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A hacker group has been stealing data since 2015!


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Anamika

Reportedly, researchers have been able to find out a hacker group that has been hiding in shadows and has been stealing data vigorously since 2015. The group is called Void Balaur is targeting individuals and organizations, government servers, etc.

This cybercriminal group has been doing criminal activities since 2015 in exchange for money but got into the limelight just now, 6 years later.

India Times states that the group’s name “Void Balaur” is based on Romanian folklore, referring to a dragon with multiple heads – symbolic of how much power the group may have wielded over the last six years.

The way the group was found out was rather funny. They made a very silly mistake. Apparently, there were group’s advertisements that were found on underground Russian forums. Reportedly, those advertisements go back to 2017.

In those advertisements, they were selling critical information including credit reports, banking data, text messages, mobile phone tower logs, passenger flight details, and even passport details.

According to the reports, the group hacks into email accounts regularly, including social media and other platforms from where they can get sensitive information. They have clients who give them assignments and they get a good amount of money for the work done.

Most victims of the group are from Russia and neighboring countries. Victims were also located in the United States, Israel, Japan, India, and some European countries.

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