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A huge security breach forced Apple to launch an emergency software update


Last Updated on 22/11/2021 by Anamika

Apple Inc. issued an emergency software update right after they got to know about a data breach that can hack iPhones without any action or knowledge to the user.

Reportedly, the flaw in the system allowed the spyware to get downloaded into the user’s phone from a hacker-for-hire firm and was directly affecting the iPhones.

According to the Associated Press, Researchers at the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab founded that the security systems got vulnerable which might have affected all operating systems of Apple. The malicious code was found on the 7th of September and was recognized as the first zero-click exploit, and they immediately contacted Apple’s team.

Reportedly, an Israeli company called NSO is being suspected of the reason for the attack. The researchers has had refuted this statement as there is no such evidence to necessarily say this attack is done by Saudi Government.

With the help of this security breach, malicious image files were getting transferred on the user’s iMessage application before it was hacked. This spyware had the capacity of stealing the users’ data and gain access to sensitive information.

Right after Apple got to know about this security breach, at the very instant they launched a software update for iPhones and iPad’s worrying any other content, or web page may lead to the data hack.

Hackers are using different techniques to hack the devices of people and some methods are getting so normalized that the victim is just not to identify sometimes. According to the researchers, it is high time for the companies to start making stronger algorithms for the applications, especially the messaging apps, given the number of databases already using it.

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