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How E-commerce Businesses Are Using AI and ML to Stop Fraudsters in 2023

Although e-commerce is a quickly expanding sector, fraudsters attack it frequently. Fraudsters take advantage of e-commerce companies and their clients in a number of ways, such as account takeovers, payment fraud, and refund fraud. Conventional fraud detection techniques can be expensive and time-consuming to set...

How AI and Data Science Are Revolutionizing Environmental Monitoring

Sustainability initiatives and environmental monitoring are being drastically changed by artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. We are able to obtain important insights, make wise judgments, and take proactive steps to safeguard our planet and guarantee a sustainable future by utilizing the power of...

Challenges and Opportunities in Deploying AI Solutions in Edge Computing Environments

Edge AI is a ground-breaking new paradigm that has the potential to completely change how companies run. Organizations can seize new chances for creativity, productivity, and profitability by implementing AI solutions at the network's edge, where data is generated and consumed. Challenges of Deploying AI...

Reinforcement Learning in Autonomous Systems -Redefining Robotics in 2023

Understanding Reinforcement Learning Reinforcement learning, a subset of machine learning, allows machines to learn by observing actions in their environment and receiving long-term rewards. The difference here is that, unlike traditional programming, reinforcement learning allows autonomous systems to make decisions on their own and learn...

Top 5 Risk Management Strategies for the Tech Supply Chain in 2023

Supply chain safety is vital in a world where technology is constantly developing. Organizations should indeed keep ahead of the curve to protect themselves and outsmart attackers since supply chain attacks and cyber risks are both evolving. What Technology Needs to Know About Supply Chain Attacks Today's data breaches have the ability to bring down even the most respected businesses. Big names in technology have made supply chain threats a primary concern, and attackers may exploit these weak links to...

Top 13 chatGPT chrome extensions for work and beyond

ChatGPT chrome extensions are the cherry on the cake. ChatGPT advanced users are now using chrome plugins to get detailed output, create content and make chatGPT behave like training, and much more. If you are a chatGPT user, you must go through the whole...

Did OpenAI Make A Risky Code?

open ai
In February, an artificial intelligence lab, which was co-founded by Elon Musk, revealed to the world that its latest breakthrough was too risky to launch for the public. OpenAI claimed it had made the language software so fluent at generating text that it might be acquired...

Sony Uses AI-Powered Music

Sony is the latest company to dip its toes into AI-powered music. The company revealed this week that its researchers have built a machine learning model that will create kick-drum tracking. According to Sony, the artificial intelligence is capable of building "musically plausible" drum...

IBM Release Up AI Projects to Cure Cancer to Open-Source Community

According to reports, IBM has recently released three artificial intelligence (AI) projects tailored to take up the challenge of curing cancer to the open-source community. At the 18th European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB) and the 27th Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB),...

A.I.’s Minority Report For Retail

Like something out of the movie “Minority Report”, where killers are apprehended before they murder based on a pre-sentiment, practitioners of machine learning are trying to gauge the likelihood you will return a piece of apparel even before you purchase it. Myntra, the Bangalore-based online...