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A Short Video Clip Platform “Medal.Tv” is acquiring Rawa Tv making way to the live streaming market


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Khushi

A short video clipping platforms ‘Medal.Tv’ is reportedly acquiring Twitch competitor Rawa Tv.

Rawa is the renowned live streaming platform across the Arab e-sports market that offers a fantastic gaming Livestream experience to the players. If the deal is materialized then Rawa’s founders, Raya Dadah and Phil Jammal, and its remaining team will join the team of Medal.

The Company considers the Middle East and North African as one among the rapidly rising area for gaming that’s why the company decided to acquire Tv. Every year several renowned firms invest in the markets of these sectors although, they usually apply the western concept regardless of the particular nation’s preferences which brings them into failure.

Keeping these things in mind company decided to team up with a domestic application to earn success in its mission. It is believed that teaming up with a homegrown firm or startup will help a business to gain expertise in the market of the particular region which could ultimately assist the businesses to make a profit out of the opportunity.

The users are requesting to add a live stream feature for a very long time although, due to the insufficient budget to meet the needs of the resources to include while building such a feature Medal.tv was unable to do that.

Both the companies have good relations for years as the users of Rawa are often seeing sharing their gaming video clips on Medal.tv’s platform but with this acquisition, their relationship would begin stronger than before. However, the acquisition will not affect the working of the Rawa Tv as it functions similarly as it was functioning before the acquisition.

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