which can be used conveniently on the points.

Best Acupuncture Pen (Cheap and Best)

The cheap and best Acupuncture Pen according to me which performs all the essential work with it is, Ezonedeal Electronic Acupuncture Pen. This pen also consists of three massage heads and is very safe and effective without any side effects.

It is a battery powered device and can be easily handled.

It has 9 different levels of intensity also, which can be changed according to the need.

It works very efficiently in relieving pressure and very effective for many disorders like Arthritis, Migraine etc.

The weight of the pen is also less and it can be easily carried from one place to another in the pocket also.


Health should be the foremost priority of all the individuals and for proper exercises and relieving the mental and physical pains, we need to use these types of Acupressure Devices.

It actually helps us a lot in different aspects like maintaining good health, face beauty and provides a new energy. So, The use of Acupuncture Pens plays a vital role in everyone’s life in today’s world.


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