All of us want our kids to be triumphant and outstanding in all aspects of life. We want to make our kids emotionally, mentally, physically, and economically strong to withstand all the ups and downs. Henceforth, we need to start polishing their skills and abilities right from their childhood. The great proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is very apt for this situation. You need to make your toddlers learn and play altogether to develop various abilities within them.

You need an activity center for your babies to make them engaged and engrossed in activities that are fun and educational at the same time. After, all the research top 10 best baby activity center in Canada has been shortlisted for you.

Major points to know when buying the best baby activity center- 

Structure and aesthetics – The shape, size, design and structure all matter for your kids, so buy the ones that are very bright and colourful with interesting arts and figures on it.

Motor skills – The activity centre should have certain activities that help with motor skills.

Learning – Numbers, puzzles, alphabets, shapes, etc. should be incorporated to make learning easier for kids.

Versatility – An activity centre should be versatile with many features to keep the toddlers engaged.

Top 10 best baby activity center in Canada

#1.Skip Hop Baby Activity Center

      Skip Hop baby activity centre works on play and grow with me functionality which is useful for kids of 4 months to 3 years of age, right when they are babies and until they grow up as toddlers this is a must for your kids. It is very modern, aesthetic, can be used for multiple functions, easy to assemble and has a seating that moves 360 which is bouncy as well.

Designed in partnership with a pediatrician, our pediatric work center supports a “whole-body” approach to play and learning. It is easy to assemble, with toys that can be placed anywhere on a child, with a rotating 360-degree adjustable seat and an adjustable bump. Our unique Discovery Window ™ allows a child to see his or her feet while playing to learn cause and effect. As the baby gets older, our work environment changes to make it easier to sail — eventually becoming a clean, sturdy table for coloring, playing, and more. Modern, clean beauty and versatility will make this work center a family favorite !. 


  • 360 degree rotating seat that stretches easily.
  • Babies can easily see their feet due to the discovery window.
  • Convertible into a table for colouring, playing, etc.
  • Toy attachment.


  • Not for babies above 25 pounds or over 30 inches.
  • You cannot fit many toys.

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#2. VTech Magic Star Learning Table – Frustration Free Packaging (CA EN/FR Bilingual)

       The VTech Magic Star learning table and activity centre is best for your kids as it is bilingual and urges kids to explore and learn. The legs when removed, the top table can be used as an floor play toy. The gear toy is incorporated with buttons which when pressed play music and let kids learn various things.

VTech’s Magic Star Learning Table includes six fun activities in English and French that encourage your child to explore and learn. Turn the bear steering wheel near the work table, flip through the book to hear kindergarten rhymes and turn gears to hone good movement skills. Press the light music buttons to play music and learn about colors. Then, pick up the fake phone and press the number keys to call the animal friends. Remove the legs, and the table can be used as a floor toy. Requires 2 AA batteries (batteries installed for demo purposes only; new batteries are recommended for normal use). Aimed at 6 months to 3 years.


  • 6 fun activities and bilingual (English and French).
  • Legs of the activity centre are detachable and the top can be used as a floor play toy.
  • Steering wheel for driving the bear around and electronic learning book pages for nursery rhymes.
  • Gears on the baby toy to enhance motor skills.


  • Comes with demo batteries, later you need to use your own batteries.
  • Does not have many songs.

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#3. Manhattan Toy Tree Top Adventure Activity Center

       A classic wooden activity centre by Manhattan Toy designed with water based and non toxic material. The toy is highly engaging and boosts the imagination of the kids which is necessary for their early motor skills. The activity centre needs to be assembled by an adult and is suitable for kids of 1 year or above.

This wooden activity center is packed full of exciting features! Includes 4 quadrants with a variety of activities: 6 tracks with animal-themed gliders, 6 bead runs with colorful wooden beads, a spring flower and more. Adult assembly required. Recommended cleaning for the Tree Top Adenture is surface-washing only. Since 1979, Manhattan Toy has been making award-winning, high quality, educational toys for your baby, toddler or kid. From baby toys and toddler toys to wooden toys and activity centers, our goal is to provide the safest and best toys available. 


  • The wooden tree top toy if full of motor skill activities.
  • It features the gliders, springy flaps, spinning dials, bead runs, and many other activities.
  • Very vibrantly colourful and high detailed graphics instantly capture your kids attention.
  • Triggers the imaginative play.


  • Need to be careful with the wooden pieces.
  • Bit of issues with the sturdiness.

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#4. Hape Country Critters Wooden Activity Play Cube by Hape International 

       Hape international has thoughtfully designed this unique activity cube featuring unusual functions such as rotating maze and a tracking panel, a ball roller coaster, a shape sorting puzzle, a wire maze, etc. The cube is painted with shapes and animals featuring big adorable eyes to grab the attention of the tiny tots.

The Country Critters Play Cube features a shape sorting puzzle, a ball roller coaster, rotating maze and a tracking panel, all topped with a brightly-colored, unique floating wire maze to provide children hours of entertainment. All of the shapes and animals are adorably painted with large, animated eyes that are sure to delight. Encourages imaginative thinking, and the development of problem-solving abilities and fine motor skills. Made with wood sourced from environmentally sustainable forests. Durable child safe paint finish and solid, wood construction are hallmarks of Hape toys. Hape’s toys stimulate children through every stage of development and help nurture and develop their natural abilities. 


  • Bead Adventureland helps with logical thinking.
  • Identification skills are empowered by the shape sorter.
  • Color code activity and rotating honeycomb urges color understanding and coordination.


  • Limited activities.

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#5. Basketball Hoop for Kids 5 in 1 Sports Activity Center

       This adjustable basketball hoop is perfect for beginners and beyond, the fun can grow along with you baby. UFO patterns have always been loved by children, which symbolizes the child’s imagination, they can immediately attract children’s attention. Stimulate children’s rich imagination and cultivate kids’ interest in various sports

This kids basketball hoop has five games to play, a ring toss, a basketball game, a golf game and a soccer game. Comes with 1 basketball, 1 soccer ball, 4 rings, 1 pump, 1 golf ball and a golf club. Kids will enjoy the fun by playing with it! This kids basketball hoop has FIVE settings ranging from 45 ” to 60 ”, your kids will be able to use them as they grow, suitable for kids 1 to 12 years old. This sports center will be a special gift that fits the children’s development.


  • Enhances hand eye coordination.
  • Betters communication and interaction skills.
  • Visual tracking.
  • Physical development of kids because of the shapes, puzzles, flying chess, etc.


  • Includes small parts which are not attached.

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#6. RTMAXCO Baby Play Mat (tapis de jeu bébé) and Infant Activity Gym Ball Pit

       Baby will twist and shout for this new take on a classic design. Our super-soft activity gym is filled with fun features and plush play pals. It’s the perfect take-along for big adventures or for turning little spaces into big fun!


  • 4 motor skills developing ways for your kids to play with.
  • Growing babies learn from smart stages as they grow with every stage. 
  • 5 linkable sensory toys
  • Light up an electronic play panel.


  • The legs are not sturdy and need to be pushed apart so that they do not fall.

#7. Lavievert 9-in-1 Play Cube Activity Center – Best for motor skills

       A game set with versatility is hard to look for but Lavievert has made it possible with a 9 in 1 game set which is inclusive of abacus, gear wheels, clock, number blocks, geometry, tree and creatures, roller coaster side, pond side, etc. The activity centre is designed for encouraging kids to learn and explore unknown things.

The Lavievert bead maze is designed to scientifically enlighten and develop children’s skills. Made of solid wood and professionally designed, no toxic paint is applied. The removable lid and underside can be used for a variety of sports, and a beaded maze can be installed inside after use. 9-in-1 game set includes bead maze, fishing game, flight chess, colored abacus, color and pattern matching game, clock, number blocks, gear wheel, and creatures simulation game.


  • Made from eco friendly material.
  • 9 in 1 game set.
  • Educational set of toys as it contains geometric figures, gear wheels, clock, etc.
  • Consists of a chess which can be played with 2 to 4 people.


  • Very small and compact size.

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#8. JOYIN Baby Toddler Activity Center 

       JOYIN activity centre is very affordable and fits best as a learning with play toy for your toddlers. The activity centre is full of joyous motor skills enhancing activities such as the music box for rhythmic sense, drums with flashing lights, gear wheels, microphone to sing along, etc. It also has handles to carry it without any difficulties.


  • Thrifty product but very useful with almost 15 functions in a set.
  • Develops cognitive capacities of babies. 
  • Music box to boost the rhythmic imagination of kids.
  • It is child safe as it is made up of non toxic material.


  • The microphone can be critical to take care of.


#9.Exersaucer Bounce and Learn Zoo Friends

       The Exersaucer by Evenflo lets your kids’ imagination run wild about the Amazonian wilderness. The activity centre Triple life in the Amazon will make your kid learn things through his childhood because it is suitable for kids of 4 months to 24 months and above. It can be used as a playmat or an activity centre or even as an activity table.


  • Works great as a play mat for a baby upto 4 months old.
  • Convertible into activity centre and activity table.
  • 3 position height adjustment for you to adjust the activity centre as your baby grows.
  • Travelling handle to carry it comfortably.


  • Does not have a firm base.
  • The product is flimsy as it is meant for use of kids.

#10. Battat – Wooden Activity Cube

         Battat is very experimental and experienced in making toys for kids and babies for over 40 years. This activity cube from Battat consists of loopy routes for beads to race through, zigzag paths for tiny baby hands to tour the farm and many spinners to spin. The toy is recommended for kids of 12 months or above. 

Loopty routes for beads to race through and zigzag paths for tiny hands to explore on this farm wooden activity cube from battat! with rounded corners, and a sturdy and smooth construction, this wooden cube toy has so much to discover. Get baby to explore for hours beautiful illustrations and wooden craftsmanship on a true childhood classic: a wooden activity cube filled with friendly farm animals. This one is crafted by Battat, a company you can trust. This learning toy cube is recommended for kids 12 months and up.


  • Activity cube with farm themed panels for animal friends to find.
  • Made of solid wood which gives firmness to the cube.
  • The corners are rounded for harmless activities of toddlers.
  • Improves imaginative play and cause and effect.


  • Does not have nursery rhymes and gear wheels.

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Hopefully, the top 10 best baby activity center list will be of great help to you for selecting that one activity center which will suit your kid the best.

However, worst case scenario where you are not able to decide, the top 2 activity centres are also listed below –

The Skip Hop Baby Activity Center is expensive but yes it is long lasting and an one time investment. It features the grow with me functionality, so your baby grows to a toddler along with the activity centre which can be used for different purposes. 
The last one to feature top 2 is the Lavievert 9-in-1 Play Cube Activity Center – Best for motor skills is affordable for the 9 in 1 game set which consists of some extraordinary stuff. It is built with eco friendly material and also has a chess to make your kids mentally strong which can be played with 2 or 4 people.

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