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Personal data of 1.2 million users leaked on the GoDaddy platform


Last Updated on 23/11/2021 by Riya

The sensitive information of 1.2 million WordPress customers has been hacked due to a massive data breach at GoDaddy. This information has been shared by Go Daddy himself. According to GoDaddy’s information security officer Demetrius Comes, “Unauthorized entry to its managed WordPress servers has been detected”.

Go Daddy is a USA-based Domain Name Seller and Registrar Company. This service was established in 1997 by Bob Parsons, with the help of which today many big and small websites are able to run online.

He further says that “The company detected suspicious activity in their managed WordPress hosting environment and without any delay started the investigation.

How did hackers gain access?

The hackers first hacked the password and accessed the provisioning system in the legacy code base for managed WordPress, with the help of the hacked password hackers hacked the email addresses and contact numbers of the customers.

In addition to email addresses and customer numbers, sFTP, database usernames, and passwords of some active customers as well as some active customers’ SSL privates were also hacked. According to a GoDaddy spokesperson, this data breach can put users in a lot of trouble.

Through this data breach, hackers can carry out phishing attacks. It was also promised that the company would continue its efforts to strengthen its provisioning system with additional layers of security.

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