We love curating content for TheDigitalHacker and it is read by millions of 300K+ users(as per July 2020) by tech enthusiasts around the world. As a news site, we always have space for collaboration with brands and promote products to a specific audience.

Who reads theDigitalHacker?

Everyone who has anything to do with technology, startups, business, and privacy.

  1. Business Owners
  2. IT Employees
  3. Tech Enthusiast
  4. Decision Marketers
  5. Individuals caring about privacy and data

Targetted Traffic:

Apart from regular news content we also publish a lot of high-quality targeted content that helps customers in making the right purchase decision. Ours majorly publishes in following categories

  1. Home Appliances
  2. Personal Appliances
  3. Software and Business
  4. Startups and Solutions
  5. Digital Marketing and Advertising

Email Access:

We do have subscribers of email but we do not share it for advertising to maintain loyalty and trust of our readers.