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A cancer center in Las Vegas got attacked by cybercriminals


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Reportedly, patients of Las Vegas Cancer Center are prone to getting their data leaked due to some bad actors after a ransomware attack, which can harm both former and current patients of the center.

According to the administrators of the cancer center, the hackers allegedly accessed the data on Labor day weekend. The breach was found out on September 7, when the entire staff came back to the office after the holiday.

Las Vegas Cancer Center claims that its data is protected by firewalls and various defense mechanisms. Hackers might be able to access some of the data during the security breach. The information leaked might include patients’ names, addresses, dates of birth, social security numbers, etc. However, the center claims that the data was in a proprietary form, and might deem unusable for the hackers.

“LVCC does not believe that any data was copied or transferred from its server, and has received no ransom demand from the hackers to unlock data,” according to center administrators.

According to ktnv

The number of how many records got affected is still unknown, and hence, Las Vegas Cancer Center has urged all the patients, former or present to look closely for any suspicious activities whatsoever.

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