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Mimecast Discovers That Solarwinds Hackers Stole Some of Their Source Code

The state-sponsored SolarWinds hackers who infiltrated its network earlier this year downloaded source code from a small number of repositories, according to email security company Mimecast.  The attackers used the Sunburst backdoor, a malware distributed by SolarWinds hackers to roughly 18,000 SolarWinds customers via the...

SolarWinds Attackers Offer Attack Victim’s Stolen Source Code on ‘SolarLeaks’

Attackers who claim they are responsible for the supply chain attack on SolarWinds, a Texas company, say they have data they want to sell from their exploits. Allegedly obtained from Microsoft, Cisco, SolarWinds and FireEye, the SolarLeaks website offers source code. "In a 2.6 Gb...

The SolarWinds Cyberattack: Hack and Its Victims

While we learned of SolarWind's attack on December 13th, the first disclosure of its consequence was made on December 8th when leading cybersecurity firm FireEye revealed that it was hacked by a nation-state APT group. Sunburst, a.k.a. Solorigate, is the malware employed as the tip...