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A hacker organization leaked 3 million users’ personal information from Israeli hiking sites


Last Updated on 19/12/2021 by Riya

On Saturday, an anonymous hacking gang reported having hijacked the personal information of 3 million members from two Israeli hiking firms. “Sharp Boys” claimed to obtain 500 gigabytes of information from hacking Lametayel, a network of outdoor equipment retailers, and the Tiuli hiking site in an announcement made on social media.

The dataset comprises identities, emails, contact numbers, and credentials, according to the organization, which also released photographs of spreadsheets containing some user information. It proposed a $300,000 offer to sell the data.

After discovering “strange behavior” in the afternoon, Lametayel claimed it shut down its site and barred traffic to it. According to Kan public broadcaster, “The problem is being investigated right now.” As of now no new information has been obtained yet. Both websites were unavailable till Sunday evening. Cybercrime specialist May Brooks-Kempler claimed the link between Sharp Boys hacking gang and Black Shadow hacking group.

Let me tell you that Black Shadow hacked comprehensive datasets of sensitive data from Israel’s Machon Mor medical facility, the Atraf portal, an LGBTQ matchmaking app and nightlife directory, earlier this month.

The organization was also involved in the attack on the Israeli web hosting provider CyberServe, resulting in the shutdown of its servers as well as a number of websites, including Atraf.

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