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Google will now sell ‘chips,’ allowing you to add your name on the packet


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To market their products, the companies use different tactics to attract customers’ attention. Hence by keeping this tradition alive, recently, Google took up a unique way to promote its soon-to-be released Pixel 6 in the market.

Google is selling original Chips packages for the first time in Japan to advertise its recently released smartphone chipset.

Google will now sell 'chips,' allowing you to add your name on the packet 1
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The chipset will soon be incorporated into google’s Pixel 6 series.

The people of Japan have also been given the choice of customising their names on the chip packet. Although there is a significant distinction between chip and chips, still both names sound equivalent when spoken.

This is something that the corporation is planning to take leverage of to lure customers’ attention.This tactic will boost the popularity of the Google Pixel 6.The Google chips are available in the same shade as the Pixel 6 series have. The back panel will have the same color scheme as the front panel.

A user can simply pick these chip packs in five different colors.Since the launch around 10,000 chips bags has been produced by the company in Japan. Unfortunately, the company has not yet released these chips bags in India as pixel 6 hasn’t yet debuted in the country.

These chip packets have mentioned salty flavor on the bottom of the package. Below it is written Google Pixel Coming Soon, which is believed to be written in order to market its soon-to-be-released Pixel 6 phone.Surely, Google’s new marketing strategy will give tough competition to its rivals.

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