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A web and mobile app testing platform “BrowserStack” gets rewarded with $200 million in a fresh fundraising round.


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BrowserStack, a web, and mobile app testing platform has secured $200 million in a recent fundraising round in the guidance of storied Silicon Valley investor Mary Meeker’s Bond Capital. According to Jay Simon, a general partner at Bond, “BrowserStack provides developers with quick access to the widest variety of browser and device configurations for testing their apps.

For today’s web and app developers, this product is a huge help.”BrowserStack is the first SaaS company based in India to receive such a large sum of money in a financing round. This funding will aid the company’s growth in the rapidly expanding cloud-based software testing market. The funds will also be used to hire new skilled employees for the organization. Global investors see the SaaS sector as a most profitable and versatile industry, that is why they are always interested in financing this sector. Recently, Nakul Aggarwal, cofounder of BrowserStack stated “We aim to be the web testing infrastructure, to do this we have to increase our capabilities rapidly in regards to people and infrastructure.”

Since 2011 Browserstack allows developers to test their software, websites, and mobile applications on several different kinds of devices and browsers via the cloud. This web and mobile app testing platform is used by major tech giants including Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter, Tesco, and IKEA. BrowserStack has made a lot of profit in the last few years, though the company hasn’t disclosed the exact percentage of profit they’ve made. Previously, the company had just 300 employees; however, in just two years, it has hired 500 additional employees, and it is expected to hire another 200 by the end of 2021.

By hiring more employees in the firm the company can focus on developing quality software at speed. BrowserStack already offers services to web and app developers, but with this funding, the business plans to enter into a new field that includes smart TVs, wearables, and other internet-connected gadgets. Furthermore, the company also intends to open more data centers throughout the world in near future.

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