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Did Whitehatjr CEO Karan Bajaj Lie in Faye D’Souza’s Interview to Save the Company? Here’s a New Perspective

Founded in 2018 by Karan Bajaj, WhiteHat Jr is a unicorn EdTech start-up based in Mumbai that aims at imparting coding lessons to young minds of  6 to 18, through one-on-one video classes with 7000 instructors on board. Not too long ago, White Hat Jr....

“Getschooled” Charity Founded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Exposed Student Data

This breach occurred when GetSchooled, a charity founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, along with Viacom, left the database open and available to everyone with a browser and internet connection. Get Schooled Foundation is a U.S. national non-profit organization that helps young people...

Bill Gates’ Point of View on Artificial Intelligence

bill gates
According to The New York Times, Microsoft founder Bill Gates was interacting with a group of college students in 2004. Reportedly, he a bit concerned about the drop in the number of computer science majors, as well as the notion that the field had matured...

Bill Gates’ Biggest Mistake of His Career

Bill Gates has a resume of many career highs, but the Microsoft founder calls it a failure to become Apple’s chief iOS rival his “biggest mistake”, according to CNN Business, San Francisco. The founder admitted twice in recent interviews when discussing how Microsoft lost to...