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Google’s ‘sheets material’s vision for Workspace is carrying a ‘pageless’ point of interaction t

During Google's I/O occasion last year, the organization spread out plans to altogether redo the look and feel of its Workspace cloud applications (they were called G Suite until a 2020 name change). That incorporates another search for Gmail that is beginning to carry...

Google is finally copying TikTok after TikTok declared #1 website of 2021 (Screenshot Attached)

TikTok has been declared the #1 website by one of the largest networking companies Cloudflare. Up till 2020, Google had position #1. Being #1 has been no fun for TikTok as Google is now trying to copy the UI that made TikTok the most popular...

This Is How Google Drive Turned Into Goldmine for Pirated and Explicit Content

Cybercriminals are freely storing and sharing illegal software licenses, movies, games and porn content -- most of which have allegedly been indexed in Google Search as some Drive users made such links public in their individual accounts. Google Drive is a service for file storage...

This Is All You Need to Know About iOS Flaw Discovered by Project Zero That Could Have Allowed to Hack iPhone Devices.

Earlier this year, Apple had one of the most astounding iPhone bugs ever: a memory corruption bug in the iOS kernel that gave attackers remote access to the entire device over Wi-Fi, without need for user interaction. Moreover, exploits were wormable—meaning radio-proximity exploits could...

Twitter Massive Hack: Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Apple & Uber are tweeting about Crypto doubling if you transfer them to support #COVID19.

An unknown group of hacker(s) has gained access to high profile verified tweeter accounts and publishing tweets to double bitcoin. The list includes some of the richest and high profile people in the world including Barack Obama, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and many more. Here...

Google will now Build Its Silicon at Sale

According to a new report via CNBC, Nvidia CEO, Jensen Huang, claims that Google is the only customer of the chipmaker that is building its silicon at scale.  A lot of the tech industry relies heavily on Nvidia for graphics cards and discreet graphics for their...

Google Assistant Helps Send Reminders

Google assistant
Google is adding a new feature to its Assistant that will let users assign reminders to other people, so long as that person is part of an opt-in group of trusted fellow Assistant users. The feature is intended principally for families, it will function...

Google allowed Pixel Owners to Claim $500 for these issues on phone.

Earlier this year, Google agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit that claims the company knowingly sold first-generation Pixel phones with defective microphones. Now, the final approval has gone through, meaning if you bought an original Pixel or Pixel XL before January 7th, 2017, you’re probably eligible for...

Google Now Makes It Easier to Find Podcasts

Google is making it easier to hunt new podcasts to listen to. While users have always been able to search Google for podcasts, they have previously needed to had a deeper dig into the results to find the podcasts and listen to them. Until...

European Commission slaps Google and leaves a chance for other search engines to lead Android

As a result of a record, fine levied at Google by the European Commission, the corporate is providing other search engines to grab a chance to govern search functionality on new Android devices. Starting next year, Google will reportedly provide Android users in the European...