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Did Whitehatjr CEO Karan Bajaj Lie in Faye D’Souza’s Interview to Save the Company? Here’s a New Perspective

Founded in 2018 by Karan Bajaj, WhiteHat Jr is a unicorn EdTech start-up based in Mumbai that aims at imparting coding lessons to young minds of  6 to 18, through one-on-one video classes with 7000 instructors on board. Not too long ago, White Hat Jr....

Another IIT Alumni Bashed #Whitehatjr, Calls It Garbage and Suggests Parents Keep Their Kids Away

WhiteHatJr. Is once again in the spotlight because of a Review posted by Dileep Patchigolla, an IIT Alumni on Quora (a question and answer website). Dileep Patchigolla has a BTech from IIT Madras, MS from Georgia Tech(a top university in the US), and works as an...

WhiteHatJr. Says Wolf Gupta Ad With 20 Crore Job Package at Google Was Fake to High Court Delhi, India

WhiteHatJr. is a unicorn EdTech start-up based in Mumbai, India that claims to teach coding to kids. The platform also advertises it's courses on their website with the words "Your kids are 40 classes away from Silicon Valley". Yes, this is the infamous platform...