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Did Whitehatjr CEO Karan Bajaj Lie in Faye D’Souza’s Interview to Save the Company? Here’s a New Perspective

Founded in 2018 by Karan Bajaj, WhiteHat Jr is a unicorn EdTech start-up based in Mumbai that aims at imparting coding lessons to young minds of  6 to 18, through one-on-one video classes with 7000 instructors on board. Not too long ago, White Hat Jr....

Another IIT Alumni Bashed #Whitehatjr, Calls It Garbage and Suggests Parents Keep Their Kids Away

WhiteHatJr. Is once again in the spotlight because of a Review posted by Dileep Patchigolla, an IIT Alumni on Quora (a question and answer website). Dileep Patchigolla has a BTech from IIT Madras, MS from Georgia Tech(a top university in the US), and works as an...